A very frequently asked question from me is that can one apply for Fulbright if one is still studying (undergraduate or a graduate degree) or if one has graduated but not yet received the official degree or the final transcripts. The answer is, it depends. If you are able to get your official degree and complete transcript from your university before December 31st of the same year as the Fulbright application deadline, then you may apply for Fulbright in the said year. So for example, the deadline for this year’s Fulbright is May 13th 2015, then you may apply this year only if you get your official final degree and transcript from your university and get it attested from HEC before December 31st 2015.

In this case just send your partial or unofficial documents (transcripts etc.) with your application and attach a cover letter with your application telling the USEFP that you will be able to send the official documents attested by HEC before December 31st.

If you will receive your documents later than December 31st then you will have to apply next year when the Fulbright reopens.