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BrightLink Prep’s comprehensive ONLINE GRE Preparation Course is intended to help prospective students outside of Lahore to prepare for the GRE Exam via LIVE ONLINE Instruction.

8-Week ONLINE GRE Prep Course

Start Date: January 18th 2020

End Date: March 8th 2020

Instructor: Moeez Ali

Profile of the Instructor: After achieving a stellar GRE Score of 334/340 back in 2015, Moeez has been training and mentoring students to achieve their target scores as well. With 7 years of teaching experience overall, his teaching methods are second to none.

Moeez Frequently engages in mentoring activities both National and International and has been a part of education Forum in Russia and Italy, where he conducted sessions on how to ‘learn and grow’. Over the years he has mastered the GRE inside out and knows the nuances that help students get scores as phenomenal as his. An entrepreneur, a computer scientist, a philosopher and an eminent teacher he is. What a combination to learn from.

Time: Compulsory Class: Saturday & Sunday (6 - 9 pm) + Optional Class Sunday (9 - 11 pm)

Venue of Classes: ONLINE LIVE

Cost: PKR 25,000

How to Sign-up? The first class is a free trial. To Register for the trial class please fill this registration form.

*Note: Once you register with us, you will receive an online link via email along with your username and password 30 minutes before the session that you can use to access the LIVE classroom.

*Compulsory Class A compulsory class covers new topics and new GRE Questions from all 3 sections of the test; quantitative, verbal and analytical writing.

*Optional Class An optional class does not cover any new topics or GRE questions. It is useful for those who want to discuss their homework.

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GRE: 338 out of 340

It all began in mid July of this year when a friend of mine told me about BrightLink Prep, just three days before the beginning of their new session. I took the entrance diagnostic test and trial class and decided to attend their classes. It proved to be a very wise decision in retrospect, since Sir Talha Omer has played a massive role in my success. This is not to say that you cannot prepare for GRE on your own, but if like me you’re distracted too easily and are too lazy to carve out a study plan and stick to it by sheer determination, BrightLink Prep is the place for you. All you will have to do is take your weekend classes regularly and do the assignments and quizzes diligently and everything will be taken care for. Besides, you will always have a mentor in Sir Talha to look for when in trouble. I registered myself for the GRE and selected 3rd October as test date.

Fast forward eight weeks, by the start of September I had completed my 8 week course at BrightLink, taken all the quizzes and done every assignment and practice exercises assigned by Sir Talha. I didn’t touch the Manhattan 5lb or any other GRE book, the class coursework proved to be enough. This course gave me ample practice for the quantitative questions and reading comprehensions / critical reasoning questions. I had however neglected vocabulary all this while, and to make up I dedicated the first two and a half weeks of September solely to vocabulary. In hindsight, this wasn’t the right thing to do. It’s better to learn vocabulary from the start, little by little, in conjunction with the rest of the preparation, instead of dedicating days or weeks at the end to it at the cost of valuable quantitative and verbal practice. If it wasn’t for Sir Talha’s timed intervention, I would have wasted my prior hardwork in the last couple of weeks. Sir Talha directed me to start giving mock exams. I complied and took almost 12 mock tests in as many days before the test. This was vital practice since I figured out some crucial time management strategies from taking these tests. Two days from the actual test, I stopped taking practice exams, revised all the words I had learnt and brought my preparation to a close. The last day I studied nothing, hung out with friends, kept myself distracted to elude all last day nervousness, and most importantly went to bed early. I cannot stress this enough. You must not underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep before the test. Your mind has to be totally alert and stay so for almost 4 hours during the six sections of the test. So sleep is pivotal. Anyways, I had a good breakfast on the test morning, and reached the test centre one hour before the test. The number of practice tests I had taken made the actual test appear pretty normal in terms of difficulty. The rest is history 😛


GRE: 334 out of 340

Hi everyone!

My name is Fatima and I have a BSc in Economics from LUMS. I had been putting my GRE off since my graduation. It just seemed so scary - I hardly knew what an online timed test required and I was very anxious about the math. A friend of mine showed me the Facebook page for Brightlink Prep and I read a few of Talha's articles. He seemed to be very concerned and friendly because I saw him reply to every question and every post. But at the time I was working in Islamabad and didn't know how I would manage classes in Lahore, so I registered on the phone and thought I'd try it out for a week. Talha is a really, really good teacher. He knows what he's doing, and he knows it inside out. He keeps himself involved and he always knows the latest news and materials available. I found his classes to be well-organized and extremely helpful.. I was already above average in the Verbal part but I was really average in Quant. I used to ask Talha stupid questions but he was always patient with them and I never walked out of a single class confused. I took daewoo rides every Thursday and early morning every Monday back and forth for Islamabad! But this effort really paid off.

While taking my GRE, on almost every quant question, I was like I know this! and I could remember what Talha had said about that particular kind of question. It was so easy for me, I couldn't believe it (because math is never easy for me typically).

Talha also has access to a lot of practice material, which I found to be very helpful in helping me get a good score. I think Brighlink Prep was without doubt one of the best decisions I made post-graduation. It helped me get a stellar GRE score and use it for graduate school programs! I recommend Talha to everyone who is about to take the GRE and has apprehensions about taking classes for standardized testing (believe me, I've been there, SAT classes by you-know-who) When the teacher is good, the classes are really worth it! My entire family knows about Talha and whenever my Dad praises my GRE scores infront of someone, they always say 'Yeh talha ki waja se aaya tha' (implying I'm not that smart on my own :/)

Thank you Talha!


GRE: 321 out of 340

Joining Brightlink Prep was probably one of the best decisions i made. Why i joined it?? The moment i decided that i was going to take GRE , i started asking around about the academies . Most of the people recommended Brightlink(Seniors mostly) but i took some classes of other academies as well before coming to Brightlink Prep.Brightlink was the only academy whose atmosphere and teaching staff (mainly Sir Talha) satisfied me. I live outside Lahore so, i had to travel weekly to attend the classes. Was it worth it?? Well it paid off really well at the end. In the beginning , i was above average at maths and below average in verbal section. As the classes went by, my verbal skills improved drastically and maths also became somewhat easy and less time consuming(due to techniques taught by Sir in class).

All in all, Brightlink is the best place there is , to prepare for GRE. No other academy or institution would give that much attention to individual students as Sir Talha give.


GRE: 336 out of 340

I would recommend a Brightlink Prep course to anyone who wants to score high on the GRE exam. The teachers are really smart and practical and are willing to go the extra mile to get you a good score. These guys have a long history with the GRE exam and Talha, who is the main guy behind BLP, has taken the GRE several times to keep up to the pace of the actual exam. I spent three months with them and after that I was able to score in the 98th percentile – most of the questions I saw on the actual exam were pretty similar to what I had seen in the classes and assignments at BLP. 5 stars for BLP!


GRE: 334 out of 340

I had studied GRE before on my own and from an academy in Islamabad but was able to get only 297. I was really disappointed but then a friend told me about Brightlink Prep. I needed a 320 to get funding for a PhD program and when I contacted Talha and told him about my situation he decided to give me a one to one private tutoring session. I was able to get my score up to 334 in just a month. I observed that the teachers in Brightlink were extremely knowledgeable and flexible, and I could tell that they genuinely cared about my performance as well as my final score. So much so, that he took time out of his busy schedule to meet me at the testing center and personally give me a pep talk before the big exam.


GRE: 337 out of 340

BrightLink Prep is probably the best place to study GMAT/GRE in Lahore, What is special about the place is its great atmosphere, the affability and personal involvement of the instructors. Additionally, having scored in the top 99% percentile of verbal reasoning in the GRE I can also attest that it is one of the few places, where instructor has a solid understanding of not just quantitative but also the verbal section (this is very rare). The foreign resources utilized are not taught verbatim but integrated with a desi flavour. Lastly, given the centers' openness to self-criticism and feedback, I would suggest, perhaps the students would gain more in the long run if Bright Link does not merely optimize towards their students to get higher verbal grades but also inculcates good reading habits (this is of course done e.g. reading material is allotted) but also focus on the big picture of reading diverse material should not be forgotten in the process: its associated critical thinking and openness to disparate ideas.


GRE: 318 out of 340

I got goosebumps when I saw my "VERBAL" score as I wasn't expecting that much from myself as an Engineering student. Critical Reasoning skills of the instructor and specifically his tips i found it really helpful in my GRE exam.

I aver that If I wouldn't have joined BrightLink Prep for my GRE, I couldn't have achieved this excellent score. I strongly recommend new bees who wanna enroll in GRE/GMAT to get themselves registered as soon as possible to have fun with their exams.


GRE: 329 out of 340

It was an awesome experience to be at BrightLink Prep. I was really wanting in most topics of GRE but BrightLink Prep was there to help me and channelize my efforts. The most laborious part of GRE is neither verbal and analytical nor Quant, its time management! Its all about understanding the trick, managing the time and developing the speed-This is what BrightLink Prep taught me. At the end, I have a little advice for prospective students, please join BrightLink Prep once you make up your mind to take GRE/GMAT, since otherwise you would screw up the whole year and join another session like me.


GRE: 319 out of 340

For me experience at BrightLink Prep had been a great one. I joined it for my GRE Prep and secured a good score of 319. Regular classes, Assignments and Online quizzes help you to keep preparation on track. The hard work you put in coupled with guidance of Sir Talha ensures promising results. I will highly recommend it to everyone seeking guidance for GRE or GMAT preparation.

GRE: 326 out of 340


I would like to say that Brightlink Prep helped me immensely towards my goal of a 320+ GRE score. I had dealt with many GRE books in the past but BLP was years ahead in their practice questions and techniques. They give you so much material to use that you become a GRE expert, which definitely boosts your confidence on test day. The best source of GRE Preperation and best GRE Tutor in the Town. Period.


I've had the unfortunate chance of studying GMAT from three different places in Lahore and online out of which I can confidently put BrightLink at the top of the table. The technologically and logically sound instructor, Talha Omer is committed to providing an excellent preparation service to all the students along with personalized help, support, advice and assistance to anyone in need. A must 2 month crash course for any student looking for a healthy score in GMAT or the GRE.


Sir Talha is one of the most dedicated teachers I've studied with. Through his teaching methodologies and the ample practice material, students master test skills very quickly .... I also had a great learning experience, not only did I make through LMAT test but Sir Talha also guided me for Statement of Purpose and interview which made my application for LUMS MBA successful .... Anyone looking to ace GMAT/GRE must attend classes at BrightLink Prep .


Hey Sir, I find brighlink prep very helpful for the preparation of GRE/GMAT and I hope many people can avail the chance to study under such talented teacher as you are. After a year of preparing for the GRE with so many other books, I finally decided to take the Brightlink Prep Course. I read the reviews and liked what I saw. Now that I have finished the course, I understand why so many people love studying at Brightlink. The preparation is second to none.


The best possible environment n place available to rigorously study for the GRE. Comprehensive review of each n every topic. Very well crafted model tests n quizzes to determine personal ability n skills and workout on weak areas. I look forward to preparing for the GMAT as well later on with Brightlink. Thank you Brightlink Prep and thank you to my instructor. If one has to choose for the best contact Sir Talha Omer


Best place for preparation of GRE in Pakistan plus excellent support. The excellence of BLP is unparalleled. They have excellent material and they are able to effectively teach powerful GRE techniques to their students. BLP also provided me with a vast amount of GRE material for extra practice and honing. In combination, these factors contributed immensely to my optimal performance on the actual test.


An Extra ordinary place to learn for Ordinary ones. I would recommend this course to anyone! I have learned so much over the past 8 weeks. I was excited to come to class during the week, to study on the weekends and to put it all together with practice quizzes and tests through the BLP online portal because they made it easy.


Place which provides excellent environment for students to prepare for abroad and to help them compete with students from other countries. By joining this academy, you not only get to prepare for your Gre/ Gmat tests but they also help you in applying for Full bright scholarship along with all applications and documents...


I had the opportunity to take the preparation course for GRE at Bright Link and according to me it's by far the most suitable place to get oneself prepared for the challenge ahead. The methodology and material is that you encounter at the center is very relevant for good score in GRE exam. I am absolutely delighted, so thank you very much for all your help.


If you are preparing for a high level exam then it is always good to have a mentor who not only guides you but also helps you solve your problems. I have no hesitation in saying that Brightlink Prep is a whole package to help you achieve your goals. There are more practice tests than I know what to do with and I was able to see improvement in my scores as I progressed through the course.


Highly recommended place to prepare for the GRE if you're looking around in Lhr/Isb. The material, the presentation definitely make this academy stand out in the crowd. Words cannot describe the elation! I thank you for providing that value I hoped for and helping me obtain a score that should get me into any program I desire.

Thank you!


Its the BEST place for GRE prep. in Pakistan as far as i know! & especially such a wonderful experience having taught by one of the BEST teacher and GREAT human being...i have ever come across in my life.... 'Mr. Talha'..! everyone in Pakistan, who wants to give GRE, must go there for excellent preparation! I'm writing to offer my heartfelt thanks for this amazing program you've developed.


GRE: 316 out of 340

Amazing place. Detailed review : I think BrightLinkPrep (BLP) is the one of its kind place to study GRE and GMAT in Pakistan. I highly recommend it to everyone, specially to those students who want to improve their mathematical reasoning capability in general and specifically for the GRE/GMAT tests. I fully attribute my reasonably good GRE score to BLP and of course Talha. A simple conclusion is that Talha rocks!! both as an instructor and as a person.


GRE: 315 out of 340

BrightLink Prep is not just a tuition centre but a learning institution / community. The coursework is very detailed and is systematically taught to push the students towards the best possible results they can get. The individual attention is excellent and Talha and his supporting staff are always willing to help the students. I would definitely suggest Brightlink Prep to anyone SERIOUS in getting a good percentile in GRE or GMAT.


GRE: 317 out of 340

BLP is by far Pakistan's most advanced test preparation center. Highly recommended for students who plan to take GRE, GMAT or SAT. They simply have the most extensive, well designed and comprehensive course for GRE and GMAT to offer at the moment. I understood the key concepts needed to ace the exam.


GRE: 321 out of 340

Brightlink Prep as a resource centre is excellent. With 80+ hours of lectures and over 10 full-length mock exams, it is an extremely effective place. The homework questions and the vocabulary lists are most accurate to the actual GRE stuff. Talha is one of the best instructors I have studied from in a while. Make no mistakes, you have to put in the effort on your end, but in terms of student satisfaction I think this was really amazing. Thanks.


GRE: 313 out of 340

BrightLink provides an ideal class room environment, where learning is not just limited to Exam dates. Interaction with students and professionals of different industries and academics, and career counselling are its key note features. The course materials, practice tests, homework help are incredibly helpful. Thumbs up BrightLink!


GRE: 317 out of 340

The best place for GRE in Lahore. GRE is not an easy exam and even the quant part is daunting for engineers like me. But Brightlink made it so simple and I not only ended up getting a 90 percentile GRE score but I also got a fully funded admission to Virginia Tech.


GRE: 318 out of 340

The most interesting thing about Brightlink is its unique inventive environment which helps in understanding the most possible ways the GRE-GMAT is going to twist you!! It helped me making out a success for GRE in just a couple of weeks. Highly recommended for the people who want to make it up in extremely short extent of time.


GRE: 309 out of 340

My experience at this academy was absolutely outclass. The way sir Talha conveys his knowledge and extra tips for GRE and GMAT is just extra ordinary. I used to be the guy in his class to tease him alot, keep on passing funny comments and yeah i was the only one to request for break of 10 mins to relax a bit and the looks he gave to me !! WOAH EPIC !! But the point i'm trying to make here is that he never stopped giving attention to me and kept on advising me and kept on giving some extra tips for GRE. The regular 6-9 classes. The online quizes and most importantly those lengthy never ending assignments were the main cause of getting a good score. I recommend everyone to join Brightlink Prep for GRE/GMAT prep because its the best academy out there in Pakistan. Keep on rocking sir !

Thanx alot for everything.


GRE: 330 out of 340

AOA everyone, Though I never had the chance to attend Sir Talha's GRE prep classes nor have I ever met him in person. But I can still say with full conviction that BrightLinkPrep (BLP) is the best place in Pakistan for GRE and GMAT prep. How ??? I have interacted with Sir Talha on facebook and though mobile phone. During my GRE prep Sir Talha used to graciously spare time for me whenever I asked him, and I can still remember his concise and straight replies to my queries, mostly regarding GRE verbal. I can attribute my relatively good verbal score to Sir Talha's advice. I just wish I was based in Lahore, I would have definitely registered in BrightLink and I would have definitely scored 330+. Simply put: Sir Talha Rocks not only as an expert in GRE and GMAT prep but also as a person. I think anyone who has a strong desire to achieve a good score in GRE/GMAT should register at BrightLink.


GRE: 314 out of 340

Definitely the best place and the best teacher in Lahore for GRE preparation!!! My instructor did an excellent job. She provided some great strategies that I was able to implement with minimal training. My hat off to her for the support she provided. Yes, this course is a lot of money, but it's probably some of the best money I have ever spent on my education.


GRE: 315 out of 340

An excellent working environment, combined with Talha's positive and helpful personality makes this THE best institute for GMAT/GRE preparation in Lahore! You can always count on a good score if you follow through with Talha's advice and schedule. I entered the class without any GRE prep, and while it was challenging it was worth every penny I spent on it. If you are serious about doing well on the GRE, this course is a must.


GRE: 310 out of 340

Best place for GRE/GMAT preparation and the best Tutor available in Pakistan. The experience at brightlink Prep has been great to me. Talha is the most dedicated teacher I have ever seen. An excellent teacher, a great human being and a sincere friend. Teaching methodologies and also the use of modern technology such as Edmodo makes brightlink Prep stand out from other academies. Anyone looking to ace GMAT/GRE must attend BrightLink Prep.


BrightLink and Talha both have been phenomenal. Talha is such a true guide for anyone pursuing GRE/GMAT especially for any one in Pakistan. I am in USA now and feel lucky to have got Talha omer as my teacher for GRE class. Though i have not given my GRE uptill now which Talha repeatedly asked me to give right after our GRE class session of two months but i am still in touch with books and trust me it is difficlut. So follow Talha with complete faith.


Brightlink Prep is no doubt the best institute for GRE/GMAT preparation if you aim to achieve best possible scores. Small class size and personal attention you get from Talha differentiate Brightlink from other institutes. I always advice the people i know to join one of Talha's session to ace the test. I did prep for two months and got a 85 percentile score.


Talha is an extremely thoughtful and kind teacher who takes genuine interest in the wellbeing of his students which makes BrightLink inevitably the best preparation center. His concern regarding my objectives have been invaluable to me. Moreover his assistance with the Fulbright application really helped me get through with the scholarship.

Thank you.


Sir, Talha omer is like a star who sprinkles his knowledge with full magnitude and of total quality at its peak.If u want to get 170 in quantitative then you need to go there,i was the normal student but the day i got 167 in quant. i am no more normal:-p(eng weak ha mere in 2nd portion of test i got opposite marks. ) ,,,, more words to say as you can go there if u want to get 320+ in GRE but remember no pain no gains,,,,,,hardwork is a key to success,,,,,i guarantee that two months coaching from brightLink+1 month self practice=your desired marks in GRE ,,,


Whenever it comes to preparing GRE, three things matter significantly: relevant yet concise material; the one who can make you understand when you cannot makes sense of nuts and bolts of Quantitative and Verbal questions (they are purposefully made tricky and are ridiculously boring); and the environment. And here by environment I mean not a quiet place as many test takers erroneously assume and make a mistake of preparing for no less a monster test like GRE, but by environment I mean an active and challenging place where everyone comes prepared to challenge oneself and the tutor if not his/her class-mates. Fortunately, a smart guy called Talha Omer has come forward to offer the tools and essentials of GRE prep at one place, the BrightLink Prep. There is no short cut to good GRE score and no way out but only through which Talha is the best to offer in Pakistan.


Some of the many factors that contribute to why I feel so highly of BrightLink are: 1. The instructor and the students had good vocal interaction. The environment was friendly but informative and educational, nonetheless. 2. Every aspect of the course (GRE, in my case) was covered with not only explanation and examples during the class but also tones of homework assignments and quizzes that further gave understanding to each topic. There were also mock exam sessions for better preparation of the course. 3. Those who still could not understand any content within the class could come separately to Talha (the instructor) or ask other students. 4. Price is reasonable given the quality of delivered material. Location and sitting environment was good, too. 5. I think there was a pizza party, too, but I missed a few lectures so not quite sure. All in all, it was time and money not wasted. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to study for GRE/GMAT/SAT. -- Anas.


It is no doubt the best place to study for GRE if you're studying for it from scratch and you haven't been in touch with Math since ages because you're a Human Science student. Why I would recommend this to everyone is because the GRE taught by Sir Talha is very much rooted in the current trends of GRE's type or way of questioning and the little tricks one need to learn to do the exam smartly, rather than by wasting time on it are taught in this class. Definitely recommend it!


Amazing job done by Talha Omer for GRE/GMAT prep in Lahore, its his expert advice and wonderful teaching method which makes learning easy. Winning a World Bank Scholarship for a fully funded masters degree would not have been possible without help of BrightLink Prep. High Recommendations for the institution and even higher for the faculty. Good luck Talha Omer and BrightLink


A very good experience. The way Sir Talha teaches is amazing. The tips and tricks that allow you to tackle the seemingly difficult questions are very well covered. Moreover there is sufficient practice and discussion enabling you to improve yourself. Moreover Sir Talha is always willing and dedicated to help you with any problems that you come across. The course is also well organized with each topic being dealt with properly for both the quantitative and verbal sections. All in all it is a very beneficial course.


The best team to help you pass GRE & GMAT. From individual tutoring to stimulating class activities. They even guide you in structuring your application when applying for different scholarships. My instructor clearly demonstrated all of the qualities of a world-class teacher and he himself had a top score on both the GRE and GMAT. His thorough understanding of the topics and ability to communicate concepts from various angles enabled him to pull the students in closer.


Anyone who wants to go abroad for higher studies Brightlink is the right place to be. I was so lost when i was applying to Uk and Brightlink made my dream come true. Today becuase of Talha Omer I am studying at one of the top university of UK, Warwick University. I highly recommend Brightlink for GMAT preparation and other guidance.


I was one of the student in Startup groups and had a wonderful time in BrightLink Prep....the training and guidance provided for GRE proved to be extremely helpful... I am sure that with more experience in teaching, Talha must have become Master in this art of competitive exam training....Highly recommended for any person interested in scoring well in such exams....


Best teacher and best place to prepare for GRE. Sir talha you are doing a great job. I just completed my GRE course at Brightlink and I am glad that I have learned a lot of new things which have helped me improve my understanding of GRE exam. The course is pretty grueling and I am really happy to have gone through the course because it keeps you motivated and going. I attribute a lot of my learning to Brightlink Prep.


I approached Mr Talha Omar to assist me with my personal statement writing and he made this harrowing task look like a doodle. And within few days, I perfected my personal statement that successfully captivated many graduate schools in the US. He is immensely humble, amiable, approachable and willing to help not only his students but anyone who genuinely needs his help. Having studied from Cornell and mentoring dozens of ambitious students, Mr Talha Omar is the best source of help for anyone who fervidly wants to pursue further education in the United States.


The application process to study in the US is quite an intricate one and for the novice can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. This is where Sir Talha and BrightLink Prep has been so helpful to so many perspective students. From offering preparatory classes for the GRE, to offering advice about essay writing and the selection of unis to apply to - BirghtLink Prep is the one stop shop for all those who are applying to study in the US. From personal experience I can say that there isn't a better resource available out there to guide students through the complete process of applying abroad and the healthy number of Sir Talha's students who have successfully gone through the process is just a testament to this fact.