• TOEFL Score: 119
• GRE Score (Quant, Verbal, AWA): 152,159,4.5
Undergraduate degree in History from LUMS CGPA 3.8
• Prospective Degree Program: South Asian Studies//History
• 22, Female
• When I applied, I didn’t have any formal work experience. I had worked as a Research Assistant in LUMS and was involved in a few solid research projects related to my field (history). I had previously done summer internships. However, in the months following my application I took up a job as an A-level History teacher, and continued working on research projects at LUMS. I think my research work was a substantial part of my application and I was asked about it during my interview.
• My senior thesis project was related to the field that I wanted to pursue. It was a solid piece of research — something that I kept bringing up in my Personal Statement as well as my Research Objective. Again, I was asked about it extensively in my interview and the interviewers seemed to be genuinely interested in it.
• MUN activities (both participating and organizing), some experience with charity and NGOs, helped organize a history-related exhibition at Mohatta Palace Museum, Karachi.
• My GRE score was terrible, but I think the rest of my application was strong and made up for it. So there is hope for all you GRE low scorers — just make sure everything else is on point!
• Who wrote your reference letters? 2 of them were my professors who know me very well — both personally and academically. The third was a professor with whom I had conducted some research work (but with whom I have not really studied under)