Pakistani Graduate Gets Full Scholarship to Top US Programs

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A Pakistani Applicant learned last month that he was accepted to 5 top US graduate programs in Public Policy – UPENN, DUKE, Stanford, Cornell, Texas A&M. What more, he got funding as well. These programs are notoriously hard to get into, as the competition is tough and the acceptance rates are below 15%. Below is the profile that he shared with Brightlink prep and we have posted verbatim below.

Programs applied to: Masters in Public Policy at University of Pennsylvania, DUKE, Stanford, Cornell, Syracuse, Texas A&M

Acceptances: Multiple

Accepting the Offer: Funded MPA with concentration in International Development. Cornell Institute of Public Affairs.

Previous Education: LUMS (Economics & Political Science) GPA: 3.1

Test Scores: GRE: 317 (V: 158 Q: 159)

TOEFL: 108

Work Experience:

2.5 years. 7 months Research Assistantship at LUMS and about 2 years in Disaster Management at a National Level NGO. (Significant fieldwork across 3 provinces in a supervisory role)

Recommendations: 1 academic from a LUMS professor and 2 Professional. Professional were from two leading practitioners in the non-profit sector. (One DFID program director working for IMC Worldwide in Islamabad and the other from former Country Director Thailand for Save the Children)


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    Simply remarkable achievement.

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    What is a Public Policy Degree and what sort of job opportunities are there related to this in Pakistan?

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