Is TOEFL Required before the Fulbright Deadline?

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The answer is No. You do not need to give the TOEFL test at the time you apply to the Fulbright. However if you are short-listed for the Fulbright interview which is due in September then you will be required to register for the TOEFL and take the proof of TOEFL registration with you to the interview. In case you have already given the TOEFL within the last two years, then you can simply take a copy of your official score with you.

There is no minimum TOEFL score requirement for Fulbright – it actually depends where the Fulbright and IIE end up applying on your behalf. If they requirement of your programs is 90, then that would be your target. To be safe, try to keep your TOEFL above the 100 mark on the IBT exam.


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    can we apply for Fulbright scholarships by having IELTS instead of TOEFL?

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    I have done 2 years bachelor in Fashion designing, i cannot apply for masters? If not then for what program?

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      You can only apply for MS abroad if you have 16 years of education in Pakistan!

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    I have 3 years bachelor degree, is it possible to apply for Fulbright scholarships program

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    How much min cgpa required for getting scholarship in Masters as it isn’t mentioned anywhere.

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      3.5+ is a good GPA that increases chances of getting Fulbright significantly.

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    hello, i have bachelor and masters degrees in translation and i would like to apply to another master degree in translation from US university. Is this possible?? I wished that Iraq program had fund for PHD degrees..

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      Yes it is possible. 🙂

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    What is the good TOEFL score required to acquire admission for Master’s degree in an average USA University on self basis?

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        i have checked the USA full bright scholarship embassy page it is written for an online IBT test is required 75 score for masters and 80 for Phd.

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        100 was the required score in TOEFL for Fulbright Scholarship applicants in my country, i scored a 90. Should i proceed with the application or not.

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          Yes you should – you can always retake TOEFL

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    I just want to make an enquiry whether i will need TOEFL to apply for fulbright scholarship as a nigeria graduate of civil engineering.

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      Unfortunately I have no idea about the Fulbright program in Nigeria 🙁

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    I have a Cgpa 3.30.I am in last semester and I have 1 subject left of rpeat. I will clear all my subject and will get final transcript till 31st May. Can I apply for full bright with 1 subject rpeat (grade F).?

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    What is the TOEFL reporting code for Fulbright?

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      Same as GRE – 9388

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        What department should I select?

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    TOEFL reporting code for Nigeria is what?

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    Proof of registration can be the ticket confirmation or is it a specific document?

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    Can I apply for MD cardiology??

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    can apply for Fulbright having IELTS score only?

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    Hi, I wanted to know are there any fee waivers or fee reduction services for TOEFL and GRE in Pakistan?

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      Hello Faiza – nope – but USEFP does provide some vouchers to students of select universities, maybe you can contact them to check

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    Hi, I wanted to ask about the TOEFL requirement. The official site stated that it’s TOEFL ITP. If I already took the TOEFL iBT test, can I send it instead?

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      Yes if you have already take TOEFL IBT within the last 2 years, then it is accepted.

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    Dear talha

    I am living in Afghanistan, confused on how to send the form,

    it is a nine page Fulbright application, should I add test results, academic transcripts and recommendation letters after the last page of form, as it is said to be send in single PDF or should I add it in another document and send the documents in single PDF?
    and can you kindly tell me is it possible to offer them my IELTS exam I already have the number but do not have any TOEFL exam?
    Thank you

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      Hello Khalid – I am unaware of the FB forms for Afghanistan. So can’t help you with that. Also in Pakistan TOEFL is accepted and not IELTS. Not sure about your country.

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    Can I apply with 54 TOEFL score??? For masters

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    Fulbright my dream .!
    could you help me.

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    Hello sir!
    I ’ve got 6.5 overall ,but 6 in three and 7 in speaking,
    Am I eligible or not?
    or do they need 6.5 in each?

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