GRE Scores at Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology)

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  • average GRE Scores for Engineering are (163 Quant, 155 Verbal, 4 AWA)
  • average GRE Scores for MBA are (163 Quant, 161 Verbal, 5 AWA)
  • for Public Policy (150 Quant, 153 Verbal, 4 AWA)
  • for Sciences (158 Quant, 155 Verbal, 4 AWA)


Georgia Institute of Technology, widely known as Georgia Tech, confers degrees through various schools, such as the Scheller College of Business and the College of Engineering.


Georgia Tech is one of the top 10 engineering schools in the US with an acceptance rate of around 20%. It also offers programs in several other areas such as Business, policy, economics etc. Georgia Tech uses GRE as one of the important indicators for success in graduate school.


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Quantitative GRE scores are highly competitive in engineering programs as well as the MBA programs. However, Arts and Sciences GRE scores are relatively less competitive.


The admissions process in all US graduate schools is very subjective, so do not take a top-notch GRE score as a guarantee to get admission. Your genuine passion for the program that you are interested in is also extremely crucial. However do note that most top graduate schools (including Georgia Tech) have an academic centric inclination in their admission process, so GRE and GPA are very important factors.


So let’s look at the average GRE scores of admitted applicants in various disciplines at Georgia Tech.


 Average GRE Quant ScoreAverage GRE Verbal ScoreAverage GRE AWA Score
Computational Science and Engineering 1651554.5
Computer Science 1641564.3
Information Security 1601604.5
Architecture 1621564
Building Construction 1601533.7
City and Regional Planning 1481504
Geographic Information Science and Technology 1481523.5
Industrial Design 1581564.3
Urban Design 1551533
Real Estate Development1541554
Aerospace Engineering 1671594.44
Bioengineering 1671594.42
Biomedical Engineering 1671594.42
Biomedical Innovation and Development 1631573.7
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 1661574.24
Civil Engineering 1661544.14
Electrical and Computer Engineering 1661523.74
Engineering Science and Mechanics 1621533.4
Environmental Engineering 1621564
Health Systems 1611524.4
Industrial and Systems Engineering 1621544.2
International Logistics 1561554.2
Ocean Science & Engineering 1571483.8
Operations Research 1631543.9
Materials Science and Engineering 1621554
Mechanical Engineering 1651543.94
Medical Physics 1581523.8
Nuclear and Radiological Engineering 1601563.6
Statistics 1661574
Supply Chain Engineering1631524.5
Systems Engineering 1651533.6
Scheller College of Business Programs
Executive MBA1581564.5
Full-time MBA 1631615
Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
Digital Media 1571554
Economics 1611553.9
History and Sociology of Technology and Science 1571584.12
International Affairs 1521604
Public Policy1501524.12
Sciences Programs
Bioinformatics 1581533.8
Biology 1561614.6
Chemistry and Biochemistry1541624.5
Earth and Atmospheric Science 1571483.8
Mathematics 1661603.8
Physics 1631553.82
Prosthetics and Orthotics1541524
Psychology 1501533.92
Quantitative Biosciences 1611534.1
Algorithms Combinatorics and Optimization 1671544.1
Human-Computer Interaction 1621585
Machine Learning 1661544.2
Paper Science and Engineering 1621543.7
Quantitative and Computational Finance 1641524.5
Robotics 1661514.2


We have predicted these average scores based on the data we collected from the programs at Georgia Tech or by reviewing the GRE score scores of successful students at Georgia Institute of Technology. Some programs shared it while some did not. For those that did not, we contacted students currently studying or who recently graduated from Georgia Tech. Then we contacted them and used their scores to estimate the average GRE scores. 


Of course, this is not perfect, but it will still give you a good enough idea of where you should be targeting.


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