LUMS MBA Frequent Interview Questions & Preparation Tips

Written by Talha Omer

June 10, 2018

Make sure that you thoroughly prepare and practice for the LUMS MBA interview. The following are some commonly asked questions during the LUMS MBA interview:

– Tell us about yourself
– Why did you choose the major you did in your undergraduate degree?
– Tell us about the company where you work?
– State your job description
– What are your key accomplishments while working or while studying?
– What projects are you working on currently?
– Why did you switch jobs? (in case you did)
– For how long have you been planning to do an MBA?
– Your grades are low in Bachelors. Why? (in case you have)
– Do you think your GMAT/GRE score is the best?
– What are your career goals?
– Why an MBA now?
– Why an MBA from LUMS?
– What is your motivation for pursuing an MBA?
– How will an MBA from LUMS help you further your career goals?
– Do you read books?
– What books do you read?
– Name a business book you read and two concepts you learned from it.
– Why do you have a low score in GRE/GMAT?

And then some random questions (these vary from one candidate to the other)

– What do you think about the flyover being constructed in DHA main boulevard?
– What are the problems this flyover will create?
– Do you think roads are important?
– So do you think that giving importance to roads over hospitals and schools is a good move in the current scenario?
– Suppose you are given a remote area. Would you make a road first or a school?
– Which countries are involved in CPEC?
– What is the GDP of Pakistan?
– What is inflation in Pakistan?
– Is CPEC only constituted of roads?
– Why do you think companies are preferring China even when the labour costs are same. Why not Pakistan?
– Can you give an example of China’s technology advancement?
– Whats the tax to GDP ratio of Pakistan and what determines interest rates in Pakistan?
– What is the difference between mean and median? When looking at LUMS graduates salaries, would you look at their mean or median for a more accurate measure?

Watch the video below to find some further details on LUMS interview questions and how to prepare for it:

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    Is it still possible to get an interview call from Round 1 after interviews for Round 2 have already begun?


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