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Many Fulbright Applicants in Pakistan ask me various queries regarding filling the Fulbright application form. I have posted a completely filled sample Fulbright application form for 2016 Fulbright application. Please note that I have scrambled the data in this form to keep it anonymous. The purpose of this form is to inform you on what type of information goes in what sections.

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    Assalamu Alaikum Omar,

    In the form, they have said that it should be “typewritten”. I got informed that what it means is to be filled using ‘type writer’, but seeing ur sample, you have filled it on computer. Got little confused …

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      WAS! Type written means not hand written.

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    sir ,how i am to aply in this scolarship

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    Thank you Sir for This great work.

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      Is the application form of Fulbright same for all the years or the personal statement questions vary with the year? In simple words..will the personal statement questions of 2016 be different from the questions of 2015 or 2014?


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    Right at the end of Fulbright application, there is a checklist requiring attested O’Level documentation. Does that mean notarised stamped ones?


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      That means attested from either your school or the British council

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    sir can u tell me that the scholarship is for bachelor’s or Master or PhD students plz…?

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    Assalam oalikum Sir
    i am student of textile wet processing engineering.i will complete my bechloer degree in december 2015 .i want to apply for master in same programe .kindly guide me what should i do

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      WAS Apply through usefp wesbite.

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    Salam. Would you please tell me whether internship at any organization can be included in work experience or not? Also do we mention SSC and HSSC in education column?

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      WAS – Yes that can be included in your work experience. Yes you have to mention that.

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    would you tell me how to apply to master level education???


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    sir guid me plzz i want to apply for 2016 fulbright scholarship

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    I am doctor , is my house job period counted as experience? and secondly does having no experience after house job wards for one year pose a negative impact on your application? as I have been busy preparing for certain exams and have not been successful yet in getting any job.

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      Yes it is counted. No experience afterwards is negative.

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    Aoa! I want to apply for this scholarship. Currently I am student of master’s so can i apply for this ??

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      WAS Yes you can if you are in your last year.

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    My research work will be completed by the end of May 2016 and planed to publish in national publication forum. Can i mention this in application..? or suggest me any thing else. Thanks…

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      Yes you can write it but generally it carries no weight since it is not published at the time of deadline.

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    can you provide a filled form template for Humphrey scholarship program?

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      Hello – we don’t have one unfortunately.

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    Dear sir I need help to complete full bright application form. Plzzz help me

    Ejaz Ahmed

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    Sir..! I have no idea how to write a personal statement and what to write in it .. can i get a sample of that or some of guidance?

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    Anyone help me in fulbright america scholarship just need to guide me my contact number 03028840988

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    Dear Talha,

    You are really spraying the valuable thoughts by guiding the interested candidates. Keep it up!!!

    My Question is, In the form, you have left the blank space in the last of Signature & Date?
    Should there be an hand written signature or computerized written Name and Date?


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      Hello Ali, Thanks 🙂

      Hard signature required – once your print it out, sign it by hand and dispatch!

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    Hi, I am trying to take an IELTS to apply for fullbright program, so I want to know if that will lessen the chance for my application to be accepted or not, and if TOFEL IS BETTER OR NOT?

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      TOEFL required for FB not IELTS

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    Greetings Dear Talha Bhai!

    I have done B.A in 2011, B.Tech in 2014 and MA English Literature in 2017. I want to take admission in MA TEFL/ Linguistics. Recently I’m working in Govt. Deptt. as Data Entry Operator. I have two questions:-

    Should I mention the B.Tech and Govt. experience as Data Entry Operator in the Fulbright Scholarship Form?

    With Regards.

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      Hello – Yes you must mention your work experience be it of any kind but then try to explain the reasons for choosing that job in your essays!

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    2nd question is that does it necessary to give the financial details?

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    Hi Talha
    what is the deadline to mailing the Supplemental Forms to the Fulbright Office in my country?
    and if I don’t have English certificate Can mail it after grant it?


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      No idea about other countries except Pakistan.

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        what was in your country?

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    Hello sir!
    There’s a Academic information,educational background and it is written that attested copy should be attached but there’s no way to attach that! Kindly help me.

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      Hello – Where is the academic information given? Can you please share the form where you are trying to fill.

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    In item of financial it is important to put a few amont?

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      You can put whatever you have in your personal bank statement!

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    Thanks for the good work done. I kindly request for the FulBright application form for Uganda.

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      Thanks – unfortunately, we only deal in Fulbright Pakistan.

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    Hi, I have just completed my Masters in English Language and Literature and I want to take admission in Masters in same decipline. Should I take the subject test of GRE too or good score of GRE would be enough to get Fulbright scholarship?

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      Subject test is not required and also not looked at. Only take the GRE general test

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    Hi! I was wondering whether if I should take the GMAT before applying for Fulbright. Can I take GMAT later after I have got the interview? And on another question if i decided to take GMAT do I have to take GRE as well since i am currently majoring in Business Management

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      Hello – Yes you can take the GMAT after the interview. If you are applying for Fulbright you must take the GRE. GRE is required for Fulbright.

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    I”m confused about ‘Applicant’s signature’. Do i just type my name there?

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    i?am filling up the application form for the Humphrey Scholarship but i didnt understand the particular question- How will this dependent be provided for? in the Personal Information section . Please help

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      If you plan to take dependents then you must bear their cost. So write that you will pay for them.

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    Dear Talha,
    I have read many comments, you are doing a great job t help out people in this regard. Actually, I was searching to take help for, myself in completing Humphery scholarship application form and I found your website. I will be very thankful to you if you provide me your email to help me & for further correspondence and I believe your help will make my application more string.

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      Hello Mohsin, You can contact the Essay team at Brightlink at 0331-4513196 – they will guide you!

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