GMAT Preparation in Lahore

8-Week GMAT Prep Course in Lahore

Start Date: 15th February 2020

End Date: 5th April 2020

Time: Compulsory Class: Saturday & Sunday (12:00 pm - 3.00 pm) + Optional Class Friday (6 - 9 pm). 

Venue of Classes: 190 – C Model Town, Lahore Google Map

Cost: PKR 35,000

How to Sign-up? Deadline to register is 8th February 2019. To Register & to Confirm your spot please call us at 0331-4513196. 

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*Compulsory Class A compulsory class covers new topics and new GMAT Questions from all 4 sections of the test; quantitative, verbal and analytical writing.

*Optional Class An optional class does not cover any new topics or GMAT questions. It is useful for those who want to discuss their homework.

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Background: Brightlink Prep has been conducting GMAT preparation in Lahore since 2013; between 2013 and 2016 we have helped over 1300 students prepare for the GMAT exam.

Our Results: Brightlink Prep has produced phenomenal results during this time – we have had 143 students who have scored above 700 on the GMAT exam with 11 students getting a 760+ score. Brightlink Prep has produced the highest number of GMAT test takers in Pakistan who have been placed to top global business schools such as Harvard, Stanford, INSEAD, LBS, Wharton etc.

The Instruction Methodology: Since our instructors started teaching in 2013 they have taken the GMAT exam more than 10 times. By continuously taking the GMAT exam, they have been able to constantly upgrade themselves with the ever-changing emphasis of GMAT. This has also allowed them to deliver extremely focused content for GMAT preparation in all the classes that they teach. The GMAT prep classes focus on not only providing a detailed overview of a topic and the many strategies but it also provides real-exam like practice questions.

Course Details: We offer an 8-week GMAT prep course in Lahore. Classes meet twice a week for 3 hours each of instruction and once a week for a 3-hour optional discussion session.

GMAT Prep Course Features

  • Most Up to date course material, 3000+ questions and practice exams
  • Daily and weekly online timed quizzes to help you follow a daily routine
  • 99th percentile GMAT Prep Instructors
  • 72 Course Hours in 8 Weeks
  • 12 Full-length Online Practice Exams to build your test taking stamina
  • No need to buy any books or material – we provide it all


One of the below instructors will be teaching this course. You can call us at 0331-4513196 to confirm the instructor for this course.

Talha Omer: It has been 7 years now since he has been teaching the GMAT classes. In 2008, he first took the GMAT exam when he wanted to apply to graduate school in US. He scored 770/800 on his very first attempt. With this score he gained admission to the prestigious IVY league school, Cornell University, on 100% scholarship and graduated with an honors degree.

Since he started teaching in 2013, Talha has taken the actual GMAT exam 14 times. By continuously taking the GMAT exam, he has been able to regularly upgrade himself with the ever-changing emphasis of GMAT. This has also allowed him to deliver extremely focused content for GMAT preparation in all the classes that he teaches. The GMAT prep classes focus on not only providing a detailed overview of a topic and the many strategies but it also provides real-exam like practice questions.

Muhammad Hassaan Hashmi: Hassaan received his B.E. in Mechatronics Engineering from NUST in 2016 with President's Gold Medal for highest CGPA. He then immediately went to the Republic of Korea for his graduate studies and completed his M.S. in Electrical Engineering from KAIST in August 2018 with a focus on machine learning and robotics. Hassan has a GRE score of 331/340 (169 Quant and 162 Verbal) and a GMAT score of 730 (50 Quant and 40 Verbal).

Moeez Ali: After achieving a stellar GMAT Score of 740/800 back in 2015, Moeez has been training and mentoring students to achieve their target scores as well. With 7 years of teaching experience overall, his teaching methods are second to none.

Moeez Frequently engages in mentoring activities both National and International and has been a part of education Forum in Russia and Italy, where he conducted sessions on how to ‘learn and grow’. Over the years he has mastered the GMAT inside out and knows the nuances that help students get scores as phenomenal as his. An entrepreneur, a computer scientist, a philosopher and an eminent teacher he is. What a combination to learn from.

Talha Omer and Brightlink Prep has been featured on various media channels from GEO TV, to ARY and PTV.


We deliver the GMAT preparation classes at 190 – C Model Town, Lahore.

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GMAT: 780 out of 800

As someone with over 8 years of full-time work experience and a huge break from studies, I have found Talha’s GMAT Prep course to be extremely effective and efficient. Each student’s ability to absorb and understand the GMAT tricks is different but Talha takes everyone together. Plus the weekly discussion sessions are a great way to discuss your individual weaknesses and to brush up on what you don’t know. The class notes and lectures provide a crystal clear understanding of what is required to successfully execute on test day.


GMAT: 760 out of 800

Let me tell you, Brightlink was the third GMAT Prep course that I have taken and clearly the best amongst all that I had taken previously. I felt extremely prepared after this course and scored 760 in my first attempt. In all I had spent around 2 month with Brightlink and took their individualized session personally conducted by Talha. The one thing that separates BLP from others is their instructors and online content. My instructor Talha has the ability to teach the GMAT curriculum in an easy digestible format. Thanks for everything Brightlink; glad to experience that you guys whole-heartedly care about your students!


GMAT: 690 out of 800

At the time I joined Brightlink for the GMAT exam, I was very unsure about which resources I should use for my preparation for the exam. Sir Talha seemed perfectly informed about the right approaches to prepare for GMAT and guides you very well. The resources he provided us were very relevant to what actually comes in the exam, unlike many other resources (I used the Manhattan book for some time, but there was a lot of irrelevant material there). He also provided the class with atleast a dozen mock exams that really helped for the final exam. Efficient is the word that comes to mind.

Apart from his exceptional knowledge of the course, what most impressed me was how Sir Talha involved himself with each student and set a very high standard. I joined the academy with a 650 score in mind but Sir Talha pushed me and told me to aim atleast 700. I ended up with 690. He was very helpful throughout the course, never hesitated giving some extra time to his students, and even helped us with our MBA applications. Overall, I am glad I joined Brightlink to prepare for GMAT.


GMAT: 690 out of 800

Brightlink Prep is the place to go for your admission tests! Talha is doing a great job at helping people out with their troubles! BLP offers a comprehensive course in the GMAT test preparation. English was a worry for me but the BLP lessons and practice made it easy - I understood the key concepts needed to approach all the homework problems after class.


I've had the unfortunate chance of studying GMAT from three different places in Lahore and online out of which I can confidently put BrightLink at the top of the table. The technologically and logically sound instructor, Talha Omer is committed to providing an excellent preparation service to all the students along with personalized help, support, advice and assistance to anyone in need. A must 2 month crash course for any student looking for a healthy score in GMAT or the GRE.


Sir Talha is one of the most dedicated teachers I've studied with. Through his teaching methodologies and the ample practice material, students master test skills very quickly .... I also had a great learning experience, not only did I make through LMAT test but Sir Talha also guided me for Statement of Purpose and interview which made my application for LUMS MBA successful .... Anyone looking to ace GMAT/GRE must attend classes at BrightLink Prep .


Hey Sir, I find brighlink prep very helpful for the preparation of GRE/GMAT and I hope many people can avail the chance to study under such talented teacher as you are. After a year of preparing for the GRE with so many other books, I finally decided to take the Brightlink Prep Course. I read the reviews and liked what I saw. Now that I have finished the course, I understand why so many people love studying at Brightlink. The preparation is second to none.


The best possible environment n place available to rigorously study for the GRE. Comprehensive review of each n every topic. Very well crafted model tests n quizzes to determine personal ability n skills and workout on weak areas. I look forward to preparing for the GMAT as well later on with Brightlink. Thank you Brightlink Prep and thank you to my instructor. If one has to choose for the best contact Sir Talha Omer


BrightLink and Talha both have been phenomenal. Talha is such a true guide for anyone pursuing GRE/GMAT especially for any one in Pakistan. I am in USA now and feel lucky to have got Talha omer as my teacher for GRE class. Though i have not given my GRE uptill now which Talha repeatedly asked me to give right after our GRE class session of two months but i am still in touch with books and trust me it is difficlut. So follow Talha with complete faith.


Brightlink Prep is no doubt the best institute for GRE/GMAT preparation if you aim to achieve best possible scores. Small class size and personal attention you get from Talha differentiate Brightlink from other institutes. I always advice the people i know to join one of Talha's session to ace the test. I did prep for two months and got a 85 percentile score.


Talha is an extremely thoughtful and kind teacher who takes genuine interest in the wellbeing of his students which makes BrightLink inevitably the best preparation center. His concern regarding my objectives have been invaluable to me. Moreover his assistance with the Fulbright application really helped me get through with the scholarship.

Thank you.


Sir, Talha omer is like a star who sprinkles his knowledge with full magnitude and of total quality at its peak.If u want to get 170 in quantitative then you need to go there,i was the normal student but the day i got 167 in quant. i am no more normal:-p(eng weak ha mere in 2nd portion of test i got opposite marks. ) ,,,, more words to say as you can go there if u want to get 320+ in GRE but remember no pain no gains,,,,,,hardwork is a key to success,,,,,i guarantee that two months coaching from brightLink+1 month self practice=your desired marks in GRE ,,,


Whenever it comes to preparing GRE, three things matter significantly: relevant yet concise material; the one who can make you understand when you cannot makes sense of nuts and bolts of Quantitative and Verbal questions (they are purposefully made tricky and are ridiculously boring); and the environment. And here by environment I mean not a quiet place as many test takers erroneously assume and make a mistake of preparing for no less a monster test like GRE, but by environment I mean an active and challenging place where everyone comes prepared to challenge oneself and the tutor if not his/her class-mates. Fortunately, a smart guy called Talha Omer has come forward to offer the tools and essentials of GRE prep at one place, the BrightLink Prep. There is no short cut to good GRE score and no way out but only through which Talha is the best to offer in Pakistan.


Anyone who wants to go abroad for higher studies Brightlink is the right place to be. I was so lost when i was applying to Uk and Brightlink made my dream come true. Today becuase of Talha Omer I am studying at one of the top university of UK, Warwick University. I highly recommend Brightlink for GMAT preparation and other guidance.


GMAT: 740 out of 800

I took the Brightlink Prep GMAT one to one session with Talha and could not have been happier with it. He really knew the GMAT and I was really surprised when Talha told me that he takes the actual GMAT exam 5 times a year - that really shows strong commitment. Because of this, I was confident that I had the tools and ability to tackle all kinds of GMAT questions efficiently. I could honestly hear his voice on my actual GMAT test day as I went through the questions. I pretty much studied only from the Brightlink prep materials which are filled with 100s of actual GMAT questions and 8 mock exams.


GMAT: 720 out of 800

Talha and his team were fantastic! They simplified the GMAT and the admissions process that initially seemed impossible for me to decipher. They gave as much time as I needed and were patient. Anyone who is planning to apply and get an admission to a top program in US can hugely benefit from their knowledge. I took the one to one sessions for GMAT which were really customized to my needs and weaknesses. I came in fearing a 650 on the GMAT at maximum but I eventually ended up getting a 720. Thank you Talha for building my confidence and improving my ability.


GMAT: 720 out of 800

Truly exceptional. The experience at Brightlink Prep has been great for me. I never thought I would be able to gain so much from a two month course here. It really helped me polish my quantitative and verbal skills. Regular assignments and quizzes keep you on the track. And most importantly Sir Talha's guidance and motivational speeches. He has been a great inspiration. Not only he provided me with supplementary material to enable me prepare well for the GMAT exam but also helped me in writing applications for the business schools.


GMAT: 710 out of 800

Probably the best coaching available at the moment for GMAT preparation. The individual attention every student gets really helps grasp the gist of things during the short duration of the course. One of the main reasons that I chose Brightlink is that the tutoring team has scored in the 99th percentile. This gave me the confidence of taking the classes with them.


GMAT: 710 out of 800

Sir Talha is very accessible and always ready to help with any questions. Material is covered in detail through ample examples and exercises. Overall, the 2/3 month course prepares you well for the Gmat as long as you put in the effort to do the homeworks and exercises.


GMAT: 690 out of 800

As the name suggests, it will make you bright enough to ace your GMAT/GRE. It was the second time i was preparing for GMAT and decided to take a plunge at Brightlink. It was a better decision this time since it helped me to prepare better with ample amount of practice material and hence to perform better in the test. Talha earns more points over other instructors by not only helping you succeed in your exam but also going out of the way to help you with your applications. All in all, Brightlink is highly recommended for any one and every one preparing for GMAT & GRE.


GMAT: 700 out of 800

One of the best institutions in Pakistan for the preparation of GMAT and GRE. Truly, the academy succored me to achieve outstanding results in GMAT. Talha added a tremendous amount of value to the learning environment. He know's the subject matter extremely well, and as a well rounded individual could offer advice about business school and other things as well. Thanks a lot BrightLink.


GMAT: 700 out of 800

Absolutely amazing experience..the regular assignments and mock tests are unbelievable. I could track my performance and areas of improvement in real time and that helped me stay on track. But more than that, what's truly amazing about BrightLink is Sir Talha's round the clock support and motivation. He tries to go out of his way to make things work for you and honestly, this is unbelievable. Hats off sir. People, You won't get better resources and experience than BrightLink. Absolutely fantastic.


GMAT: 640 out of 800

Sir Talha is the kind of teacher that I would say offers the best GRE/GMAT study sessions in the city. He is always updated about the changing pattern and trends of the two exams and aware of the examiners' techniques too which is immensely helpful for all students, from the brightest of the bright to the slowest learners, he offers adapted solutions for every student on an individual basis and students very easily score very well on their exam due to constant encouragement from his side which is extremely helpful and I am extremely glad to have been a part of his class!


Some of the many factors that contribute to why I feel so highly of BrightLink are: 1. The instructor and the students had good vocal interaction. The environment was friendly but informative and educational, nonetheless. 2. Every aspect of the course (GRE, in my case) was covered with not only explanation and examples during the class but also tones of homework assignments and quizzes that further gave understanding to each topic. There were also mock exam sessions for better preparation of the course. 3. Those who still could not understand any content within the class could come separately to Talha (the instructor) or ask other students. 4. Price is reasonable given the quality of delivered material. Location and sitting environment was good, too. 5. I think there was a pizza party, too, but I missed a few lectures so not quite sure. All in all, it was time and money not wasted. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to study for GRE/GMAT/SAT. -- Anas.


It is no doubt the best place to study for GRE if you're studying for it from scratch and you haven't been in touch with Math since ages because you're a Human Science student. Why I would recommend this to everyone is because the GRE taught by Sir Talha is very much rooted in the current trends of GRE's type or way of questioning and the little tricks one need to learn to do the exam smartly, rather than by wasting time on it are taught in this class. Definitely recommend it!


Amazing job done by Talha Omer for GRE/GMAT prep in Lahore, its his expert advice and wonderful teaching method which makes learning easy. Winning a World Bank Scholarship for a fully funded masters degree would not have been possible without help of BrightLink Prep. High Recommendations for the institution and even higher for the faculty. Good luck Talha Omer and BrightLink


A very good experience. The way Sir Talha teaches is amazing. The tips and tricks that allow you to tackle the seemingly difficult questions are very well covered. Moreover there is sufficient practice and discussion enabling you to improve yourself. Moreover Sir Talha is always willing and dedicated to help you with any problems that you come across. The course is also well organized with each topic being dealt with properly for both the quantitative and verbal sections. All in all it is a very beneficial course.


The best team to help you pass GRE & GMAT. From individual tutoring to stimulating class activities. They even guide you in structuring your application when applying for different scholarships. My instructor clearly demonstrated all of the qualities of a world-class teacher and he himself had a top score on both the GRE and GMAT. His thorough understanding of the topics and ability to communicate concepts from various angles enabled him to pull the students in closer.

  • Q. Does your GMAT preparation course in Lahore cover every section that is tested on the actual test?A. GMAT basically has 4 major portions: Quantitative (Math), Verbal (English), Analytical Writing (Essay), and Integrated reasoning (Graphs, charts and other figures). Our course covers each of these in great depth. In fact our course goes above and beyond the core concepts and touches advanced techniques to solve extremely tricky questions.
  • Q. In what aspects is your GMAT prep course unique?A. In addition to the highest instruction caliber, our course focuses on the GMAT concepts along with the shortcuts and strategies that save a lot of time. The content also offers you a chance to consolidate what you have learned in class by practicing hundreds of questions.
  • Q. How will I be able to get my preparation material for the GMAT program?A. Once you register for any one of our preparation programs, you will receive a set of material that contains the following:1. Access to a personal online account where you will find all the practice questions for the GMAT. 2. Soft copies of the lectures along with the class activities and exercises. 3. Access to daily quizzes and weekly assignments.
  • Q. What is a typical workload that I should expect for the duration of this course?A. The workload is immense. We expect very high results from our students and for that reason we have designed an extremely rigorous course. You must be able to put in at least 3 hours every day for up to 8 weeks if you are to complete all our assignments and quizzes on time. Please note that all of the homework tasks have a deadline and if you miss them you will not be able to access them again.
  • Q. Is my admission assured in your institute for GMAT preparation?A. Unfortunately it is not. Once you come in, you will have to take a trial class. If we feel that you are not above a certain criteria then you will have to learn very basic concepts or you will have to reconsider your decision of taking this exam.
  • Q. What happens if I miss one of your GMAT prep class?A. We encourage students not to miss any of the classes – this is because the course is fast paced and by missing any one of the sessions you will lag behind greatly. However we understand that sometimes skipping is unavoidable. Under such circumstances, if you have a valid reason we would be happy to arrange a cover up class with you.
  • Q. How long is your course for GMAT preparation in Lahore?A. The GMAT course lasts 8 weeks. Provided that you finish all the assignments, quizzes and tasks on time you will be completely ready to take the GMAT exam immediately after the course ends.
  • Q. How much does your GMAT course cost?A. The GMAT course costs Rs. 35,000. Our GMAT tuition fees in Lahore are the most competitive in this particular domain.
  • Q. How many instructors teach the GMAT course at BrightLink?A. Talha Omer heads the program for GMAT preparation in Lahore.
  • Q. Should I buy other books for my preparation?A. Not at all. We will provide you with all the material you need to ace this behemoth. Infact we would suggest that you should refrain from using other preparation sources, as you will get easily confused.
  • Q. Do you have branches in other cities other than Lahore?A. Yes we are also based in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
  • Q. After I give my GMAT will you be able to help me with my applications to business schools?A. We will be more than happy to do that. Once you get over with your course you can then come back to us and we will provide you with a comprehensive plan of tackling university applications.
  • Q. Will I get sufficient mock tests to practice GMAT?A. As part of this course you will get access to 12 online and timed practice tests for GMAT. These are more than sufficient for one to improve their overall performance on the real test. These tests will be provided to you after you finish you course work.
  • Q. Where do you get your GMAT practice questions and mock tests?A. Nearly all of the questions and tests have been purchased from the official GMAT test creators in the U.S. A few of the questions have been taken from various sources such as authentic and reliable books and online resources.
  • Q. Does your GMAT practice questions reflect the true difficulty level of the actual GMAT questions?A. Since we take more than 90% of questions from the official makers of the test, so it does mimic the true difficulty level of the exam. Rest assured that over 80% of our students go on to do phenomenally well on the exam.
  • Q. How has been the performance of your past students who took your GMAT course in Lahore?A. Over the past few months we have had great results from our students. Many of them scored over 90 percentile and some of them got into top U.S. business programs such as Stanford. Overall you must feel safe while preparing your GMAT from us – we put in a lot of effort into getting our students up to the mark.
  • Q. Can I purchase you GMAT mock tests and questions only?A. Yes you can. For such customized orders please contact us and we will get back to you with the most affordable price plan for you.
  • Q. I want to sit in either the quant or the verbal section only. Is that possible at BrightLink Prep?A. Unfortunately due to the large number of students coming in we are unable to offer partial courses – you will have to take the full course regardless.
  • Q. What is the location of your GMAT prep in Lahore?A. We are located at 190-C Model Town Lahore. For map and our phone number please visit the contact section of the website.
  • Q. Generally, what size is the size of your test prep for GMAT?A. Usually the GMAT exam prep class size is between 40 and 45 students
  • Q. After I join my GMAT test preparation in Lahore, can I defer?A. If there is a genuine reason then we will allow you to do that. However if you are not sure then we would suggest that you do not enroll in the course in the first place.
  • Q. How do I register for the GMAT test in Pakistan?A. After you are done with your GMAT preparation in Pakistan, then you can log in to and register yourself for the exam. Please remember that GMAT costs $250 at the moment.
  • Q. How much do you think one needs to score on the GMAT to get into a good business school? A. Although the business schools look at the overall profile of individual applicants, we still feel that a really good GMAT score can get you an admission with ease. Aim for something above the 80 percentile. Q. Is 8 weeks enough to prepare for GMAT?
  • A. Usually it is. However it really depends on individual circumstances. If you can put in 3-4 hours every day for upto 8 weeks, then you will easily prepare well for the exam. Anything less than that means that you will not be well prepared.
  • Q. After completing the GMAT test prep course how long should I wait until I give the actual exam?A. If you do whatever we assign to you during the course and you do it in time, then you must not wait for more than 5-7 days after the course ends. Otherwise we would suggest that you give yourself more time so that you get over with all that we have covered in the GMAT class.
  • Q. Can I give the GMAT before your course ends?A. No. We would discourage you doing that. Our course is extremely well planned and requires 8 weeks to complete fully. Once that happens and provided that you are on track, you can give the exam immediately afterwards.
  • Q. What are the pre-requisites for enrolling in GMAT course at BrightLink Prep?A. You should have taken Mathematics courses at least at the matriculation level (O-levels). Moreover most of your later education should be done in English. If this is the case then you are all set to take our GMAT course in Lahore.
  • Q. Can I get a good score in GMAT if I self prepare?A. Ofcourse you can. If you are determined and you follow a rigid routine, you will be able to do really well on this aptitude test.
  • Q. Do you provide guides for GMAT prep?A. We will provide you with everything you need to score high on the GMAT.
  • Q. I am a doctor. Do you think I can prepare for the GMAT exam?A. You always can but as we stated earlier that you must have taken a Mathematics course at the Matriculation/O level.
  • Q. Do you offer classes for GMAT preparation in Karachi?A. At the moment we only preparation classes for GMAT in Lahore and Islamabad.
  • Q. Do you focus more on the Quantitative or the verbal section of the GMAT?A. We spend equal amounts of time and focus on both of these components. Since both of these sections weigh equally on the test, we refrain from spending more time on either one.
  • Q. Does everyone need coaching for the GMAT?A. Each student is unique and so are there requirements. Many students in Pakistan require tutoring for the GMAT since it is a seriously difficult exam.
  • Q. Which is the best GMAT preparation academy in Pakistan?A. That is a tough question to answer. Since there is no body that would currently rate all GMAT tuition centers on a standardized scale, therefore the answer varies. We personally think that our GMAT course in Lahore is very competitive and given the amazing results our students have got in the past, we would suggest you try out Brightlink Prep.
  • Q. Can I get admission to a business school in the U.S. without taking the GMAT exam?A. Unfortunately GMAT is a mandatory prerequisite for all U.S. business schools. You cannot have it waived.
  • Q. Can I get a one to one coaching for the GMAT?A. Yes we do. You can always contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.
  • Q. Do you offer a GMAT crash course?A. Unfortunately at the moment we do not offer such a course. We would recommend not taking any quick course for your GMAT prep. It requires persistent effort to get a good score and a crash course will not serve the purpose.
  • Q. Where is the actual GMAT exam conducted in Lahore?A. The GMAT exam is taken in UET Lahore. In order to register for the exam you can either go to the test center or enroll online at GMAT’s official site
  • Q. According to you what are the qualities of good GMAT preparation institutes in Lahore?A. There are numerous things that a successful GMAT institute should have. Amongst the most important, however, we think should be the commitment of the GMAT teacher towards its students. GMAT preparation requires a lot of individual attention from the teacher. Therefore when you are deciding which place to join, ensure that you get a high level of teacher involvement.
  • Q. Do you offer any 4 weeks GMAT prep in Lahore?A. Unfortunately we do not offer any 4-week preparation courses for GMAT. We firmly think that GMAT is a difficult exam and requires at least 6 weeks of rigorous preparation. 4 weeks is not sufficient time to preparing with confidence.
  • Q. Do you offer help for writing a personal statement for a scholarship application for a GMAT based program?A. We offer comprehensive consulting for writing a personal statement for your business school application. However before you come to us we would suggest that you go through our post on writing a personal statement. After you do that, come to us with answers to all questions we have asked in this post.
  • Q. Currently I am outside of Pakistan and will be returning in a few months. Do you think that it is better that GMAT should be given from Pakistan?A. Since GMAT is a standardized test, the questions are the same everywhere in the world. Therefore it will not matter where you take the test. Our suggestion is to give the GMAT when ever you are ready.

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