LUMS MBA Frequent Interview Questions & Preparation Tips

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Make sure that you thoroughly prepare and practice for the LUMS MBA interview. The following are some commonly asked questions during the LUMS MBA interview:

- Tell us about yourself
- Why did you choose the major you did in your undergraduate degree?
- Tell us about the company where you work?
- State your job description
- What are your key accomplishments while working or while studying?
- What projects are you working on currently?
- Why did you switch jobs? (in case you did)
- For how long have you been planning to do an MBA?
- Your grades are low in Bachelors. Why? (in case you have)
- Do you think your GMAT/GRE score is the best?
- What are your career goals?
- Why an MBA now?
- Why an MBA from LUMS?
- What is your motivation for pursuing an MBA?
- How will an MBA from LUMS help you further your career goals?
- Do you read books?
- What books do you read?
- Name a business book you read and two concepts you learned from it.
- Why do you have a low score in GRE/GMAT?

And then some random questions (these vary from one candidate to the other)

- What do you think about the flyover being constructed in DHA main boulevard?
- What are the problems this flyover will create?
- Do you think roads are important?
- So do you think that giving importance to roads over hospitals and schools is a good move in the current scenario?
- Suppose you are given a remote area. Would you make a road first or a school?
- Which countries are involved in CPEC?
- What is the GDP of Pakistan?
- What is inflation in Pakistan?
- Is CPEC only constituted of roads?
- Why do you think companies are preferring China even when the labour costs are same. Why not Pakistan?
- Can you give an example of China's technology advancement?
- Whats the tax to GDP ratio of Pakistan and what determines interest rates in Pakistan?
- What is the difference between mean and median? When looking at LUMS graduates salaries, would you look at their mean or median for a more accurate measure?

Watch the video below to find some further details on LUMS interview questions and how to prepare for it:


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    Is it still possible to get an interview call from Round 1 after interviews for Round 2 have already begun?

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