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    Hey Talha,
    I have a question. I know there is no clear or certain formula of scoring Fulbright, but there must be some good ingredients of a successful application. Do you think already having admission offer from a university in US strengthens your application for Fulbright somehow?

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      Hello Maria, Nope – an admission offer from US has absolutely 0 bearing on your Fulbright app 🙂

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        Hello dear TALHA OMER,

        My name is Mohamed and I am from Iraq. I found you are the source of improvement and I want you to Guide me with my Study Objective and Personal statements. Do you think you’ll be having time to help me?.

        I have already done my study objectives but it doesn’t satisfy me. I need you to guide me away from mistake and errors.

        Do you have time to spend on my study objectives, please?

        I am looking forward to seeing your responses,

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          Hello – you can call out team at 0331-4513196 and they can guide you with apps and essays.

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            Assalam o Alaikum Sir,

            I have a query and I hope you don’t mind to answer. Do I need essays of my referees on official letterhead or do I will have to fill the form from my referees which is available on the official website of usefpakistan?

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            W/S Maryam – You have to fill the form available on the official website.

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        Hey, Talha. I’ve gone through multiple resources and they all cite that I have to take the GRE test before the 15th of May. Would you be kind enough to confirm if the deadline is 15th May or the 31st?

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          The deadline has been extended to 15th June 2019 for taking the GRE!

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    Hey Talha,

    Can I apply for PhD under Fulbright Scholarship?

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    Dear Talha,
    You are great GRE mentor and encourage everyone. I am preparing for GRE. Since I am short of time, I decided to memorise High Frequency Words for GRE. The problem I am facing is that how to practice those words. Can you suggest or tell me how to practicse the words so I can understand its meaning more clearly. Any app or something?


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      Hello Asif, So practice from the ETS official guides and books like Manhattan 5LB, Princeton Review, and Kaplan. They have lots of questions on vocabulary applications.

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    Assalam o Alaikum Talha omer am kishwer from PplPakistan student of M.phil last semester can I apply for Ph.D. under Fulbright scholarship?

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      Yes you can apply

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        Now there is a short of time for the applications, so can I still apply for the “Full bright scholarship M-Phil, program.
        The last date is 15th May 2019
        I have not appeared before the “GRE” test also.

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          You can still apply before May 15th and appear for the GRE by 15th June!

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    Hi, is a Good GRE score essential in the gaining scholarship? And kindly tell me what is a good GRE score

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      Not essential but preferred. 320+ is a good GRE score.

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        Isn’t depends on program area and applicants geographics?

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          Regardless – 320 is a great score

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    Hi. Fulbright requires at least 300 score in GRE. Would I still have a chance if i’m unable to score 300

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      Hello – chances would be still there but would be very low 🙁

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        My friend made it with lot less than 300 but had one year working experience in WHO, plus international referees. He got admitted in Emory for MPH. Maybe field also matters.

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      Hi, Talha. I am currently in 5th semester of my bachelors in computer science program. I can give the next upcoming GRE test as i want to apply for Fullbright scholarship as soon as i finish my degree

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    Hey Talha! Is there a deadline for GRE specifically for Fulbright? Like, 15 May is the dealine but if i submit my GRE scores after that? Kindly guide me on this.

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      Hello – Yes it is 31st May.

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        Is that possible? Because the deadline for the application is 15th may, don’t we have to attach the GRE score transcript on the application?

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          You can take the GRE by 31st May. Application deadline is May 15th

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    Hey! I want to confirm if we have to attach the grading scale explanation with our applications. This is mentioned in the application’s instructions posted on their official website:

    Scanned transcripts, including an explanation of the “grading scale of the university issuing the degree should be uploaded.” Please note that HEC-attested documents are preferable with the application but degree and transcripts attested by the issuing authority will be acceptable at the time of application.

    Could you please clarify? Thanks!

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      Yes you will have to attach the explanation as well!

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    I have a CGPA of 2.67 in Bachelors of Computer Science from FAST. I’m looking to pursue a Masters from US, Canada or Europe. What are the chances ? and what GRE and TOEFL scores do I need ? Thanks a lot, Talha

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      You have a low CGPA so not many uni’s in the US will allow admissions but several programs in Canada and Europe will give admissions. GRE score should be 160+ on quant and 150+ on verbal.

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        Are my options limited to Computer Science or can I also opt for MBA ?

        Moreover, what universities should I aim for ?

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          MBA chances on FB are extremely low. CS chances are much higher if you have a good profile.

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    I got a few questions :
    1.what are my chances of being awarded the fulbright scholarship if I have already been requested to fill the medical form and medical examinations?
    2.which month is the latest one has to travel in case he is awarded the scholarship?
    3.Is it any easier for fulbright grantees/nominees to be admissted to universities as co pared to normal/personal admission

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      1) I have no idea about the correlation between medical forms and the awarding of the scholarship.
      2) July/August
      3) Yes it is easier.

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        What about a GRE V148, Q152, W3.5 + TOEFL 92. Is that a good profile for Fulbright candidate for a masters in engineering field?

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          Hello – nope that is a very low score on the GRE for Fulbright

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    Hey, Talha I m a econ student from Kinnaird College Lahore and I’m about to finish my sophomore year with a CGPA of around 3.5 with overall decent extracurricular activities. Prior to that I had straight As in O and A levels. I aim to pursue a Masters degree in education policy, so for that can you share the ideal GRE scores and other prerequisites for this route. Lastly, if you ve any info about kinnaird college alums securing FB I know some people who ve had secured it in English literature a few years back.. But no one in recent years. Can you pls share some advice? TIA

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      Ideal GRE score would be 157+ on verbal and 155+ on quant. Education policy is competitive – you must get some relevant practical experience before applying.

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    Hey talha. My cgpa is 3.4 with a GRE score of 320. Do you think Fulbright is a good option?

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    Could you please tell me if we need to attach our O A Levels education details or just university degree info

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    I need some guidance regarding my GRE prep., I saw your team, it includes multiple attractive GRE scorers, how can I contact them? I am already almost done with my Manhattan 7 guides and magoosh easy and intermediate words, I need a go ahead from this point.

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      You can contact the team at 0331-4513196. The only way to reach them is through call/visit.

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    Hello! What is the last date to give the GRE for the Fullbright application this year? Is it before May 19 or can we give it at a later date?

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      Last date is 15th June for taking the GRE

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    Hi Talha, I wish to ask if a senior colleague can write a letter of recommendation? Or is it necessary that organization’s head should write it? It is mentioned that out of 3 letters at least one should be professional reference.

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      Yes a senior peer can write it for you.

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    Hi wanted to ask if the LOR’s have to be submitted by the referee or can I email the scanned copies of them by myself?

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      Submission has to be done by the referee.

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    The last date of Fulbright application this year is 15th May. Will the application process close as soon as 14th may expires or will it expire when 15th may will expire i.e. 2400 hrs on 15th may

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    Hi, what is the exact time till we can submit fulbright application on 15th May 2019?

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    I got two questions:
    1.Is the pre academic english placement compulsory? Can I not attend it and just go to start the masters course?
    2.Do all fulbright grantees have to be in the US by August or some can push it to the next semester? I mean starting the course in december or Jan?


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      1) Yes it compulsory
      2) You cannot transfer to next semester.

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    Hi, when do you hear back from the Fulbright panel?

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    Hi, this is Safia Izhar. I wanted to ask if the interviews for fullbright scholarship have started or not? Any idea?

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      Hello – Nope. They will start Around September/October.

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    I have a CGPA of 2.67 in Bachelors of Chemical Engineering from GIKI. I am currently looking into Masters programs related to my field in US. I have already given GRE and scored 319. (Q: 161, V: 158)
    I am currently preparing for the GRE again to improve my score. I have the following questions related to my profile:

    1. Do I have any chances of securing admission in any school in USA according to my profile?
    2. How much more improvement would you suggest in my GRE score for Fulbright?

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      1) Funding for MS is very hard to secure without good research experience or publications.
      2) For FB, above 325 is very competitive.

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        I am sorry I just need some reassurance….I should be hopeful for FB with anything above 325 in GRE and 2.67 GPA?!

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    I’m in last semester of M Phil in veterinary science and interested to pursue my PhD in USA can I apply through Fulbright scholarship? And is it mandatory to have GRE before applying for scholarship
    I’ll be grateful for your answer

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      Yes you can apply. You need a GRE before applying.

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        Hi Talha,
        I have 3 questions:
        1-) Is there any job requirement/professional experience required to apply for FB after bachelors?
        2-) Can one apply for it when he s in his final semester (say in feb and semester ends in june). Also, what is the soonest FB scholarship that can be given to such person?
        3-) Is admission in a US university necessary before the applications or does that come afterwards?
        I d highly appreciate if you reply

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    Salam Sir, Do you have any idea about the commencement of Fulbright interviews for PhD?

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      W/S – They have already commenced.

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        OK, Thank you so much and one more question, are they still going on?

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          The interviews are going on but calls for interview invites have now ended.

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    When will the results of the interview be announced?

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      In end of September, early October.

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    My undergraduate degree will be over by June 2020. Can I apply for fullbright scholarship 2020?

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      Yes you can

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      I am a psychology graduate with 3.07 CGPA. Am I eligible for fulbright scholarship?

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