5 Strategies to Score High on the GRE

Written by Talha Omer

September 12, 2013

Have you registered for the GRE test, bought all the top GRE resources, done with all practice papers and thoroughly studies the ETS official guide for the GRE? Hold on! Your GRE efforts shouldn’t end with just these. There are still plenty of things you might be missing out in your endeavor to get a high GRE score. Here are few strategies for scoring well on the revised GRE.

Stop Searching for Secret Tips

If you are planning to spend thousands of bucks on the best GRE preparation kit thinking that it can help you crack the GRE test and score high, you are deeply mistaken. The fact is that there are no such secret tips or tricks that can get you a high score without any hard work. You should definitely buy good GRE resources that include books, CAT tests and practice exams. But don’t think that once you buy all of this stuff you will be able to ace the GRE. You must put in the hard work, dedication and commitment into our GRE prep if you want to score well.

The only secret tip anyone could give you is to practice, practice and practice more. You can always consult with the friends who had appeared for GRE or even online communities to seek suggestion & strategies and they will suggest one thing only – practice.

Pick the Right GRE Resources

You don’t have to spend hundreds of bucks to get the newest GRE book. If you are internet savvy, you will find hundreds of websites providing very useful GRE resources and many forums where students share their experience and discuss strategies. A right GRE resource can help you to perform well on the final test day and score high. GRE updates its exam questions in line with the latest academic research. All the changes that ETS will make will be updated on its website. Hence, before thinking about buying a GRE resource, it is always advisable to check the official website of ETS for all the latest updates. ETS has a great book to help you get on track with your GRE preparation – the ETS official guide for the revised GRE. This will help you to choose the right resource that can help you to prepare well.

Do the Easier Questions First

In the revised GRE question pattern, every question carries the same weight. The math question with hyperbola shape where ‘x’ is asking about ‘y’ carries the same weight as the question that asks 2+2 =? So get ready to pick those low hanging fruits at the beginning and don’t waste time on difficult problems. You can imagine yourself in a scenario where you have to pick mangoes from a mango tree. Every mango carries one point and it doesn’t matter if they are low hanging or you climb high. One more important thing to notice in GRE revised paper is that a difficult question can come in beginning, in middle or anywhere in the paper. If you encounter difficult problems in a row don’t get stuck there; skip the questions and you can always solve them later.

Don’t Skip All Questions

Well, I just asked you to skip the difficult questions, but it doesn’t mean that you need to skip all questions in a row. Don’t skip almost every problem which you think is difficult; remember this is GRE, which tests your mental strength. Therefore skip only those questions which are taking time to solve and will effect other parts of the test. In the revised GRE, you can move on to other questions and solve the easier ones first. You can always come back and solve the difficult ones later.
Remember – there is no penalty for guessing.

Analyze Your Strength and Weakness

It is always a good idea to analyze your strength and weakness before the final test day. If you hate the long reading passages then you should probably keep those for the end. You can use Power prep GRE software to evaluate your skills. It is always advisable to start with those sections that can be finished by you in no time.

Remember practice as much as you can. The more you practice for the GRE, the more you will learn each time and this will only help you score high on the final test day.

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