LUMS MBA Admissions: What is LUMS looking in its applicants?

Written by Talha Omer

June 10, 2018

There are primarily 4 measures on the basis of which LUMS Business school evaluates prospective students: 1. Academics: GRE/GMAT score and/or undergraduate CGPA. 2. Work Experience: Number of years as well as the quality of work experience. 3. Extra-Curricular activities 4. Prospective Goals: LUMS want students with a clear head. This forms a crucial component of your application. Find out more about the ideal LUMS MBA profile in the following video.

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LUMS MBA: Are Internships counted as Experience?

LUMS MBA: Are Internships counted as Experience?

Although internships are much shorter in duration and generally do not involve any serious work, LUMS MBA program does consider them as valuable work experience; but only to a certain extent and only in certain cases.


  1. Avatar

    Can i get into LUMS MBA with
    3.73 GPA, 315 GRE and 6 months experience??

  2. Avatar

    Hey! I am working as a freelancer since 2 years and 5 month of experience as an event manager. Would it be acceptable as a work experience for Lums MBA ?

    • Talha Omer

      Yes it is acceptable as work experience

      • Avatar

        My work experience started when i was in 4th semester and i just graduated 2 months back, is it necessary to have experience after the graduation or during the studies is also acceptable ?

        • Talha Omer

          Post graduation work experience is mandatory

  3. Avatar

    GRE score 308 (160 in Quant)
    CGPA 2.9/4
    Two years of full timw work experience.
    What are my chances?

  4. Avatar

    CGPA 3.47/4.00
    Experience: Almost 2 years (Full time)
    GRE / GMAT: not given / attempted yet ! (which one is appropriate or suitable for me?)
    and i have done MBA professional but want to do it again from LUMS. I am also an engineer. please guide?

    • Talha Omer

      Yes you can take the GRE. Try to get 315+.


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