Are Mocks an Accurate Predictor of GRE scores?

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Are Mocks an Accurate Predictor of GRE scores?

Are Mocks an Accurate Predictor of GRE scores?


So by now you would be done with your GRE prep; you would have gone through the best GRE books, learned hundreds of new GRE words and practiced thousands of quant and verbal questions. And now you would anxiously want to test your GRE knowledge level on the actual grading scale of GRE.


But how do you do that?


….. by taking as many full-length GRE mocks.


Taking GRE Mocks has several benefits:

  • consolidate what you have learned
  • build your stamina of working through a strenuous 4 hour-long exam
  • manage your timing
  • strategizing your test taking approach


In order to gain 100% benefit from the mock tests, I personally recommend taking at least 6 mocks before your GRE test day.


So the 6 mocks will predict my score, right?


We all wish to have access to that one test, which can accurately predict our actual GRE score and give us all the assurance and confidence that we will need on the test day.


Unfortunately, there exists no such one test. Moreover, the probability that the mock tests alone can predict (with 100% accuracy) what your actual GRE score will be is nearly 0.


Nevertheless, mock tests can predict a range in which your score will lie. In most instances you can expect your score to lie within a range of +/-5 points to the score you are getting on your mocks.


A word of caution: Variation in the score


Moreover, as you take mock tests you will notice that there is variation in the score you get on different mock tests.


For instance, you may be scoring considerably higher on Princeton mocks as compared to your score on the ETS Power Prep tests. This is because these different tests are of varying difficulty and while some tests have more representative questions, others might have questions that test your knowledge in a different way.


So which GRE mock tests have more representative questions?


2 Full-length tests by Power Prep have the type of questions that you will find on the GRE. These mocks are created by ETS (publisher of actual GRE) itself.


Also, 6 Mocks by Manhattan do a really good job of offering questions similar to what you can expect on the test. Other mocks such as those by Kaplan, Princeton and Barrons are also a good practice but have less real-like questions than those on the ETS or Manhattan.


6 MANHATTAN & 2 ETS POWER PREP are a very close PREDICTOR of your ACTUAL GRE SCORE. In fact I would be more specific: The average Quant scores on the 6 Manhattan Mocks and the average Verbal scores on the 2 ETS mocks will be as close to predicting your actual GRE Score on test day. So make sure that you do these 8 mocks and average out ETS’s verbal scores and Manhattan’s quant scores. Your actual GRE score will be very close to these averages.


Note of advice: Ensure that you take full-length mocks properly. That is, do not

  • pause your tests in between
  • skip any sections such as the AWA
  • cheat in any way during a mock.


By doing any one of the above, you will only be misguiding your self.


Watch out for any outliers


Scoring less than 310 on 7 mocks but scoring a 325 on 1 mock does not assure you of a 320+ score. Exclude such outliers otherwise your mean score will be biased.


Use mocks to be better prepared and not just as a predictive tool


The primary aim of taking mock tests should not just be to predict your score but rather to prepare better for the grueling test day.


Your aim should be to dissect your mock tests and identify your weak areas. Then you need to work on those weaknesses before moving on to the next set of mocks.


The mocks are supposed to build your stamina and get yourself oriented to the test taking experience. 


To summarise


Take all mocks by Princeton, Kaplan, Manhattan & ETS.

  • Princeton & Kaplan are good practice. 
  • Manhattan’s 6 Mocks’ quant score will give you an accurate prediction of your test day quant score
  • ETS’s 2 Mocks’ verbal score will give you an accurate prediction of your test day verbal score


By accurate, I mean +/-3 in most cases. The above 8 mocks will close the gap between your real GRE & practice test scores.


  1. Avatar

    I have been going through your articles.They were really helpful.Thank you.
    I scored 304 (Power prep 1) and 294(Power prep 2) today.
    I have scored 299(Manhattan).

    I have my GRE on November 19th 2018.
    Are there any chances of me scoring around 310?
    Or will my score be less than 310?

    Thank you

    • Avatar

      Hello – Based on your Mocks, the max you could score is around 302-305. 310 is unrealistic.

    • Avatar

      I m
      Scoring 302, 304,306 in mocks, is it possible for me to score 310 in real gre?

      • Avatar

        Well difficult to say – a lot depends on the test day as well. But year 4-5 points higher is a possibility

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