Sample Study Objectives for Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan

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Study objectives for Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan is all about convincing the USEFP committee “What you want to study” and “Why you want to study it?” – one that shows that you are mature enough to have made logical future goals and not mere impulsive ones.

“Pakistan, a nation created as the first home for the British-India Muslims almost six decades ago today represents one of the world’s most troubling states on the brink of an economic catastrophe.”

Impressive opening for starting your study objectives? Want to continue reading? I am sure its affirmative on both. Today I am going to share with you the study objectives (last time I shared the personal statement of the same applicant) of a successful Fulbright applicant from Pakistan — her goals, career aspirations, her achievements, dreams, and challenges. But before I do that, do know that a study objective for Fulbright scholarship is all about answering the following questions:

  1. What is it that you want to study?
    • be specific by telling about your majors and field of interest
    • tell exactly the kind of program you want to pursue
  2. Why do you want to study it?
  • explain how this degree is a natural fit and is aligned with your previous experiences
  • explain how this degree will help you achieve your future goals

Writing a study objective is not JUST answering these questions one by one. It is about telling a good story that answers all of the above in a lucid and attention grabbing manner. It’s not about dramatizing things – as if copying plots from Harry Potter. It’s about making sure to tie together answers to the above questions.

And the following study objectives from a recent successful candidate has done exactly the same. Read on and get inspiration from this applicant.

Click here to view the sample study objectives for the successful Fulbright Scholar from Pakistan!


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    AOA, Sir it was a very convincing essay comprising on comprehensive as well as concise objectives with proper reasoning and factual data regarding one’s previous experience and qualification. Sir I am a Pharmacist having Masters degree in Pharmacology and i am going to apply for Fulbright Scholarship in order to complete PhD in USA. what could be the major points of my study objectives ..? would you please guide me ..?

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      Hi Ithtisham, If you want us to guide you on your study objectives/personal statement personally you will have to contact my office and set up an appointment with me. This will be a paid consulting and will cost you depending on your scope of work. Thanks.

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        i want to meet you where is your office

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          The office is open from 12 pm to 6 pm Monday to Friday. Contact at 0331-4513196.

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    @ Talha, I just went through this article and its great. But I have a query. It is specifically mentioned in Fulbright application to limit the response to the size of text box. And by no means would that text box hold more than 200 words. Don’t you think an article of this much length (one shared above) is a violation of instructions?

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    I am a veterinary doctor and recently i have completed Master of philosophy in veterinary pathology after Doctor veterinary Medicine D.V.M. and now i want to get admission in Phd Veterinary Sciences (espacially pathology). Anyone can i help me in writing of study objective.

    Write a clear and detailed description of study objectives and give reasons for wanting to pursue them. Be specific about major field (Veterinary Sciences, Veterinary Pathology) and specialized research interests within this field (Veterinary Pathology). Describe the kind of program (Phd in Veterinary Sciences; veterinary pathology) expect to undertake, and explain how study plan fits in with your previous training and your future objectives of original innovative research.

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      Yes you can contact us at 0331-4513196 for further support on writing.

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    do you have any sample of computer science student?

    • Avatar

      Unfortunately CS successful students have not allowed us to share their essays

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    Can you share any sample of Finance student?

    • Avatar

      The SOPs shared on our website are the only ones that our students have allowed us to share!

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    sir, do you have any essay on study objective of successful candidate of master in public policy. kindly share it

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      The essays shared on our website are the only ones that we are allowed by our students to share.

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    Can you share any sample of Public administration student?

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      All samples are available on the website above

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    In the requirement of Fulbright, they asked for a 3500-word paper (study plan). I just need to ask, is this the same as the (statement of purpose) and the (Propsal)??

    Can you please help as the deadline is 1st of december??


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      Hello – Sorry, No idea about it. Fulbright only requires a 750 word SOP and Study objectives. There is no such 3500 requirement that i know of!

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    Dear sir,
    i am working on my essay of objective research in urban planning, i do not know how to start it and what kind of information i should submit in my essay, if possible please kindly help me in this regard.

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      Hello Abdul, You can call us at 0331-4513196 to discuss. Thanks

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    hello sir i want write study plan but when i starting i can nit write that how do i write ?
    kindly help me in this problem thanks a lot of you..

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    hello sir i am BS hons in English and i want to apply for Fulbright to pursue literature. my question is that may i chose any one of the genres i.e novel, poetry and drama etc. ?or how can i write study objective that what i want to study there?

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      Hello – Yes you can definitely choose any one of these areas. For help on essays, you can call us at 0331-4513196 and we can discuss your profile and help you out!

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    I am writing for a Scholarship . How do I write a proposed major field of study? and how do I describe the specific area of the field that I which to study.

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      You can contact our apps team at 0331-4513196 to discuss about it.

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    sir, do you have any essay on study objective of successful candidate of master in computational fluid dynamics. kindly share it

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      Yes we do – but unable to share due to no permission from their owners.

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