Kwasi Enin, whose parents migrated from Ghana to the U.S. about three decades ago got admitted to all of the elite 8 Ivy League Schools; Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth, Upenn, Yale and Brown.

Not only did Kwasi spent hours into preparing his application package but he also spent months researching all schools he was applying to. In total he applied to 12 programs hoping that he would get into at least one. To his utter surprise, he got into all schools and now stands a tough decision for him; which of these top Ivy League schools does he go to!

Before, only one other student has achieved this rare success. Usually students are discouraged to apply to all 8 Ivy League schools and are advised to apply to a mix of programs and universities. In the United States it is a feat to simply get into one or two Ivy League schools – getting into 8 is like a dream.

Just to know that how competitive these programs are, nearly all of these top Ivy League schools have an acceptance rate of less than 10%.

At his high school he ranked amongst the top 10 in a class of over 650. His SAT scores stand at 2,250 out of 2,400 which means he is in the top 2 percent of all SAT test takers.

Not only does he excel in academics, but he is also a violin player, a musician who sings, a school play actor since the last 5 years and an active sportsman alongside being a member of the school’s Youth & Government club.

He plans on to study medicine and has the most generous financial aid offer from Princeton. He will most likely contact all other programs to let them know that he got offers from other competing schools so that they offer him a better overall package.

Indeed this guy has all the options opened for getting the best in the U.S.

This Story was originally reported at Newsday