MIT asks Students to Write Own Recommendation Letters

Written by Talha Omer

June 20, 2014

MIT’s Business School – the Sloan School of Management – on its website has announced that it now requires all of its MBA applicants to write their own professional letters of recommendation. This decision was made by the MIT admissions council after discovering that majority of the applicants write their own reference letters – they do this because their referees ask them to.

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MIT hopes that by doing this it will get valuable behavioral insights on applicants and help them know the MBA applicants better – applicants writing their own references will have to answer a list of questions in less than 750 words; applicants will have to put themselves in the referees shoes and assess how they work and interact. Sloan still requires 2 reference letters from other referees and many of those will be written by students too – admits the dean of MIT sloan school of management.

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