GRE Scores for Electrical Engineering

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GRE Scores for Electrical Engineering

GRE Scores for Electrical Engineering


The ideal GRE score needed to make it to a top engineering program in US often confounds students applying for graduate programs in Electrical engineering. There is no ideal GRE score that guarantees admissions in graduate electrical/electronics engineering. There is still a range of acceptable GRE score that every program expects from its applicants.


All universities in the US shares average GRE scores of its admitted applicants from the most recent year – some share it publicly on their websites whereas others share the details when contacted.


All top EE programs require a very high 165+ GRE quant scores and the score varies very little for rest of the universities.


Good news


The verbal score has little impact on your admissions to graduate electrical engineering programs and the average verbal score for top 25 programs hovers at around 155 and for the rest it is around 150. Anything above 150 on the verbal section is an acceptable score for most electrical engineering programs.


In short, you have no choice but to score excessively on the quant section of the test.


Many top schools reject students despite a balanced score. For example, 160 quant and a 162 Verbal.


On the other hand, many schools accept students with a skewed quant score. For example, 167 quant and a 149 on verbal.


Hence quant score are vital.


Ideal GRE score for Electrical Engineering?


We would say 166+ and 154+ for all top ranked graduate programs in Electrical engineering. If you have that, just focus on other aspects of the application.


Here is the data for the top 120 Electrical Engineering programs in US.

RankNameAverage GRE (Quant Score)
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA166 
2Stanford University Stanford, CA167 
3University of California—?Berkeley Berkeley, CA165 
4California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA169 
5University of Illinois—?Urbana-?Champaign Urbana, IL166 
6Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA164 
7University of Michigan—?Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI166 
8University of Texas—?Austin (Cockrell) Austin, TX165 
9Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA166 
10Purdue University—?West Lafayette West Lafayette, IN164 
11Cornell University Ithaca, NY165 
12Princeton University Princeton, NJ167 
13Columbia University (Fu Foundation) New York, NY167 
14University of California—?Los Angeles (Samueli) Los Angeles, CA166 
15University of Southern California (Viterbi) Los Angeles, CA166 
16University of California—?San Diego (Jacobs) La Jolla, CA166 
17University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA165 
18Ohio State University Columbus, OH164 
19University of Maryland—?College Park (Clark) College Park, MD164 
20University of Wisconsin—?Madison Madison, WI164 
21Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA162 
22Rice University (Brown) Houston, TX166 
23Texas A&M University—?College Station College Station, TX164 
24University of California—?Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA165 
25University of Minnesota—?Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN164 
26Duke University (Pratt) Durham, NC164 
27Johns Hopkins University (Whiting) Baltimore, MD166 
28Northwestern University (McCormick) Evanston, IL166 
29Pennsylvania State University—?University Park University Park, PA163 
30University of Washington Seattle, WA163 
31Harvard University Cambridge, MA166 
32North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC164 
33Arizona State University (Fulton) Tempe, AZ162 
34University of Florida Gainesville, FL163 
35University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA164 
36Boston University Boston, MA164 
37Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, NY164 
38Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey—?New Brunswick Piscataway, NJ163 
39University of Colorado—?Boulder Boulder, CO162 
40Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN163 
41Yale University New Haven, CT168 
42Iowa State University Ames, IA167 
43Northeastern University Boston, MA162 
44University of Arizona Tucson, AZ162 
45University of California—?Davis Davis, CA163 
46University of California—?Irvine (Samueli) Irvine, CA164 
47University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, IN163 
48Dartmouth College (Thayer) Hanover, NH164 
49Michigan State University East Lansing, MI162 
50University of Massachusetts—?Amherst Amherst, MA163 
51Washington University in St. Louis St. Louis, MO165 
52Brown University Providence, RI165 
53Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, OH164 
54New York University (Tandon) Brooklyn, NY164 
55Auburn University (Ginn) Auburn, AL163 
56Lehigh University (Rossin) Bethlehem, PA165 
57Oregon State University Corvallis, OR160 
58Tufts University Medford, MA162 
59University of Central Florida Orlando, FL160 
60University of Connecticut Storrs, CT163 
61University of Pittsburgh (Swanson) Pittsburgh, PA162 
62University of Rochester Rochester, NY165 
63University of Tennessee—?Knoxville (Tickle) Knoxville, TN160 
64University of Texas—?Dallas (Jonsson) Richardson, TX162 
65Clemson University Clemson, SC158 
66Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO167 
67Drexel University Philadelphia, PA160 
69University of Delaware Newark, DE169 
70University of Houston (Cullen) Houston, TX161 
71University of Illinois—?Chicago Chicago, IL160 
72University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT161 
73Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, MA164 
74Illinois Institute of Technology (Armour) Chicago, IL160 
75Stevens Institute of Technology (Schaefer) Hoboken, NJ161 
76Stony Brook University—?SUNY Stony Brook, NY165 
77University at Buffalo—?SUNY Buffalo, NY162 
78University of California—?Riverside (Bourns) Riverside, CA162 
79University of Iowa Iowa City, IA161 
80University of Kansas Lawrence, KS161 
81University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM145 
82Washington State University Pullman, WA161 
83Brigham Young University (Fulton) Provo, UT162 
84Kansas State University Manhattan, KS162 
85Missouri University of Science & Technology Rolla, MO156 
86New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark, NJ159 
87Syracuse University Syracuse, NY162 
88University of Arkansas—?Fayetteville Fayetteville, AR159 
89University of California—?Santa Cruz (Baskin) Santa Cruz, CA164 
90University of South Florida Tampa, FL158 
91University of Texas—?Arlington Arlington, TX158 
92Binghamton University—?SUNY (Watson) Binghamton, NY160 
93Colorado School of Mines Golden, CO160 
94Oklahoma State University Stillwater, OK160 
95Southern Methodist University (Lyle) Dallas, TX159 
96Texas Tech University (Whitacre) Lubbock, TX159 
97University of Kentucky Lexington, KY160 
98University of Miami Coral Gables, FL159 
99University of Nebraska—?Lincoln Lincoln, NE161 
100University of North Carolina—?Charlotte (Lee) Charlotte, NC152 
101University of Oklahoma Norman, OK161 
102Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, VA159 
104George Washington University Washington, DC163 
105Michigan Technological University Houghton, MI162 
106Temple University Philadelphia, PA159 
107University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH161 
109University of Maryland—?Baltimore County Baltimore, MD157 
110University of Massachusetts—?Dartmouth North Dartmouth, MA155 
111Wayne State University Detroit, MI156 
112Florida A&M University -? Florida State University Tallahassee, FL157 
113George Mason University (Volgenau) Fairfax, VA159 
114Louisiana State University—?Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, LA159 
115Mississippi State University (Bagley) Mississippi State, MS158 
116New Mexico State University Las Cruces, NM157 
117San Diego State University San Diego, CA157 
118University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL160 
119University of Alabama—?Huntsville Huntsville, AL157 
120University of Colorado—?Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, CO154 
121University of Missouri Columbia, MO161 
123University of Wisconsin—?Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI158 


  1. Avatar

    hehe.. what’s the criteria for computer science program?

  2. Avatar

    hello .I have taken the GRE test my scores are: quantitative 158, verbal 138, AWE 2
    I want to apply to the master of computer engineering at iowa state university and university of iowa.
    I want to increase my apportunities to get addmission.Do you think it is better to retake the GRE? or apply with these scores?
    please advice me

    • Avatar

      Hello – Yes definitely you should retake the GRE – your score is too low to gain admission!

    • Avatar

      Hey , I recently gave my GRE. My score on verbal 139 and quant 162.Background on EEE and cgpa 3.65. Which type of ranking university i choose to apply.

      • Avatar

        Well the Verbal score is too low. You must have something at least 145…. then you can apply to ranked 50-100 programs in the U.S.

  3. Avatar

    im international student who wish to apply for Electrical Engineering Master degree in USA.

    i took GRE yesterday:
    Quant: 170

    is it good enough for EE Master ?
    what universities i can be admitted for?


    • Avatar

      Yup – you can apply to top 20-25 ranked places with that quant score. Verbal doesnot matter that much for these programs. Try to get 110+ on toefl or 8+ on IELTS

  4. Avatar

    For a physics major, would a 161Q and 157V be solid enough to get into a mid tier Phd program?

    • Avatar

      Quant is really low – at least 165 on quant is what is needed

  5. Avatar

    My quant score is 168 and verbal is 158. Is it enough to apply to top 10 universities for electrical or electronics engineering.

    • Avatar

      Yes the score is more than enough for a top 10 university!

  6. Avatar

    I have a GRE score of 321 with 166 in quant and 155 in verbal. TOEFL is 111. I do not have relevant work experience but I have a couple of relevant academic projects. Under Grad CGPA is 8.8 . Can I aim for a top 20 Univ in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Stream ?

    • Avatar

      Yes indeed you can….try to get a publication or two and you will easily get in one of the top 20.

  7. Avatar

    hi, i have GRE score of 306, Q:158 V:148 and my UG aggregaret is 84%. which universities would you consider to me for doing EE?

    • Avatar

      Apply to state universities below 100 ranking. Check usnews for rankings.

      • Avatar

        I ALSO have the same scores i wanted to ask if the score are good to apply at university of texas arlington and houston main campus
        and if you could suggest me some..

        • Avatar

          Yes indeed you can apply to UTA and UTH with these scores

      • Avatar

        I have taken the gre and got
        Q 164
        V 158
        AwA 3
        Toefl :102
        What rank of electrical engineering should i apply?

        • Avatar

          Around ranked 30-50 from

  8. Avatar

    I took the GRE and scored 164 in quant amd 142 in verbal. I have few publications and projects pertinent to my domain. Will I make it to top 20 for Electrical Engineering ?

    • Avatar

      Yes if you have publications and projects (int’l level) then you will have a good chance of making it.

  9. Avatar

    Hello. I am an international applicant and intended to apply for MS degree in the USA.I have a score of 144 in verbal and 164 in quant . I have not appeared for TOFEL yet . Should I retake GRE? or if I can obtain a good score in TOFEL, will it be necessary to retake GRE? my undergrade CGPA is 3.77/4 and I have one year of working experience in the relative field.

    • Avatar

      Hello Nusrat, Which program are you applying for? In case it is Engineering or another technical field, then this score might work…. however I ll still suggest that you retake the GRE and try to score above 150 on the verbal section.

      • Avatar

        I am intended to apply in electrical and electronics engineering especially in the field of VLSI technology. I have been working in a chip design company for more than 1 year. Can u suggest me the safer TOFEL score I should achieve to minimize the impact of gre. I got 3.5 in the AWA section of gre.

        • Avatar

          GRE and TOEFL are not correlated. They are looked at separately. 100+ is a good TOEFL score.

  10. Avatar

    I want to go to MIT or Stanford for a PhD in EE. My quant is 165, vernal is 168, and writing 4. My GPA is a 3.91, taking 20 credits each semester and testing out of the intro classes. I have been working in a lab for the past year and hope to have some kind of paper or poster submitted by next year. Should I re-take the GRE? Is there anything else I should do to strengthen my app? Thank you!

    • Avatar

      Hello – Well if you could get the quant to near 170 that will be great. PHD EE candidates at Stanford have a near perfect quant score.

  11. Avatar

    Sir, My score is 165 in Q and 152 in V, I have MS degree in Electrical Engineering with CGPA (3.46). I have two year top experiance as Lab Engineer. I have published two conference papers. IEEE but conferences held in Pakistan so Local IEEE conference. While One paper in in review(impact journal). Do I have any chance in top 50 universities to get PHD admission?

    • Avatar

      Hello – your profile is really strong. We have seen such profiles get into the top 10 programs even.

      • Avatar

        Thanks a lot Talha bjai, I m worried about CGPA as most of universities have requirment of atleast 3.5 CGPA and i have 3.46 in MS.

        • Avatar

          Don’t worry – it is marginal – you will not be rejected based on your GPA

          • Avatar

            Dear Talha, Between MS CGPA and BS CGPA, which one is given preference. e-g my CGPA in BS is 3.27 and in MS 3.46. So which one will they consider?? IF university minimum requirement is 3.3, then can i apply with MS CGPA, as i am not meeting the minimum requirement on BS CGPA

          • Avatar

            Both are equally weighted as far as GPA is concerned. For meeting criteria MS GPA is used.

  12. Avatar

    Hello Tlaha,
    First of all, Kudos for these amazing services you provide. I have the following profile and plan on applying to around 9 universities for Ph.D. in Electrical Power Engineering for fall 2019. Which ambitious, moderate and safe universities would you suggest for me?

    MS CGPA: 3.81/4.00 (Fully funded USAID scholarship at USPCASE)
    BS CGPA: 3.22/4.00
    GRE: 315 (Q:158 , V:157, A:4.0)
    IELTS: 7.5
    Publications: 2 IEEE conferences
    Work experience: Not a lot (4 relevant internships)
    Extra: one funded exchange research semester at Arizona State University, USA during masters (worked on thesis and attended two courses there)

    • Avatar

      Hello Asif, Thank you 🙂

      Well I would choose 3-4 from top 15 to be ambitious. 3-4 from 15-35 ranked to be moderate. and 2-3 from 50-100 rank. Also, I will advise you to use rankings as others are not that reliable. Now the issue is the GRE score is a bit on the average side, so while selecting programs, do not apply to the one that take GRE to be vital or where the Avg GRE scores are too high!

      • Avatar

        Thanks for the response. Can you kindly review this list and see if it needs any changes.

        Purdue University—West Lafayette IN; Ohio State University Columbus, OH; Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA; North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC

        University of Pittsburgh (Swanson) Pittsburgh, PA; Arizona State University (Fulton) Tempe, AZ; Iowa State University Ames, IA

        Illinois Institute of Technology (Armour) Chicago, IL; University of North Carolina—Charlotte (Lee) Charlotte, NC; University of Tennessee—Knoxville (Tickle) Knoxville, TN

        • Avatar

          This is a pretty good list – good to go!

  13. Avatar


    I got a score of 150 in quant and 158 in verbal, do i have a chance of getting into good universities for ms in electrical engineering.I have 2 years of work experience in the computer science field. And i have 70 percent aggregate in my undergrad in electrical engineering

    • Avatar

      Your Quant score is too low for making it! At least 162 is what’s needed!

  14. Avatar

    AOA dear Talha, As most of the universities have funds for Fall admission, If i apply for spring session for admission, will there be an issue to get funding?? As i have 3 research papers and have MS degree in Electrical with 3.42 CGPA but i have not much time to preper for GRE as the deadlines are approaching. So should i still try to appear for GRE or try to take GRE in Spring session

    • Avatar

      W.A.S Nasir – yes in spring the chances for funding are minimal. I would say apply only for fall and try to get done with the GRE by this December.

      • Avatar

        Thanks a lot dear Talha. With this profile, what GRE score should i aim for to get get into top 70 universities?

        • Avatar

          315+ will be a safe score!

          • Avatar

            Talha, which range is considered is middle “rannked”?. I mean are 100-150 ranked universities are considered as middle ranked or low ranked?

          • Avatar

            So 60-120 is middle ranked

  15. Avatar

    Hi Talha,

    I have a GPA of 3.7, 165Q/154V with 7 published journal papers and 3 submitted/to be submitted (2 of 3 are first author). Do I have any chances at the top 5?

    • Avatar

      Hello, Oh yes definitely – the 7 papers will get you through!

      • Avatar

        I meant to write 7 coauthored journal papers. I am currently about to submit a first author. Does this change your opinion?

        • Avatar

          Yeah that’s fine. My opinion remains the same.

          • Avatar

            Hi Talha,

            I was wondering which score you would choose for my applications:
            153V (61%)/165 (88%)/5.0 (92%)
            154V (65%)/165 (88%)/4.5 (82%)

            Thank you.

          • Avatar

            Well honestly, AWA does not matter for EE neither does Verbal. So you can send any of these scores. I would say send the first one…. AWA 5 and 153 V

  16. Avatar

    I have given my gre yesterday, it is Q – 162 and V – 143, can I get a decent university like Texas A&M or ASU?

    • Avatar

      Verbal score is too low and so is quant for Texas A&M and ASU. At least a 166 on quant and 155 on verbal is needed

  17. Avatar

    Hi Talha, I am applying to Stanford’s Electrical Engineering PhD program. I have taken the GRE exam twice. On my first attempt, I received a 165 (96%) on verbal, 163 (83%) on quantitative, and a 4.5 (82%) on AW. On my second attempt, I received a 157 (76%) on verbal, 165 (88%) on quantitative, and a 5.5 (98%) on AW. I am wondering which score is better to put on the application because my verbal score went down quite a bit on my second attempt while my quant and writing score went up. Let me know your thoughts on what score would be better to put down on the graduate application. Thanks!

    • Avatar

      Hello Brandon, I would definitely put the first score – if you look closely, there is not much difference between your quant percentiles. However, there is a major difference between your verbal percentiles. Moreover, AWA is not that important for Engineering admissions. So definitely the first score.

  18. Avatar

    I have 164 in Quant, 151 in Verbal, expecting 4.0 in AWA. GPA is 3.66/4 (rank #2 in uni) and IELTS is 8.5 (9 speaking/reading). About 8 months of experience in a Fortune 500 MNC and will have 1 year as a lab engineer by Fall 2019. How are chances of admit and funding in a top 25-50 university in ECE? I am concerned the verbal score is too low. What is your experience with your other students who have similar profiles?


    • Avatar

      25-50 ranked should be doable with this profile!

  19. Avatar


    I have a GRE score of 310 (V 150, Q 159, AWA 4.0). I have a GPA of 3.85. Can I apply and get accepted for a PHD in EE to UMCP, U of Washington St Louis, U of Colorado Boulder and Boston university in the EE department. I am currently doing my MS in EE from University of Cincinnati Ohio. I will be graduating Summer of 2019 with Thesis.

    • Avatar

      Hello – The quant score is marginal for these programs. Ideally 162+

  20. Avatar

    Hi Talha. I am applying for Fall ’19 specifically for the specialization of VLSI and Computer Architecture. I have shortlisted the following 9 Universities to make a balanced list to apply to, them being in a decreasing order of safety as per my understanding: UC Berkeley, UMich, UTA, UCLA, GaTech, TAMU, UMTC, NCSU, and ASU. I need to choose at most two more Universities from UIUC, Purdue, Ohio State, VT, and UW Madison such that I have a balanced list to apply with my profile. Some help would be appreciated. Also, if any edits to the main list of 9 need to be made, please do advise.
    P.S.: I have gone through Quora posts and other websites like MSinUS and read through a lot of content.
    GRE: 323[V:155, Q:168, AWA:4.0]
    TOEFL: 110[R:30, L:30, S:23, W:27]
    GPA: 9.12/10
    Publication: 1 in review, hopefully, will get published by application deadlines
    Relevant Projects, Relevant LORs, and Extra Curriculars.

    • Avatar

      Hello, Go for Purdue and VT. Good programs and balanced

  21. Avatar

    Hi Talha,

    I hope you are doing well. I am planning on applying to electrical or computer science Masters programs in the US to purise my interest in Robotics. I have an undergraduate degree in Electrical from a top 25 school ( 3.49 gpa) in the US, 3 years of work experience in a non related field and a few months of undergraduate research experience. In order to boost my application I recently took 3 online graduate level classes in AI, Machine Learning and Robotics. I have 4-5 projects to showcase from these classes and 2 from my undergraduate coursework. My gre score is 164 quant, 155 verbal and 4 in awa. Let me know what your thoughts on regarding my acceptance chances to top 20 graduate schools in either program. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    • Avatar

      Hello – Top 20 will be difficult to get in with this profile. Apply to 25-50 ranked and 50-100 as back ps!

  22. Avatar

    Hi Talha
    GRE 1- Q-165, V-150
    GRE 2- Q-163, V-156
    AWA- 4.0 in both
    Which scores should I send for ms in electrical?

    • Avatar

      Hello – Definitely 165 Quant! Quant matters for EE

  23. Avatar

    Hello Mr Omer I have scored a 311 with a 160 in quants. Should I apply for Penn state Main campus?

    • Avatar

      Hello – yes definitely you should!

  24. Avatar

    Hello Talha, I am currently in the final year of BTech. My gre score is 326(Q-169,V-157,AWA-4.5). My toefl score is 118. My areas of interest are telecommunications, wireless communications and signal processing. I have also recently published a survey paper on the upcoming 5g technology. I have done two internships (one of them in a research lab). I plan to go for MS next year, immediately after getting my degree. I am applying in 11 of the top 100 universities of US, 12 of the top 150 universities of Canada and top 2 universities of Australia. Do you think I have a chance of getting an admit from any of these universities?

    • Avatar

      Hello Siddhi, In top programs your chances will depend mainly on your research profile and publications. Although publications are not mandatory but they can help you a lot in getting into these top-notch programs.

  25. Avatar

    Hi Talha, my quants socre is 164, verbal score is 155 and my AWA is 3.5, My GPA is 3.489, i have a publication in the proceedings of IEEE conference, the actual publication is due January 2019, all my projects are based on Digital Signal Processing, Can you please let me know which universities can i apply for?

    • Avatar

      Hello – You should definitely apply to programs ranked 15-50 in the U.S.

      • Avatar

        By that , You mean from the list given by you? or the general rankings of the National Universities of US?

        • Avatar

          General rankings in the U.S. – generally of

  26. Avatar

    Hello sir,
    I have completed masters from Iit hyderabad with gpa 8.28 want to do phd in Eelctrical
    My gre quant score is 161 and verbal 145 what university can I apply in us for PhD

    • Avatar

      Hello – You can apply to ranked 50 and below in the U.S.

  27. Avatar

    I scored 313 (V:152, Q: 161, AWA 3.5).
    Could you please tell which college will be safe to apply.


    • Avatar

      75-125 ranked in

  28. Avatar

    Hello. I am in my final year of undergrad studies at LUMS, and I am applying for masters leading to PhD in Electrical Engineering in a couple of US universities. I have 170 Quant, 163 Verbal, 4.0 AW. I currently have CGPA of 3.96/4.00 and and Major GPA of 3.99. I am applying to Rice, Cornell, UW Madison, University of Washington, UC San Diego, and University of illinois at Urbana Champaign. I have almost completed my applications, but I am unsure if I should submit them. What chances do i have? I do not have any publications, and therefore I am unsure if I will get admission in any of them. Should I save my money and take a gap year?

    • Avatar

      Well I should advise you to take a gap year – your profile is very competitive but EE is also very hard to get in, especially in these programs. 1 year of solid research with 1-2 publications can nearly guarantee you admission!

    • Avatar

      My gre score is 320 , 167q 153v 3.5awa and toefl 99, 22s. I have several projects. What chance do I have if i apply in top 20 electrical and computer engineering programs?

      • Avatar

        You can apply to 2-3 places in the top 20 programs, another 2-3 places from 25-50 ranked programs and 1-2 programs below 50 ranked. Top 20 are super competitive so you should always have a back-up plan ready.

  29. Avatar

    im an international student and i’ve got 7 in IELTS and 299 in GRE. is there a chance for me to get addmission in US or Canada universities in Biomedical Eng or Eng management?
    if so, would u plz mention the names of universities?

    • Avatar

      Yes you can definitely get admission in U.S. and canada. Apply to ranked 50-100 programs in In Canada apply to places where GRE is not required or is optional!

  30. Avatar


    Thanks for your time and attention.
    I took GRE exam yesterday and my self-report scores are Quant 167 and Verbal 142 and my TOEFL score is 101. I am an international student and wish to get admission in US in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science. One of my target universities mention that GRE Verbal scores under 146 and Analytical scores under 3.0 will generally not be considered acceptable. Do I have any chance in such universities to get PhD admission?

    • Avatar

      Hello – Well the verbal and AWA scores are too low to be competitive. I would suggest to retake the exam and get around 4.5 on AWA and 150+ on verbal with a 168-170 on quant. Then you can be competitive on the GRE end

  31. Avatar

    Salam Talha, The universities which i m applying have deadline of 15 Feb(For considering of asstenship). While i have registered for TOFEL on 26 Jan. With this date will i be able to send my score to the universities by deadline of 15 Feb?

    • Avatar

      W/S Waleed, Yes you will be able to send the scores in time before the deadline.

      • Avatar

        thanks dear talha. another question. As there ere two deadlines. 1: prority(for consderation of funding) and normal daedline e-g priority deadline is 15 jan and normal deadline is 15 may. if i miss proirity deadline then is there any chance that i contact with professors and or research group and apply before normal deadline and get funded admission?

        • Avatar

          You are welcome! Well getting funding after priority deadline is rare. So you must aim for applying before the priority deadline. Unless you have an exceptional application, you will not find any aid after 15th jan.

          • Avatar

            Talha bhia, there are some universities which have priority deadline of 15 Feb. So should i go on and try for them? or should i focus on spring session?

          • Avatar

            Yes you should go for the Feb 15 deadline

          • Avatar

            Dear talha unfornately, i have missed most of the opportunities for this fall. i m very confused whether i should apply for Spring or wait another year and apply for apply?

          • Avatar

            I would suggest that you do apply for spring admissions – why waste another year.

          • Avatar

            Thanks talha, i have heard that it is not possible to get funded admission in spring. thats why i m confused

          • Avatar

            Yeah, not all programs give funding for Spring. But some still do

  32. Avatar

    My gre score is 162 in quants and 153 in verbal.
    2 major projects in relevant field and two minor projects and descent LOR’s.
    Could you please suggest me some safe and moderate universities i can apply.

  33. Avatar

    Hi Talha

    I am an international student and studying electrical engineering as my major for my bachelor degree in the US college. I got one test Verbal:149 and Quant: 170 and awa:3.5 and another score Verbal 152, Quant: 165, awa: 4.0. My GPA is 3.73/4.0 and major GPA is 3.76/4.0. I spent my freshmen summer interning at Microsoft in China, my sophomore summer doing research with my professor and interned at one Machine Learning Company in China in the first part of my junior year summer and Lenovo in US the rest of my summer. I am the top 5% in my class and a member of Tau Beta Pi. And I am also doing my senior design project and an image processing research with one of my professor. What is the chance to get in top 20 EE programs? Thanks

    • Avatar

      Hello Ben, First of all you must use your first score when applying since EE programs require a high quant score. Plus you definitely stand a good chance into a good program given your exposure. However do note that EE programs are really competitive and that you must strive to get some int’l publications to improve your chances of getting in!

  34. Avatar

    Dear Talha,

    1) Do you think someone from the UK has a shot at admission to US Phd programs ranked 11-30 in EE; 170 Quant, 166 Verbal, 4 written essay, undergrad and masters in Physics (Integrated Masters overall GPA converted 3.5), three yrs Electronic Engineering work experience, NO publications?

    2) Do you know what GRE scores /GPA range. needed for Masters in EE at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo?

    Kind regards.

    • Avatar

      Hello Toni,

      1) Yes definitely – given your strong academic profile, you definitely have a good chance even if you don’t have a publication.
      2) Yes so quant 163-166 and verbal 155+ and CGPA of 3.5+

  35. Avatar

    Hi! please tell if my profile is good enough to get admission in PhD Electrical Engineering (with a financial assistant)

    GRE: Q-156. V-142
    TOEFL; 80+ expected
    Undergraduate GPA; 3.52
    Master GPA\Score: 3.52appx.\ 88/100
    Publications- 1 Journal–02 No. Conference –Total: 3

    • Avatar

      Hello – your quant score is too low. You would need at least 165+ on quant to stand a good chance.

  36. Avatar

    Hi Omer,

    I have a GRE score of 317(165-Quant, 125-Verbal, and 4.0 AWA). My MS(From U South Florida) GPA is 3.59 and my undergrad GPA is 3.5.
    I have applied for a Ph.D. admission in the below colleges. My Masters(Specialisation: RF/MW design) and Bachelors is in EE. I am planning to do my PhD in Optical science. Many of the colleges below have optical science division in their EE department but some have a separate department for it. I do not have any publications, but I have some research experience during my masters.

    The University of Arizona – College of Optical Sciences
    University of Central Florida-Creol, The College of Optics & Photonics
    University of Rochester-The Institute of Optics
    University of Michigan-EE department
    UCLA-EE department
    University of Colorado – Boulder-EE department.


    • Avatar

      Hello – Yeah given your profile there are good selections. But if you have 1-2 publications your chances can really increase!

      • Avatar

        Thanks for the reply. Got admit from all of the above, except University of Rochester-The Institute of Optics and UCLA. I chose UCF for some research related reasons. I got full funding too.

        • Avatar

          that is absolutely amazing 🙂 Good luck with your future goals!

  37. Avatar

    I graduated from the University of Jordan as an electrical engineering with a very good GPA. I want to submit the GRE exam. Can you send me some useful PDF exam and practice test files and any useful PDF files for this exam. Knowing that i tried an online practice test GRE and i got Quantitative: 147 and Verbal: 137 and AW:4

    what should i do ?

    • Avatar

      Hello – unfortunately we do not sell the exams but are only able to share it with our existing students. Apologies

  38. Avatar

    My GRE score is 305(159Q, 146V). what rank of universities I can apply for masters in electrical engineering

  39. Avatar

    Hi Talha, my credentials are as follows:

    GRE: 320 (165 Q, 155 V)
    CGPA: 3.79
    Publication: 1 international IEEE conference paper

    what ranked universities I should apply for in an MS program in EE/CS?


  40. Avatar

    Hi OMER,

    I already have an MS degree in EE, but I want to change to CS domain.
    My GRE score Q: 163 V :147 AWA: 3.5. GPA: 4 in Master and 3.93 in Bachelor

    Is there any chance to apply USC 37 or UCI MSCS/MCS ?


    • Avatar

      Hello – yes you have a chance. Esp. UCI.

  41. Avatar

    my gre score 142 in verval , 170 in quantitative & 3.0 in aw toefl not appeared . can i get a good school for ms in electrical engineering ?

    • Avatar

      Verbal and AWA score is too low for admissions in good programs.

      • Avatar

        can i get admission in a mediocre university in ms in electrical engineering ?

  42. Avatar

    Hey, I got a score of 326, Q:170, V:156 and AWA 4.0 Is it good enough to apply for a PhD in computer science in places like UIUC, Yale or UPenn?

  43. Avatar

    Hi, I’m looking to apply for MS in electrical engineering, with 160Q,153v,4 awa. I have shortlisted Georgia tech, ASU, SFSU, SHSU. Are these feasible options? Any other universities possible with this score? I have done projects but have less than 1 year work experience as of now.

    • Avatar

      Hello – Yes these are feasible options. GA tech is a stretch though.

  44. Avatar

    I am an undergraduate student of Electrical Engineering
    Which courses are there for MS in EE in US?
    Which are best?

  45. Avatar

    Hi Talha, my credentials are as follows:

    -GRE: 301 (161 Q, 140 V)
    -CGPA: 3.04(out of 4.00)
    -No Publications
    -4 years of industrial experience

    Is it possible for me to get admitted to a MS program with funding? if yes ,what ranked universities I should apply for in an MS program in EEE. you may suggest me some specific universities


    • Avatar

      Hello – Funding will be really hard for you. Publications and a 315+ GRE would really help though. With 4 years of experience you may get into an M.ENG program but they don’t give funding.

    • Avatar

      No luck yet?
      Sad. 🙁

  46. Avatar

    I am an international student and plan to apply for a graduate program. My GPA is 3.8 and I plan to take GRE and have great results. However, I am afraid I might not have publications. Are GPA and good test scores enough to get the full funding?

    • Avatar

      Publications are a HUGE plus. But not mandatory. You can take a shot if you have a good GRE score.

  47. Avatar

    Hi I am going for a masters in machine learning and got a 166 Quant and 160 Verbal and 4.5 on Writing for my GRE. I have an overall GPA of 3.58/4 and major GPA of 3.66/4 (My undergrad courses were tough!). I have done 2 internships through my undergrad career and will be doing research this year. Do I have a chance at getting into the top 20-25 colleges for masters in CS?

    • Avatar

      Hello – yes definitely. Your profile is pretty good.

  48. Avatar

    Hi Talha,
    My Profile is as follows:
    Undergraduate = BSC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering —- CGPA = 3.86/4.00
    GRE = Q(169), V(153), AWA(3)
    Toefl = 104(R=28,L=24,W=25,S=27)
    Publication = 1. One journal paper (Impact Factor = 2.78)
    2. One Conference Paper
    Work Experience = Lecturer at a university in the department of EEE (10 months+ )
    Hopefully I am going to be a USA green card holder within a couple of months. I want to apply for the Fall 2020 term in the programs of ‘Electrical and Computer Engineering” for PHD. Can you suggest some of the prospective universities that I should go for based on my profile strength?

    • Avatar

      You have a terrific profile. IMO 5-15 ranked programs in the U.S will be realistic.

  49. Avatar

    My GRE score is 306,quant-164,verbal-142,AWA-2.5
    Which universities should I apply for ms in EE in USA

    • Avatar

      50-75 ranked programs as per

  50. Avatar

    Hi, My GRE score is 314 (V-153/Q-161)
    CGPA is 8.86/10
    I have good projects of embedded systems and robotics. Plus 6 months internship in Embedded systems firm. Can you suggest safe and moderate universities?

    • Avatar

      Hi, Anything ranked 25-50 in moderate and 50-100 will be safe.

  51. Avatar

    my Gre score 308 ( v 148 Q 160) & TOEFL 94 my btech cgpa 6.83 & masters cgpa 7.78 but btech to mtech gap is 4 years
    i want to phd electrical & computer engineering .Do I have a chance at getting into the top 50 university for phd?

    • Avatar

      Hello – You can get in but only if you have good research experience and a few publications.

  52. Avatar


    I will be applying for phd in electrical engineering. I have 157 verbal and 166 quant in GRE. My undergrad GPA is 9/10 and masters GPA is 9.4/10. Have published a local paper during undergrad. Have 6 years of work experience in relevant field. What are my chances of a top 15 university? Is GA Tech feasible?

    • Avatar

      Hello Nitish, Yes GA Tech is feasible and so are other top 10 programs.

  53. Avatar

    I have a GRE score 316 with Q 160 V 150 AWA3.0
    Is it promising for me to apply ECE PhD in US for top 30 Universities?
    I just finished my MS degree from my homeland this year for GPA 3.6~3.7, and I have published a research paper on Journal this year

    • Avatar

      correction Q166 and V150

    • Avatar

      Yes, definitely you should apply. A paper with a 165+ quant is a very competitive combination.

  54. Avatar

    Can you please evaluate my profile and provide a list of universities.
    My intended graduate major is electrical and computer engineering and my desired school is university of Pittsburgh(Swanson)
    GRE – 300 (Q-152,V-148)
    GPA – 6.5(V.T.U , TILL 6th SEM)
    Internships -2 (related to subject)

    • Avatar

      Quant score is too low for admission to any U.S. programs. Nothing below 158 will be worthy of applying with.

  55. Avatar

    My GRE score is 169-Quant, 141- verbal.
    2- international publication.
    Which universities should I apply for MS in electrical engineering in US?

    • Avatar

      Hello, we apply to 10-25 ranked programs in the U.S.

    • Avatar

      – 2018 GRE score of 160 Q 144V
      -Two years of power plant operations working experience
      -GPA of 4.35/5.00

      Can I get full scholarship for ms in electrical engineering?

      • Avatar

        MS Scholarships are very hard to get. But in case you do, you will need a 165+ on GRE Quant.

  56. Avatar

    Hello Talha,
    Below is my profile:
    BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering CGPA = 3.78/4.00 from Purdue University.
    GRE: Q(169), V(153), AWA(4.5)
    Publication: 1 conference paper submitted for a review.
    Relevant research experiences and leadership shown in these by leading a research team for 2 years.

    I want to apply for MS in EE/CompE without funding.

    Could you kindly suggest me some of the prospective universities? Would top 1-5 be a reach for me with my GPA and Verbal score of GRE?

    • Avatar

      Hello Cindy, Definitely top 5 are reachable. You have a great profile. I would suggest, G.A.Tech, UCLA, UIUC, UT Austin, Texas A&M.

  57. Avatar

    Recently take GRE score of 160 Q 143 verbal
    -2.92/4.00 GPA
    -3 International Publications

    Wish to have a full scholarship

  58. Avatar

    Hi I have done M.Tech from NIT, Agartala. Cgpa 8.68 , one publication in springer. My gre scores are 139 in verbal and 161 quants. I want to get PhD in Renewable energy. My master’s is in the same field. What kind of college l might try for

    • Avatar

      Hello – You verbal is too low to apply to any decent colleges.

  59. Avatar


    My GRE score is 314 ; 166-Quant, 148- verbal.
    BTech Electrical Engineering from IIT DELHI with CGPA-8.9/10
    3-4 internal projects with IITD Professors

    Which universities should I apply for MS in Electrical Engineering in US?
    Which universities should I apply for MS in Computer Science in US?

    • Avatar

      You can target ranked 50-100 programs in USNEWS.COM

  60. Avatar

    Hi Talha , Need help with evaluation of universities, GRE:305 (VERBAL:155 , QUANTS:150, awa: 4.0 ) applying for Masters in computer science . Published a paper and have GPA:3.4/4.0 and work exp of 2 years in computer field itself. Between which rank universities can i apply?

    • Avatar

      Hello Stelly, Well apply to 100-130 ranked programs. Or if you can improve your quant to above 160+ then you can apply to 50-75 ranked programs.

  61. Avatar

    My CGPA is 3.64/4.00 in Bachelors in Electrical Engineering.
    GRE score is 318 (158 Verbal, 160 in Quant, 3.00 in AWA)
    TOEFL score is 101: R 27, W 27, L 25, S 22.
    I want to apply to universities in US for Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Which universities would you recommend?
    I have no publications. I have 2 internships and 1 Final year project related to wearables.
    Also, do US universities provide funding for Masters? Thanks.

    • Avatar

      Hello – 75-150 ranked programs. Yes uni’s do provide funding and a lot of them partial funding.

  62. Avatar

    Hi Talha,

    I want to apply for a Power Electronics Ph.D. program. Could kindly suggest some prospective universities and comment my selection of considered universities?

    Considered Universities: University of Washington, Virginia Tech, Colorado University, and Oregon State University.

    My profile:
    BS in Electrical Engineering GPA 3.0/4.0
    MS in Electrical Engineering GPA 3.55/4.0
    GRE: (Q) 164, (V) 151, (AWA) 3.5
    TOEFL: (R) 26, (L) 29, (S) 24, (W) 20
    Publication: 1 conference paper (IEEE)
    Close to three years of working experience, 1.5 of them in research.

    • Avatar

      Hey – yeah these are good programs to apply to. You have a strong chance to get into all of these. Also you can apply to Rutgers, Texas A&M, UT Dallas/Arlington.

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