Sample Authority Letter for HEC Degree Attestation

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An authorization letter for HEC is a legal document which gives permission to a third person to go and attest the degrees and transcripts on your behalf. Through the HEC authority letter, you will transfer your decision making power to someone else for the period of time you want to.

You can type this letter on a simple piece of paper and there is no need to put it on a stamp paper or anything else. Moreover make sure that the signature’s on the HEC authorisation letter match those on your National Identity Card. The date on the letter must not be later than the date on which someone goes to get your documents attested. Make sure that you keep the document as concise as possible and only put the required information.

Authority Letter HEC


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    I appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

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    Thanks, it’s really helpful.

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    wow.. thanks man you are doing a wonderfull job

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    Thank You so much it real help me to make authority letter

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      You are welcome 🙂

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        Thanks brother, Allah bless you with happiness….

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    thanx man

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      Thank you sir

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    Thnx dear, really helpful

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    i have attested my degree from HEC. now i revise my degree and it requries new attestion. how is it possible to apply again for new degree as i sign in there is no option for edit poersonal information. it is written that degree is already attested.

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      You will have to go to HEC office to get this sorted 🙂

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    good effort

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    Salam. I want to attest my sister’s degree on her behalf, she is settle in abbroad and married, how can i make a letter (she is not here to sign it) and secondly her name on CNIC and academics do not match coz her husband’s name is written on her new CNIC (the online system requires detail of applicant) so wat name i should write on registration form? guide me on these issues as soon as possible plezz,,

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      Hello – you will have to go to the HEC office to get the required info for attesting for someone else. Thanks

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    Great Sir !!
    Thank YOu

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    I am in dubai , I authorize my brother to attest my degree on my behalf . But i can not sign in authority letter . I am applying throw courier service . What should I do please tell me

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      You cannot do anything but to sign the authority letter and send it via courier.

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    Dear Talha,

    If I send my sister for attestation of my documents, do I still need to give her authorization letter?


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      Hello – Yup 🙂

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    I have 4 years bachelor degree in computer science and before attestation I selected 14 years bachelor degree instead of 16 Bachelor/Master degree and hec attested.

    So should I apply again to re-attest?

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      No need to reapply – its fine

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    Thanks dear for Letter

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    hello brother

    i had attested my masters degree from HEC .My degree it is contains the title Masters of Business administration after that
    I send my degree to Saudi Culture isb. When they check the HEC record it is showing my data there master of banking and finance. Now they are asking for date correction from HEC.

    i have difference in my father name on my degree vs my CNIC

    My degree is with my father name = Rana Maqsood

    but my CNIC contains = Mohammad Maqsood

    HEC will correct the record without any objection if i send my degree again for date correction or will have objection on fathers name.

    waiting for your reply.

    Thanks in Advance

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      hello – HEC will not correct it – you must correct the name first.

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    Dear Talha

    I am working as a verification agency, and I want to verify the degree or transcript from HEC, can you tell me the procedure and documents required for it. Is it necessary to have a authority letter from the candidate to verify the educational documents.

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    is it necessary to print this format on stamp paper r on simple A-4 paper.

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    Hey, I want to know that how I can attest my Bachelors Degree (Hons.) from HEC? Because for my Institute they have stopped the attestation from 2016 and my I’m an old student of 2012 batch. I need to know solution of this problem, my scholarship application will not be proceeded without the attestation of my degree and transcript. I have visited the HEC office Lahore but they told me to wait until the case is resolved, I have waited for 5 months already but the issue/case isn’t resolved yet. It is a request to help me in this regard.

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      Hello Mahnoor – You must approach the HEC head office in Islamabd to have this matter looked into – I am sure they will have a solution to these issues.

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    I want to know I am a Bangladeshi National but I studied Medical school from Pakistan.I dont have CNIC number. I want to authorize my friend to get my documents attested. Shall I mention my registration number as mentioned in my degree or my Bangladeshi National ID number ? Please reply ASAP.
    Thank You

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      Yes definitely you must mention it.

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    Mr. Talha omer i want to attest my punjab university degrees b.a and m.a kya mujhe yeh degrees pehle punjab university se attest kerwanj hogi ya nahi

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    Assalam o aliakum talha.I need sample of authorization letter is it possible to help me out because i am sending my brother to take care my document.

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      WAS Khurram – sample letter is attached above