SAT Private (1-on-1) Classes

SAT Prep 1-1 Individual Preparation and Tutoring

Brightlink Prep gives the option for individual SAT Tutoring as well. Your private SAT tutor (1550+ Scorer) will create customized lectures for you that focus precisely on your individual areas of concern. Through 1-on-1 sessions, you and your tutor can continually track your progress and customize each lecture as per your individual needs.


Key Features:

– 1-on-1 SAT coaching with a 99thpercentile and experienced instructor

– In person (Lahore & Islamabad) or online

– Cover every part of the SAT with your tutor

– Help available 7 days a week

– Flexible Schedule & Timings based on your convenience and needs

– 10 full-length practice tests

– 300+ SAT Quant and Verbal questions

Sign Up at 0331-4513196


Who needs Private SAT Tutoring?

Brightlink Prep is working with SAT students on an individual basis for over 7 years now. Over years we have found that SAT Private tutoring is especially effective for students who prefer quick and strong SAT test preparation. Most students use these sessions to completely prepare themselves for the arduous SAT exam while others use these sessions to supplement self-study or our group sessions. However, if you already know your strengths and weaknesses then SAT private tutoring is a great way to execute a personalized study plan for you.


How do I sign-up for these sessions?

You can call us at 0331-4513196 to discuss your needs. We may ask you to complete an online diagnostic test, which will serve as the first assessment tool for your tutor. However, if you have already taken the exam before, then you can just share your score report and we can assess you based on that. 


Where & when does the classes take place?

The schedule for these SAT sessions is flexible. You and your instructor can mutually discuss convenient time and days for these sessions. Most students meet with their tutors 2-3 times per week for 2-3 hours. Although the number of sessions can be increased, keep in mind that your tutor will be assigning you homework to complete between sessions. So having too many sessions per week can get hectic on the students end – but if you have more time at your end then you can have more sessions.

These sessions can be conducted online or in person in our offices in Lahore and Islamabad.


What will be covered?

You can use these individual sessions in a couple of different ways: as your main SAT preparation, or as a supplement to your current preparation. We do cover the entire syllabus; nevertheless if you require emphasis on certain areas we can do that and help you sharpen your weaknesses.

The number of hours you need will also depend on what your target score is and the range of topics you want to cover. If you want to cover the entire syllabus then it could take up to 8 weeks (including 35-40 hours of classes)

Sign Up at 0331-4513196



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