GRE Preparation Live Online

Our Live Online GRE prep course allows you to interact with your instructor and classmates in real time. You can take these classes from wherever you are.



Saturday & Sunday

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm


A compulsory class covers new topics and new GRE Questions from all sections of the test; quantitative, verbal and writing.


9:00 pm to 11:00 pm

optional class

An optional class does not cover any new topics or GRE questions. It is useful for those who want to discuss their homework.

15th February 2020 - 5th April 2020

Last date to register for the session is 14th February 2020.

PKR 25,000

The first two classes are a free-trial. To register for the trial class, you only need to fill the sign up form above.

Venue - Live Online

You will only need a computer and a decent internet connection.

Moeez Ali


After achieving a stellar GRE Score of 334/340 back in 2015, Moeez has been training and mentoring students to achieve their target scores as well. With 7 years of overall teaching experience, his teaching methods are second to none.

Key Features


12 Full Length Computer Adaptive Tests


60+ Hours of Class Instruction


1000+ Online Questions with Explanations


Personalized Guidance from your Instructor


All of the Official Practice Available


Personalized Assistance for Problem Solving

What Our Students Say

The online preparation program offered by BrightlinkPrep is a huge help for students abroad at an affordable price. It is even better and more interactive than online programs offered by Kaplan etc. The homework assignments and lectures are very easy to interpret and are result oriented. Also, sir moeez tries his best to resolve any issue that you face in preparing for the test.

Rabia Zaheer

It was a nice experience, overall in the start i thought maybe it will be difficult to grab concepts over online class but i was never disappointed. Very helpful. All problems are resolved on one message. A very sincere teacher who is more than happy to help you in all means. Nice experience. Highly recommended.

Ahmed Raza

Since I am residing in UAE, and my work situation made commuting to GRE Prep centers difficult, I opted to take the GRE online classes offered by Brightlink Prep.

In the end, I am very happy to say that they were immensely helpful in preparing me for the exam.
The curriculum as well as the instruction offered by Moeez ensured thorough understanding of the material. Homework assignments complemented the lectures perfectly and solidified the problem solving aspects.

If you would like a rigorous GRE preparation (especially in Urdu), you would definitely benefit from a program such as the one offered by Brighlink.

Mujtaba Ali