LUMS Average GMAT Score for MBA Admissions

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GMAT was made mandatory for admissions to the LUMS MBA program in 2014 for admissions in fall 2015. LMAT was scrapped in favor of GMAT and as a result the number of applicants to LUMS declined from 1000 to around 600. Since this was the first time LUMS was solely relying on GMAT, most of the applicants were in a quandary as to what is a good GMAT score for LUMS. The average GMAT scores MBA classes at LUMS help applicants by telling them the benchmark that LUMS uses in rating its admitted students. Moreover by switching from LMAT to GMAT, it shows that LUMS is re-inventing its MBA program.

For students who were admitted to LUMS in fall 2015 the range of scores was from 470 to 700. Over 70% of the admitted students had a score between 570 and 630 with an average GMAT of around 590. It’s not unusual for LUMS to have admitted a very small number of students in the low 500s or late 400s; LUMS does this to students who are exceptional. The few success stories I have seen have come from students who have good solid work experience of 4-5 years and have outstanding practical achievements.

So if you were to ask that could one get into LUMS with a 500 on GMAT or a 470 on GMAT, the answer is yes. So this is good news for many of you, who have done very well practically but haven’t been able to do so well on the GMAT. But do note that LUMS admits students in the 500-550 ranges but the number of students is few. Most of them hover around 600.

The target zone: 640+. You are definitely in range for a chance at admissions to LUMS with any score above 640, given that you have at least some experience and a decent application.

The safe zone: 570-620. If your scores are in this range then as long as your work experience, GPA, resume and recommendations are on track with the average LUMS hopeful, you have a good shot. Keep in mind, though, that even a 700 doesn’t guarantee admissions to LUMS as many students that I know have been rejected by LUMS at those scores.

The No zone: below 550. Your application is likely going to face some serious extra scrutiny. You must have something to offer to LUMS that other high scorers don’t else chances would be negligible. Generally students with less than 550 have much more work experience than others – generally 3+ years.

In case you are wondering, the lowest score admitted to LUMS last year was 470. Again, those admitted in this range are the outliers; the individuals whom LUMS is willing to let impact its GMAT score ranges because they are that special. But there aren’t going to be too many people LUMS considers special enough to be in this category.

If your scores are in the “No Zone” range, I highly recommend you do some serious GMAT prep. Your extra achievements may be able to get you to the interview but may give the LUMS admissions committee a reason to reject you.


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    Well, That`s a Good news for me then if i don`t get an american Visa.

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    Hi Talha,
    I am from electrical background and doing job as SQA Engineer in IT firm. I have 1 year of experience but not enjoying my work. I am thinking to quit the job and currently have no other option except teaching. Will it impact my MBA application?

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      Yes definitely – I rarely see a teacher get into the MBA program at LUMS – better change a job but stay in the corporate sector.

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      Aoa sir, i completed my Bachelors in EE from NUST 2.68 gpa in 2018 i have no work experience just internships.
      Can i get admission in LUMS MBA by getting 320+ in GRE or 700 in GMAT witht this proifle. I want to change my field and get into sales.

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        Well honestly it will be very hard to get into LUMS MBA just on the basis of a high GRE/GMAT score. You will need at least 1 year of work experience to stand a decent chance!

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    1) What kind of GMAT score would I require with a 2.8 CGPA and 3 years work experience as a software developer. I think I can get 630-640, would that be a safe score with this CGPA or do I need even more.
    2) Do people with 700 really get rejected ? What could be the reason, since usually 700-720 scores can get you into top 20 mbas worldwide.

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      If you are talking about LUMS then 600+ is fine. But top 20 programs require 700+ and also they look at the overall profile of applicants and not just GMAT.

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        I was talking about this line “Keep in mind, though, that even a 700 doesn’t guarantee admissions to LUMS as many students that I know have been rejected by LUMS at those scores.” Could you go into more detail about the reason? I had assumed score of like 680-700 along with 2-3 years work experience would practically guarantee admission into LUMS mba.

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          Well actually nothing can guarantee an admission to LUMS – the best you can do is to make a good application, try to get 600+ and have a decent work profile.

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            thanks for explaining it specifically. 🙂

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      Aslam o alaikum!
      Congratulations to you.
      I want to get admission in MBA LUMS and preparing for GRE.
      Can you please guide me about their scholarship program?

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        There are only two types of scholarships for LUMS MBA. GRE/GMAT based and overall merit-based. For GRE/GMAT based, you will need a score of above 328+ on the GRE and you will get a 50% waiver. For the other you will need to be in the top 2-3 admitted applicants in terms of your overall profile.

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    Dear sir,

    What is the required score for the Afghan MBA Scholarships…as i have recently attained GMAT exam the score is not too much satisfactory,Can you please let me know what is the required Number,

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      650+ is a good score for MBA funding

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    what score one must target to have fully funded scholership from LUMS for MBA?

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    LUMS now accepts gre scores as well. Should I give the gre or gmat? Would students with a gre score be at any disadvantage as compared to those with gmat scores considering the fact that it has newly been accepted

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      GRE is an easier test so I will recommend taking the GRE. LUMS will weigh each one of them equally.

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    Hello Talha.I am in my final semester of Bsc at IBA.. I have a 3.2 cgpa..I have done a 2 month corporate and a social internship as well.I will be applying in the Mba program.i will be giving my gmat as well.the only problem is that of the work experience which I don’t have..where do I stand??

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      Hello Shafiq – without work experience of 2+ years at least it is nearly impossible to get into an MBA program.

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        Hi Talha, I’m in my final semester at FAST-NU Lahore, doing Bachelor of Computer Sciences.I’m planning to apply for MBA at LUMS next year. A bit of what I’ve been up to :

        1) Managing a project based small tech startup with a few international and national clients since early 2015.
        2) Working at one of Pakistan’s finest software houses.

        Till the time of 2017 admissions, I would have 1 year experience, working full time at a software house and would probably have done a certification or two as well.

        After scoring an avg GMAT score, would there be any good chances of me getting into MBA program at LUMS?

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          Hello Zain – 1 year of work is fine – just make sure you get around 600-650 on the GMAT and IA you will be all set.

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    Hello Mr. Talha. I have completed my BBA hons with a CGPA of 3.8 from Bahria. Even though I got an admission in NUST MBA program this year, I might give a try for LUMS MBA next year. What should be an ideal GMAT/GRE score for me, keeping in mind that so far I only have internship experiences in companies like Mobilink and Telenor and 6 months call center job experience.

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    Hello Talha, I did B.ocm Hons from Hailey college in 2013. after that, I am working in US Apparel & Textile. My overall CGPA 3.56. Now, I want to get admission in master program. can you suggest me something for get scholarship in LUMS or abroad universities. I have no idea about GMAT or GRE. I never listen about it. Which test is better for get scholarship.

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      Hello Hafeez – you can take the GRE exam as it is accepted by many more programs all over the world including LUMS

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    Hello, I have a work experience of around 15 years in Telecom Industry and i’m planning to apply to the EMBA program. How much my experience will count and what GMAT score should i get? Please also brief me a little about Scholarship as well. Thanks

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      Hello Umair – for LUMS avg work experience for EMBA is around 8 years so definitely you can get in. EMBA has no scholarships at all. GMAT score is around 550

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    Hello. I currently have a full time job experience of 1.5 years (will become 2 years when I resign in May 2017) at Techlogix Pakistan as a QA Enginner, a CGPA of 3.45 in Computer Engineering from FAST Lahore and a GMAT score of 580. In your opinion, what are my chances to get an interview call?

    P.S: I also have really good secondary and post secondary scores.

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      Hello Zaid – I would say chances are pretty GOOD – GMAT score is also fine as well as the work experience

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    I had 3 years of experience in Pakistan then I went to china and did petroleum engineering and since last year I have been working in China…..i want to study mba at lums, I am thinking to resign and go back to take gmat ……. how much score is required in my case with 4 years of experience and current job in China ? is gmat easy to practice ? like one can practice for it on own or must join any training center for prep ? my engineering graduation % is 77.4 around 2.74 cgpa

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      Hello – you need 600+ for LUMS MBA. GMAT is a hard exam, you can try preparing for it on your own first and if you feel troubled, you can then join some place for help.

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    i have done mechanical engineering from ned university and recently graduated 08/12/2016 . Currently working . What would you prefer should i give test for mba for lums or should i wait for 1 year ( doing job )?
    Am i eligible to apply to lums for mba now , keep in the mind i have 2.953 cgpa and 2 months working experience ?
    Is there any criteria like this, one should have atleast 2 or 1 years experience to get admission in mba in lums ?
    what should i do gre or gmat ?

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      Wait for 1 year and work. the criteria is 1+ years of work experience and a 600+ on GMAT or 310+ on GRE

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        Hello sir,
        i have done BBA from FAST-NU lahore with a cgpa of 2.48. plus i have a 2 years full time working experience in an MNC. i want to do MBA from a good reputed university. what options do i have? how much GRE score do i need?

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          Hello Bilal – do you want to do MBA from LUMS or US? If US then you must get 4-5 years of work experience and a GMAT score of 700+. If you want to do it from LUMS apply now with a GMAT score of around 600

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          just wanted to know whether you got admitted in LUMS with that cgpa?

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    700+ is 90th percentile and its the criteria of top tier business school in the world, Mainly based in USA. If i talk about my experience , In canada all the business school have requirement of 70th or 80th percentile. I think 65th to 70th percentile is pretty good score for lums. Even lums is providing 50% tuition waiver to admitted students with a GMAT score of 700 or higher.
    I have score of 640, i applied into 4 of the business schools in canada (McGill Desautels, UOT Rotman, HEC, UOA) and Lums for keeping myself on safe side and i got accept into 3 of 4 schools in Canada accept UOT.

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      Dear Umar,

      Assalam O Alaikum

      Which programs did you apply for in the 3 Canadian universities in which you got in?
      It would be great if you could help.


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    Hello Sir, I have done my BBA from Lahore School of Economics with CGPA of 2.8 and have a score of 680 in GMAT can you please tell me what are my chances in LUMS MBA?

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      Hello – how much work experience do you have?

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        1 year in total

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    Hi Talha
    My Gmat score 550
    2 year work experience and 3.01 CGPA in engineering.

    Should I apply at lums??
    What are my chances?

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      Hello – yes definitely apply – chances are good if your interview goes fine

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        Hi Talha,
        Can you please advise how many people apply for LUMS MBA each year?
        And will 550 score, 2 year of experience and a good interview, what are my chances?

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          Hello – around 400 people apply. Your profile is apt for LUMS!

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            Thanks Talha!
            Got admission offer today.

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            Congrats 🙂

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          Can you share your undergrad GPA and the interview questions?

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          hy NB. Please share youe experience of interview????

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            Hey Kamran,
            There were three people on the panel.
            For me, it was very difficult because they started firing questions even before I was offered a seat.
            One of the people started questions and other 2 members were adding details to the questions. They ask another question, while I was answering the previous question to confuse me.
            But the whole scenario changed when they started asking about my job and why I want to do MBA. I was prepared for this questions and TBH I practiced for this question a lot.
            You have to prepare for this question in accordance with your field. They asked me to solve some GMAT questions. They tried to push me to my limits.
            The key is to remain calm and respond politely.
            Try to start the conversation on topics of your interest. I also made mistakes like I didn’t know some political figures and rather than making a guess I simply said that IDK.
            It was a wise decision to admit what you don’t know. Afterall, they are not looking for absolute knowledge.

            Best of luck. I hope this will help you in your interview.

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    Hye, I have done my BBA with CGPA of 2.8 and have a score of 690 in GMAT can you please tell me what are my chances in LUMS MBA? 1.5 years of work experience

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    What is the average or safe score for those who take GRE instead of GMAT for LUMS application?

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    Hello Sir, I have completed BBA (Hons.) from UET with CGPA of 3.63. I am working with a subsidiary of Packages Limited. Till now i have work experience of one year and want to pursue MBA from LUMS. Should I join Preparation centre alonwith job? What should be my GMAT target score ?

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      Hello Usman – generally prep with a hard job is challenging but if you are really pursuant it is possible 🙂 Your target score should be somewhere between 600 and 650.

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    Hi. I want to apply for the next round of the LUMS MBA program in 2018. By that point I’ll be 27 going onto 28 by the time the semester starts with over 4 years of work experience across local and international companies. Is it a good move in your view to pursue the MBA at LUMS or should I look for a 1 year degree elsewhere?

    Secondly are GMAT and GRE both acceptable for LUMS?

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      Hello Rafay, Well in my personal opinion, someone who has 4+ year of work experience should apply to US or other top foreign programs in MBA since LUMS generally recruits students with somewhere between 1-3 years of work experience. Those having around 5 years or more experience are recommended to join the EMBA program (which i personally do not like). So LUMS in my view with your profile will not justify in your case. GRE/GMAT are both equally acceptable by LUMS

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    I am a fresh graduate from GIKI in Manufacturing Engineering with a CGPA of 3.34. My question is that if I start my own business and after 2+ years of experience apply for the MBA program in LUMS and in the US will my work experience count. And I am considering to give GMAT/GRE but am confused to choose between the two which would you prefer.

    P.S Your answers above were very helpful so thanks for that.

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      Hello Zain, Thanks for the message. Yes owning/running a business is fine as far as LUMS MBA is concerned. I would recommend GRE since it is easier than GMAT and is equally acceptable by LUMS.

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    I have an experience on 2 years +, 3.77 CGPA in Engr., GMAT score of 630 and interview also went well. What are my chances for admission offer?

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      Chances are pretty bright.

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        Got rejection today. Can’t figure out what went wrong

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          HY ADIL
          please share your interview experience

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    Hi Talha,

    I am currently working at a company named Ovex Technologies which is a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) organisation. Does working at a BPO count as full time work experience for MBA programs in the US business schools and LUMS?

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      Hello – Yes definitely it does count as full-time work experience.

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    Hi Talha,

    I want to apply for financial aid/ADB JSP Scholarship in LUMS for MBA program. I have 5 years of experience ( 2 years in oil & gas and 3 years in corporate sector). I have B.SC Hons Engineering degree with 3.728 CGPA. How much GRE score should I be aiming for?
    Also, can you please connect me to any ADB-JSP scholar, if possible?

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      Hello Mavra. GRE score must be around 310 to stand a decent chance. I definitely will search for one. Thanks

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    Hi Talha

    I am working as a testing and commissioning engineer in KSA, I have a year worth of experience.
    These are my academic records over the years:
    1) O levels 2A* 2A 2B 1 C
    2)A levels B B C
    3) CGPA 3.2 from Bahria Univeristy

    How much should I be aiming to score in the GMAT for a decent chance of getting in LUMS or IBA?
    Your help will be appreciated

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      Hello Ahmed – your profile is pretty decent – Above 600 will be a safe score. Thanks

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        Thanks for you reply. One last thing , my job experience is not great, what I mean is I didn’t get to learn much and work on many projects because of some reasons. Do you thunk this will affect the interviews if I get shortlisted at iBA/LUMS. Thanks

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          Yes Ahmed – having little knowledge of the work experience can cause issues during interviews – interviews can be very specific to your skill set and experience.

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            Any suggestions to how one can make up for lack of quality work experience ?

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            Unfortunately for MBA work experience cannot be replaced by anything academic – internships can also qualify as work experience but generally weigh less than full-time experience.

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    i have recently done my BBA in july 2017 from GCUF with cgpa of 3.47 but i have no job experience .
    my inter and matriculation percentages both are 64% & 68% respectively, now kindly tell me should i go for LUMS or not, i mean its my dream come true if i got admission there…
    need your appreciation

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      Without job experience it is hard to get into LUMS.

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    Hi Talha! I’m currently working in an MNC as a management trainee. I’ll have a one year experience by May, 2018 and will apply for the 2018 session of the MBA program at LUMS. I graduated from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology with a CGPA of 2.9. What scores should I target for both GMAT and GRE? Also what are my chances if I do get those scores?

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      Hello Hira – 310+ GRE and between 600 and 650 for GMAT

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      hello Hira
      HAve you applied for Lums this year.
      kindly share your experience.

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    Hello,i have done 2 years from hailey college of commerce with cgpa 3.80 in gmat score is 650.and i have 1.5 year work experience so how many chances for admission in lums?

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      Hello Babar – chances are bright as you have a good GMAT score and decent work experience

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    hey Talha

    i have done bba from Lahore school of economics and my cgpa is 3.33, i graduated in 2015, i have a total of 6 months work experience, i gave gmat in 2016 and i got 450, i am giving it again now. Will 600 be enough? i

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      Hello Hussain – yup 600+ is enough for LUMS 🙂

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    Hi Talha!
    I got more than 70% in Matric, 64% in Intermediate, 3.4 CGPA in BBA, and 3 CGPA in MS. Now i want to purse PhD from LUMS. Can you please tell me how much should i score on GRE for getting high chances of admission?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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      Hello Sara – 310+ is a competitive score for LUMS on the GRE – Thanks

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    Hi Talha, I have BBA from FAST-NUCES with 3.1 gpa along with 2 years work experience.
    People saying that you did BBA from fast, you may have done cs from there and blah blah. And you wont get to top 20 mba Programmes.
    Tell me what should i do to get in top 20 mba programmes

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      LOL – that’s all crap. You can get into a really good MBA program with an undergrad degree from anywhere. For a Top MBA program in PK such as that from LUMS you will need 1-2 years of work experience and a GMAT score of 600+ or GRE score of 310+. For a top foreign MBA program you will need 5+ years of work experience along with a GMAT score near to 700.

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    Hi Talha!
    I am Bsc student in maths(general math,physics,chemistry) section.
    Can I start MBA after my graduation without any working experience?

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      Hello Saba, From LUMS, MBA admission is nearly impossible without any work experience. But you can get into other MBA programs like that of LSE without work experience.

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    Hi Talha,
    Do you think it’s better to do an MBA from LUMS or from a lower tier university in US (30-50 rank).

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      Hello Seemab, Well if you plan to work in Pakistan, then LUMS is far far better than going for any MBA abroad. I would go to the extreme and even say that LUMS MBA works better than a top MBA from abroad. This is because LUMS prepares you for the local PK industry but not a global MBA. LUMS alumni are spread all over PK’s industries so it is easier to get jobs and then be successful. On the contrary, LUMS MBA will not be sufficient to get into the global job market and for that you need a global MBA

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        sir i am currently studying bbit in punjab university first semester
        its my dream to study in lums
        so i want to ask if a person has been doing his OWN business
        will lums accept it as a job experience?
        please tell me

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          Yes definitely LUMS accepts business experience.

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    hi talha,
    These are my academic records over the years:
    1) Metrication 82 percent
    2)Inter 56 percent
    3) CGPA 2.5 from Punjab University Ias Department
    and can i get admission in lums or iba when my cgpa is less than 3.
    How much should I be aiming to score in the GMAT for a decent chance of getting in LUMS or IBA?
    Your help will be appreciated

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      Given you have 2+ years of work experience, you will need around 600-630.

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    I am apperaing for gre recently . What will be the safe score of gre to get admission ? I have done mechanical engineering from ned with 2.95 cgpa and 1 year work expeirence .

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      315+ will be a safe score with your profile

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    Asalam O Likum !

    Sir Talha,

    Is it possible to get admission in lums mba program with the gpa of 2.26. I know it’s such a shame but have you seen any case in which candidate had a poor gpa.

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      W.S. Arsam – yes you can get into LUMS with a low GPA – GPA is not one of the criteria for LUMS MBA admissions

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    Sir I,m doing BBA from Iub my current semester is 7 with 2.75 CGPA how much how much Improve it till 8 semester in (Lums) MBA admission Is compulsory work experience

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      Work experience is mandatory – GPA is not important for MBA admissions

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    Assalam o Alaikum
    Dear Talha , your replies are very useful. Thanks for helping people.
    Your analysis of GMAT score is old now. What is the latest trend for EMBA?

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      W.S. – The trends are still the same 🙂

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    Dear Talha,

    I am a BBA from Iba Karachi. I scored 9As in O Levels, 4As is A Levels, and graduated with a CGPA of 3.5 from IBA. My work experience is exactly 1.5 yrs after which I left my job to pursue business. I gave my GMAT, and scored a 620. What do you think are my chances?

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      Hello Raza- your profile is pretty strong. Chances will be really high though O/A levels don’t matter for MBA admissions!

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    Hi Talha,

    Hope you fine and doing well.

    Right after my graduation form COMSATS Lahore in 2012 (BS-CS) I joined NETSOL and my current designation is Principal Software Engineer. My work experience id 5.5 years till now and I want to join LUMS for MBA exec. How much score in GMAT/GRE will be required for admission(interview) ? my work experience is sufficient enough or shall I wait till next year plus which will be more suitable and off course easier as compared to another GMAT/GRE ?
    Thanks ,

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      Hello Osama – 5.5 years is par experience for EMBA. You will need around 550 to stand a good interview chance for the program. GRE is easier, go for that. On GRE you will need around 300.

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    Dear Talha,
    My gpa in BBA is 3.41 and MS is 3.63. Have work experience of more than 2 years. but my score in 294 in gre. Moreover i have 6 publications.Please tell me that is there any chance of getting admission in phd management in lums?

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      Yes Aamir – publications matter more than GRE in PHD admissions so your chances are definitely very high!

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    Apologies if my comment went through twice. I wondered if you’d know about the minimum GRE requirements for an MS Economics (2.5) year programme? Is it the same as 310+ as you mentioned in comments above are they a little lenient with applications of this particular degree?

    Thank you!

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      Hello Ayesha, Econ is actually very competitive to be honest. So 310+ will still be a fair assessment in my view.

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    Here is my profile

    IGCSE (equivalent to Olevel) – 1A, 2Bs & 4Cs
    Alevel – DDEE
    University of Lahore (PharmD) – 3.6cgpa

    2years of professional work experience as a production pharmacist.

    Gmat – 630 (speculation)

    What are my chances? Please tell me whether or not should I retake my Alevels for a better profile?

    • Avatar

      A levels is not looked at. Profile looks decent. if 630 is your actual score then chances are pretty good.

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    Hello TALHA OMER
    my profile include 3.84 cgpa in electrical engineering plus 1 year work experience as a management trainee engineer in power sector
    what is the minimum gmat score for admission in LUMS MBA.
    Is there any courses of MBA in operations and supply chain in LUMS?

    • Avatar

      I would say anything above 310 will be safe. 315+ should be the target. Yes OPS and SC is offered in LUMS MBA

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    Hello Talha
    Hope you are well

    Does lums offer MBA admissions in spring or only fall? I mean currently round 2 is underway for MBA when would next round start!!!

    Ibrar Asghar

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    Thanks Talha for such detailed article and Q&A. I did my MBA from Bahria islamabad in 2010-11. For the last 5 years working at reputed Banks at non managerial positions. So, not applying for EMBA. Furthermor, there is no scholarship for EMBA as well. I want to apply for MBA at LUMS. With 2.8 CGPA and 5 years experience, how much GMAT score do i need to be able to get fully funded scholarship and is even possible to get enrolled for MBA, not EMBA?

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      Most welcome 🙂 You will need around 570-600 on GMAT given your experience. For fully funded program at LUMS you will need a 700+ score. Yes it is possible for you to get into MBA. EMBA is 6-7+ years of experience.

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        Thqbk you. Talha.please tell me if GREis accepted by Lums and score required on GRE for fully funded programme.

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          Yes GRE is accepted by LUMS. 325+ on GRE is needed for Scholarships!

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    Hi Talha,

    I have read all the queries and your response to them, as you have already mentioned that chances are bright with 310+ GRE score. I just want your opinion over my profile I have done electronics engineering with 3.23/4.0 in 2015 and have consecutive work experience since then, I have worked 1 year in a corporate sector and 2+ year work experience in a startup firm I will appear for GRE on 11 but I am afraid that I will not able to make to 310+ score. What are my chances for admission if I get around 300 in GRE ?

    • Avatar

      Well below 300 it is really hard to get in since it shows that your analytical aptitude is really below average. Something above 300 will help but not below that

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    Hi Talha,
    I did my Bachelors in Computer Science from COMSATS Lahore in June 2017 with 2.58 cgpa and i am working in a top notch software company for the past one year. During my graduation, i worked for 3 years as an office based freelancer in one of the well known internet business companies. Besides, i am also running a startup digital marketing company for the past 6 months. By 2018, i will have 2 years of full time work experience, 3 years freelance experience and a 1.5 years of entrepreneurship experience. Is my profile strong enough with this cgpa? How much GRE Score do i need to get admission in LUMS? What are my chances of getting in LUMS?

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      Hello Younus, Yes your profile is pretty strong and anything above 310 on the GRE is going to be competitive.

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    AOA, Talha.
    Hope you’re doing well.
    I’m an electrical engineer from NUST with a CGPA of 3.22.
    I have work experience just north of 12 months.
    If I give GRE and am able to get a decent enough score, are there good chances for me to make it into the MBA program of LUMS?

    • Avatar

      W.A.S Saad, Yes if you get something around 315+ then getting to the interview will be pretty easy.

  50. Avatar

    Hello Talha,

    I completed by BBA (hons) with a GOLD MEDAL and a CGPA 3.80 in 2016.
    Then I founded my construction company. And I believe I am doing great. Alhamdullilah!
    Will my experience be counted by LUMS?

    I am planning on applying for MBA in LUMS 2019
    Also, would a GMAT SCORE of 600 be sufficient?

    Kind Regards

    • Avatar

      Hello, Yes LUMS counts this as an experience as well. Yes 600+ is sufficient. Thanks

  51. Avatar

    Hi Talha.Is BBA the best choice if you further want to study MBA from LUMS or can a Pharm-D degree do the same job.If BBA is the priority then Which is the best Government university in Punjab for BBA.

    • Avatar

      Hello, Any degree works for LUMS MBA….even doctors and lawyers get in to LUMS MBA program!

  52. Avatar

    Hello Talha, I am currently enrolled BS-Computer Science from FAST NU with a CGPA of 3.00. What should be on my to do list so that I can successfully get an admission into Lums Mba in the coming years? So far I have no work experience.

    • Avatar

      Hello Anish, You should get at least 2 years of full-time work experience and a GRE score of 315+ to stand a strong chance.

  53. Avatar

    AOA Talha, I am Industrial Engineer from UET Lahore with experience of 6+ years in production management in Pepsi Bottling operations. I want to apply for LUMS MBA program (no EMBA) .

    Please suggest what should be my target GRE score for full funding.

    • Avatar

      W.A.S Suleman, I am not too sure whether LUMS offers to fund for EMBA based on GRE. They definitely do it for MBA but for EMBA you will have to check with LUMS directly.

  54. Avatar

    if a person has not any job experience
    but a great 650+ score in gmat
    would it be possible to be selected in lums without any job experience?

    • Avatar

      Nope – chances will be very low

  55. Avatar

    salam i have done masters in accounts and finance and have work experience of 1 year can i get admission in MBA executive ?

    • Avatar

      W/S – MBA executive requires 5-6 years of work experience

  56. Avatar

    Hi Talha, I am thinking of applying for regular MBA program in fall 2019 in LUMS. I have done my Bachelor degree from GIKI in 2015 and have CGPA 2.51, Currently have 3 years experience plus working in a multinational company, my GRE score is 299. Kindly tell me what are the chances for me in securing an admission in LUMS

    • Avatar

      Hello – With 3 years experience you have a good chance. You must apply but if you can revise your scores it would be great.

  57. Avatar

    my predicted score is 730+ and i want Harvard university admission with full financial aid but what i do more?

    • Avatar

      The score is great – just make sure you have 2-3 years of work experience full-time.

    • Avatar

      Hi Talha,

      I’m a mechanical engineer from GIKI. Graduated in 2013 with CPGA of 2.6.

      1 year 4 months experience in Healthcare IT in customer service.

      6 months as a Mechanical Engineer only.

      Now 3.5 years as an Area Sales Manager in a multinational company in KSA.

      I want to make my experience relevant to my degree and go for an MBA. What is better for me EMBA or MBA considering I want to have scholarship from LUMS.

      Also, what would be a good GMAT score?

      Thanks in advance.

      • Avatar

        MBA is the only option since you can get a scholarship. EMBA doesn’t have any funding. 550+ will be a good GMAT score given your profile.

        • Avatar

          I want to seek ur advice about being into MBA pgm of LUMS, I have 56% in M.A economics from private side and I hold ACCA certification too. I have 3 year of work experience in countrys top energy company K-electric, if I attained 600+ score in GMAT what will be my chance of getting into MBA lums

          • Avatar

            W/S – With your profile even a score of 550+ will be enough.

  58. Avatar

    I did my bachelors in engineering from NUST with 3.73 cgpa, have around 6.5 months experience in a reputable organization and a GRE score of 315. Do u think i have a good chance of admission to MBA, even with a relatively low working experience ?

    • Avatar

      Hello – Experience is on the lower side- getting into LUMS MBA will be tough

  59. Avatar


    I have 11.4 years of full time experience in IT sector and had 3.27 cgpa in bachelors. What should bd my target for GMAT score and what are my chances to get selected?

    • Avatar

      LUMS EMBA will be more suited than MBA – even LUMS would want you to apply to EMBA. But for MBA your target score will be 550.

  60. Avatar

    Hi Talha!
    I graduated with a 2.36 CGPA from GIKI in electronics engineering. I am currently working and have a combined work experience of 3+ years but missed out on Round 1 of LUMS MBA. I have 1A, 8B’s in my O’Levels and 1A, 2B’s in A levels. What are my chances of getting in considering I’m applying for round 2 and what GMAT score should I aim for?

    • Avatar

      Hello – so in my experience there is not much of a difference between round 1 and 2 for LUMS. But given your profile any GMAT score of above 580 is fine.

  61. Avatar

    Can we do mba from lums on self finance seat?
    If not lums what universities allow mba on self financing?

  62. Avatar

    I’m graduated from IMSCIENCES, peshawar recently in BS Accounting & Finance with CGPA 3.48 and currently studying ACCA P level in peshawar. So what u think that how much score iI need in GMAT or in GRE to get admission at scholarship in MBA Finance.

    • Avatar

      For MBA you need 700+ GMAT or 326+ GRE to get funding.

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