Fulbright Scholarship 2017 is Now Open

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Finally! This year’s Fulbright applications for MS and PhD Programs are now open and accepting applications from all Pakistani citizens currently residing or working in Pakistan. Forms are available here. Like previous years, all fields are eligible to apply to except clinical medicine but priority will be given to those who apply in the fields of education, agriculture, water, energy and health. Women, minorities, people with disabilities or from disadvantaged backgrounds will also be given preference. MBA applicants can also apply but they must have 3 years of full-time post-graduate work experience by May 11th 2016. Fulbright expects to send around 150 students to US for higher education in 2017. The application deadline is May 11th 2016 and the application forms are also available. It does NOT cost anything to apply.

What are your chances of getting the Fulbright? Well you can read that here.

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Note*: Fulbright applicants currently attending or teaching at public universities will be reimbursed their GRE testing fee by USEFP. For engineering and science applicants the minimum score required for reimbursement is 300 and for applicants in humanities and social science subject, the minimum score requirement for reimbursement is 290.

To be eligible for reimbursement you must send your official GRE scores along with the complete application before the deadline. Only 50 such reimbursements are available, so those who apply early will have priority of getting the refund.

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Fulbright Timelines

You can now apply for the Fulbright program and the deadline to submit your application is 11th May. By September 2016 you will get to know the decision and if successful you will be invited for an interview in mid-October. By mid-November you will be notified of the final decision and if selected, the university submission and placement process will continue until February 2017 and visa interviews will take place until June 2017. The departure to the U.S. commences in July and onwards, depending on the universities reporting dates.

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After May 11th 2016, USEFP will notify you by email regarding the receipt of the application. In that email you will be given an additional form that you must fill before further processing. Do not contact USEFP before June 1, 2016 to check whether your application has been received.

Who Was Awarded the Fulbright in 2016?

181 Pakistani’s were awarded Fulbright for their Master’s and PhD. 99 are women and 82 are men, which shows a preference for female applicants. These successful applicants represent 40 different universities and hailed from every province including Azad, Jammu and Kashmir, FATA, Balochistan, and Gilgit/Baltistan. 74 Fulbrighter’s belonged to the private sector, 50 from academia, 29 were students and 28 from the public sector. The range of age was 20 to 42 and represented 17 academic disciplines, including engineering, health, education, social sciences, agriculture, environment, energy, water resources, fine arts and more. Fulbright hopes to select a similar cohort for 2017. Read here to know about how these people got the Fulbright Scholarship.

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Eligibility Criteria for the 2017 Fulbright program

  • Applicants for the Masters program must have 16 years of education from an HEC recognized university. Those applying for the PhD program under Fulbright must have 18 years of education in total. Those who have a 3-year Bachelors degree (usually from abroad), the 3-year ACCA degree or a one year Masters or M.Phil. can also apply but they will have to get an equivalency certificate from HEC and send it along with their application. Applicants with a 2 year BS and 2 year MS degree can also apply.

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  • You must take the GRE general test to apply for the Fulbright scholarship. Is the GRE subject test required? Read this post for more details.

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  • Your application must be accompanied with three letters of recommendation. Your application must be accompanied with at least one academic and one professional or work related (i.e. 2 academic and 1 professional or 2 professional and 1 academic). If you do not have any work experience then you can get all three academic letters. The letters should be written in English. How should you send your recommendations to Fulbright? Read this.

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    What constitutes a successful Fulbright applicant?

    Fulbright is a cultural program that focuses on improving understanding between the people of the two countries. Fulbright not only looks at the academic potential of an applicant but it also selects a person on the basis of their ability to make a significant impact on the socioeconomic landscape of Pakistan. There are no quotas on the Fulbright program and students are selected on the basis of a scale that the Fulbright has set.

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    How much should I score on the GRE?

    The GRE is one of the most important criterion on which an applicant is assessed. Although Fulbright does not disclose the ideal GRE score requirement but this year they have specifically emphasized that a good GRE score is expected of a strong applicant. GRE minimum threshold is 136 out of 170 on quantitative and 138 out of 170 on verbal section. There is no minimum requirement on the AWA section of the GRE. GRE scores are mandatory for all students applying for US programs and each program has its own set of GRE score requirements. In order to get an idea of what GRE score is required you need to check the requirements with the US programs in your field.

    GRE is a mandatory requirement to apply for the Fulbright and it cannot be substituted with the GMAT even for an MBA applicant or any other standardized test for that matter. MBA applicants will have to take the GMAT after their selection by the Fulbright. GRE must be taken before the deadline for the Fulbright.

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    Do I need to get my documents attested by the HEC at the time of application?

    The answer is no. You do not need to get your documents attested from HEC at the time of your application to the Fulbright. However, all of your academic documents from Matriculation/O-levels, Intermediate/A-levels/High School, Bachelors, Masters (if applicable), MPhil (if applicable) must be attested by the “issuing authority” at the time of your application to the Fulbright. For university degrees and transcripts the university authority would be the university registrar, for Matriculation it would be FBISE, for Intermediate it would be IBCC, for O levels and A levels it will be the school or the British Council (in case of private students). Moreover make sure that you attach an explanation of grading scale of university issuing the degree.

    When you do get selected for the Fulbright as a principal candidate you will have to submit the same documents attested by the HEC (both the copies of your degree and the transcript of university). If possible, official transcripts must be submitted directly from the universities and school in sealed envelopes to USEFP. Otherwise, the issuing authorities must attest copies.

    Students with other foreign degrees, qualifications and experience are also at a very slight disadvantage in the process since the USEFP wants to give opportunity to those who are competent but have not had the chance to gain international exposure. That being said, nearly 30% of the successful applicants have had prior international exposure, so don’t be discouraged if you are one of them – as long as you have a strong profile and are ambitious to make a difference to Pakistan, you will get in.

    Note: Fulbright is extremely strict on plagiarism and will disqualify you if they detect any plagiarism or misrepresentation of any facts in the application. Just be honest. While filling your application try to stay within the space limits provided and do not exceed it unless it is unavoidable. You cannot send you application online – you must send a hard copy of your completed and printed Fulbright application along with the supporting documents to P.O. Box No. 1128, Islamabad before the deadline.

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    Application Checklist:

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    How does the application process for the Fulbright Work?

    Round 1: All applications are screened and evaluated initially to see if students fulfil the eligibility criteria and are screened to fit a certain level.
    Round 2: Short listed students are then called for interviews in Islamabad between July and September. The interview panel usually consists of 4 people – 2 U.S. and 2 Pakistani citizens.
    Round 3: Principal candidates (confirmed students) and alternates (wait listed) are selected in October. Applicants are notified by e-mail and official acceptance letter is also mailed to them. Those who do not get selected are notified only by mail.

    To apply please go here: Fulbright application 2017


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    I have an “F” grade in my degree but my CGPA is 3.17. Can I apply for fullbright scholarship?

    • Avatar

      Yes you can

      • Avatar

        Any example of any F grader getting FB scholarship before?

        • Avatar

          YES MANY

          • Avatar

            There are many examples! I had an F on my transcript but alhumdulillah managed to get the scholarship. So it’s possible.

          • Avatar

            Anything is possible – key is to apply

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            hy sir i have done my hons in english can i apply for FB schloaship???

          • Avatar

            Yes 🙂

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            hey. I’m graduated in product design field. kindly share any link or information so that i get to know that in what field can i apply for masters through full bright scholarship?

          • Avatar

            ll fields are eligible except clinical medicine

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          • Avatar

            160+ Quant and 153+ Verbal

      • Avatar

        Are undergraguate students are eligible for fb scholarship

        • Avatar

          Yes if they want to apply for MS

          • Avatar

            how can apply….for MS..?

          • Avatar

            I am enrolled in the last semester right now, will complete it till September, am I eligible to apply for the fullbright? I would be getting my final degree up till December.

          • Avatar

            Yes you are eliglbe

          • Avatar

            Last date of fb scholarship ?? Can I apply now

          • Avatar

            17th May!

          • Avatar

            hi can you give advice about filling application form.

            i looking for some tips and i found you..

          • Avatar

            Yes – what tips do you need.

      • Avatar

        Hi how are you i hope you are doing well ? i need your help for submitting application full bright scholarship in.. can you guide me .i did master in structure in Civil engineering and doing job in SSGC. i want to avail this scholarship in future . i am also preparing GRE test .

    • Avatar

      salam sir.my field is english literature. i wish to apply for fullbright phd programme in( english language and linguistics). So is this programme included in fullbright scholarship?

      • Avatar

        WAS – Yes it is.

        • Avatar

          Dear sir i want to meet u in private for an experts opinion regarding my career.

          • Avatar

            Hello Hassam, We are available at our office between Monday and Friday 1 pm to 7 pm. You can visit us between that by calling us at 0331-4513196.

      • Avatar

        Salam Sir I’m the student of b.com. Will appear in the second part now .but I want to apply for MA literature and linguistic in scholarship ? Can I apply and what r requirements?

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    Hey.. I am a dentist .. Can I apply for Fulbright ?? And do I have to appear for GRE ?? General or the subject based one ?? Thanks..

    • Avatar

      Yes you can apply – GRE general is what you need to take.

      • Avatar

        Being a dentist what are the opportunities? Please elaborate, thanks.

        • Avatar

          You can apply and get admitted to FB – many dentists do

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    Assalam O Alaikum
    I am currently doing M.phil in Computer Science and it will end in june 2017 at max. Can i apply for P.H.D ?

  4. Avatar


    • Avatar

      For post doc you cannot apply through this program and GRE is not required for post doc

  5. Avatar

    Sir Talha i visited USEFP website, it is showing about fee reimbursement for engineering and social science. I am a graduate of Business if I score 290 will it be reimbursed to me ? Do you have any information about it?

    • Avatar

      No fee reimbursement for MBAs 🙁

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    I am enrolled in the last semester right now, due to graduate in June, am I eligible to apply for the fullbright? I would be getting my final degree up till August.

  7. Avatar

    Dear my age is 50 years can i apply for Fulbright scholarship and my field is Electrical Engineering and ME in communication systems

    • Avatar

      Yes age is not a barrier to FB

  8. Avatar


    I have my bachelor Diploma can i submit my official transcript or unofficial transcript?

    What is unofficial transcript?

  9. Avatar

    i have Done B.Tech ( 4 Year ) in Civil Engineering , am i eligible for scholarship ?

  10. Avatar

    TOEFL Is must for this scholarship ?

    • Avatar

      NO – but after the interview selection it is

      • Avatar

        i have done bs(cs) hons can i apply for fb?

        • Avatar

          Yes you can

          • Avatar

            i am bsit 8th sem student. my GPA is 2.7. Is this possible for me to apply for fulbright scholarship for M-Phil. My degree will be end in 15th August 2017.

          • Avatar

            Fulbright offers MS only and PHD – you can apply for MS

  11. Avatar

    Is GRE required for Phd application?

  12. Avatar

    I am doing master in diplomacy & strategic studies, and i m in final year. Result will be anounced in dec. Am i eligible?
    And i am doing it from punjab universsity, so the fee of GRE test would have some concession for me?

    • Avatar

      If you get your degree by Dec 2016 then you are eligible. No concession

  13. Avatar

    I have 18 years academic n professional education ,I want to go abroad for specialization in criminology n corporate field .The above information help me in my objective.thanks

  14. Avatar

    I have qualified BE in Electronics can i apply for master for relevant feild?

  15. Avatar

    Hello sir i am currently enroll in my B.COM.Can i apply to any Fulbright program.

    • Avatar

      Yes if you will graduate this year

  16. Avatar

    good knowledge for all subject

  17. Avatar

    My MPhil in Applied Linguistics has been converted to Ph, D as per university policy. Can I apply for Ph.D? Please guide me

  18. Avatar

    AOA Sir,
    Can you please tell me the length of personal statement and study objectives to be submitted with the application?

    • Avatar

      WAS – not more than 750 words

  19. Avatar

    Also to what address the filled and completed application should be sent?

    • Avatar

      P.O. Box No. 1128, Islamabad

  20. Avatar

    I am M.B.B.S and doing MPH, hopefully my study course will end in November and internship may be started then of 3 months? Can I apply for PHD ?

  21. Avatar

    I am hafiz muhammad. is there any chance that Americans will reject my visa application because of my name? As they don’t like that and they are concerned about securities for all the bad reason primarily terrorism.
    what do you say?

    • Avatar

      Chances of rejection are less.

      • Avatar

        I am 50 years old and have PhD from Pakistan can I apply for PhD with FB scholarship

  22. Avatar

    Hello, Hope you are well.
    I am a doctor currently enrolled in my M.Phill Anatomy programme. I will appear in my final exam in june 2016.
    Are these scholarships for doctors as well? I want to do P.hd in Anatomy, and is there any GRE prep centre in karachi? Please reply

    • Avatar

      These are for doctors too but not in the field of clinical medicine – no idea about GRE prep in KHI 🙁

  23. Avatar

    Salam, sir I have done masters in clinical psychology. I want to know that do I have to appear for GRE? General or subject base?. Waiting for Ur kind reply.

  24. Avatar

    Dear sir,
    I did my BSc in computer science,math & stat and also b.ed and now doing m.ed(one year)from Sarhad university,and it will be completed in September, 2016 I think….so I’m eligible for full bright schalorship or not?

  25. Avatar

    sir will u plz tell me where can i apply for mphill program?

  26. Avatar

    They announce post doctorate fellowships separately? what is the dead line usually (last year?) for the post doc applications?

    • Avatar

      Yes they announce it separately and you will have to check the USEFP site for it

  27. Avatar

    i Did muy M.Com in 2012 but i did not give any GRE test can i apply for MS leading to phd . I have 16 year education

    • Avatar

      MS leading to PHD is not offered by FB

  28. Avatar

    Sir i am doing MSPH and it will end in august 2017 . Can i apply for PhD in epidemiology ?

    • Avatar

      Next year you can but not this year.

  29. Avatar

    Hi, what is the full duration of an M.Sc in Engineering via Fulbright? I understand it is 2 years but exact months please? Do they let us stay for graduation incase it exceeds 2 years or we have to go on a visit visa for that? Is it easy to get jobs in US after spending 2 years in Pakistan post-graduation?? Am I correct to assume that scholars make good relationships with classmates and professors who can help them later in jobs/research positions etc?

    • Avatar

      21 months. They will forfeit your Fulbright if you spend more than 2 years and send you back to PK without a degree. You cannot stay in US after Fulbright.

  30. Avatar

    i am student of BS(electrical engineering) and i ll end in January 2017 am i eligible for full bright scholarship ?

  31. Avatar

    Aoa I want to apply for this,I did MCs now I want to go for MSCS..can I apply??What I would have to do??please tell me

  32. Avatar

    are we eligible if we are in junior year and going to graduate in 2017?

  33. Avatar

    sir im doing my llm nd n end of sept it vl b complted, sir can i apply??? nd how can i???

  34. Avatar

    Sir i m doing MA and my last semester will end in june 2016, am i eligible?

    • Avatar


      • Avatar

        Sir, i have done MBA 3.5 years after 2 years graduation am i eligible for Ph.D ?? My degree is equalant to MS. If yes than
        The second question is; now when can i apply

        • Avatar

          Yes you can apply but next year in March

  35. Avatar

    last year i applied through embark and didn’t selected can I open accoumt again or continue, what shoud i do?

    • Avatar

      Nope – new application and account.

  36. Avatar

    can i apply for phd optometry?

    • Avatar

      as long as it does not fall under clinical medicine.

  37. Avatar

    hello sir
    i have done LLB year 2014 from PUNJAB UNIVERSITY , i have 51% marks , now i am practicing lawyer ,can i apply for LLM scholarship

  38. Avatar

    is there is FB programme for ndergraduate in 2017..?

    • Avatar

      Hello nope. there is only one semester exchange program.

  39. Avatar

    Sir I am doing mphil in pharmaceuticl chemistry and it will end in june..sm I eligible for FB?

  40. Avatar

    A.O.A sir ..i am a student of BS PHYSICS in 4th smastr can i aply for scolrship now

  41. Avatar

    sir is it necessary having work experience for applying. as i have completed my MBA and want to apply for PHD. so is it necessary I must have work experience?

    • Avatar

      No work experience required.

  42. Avatar

    and is GRE Required? if yes then General or subject Base??

  43. Avatar


  44. Avatar

    does fulbright allow you to take your spouse along

  45. Avatar

    Sir,At this time i am doing LLM from punjab university,and got my 2 years transcript of exam.However only my thesis is pending ,which will also be completed/marked at the end of this June 2016.Can i apply for phd in LAW as the deadline is 11th May 2016.

  46. Avatar

    Sir Talha,
    I read on your website that the transcripts have to be attested by the issuing athority. Who wll the issuing authority be incase of university of london international programme/external degree transcripts? And O and A level transcripts? I’m sure there are a lot of UOL applicants who can help me out on this??

    • Avatar

      You don’t need attestations for applying 🙂 they will ask you for those once you get selected finally.

  47. Avatar

    Dear Talha,
    I am doing one year M.ed( Master of Education) from Sarhad University after my B.ed(Bechlor of Education). I wanna apply for the Fulbright scholarship in Education so I have to take General GRE test and in case of selection I have to do TOEFL Exam, right? Guide me please.
    Thank You,

    • Avatar

      Yes exactly 🙂 GRE now (general) and TOEFL later.

  48. Avatar

    Just forgot to mention that my M.ed will be completed in September,2016 so can I apply for the scholarship please?
    Thank You,

  49. Avatar

    hello sir i have done my intermediate can i apply for graduate ????

  50. Avatar

    Is Engineering business MAnagement also an eligible field? Does it require 3 years experience as well ?

    • Avatar

      Yes eligible but 3 years not required.

  51. Avatar

    I have done my master in social work can I apply for this scholarship ? Will I have to appear for GRE test ? If yes so general or subject base ?

    • Avatar

      Yes you can – GRE general.

  52. Avatar

    my petroleum engineering degree compeleted in Mav. 2017, can i apply in FB now

    • Avatar

      Nope – you can apply next year only

  53. Avatar

    I am a student of f.sc in GCU lahore and wanna go for undergraduate studies In USA. …..am l eligible to get the scholarship?

  54. Avatar

    Sir, I have completed my graduation in commerce and post graduated in statistics can I apply for MS and M.phill in Statistics.

    • Avatar

      WAS – Yes you can apply for MS

  55. Avatar

    I have a straight 6 years gap beteween my I-com and my Bachelors. due to some un avoidable circumstances . Will I still be eligible to apply.

    • Avatar

      Yes you are 🙂 explain your reasons for the gap in your application

  56. Avatar

    Asalam u Alikum
    I have done BSBA Hons 4 years. I have education of 16 years. further, I have completed my BSBA degree in 2006. from 2008 till now i am on job. can I apply for FB in the field of sociology or MPH. with regards

  57. Avatar

    Aoa Sir,

    Do we need to take GRE internet based test or paper based test for Fulbright?

    Many thanks.

  58. Avatar

    Hi, I’m currently studying LLB via the UOL Programme. What would be the minimum criteria to apply, first class honours? or would second class honours suffice

    • Avatar

      There is no minimum criteria – but of course the higher the better.

  59. Avatar

    A.A Sir i am an afghan student currently completed my bba (finace) from iba lahore. I want to apply for Fullbright scholarship from Afghannistan. Can i apply for ms in marketing programme? is work experience needed? kindly reply in time. Last date march 20th

    • Avatar

      We have no idea about Afghan FB program.

  60. Avatar

    Dear Sir, I’m planing to apply for FB 2017 for PhD in Forestry. I’ve inquired for the availability of seats and have figured out that there are some available in May 8th, 2016 attempt. Since the deadline for FB applications is May 11th and I’m most probabilistic to receive AWA score after the FB deadline, will it still be okay to take GRE on May 8th? If Yes, shall I have to write to USEP about delay in my AWA score? Your guidance would be of immense help.

    Many Thanks. Jazak Allah!

    • Avatar

      FB considers GRE without AWA 🙂

  61. Avatar

    Really appreciate your work can you kindly tell me that I am in my last semester of software engineering. My degree will be completed by June. Can I still apply to Fulbright and how should I provide my transcript because I didn’t get it or is there any alternative to that because as mentioned in article that I have to provide transcript or degree attached with the application.

    • Avatar

      yes you can apply – just provide your partial documents 🙂

  62. Avatar

    is job experience is important for this scholarship

  63. Avatar

    Aoa. How are You Talha Bro ?
    I’ve done BS (Hon.) English Literature & Linguistics 2007-2011 from Government College University Faisalabad . Am I elligible for this Scholarship ?
    What is the procedure ?
    please guide me all .
    TOSEEF HAIDER (0333-6608316)

  64. Avatar

    Sir , I have completed my graduation in computer science and willing to apply for (Fulbright) master program in computer science but as GRE for computer science is discounted therefor i am little confused that now how can a computer science student apply on which base ?? thank you ! guidelines required .

    • Avatar

      Hello – GRE general test is required.

  65. Avatar

    i a

  66. Avatar

    Hello I am phd scholar, gonna complete soon, any opportunity for post doc studies what is criteria

  67. Avatar

    Hi, I would like to apply for actuarial sciences master program, can full bright offer this program. thanks

  68. Avatar

    I am doing my undergraduate degree from the UK and will be graduating in June 2017. Will I be eligible to apply for this year so I can have a chance at Masters right after undergraduate?

    • Avatar

      You can apply in 2017 not this year – plus foreign grads are at a disadvantage when applying for FB

  69. Avatar

    Hi Sir,
    I just wanted to ask that I have done my undergrad (4 years) in Economics as a major subject and Psychology as a minor subject. Is there any chance that I apply for a fulbright masters program in psychology? Will I be eligible for that?
    Thanks a bunch

    • Avatar

      Yes you can apply 🙂 you just need to defend your choice

  70. Avatar

    I done MBA HR 3.5 years, after my 2 years graduation. Can i apply for phd??

    • Avatar

      Nope 18 years is a must.

      • Avatar

        but HEC considers 3.5 MBA equivalent to MS

  71. Avatar

    I got 3.75 in software engineering from nust. My total gre score is 297. Do i stand a chance in fullbright? Please be honest. thanks

    • Avatar

      GRE is too low to stand a chance – must improve it

  72. Avatar

    I have done my M.S management science. Is the scholarship for ph.d in managemsnt sciences available?

    • Avatar

      WAS – Yes there are scholarships in this field.

  73. Avatar


    • Avatar

      For GRE test you can apply by going to http://www.ets.org/gre and for GRE prep you can get hold of the 8 Manhattan GRE guides and some actual GRE questions for practice from somewhere. These would suffice. If you have any queries let me know. If you can’t find the books, please call my office and ask them to arrange them for you.

  74. Avatar

    AA, Is there any provision for postdoc through FB, if yes when would it be announced

  75. Avatar

    dear sir,
    i am doing my m.phil in linguistics, i might be able to recieve my degree by december,2016. can i apply for the ph. d programme?

  76. Avatar

    talha bhaie i want to apply for ph.d in human nutrition. should i go for GRE general or Subject? Reply please

  77. Avatar

    AoA. I am doing my m.phil in PR and Advertising and want to apply for PH.D. I will get my degree in september 2016. Can i apply now? Also, which GRE test is applied for me? GRE general or subject base? How and when can we request for GRE fee reimbursement?

  78. Avatar

    AoA… Sir i m doing BS(CS) 6th semester, so i can apply for this scholarship??

    • Avatar

      WAS – You can apply in 7th or 8th semester

  79. Avatar

    can Gat(subject) test be used if i dont have GRE?

  80. Avatar

    AOA sir i am doing BSE(Hon) and I am in 8th semester my percentage is 89. Can i apply for MS in ROBOTICS.

  81. Avatar

    i don’t have any questions after scrolling down the whole page and reading all the comments……omg am amazed that this world has still such dedicated and dutiful persons which besides providing every little information through links provided are still replying to every ordinary comment ……WORDS ARE POWERLESS BIG HANDS FOR YOU SIR ……May ALLAH give you even high rank in this world and hereafter JazakALLAH !

  82. Avatar

    i am Phd in Psychology can i apply for post doctorate on full bright ?if yes what is the procedure

  83. Avatar

    I am a Pakistani citizen , but I live in Egypt.What are my chances to apply for this scholarship????
    I really want to have my MA in Education abroad. Its my dream..

    • Avatar

      This scholarship is only for those residing in pK

  84. Avatar

    sir i want to apply for llm so is there any subject gre test required or general gre test

  85. Avatar

    sir i want to know that for llm do i need gre general or subject test

  86. Avatar

    Dear Talha Umer sb, Thank you very much for what you are doing here to guide us. I will be over with My MS in June, July this year and i want to apply for phd in advance materials engineering. I have appeared in mock and secured 300 now im waiting free voucher number. Can you guide when should i apply for GRE in order to meet deadline, May 11, 2016. Should i wait for voucher or apply for GRE on my own? how long ETS takes to dispatch GRE score?

    • Avatar

      Well you should have contacted USEFP regarding the vouchers because GRE registration dates have now passed for 11th May and no more seats are available at least in LHR and ISBD. ETS takes 15 days to dispatch the scores

  87. Avatar

    Can i apply for a post doc research.

  88. Avatar

    What about the funds ?? i really dont know about the cost and my family cannot manage much …what should i write ???

  89. Avatar

    and one thing more, what about the universities…..any university of i choice in US or you have options ?

  90. Avatar

    I am a regular faculty member of a university, so is there any preference or priority to academicians in FB? if yes, how much cut off score would be required for qualifying GRE to get enrolled for a PhD program, as i have done MS in 2013? How many scholarships are actually allocated for PhDs? and how n when the admission process would start? before or after GRE?

    • Avatar

      Yes there is. 300+ would be the cut off. 40 scholarships – after GRE

  91. Avatar

    I’m currently working as shift incharge in an oil refinery with decent TOEFL and GRE scores. Do you think they will consider my application and how many total seats are there any rough idea dear?

  92. Avatar

    I want to pursue PhD in environmental engineering with major focus on water treatment. I have one year foreign research experience in water treatment field. My GPA is 3.75 and GRE score is 300 and i will appear in GRE again at April 25, 2016. I have no publication but i will submit one paper until fulbright deadline. I have IELTS but not TOEFL. Is there any chances of selection for fulbright? Please give fair analysis TALHA OMER brother….. If there is any chances, please suggest me which universities are better for water treatment and environmental engineering, so that i will be able to make contact with potential supervisors. Thanks a lot.

    • Avatar

      I can;t say about the universities because that is field specific and you will have to do research on your own but a pending publication is useless – if anything is published that fine. IELTS is not accepted. GRE 310+ is a good score. Also applicants who have already been abroad for work experience are generally at a slight disadvantage than others. In short I would say you are an average applicant and there is nothing out of the box in your app apparently.

  93. Avatar

    I am a teacher for o level maths . I am masters in Mathematics. My age is 42. Is there any teaching program for me in fullbright scholarships?.

  94. Avatar

    I mean short program!

  95. Avatar

    AOA Sir
    i am student of MSc Sociology and my session will end at 6th June. can i apply? if yes then please guide me

  96. Avatar

    I am doing BBA from Hec recognized university in Karachi . Is there any program available through which I can apply for bachelors in any reputed university in USA by getting scholarship .?

    • Avatar

      There is only an exchange program of USEFP. nothing else

  97. Avatar

    I am student of BBA-Hons part 2, am i eligible for fulbright scholarship or apply for that?

    • Avatar

      Nope – you need 16 years of education

  98. Avatar

    Dear sir I have 2 years bachelors degree can I apply for fulbright scholarshhip

    • Avatar

      No – 16 years education required.

  99. Avatar

    is ielts a substitute for toefel in full bright scholarship??

  100. Avatar

    I did master in mathematics, am I eligible for FB for m.phil in the field of applied mathematics?

    • Avatar

      WAS MPHIL is not offered by FB

  101. Avatar

    sir i have done bachelors in sociology and law in 2013.now am doing job in bank can i apply and GRE is must or optional?/

    • Avatar

      GRE is mandatory and yes you can apply

  102. Avatar

    Hi Talha.
    I am Talha Bin Tariq. I wanted to ask about the extension of deadlines. I am unable to register for the test GRE before the deadline. they extend the fulbright deadlines almost every year. Is there any chance you might know about the extension of the dates this year?
    Secondly I wanted to ask is there any quota for the applicants who come from underprivileged or minority backgrounds?

    • Avatar

      Well that we can’t if they will but they generally have – so lets hope they do this year as well. There is no quota – they are just given priority 🙂

  103. Avatar

    i have done my mphil in masscommunication from umt pakistan,,am i eligible to apply for phd degree?

  104. Avatar

    talha, after xii pre engineering how can i apply. may i appear in general gre. what courses will be offered me in university after xii.

    • Avatar

      GRE general is required and you can apply to any course except clinical medicine.

  105. Avatar

    my daughter is in xii pre engineering . i asked about her/

  106. Avatar

    Hye……….. Sir I want Join this Scollership Help me

  107. Avatar

    Hi, could you please guide me as to how to mail my references? Should I mail them myself or get my referees to do so?

    Also, do I need only my O/A level certificates, or also my grades from school exams? And will the British Council or my school attest my certificates?


  108. Avatar

    Aoa. Im BS Applied Biosciences 6th Semester student. My semester ends in June.I wanted to apply this year in FB program because by the time the FB applications open up next year I will be in my last semester. As the applications takes alot of processing time, I wanted to save time and take a chance this year. I thought one can apply an year before graduating and send an unofficial transcript. But I just read in your replies that its mandatory to be in 7th or 8th semester. Please clarify.

    • Avatar

      WAS – you cannot apply this year – apply next year.

  109. Avatar

    Also let me know what if the GRE seats have all been filled up for the dates before 11th May. Can we register right now for a seat after 11th? Will the application and gre scores be considered.

    • Avatar

      You can register till 30th May for GRE if you are applying for Fulbright this year.

  110. Avatar

    are there any LLM scholarships programs in fullbright?

  111. Avatar


    Dear Sir Talha,

    I am a UET graduate in Electrical Engineering with a CGPA of 3.900 and GRE 305 (V:148, Q:157 and AWA: 4.0).
    I have one year of teaching experience in UET Lahore and 3 years of research experience in a government sector organization.
    I have a good SOP and LOR’s coupled with a nicely composed study/research objectives.
    My Quantitative score on the GRE is low which haunts me.
    Keeping in view my profile, what are my chances of getting through to the interview phase?
    Have you seen candidates with this much GRE getting the fulbright?

    Thanks and Regards,
    Bilal Hassan

    • Avatar

      WAS – Well the GRE is really low and I am yet to see someone with such a low score get the FB – even there are some then they have 4-5 int’l research publications in high impact factor journals.

  112. Avatar

    is there any scholarship for opyomrtry?

  113. Avatar

    I have done B.Sc Chemical Engineering and currently working . I want to get FB for MBA program. What are the chances to get FB for MBA Program for an Engineer having good GRE and TOEFL scores?
    Had any engineering degree holder get FB for MBA program in the past?

    • Avatar

      If you have the relevant profile and experience you can get it 🙂

  114. Avatar

    hi, I have completed my masters in communication and networks. My core subject is wireless sensor and networks. my thesis and research papers are published in this domain. now i would like to apply for the phd position . can i get full bright scholarship for phd . please help and also guide if i need to go for gre or what else. thanks

  115. Avatar

    Please help me

    Can my recommenders submit their new recommend lettter or previous is OK? because last year I applied but not selected.

  116. Avatar

    Nice to see you are Mr Talha. I am a student of B.s honour . my subject is literature simply you need to remember B.s english four year programe. still i am in eight semester. i know all the process and ditail. How can i apply? gre test is must for full bright.

  117. Avatar

    My daughter is doing her M-Phil from GCU Lahore in Economics. By the September 2016 thesis will be completed. Is it the right time to apply for FB scholarship 2017 for her Phd in Economics?
    If so! how we can take a first step?

  118. Avatar

    Hey.. I did B.A then M. Sc I/O Psychology thus completing my 16 years education criteria for applying abroad. I scored 85% overall.
    What next to get a scholarship for Masters program in States?

  119. Avatar

    Dear Talha,
    Consider an academic profile as follows:
    MSEE 3.7/4.0
    BSc EE 3.8/4.0
    TOEFL = 102
    GRE = 303; verbal = 146; quantitative = 157; writing = 3.5
    With a 2 years gap between B.Sc. and MS with no work experience.
    What do you think about this profile especially regarding GRE Scores and having no work experience? Should one apply for FB? Is there ample chance of getting selected?
    Awaiting for your kind response. Thanks.

    • Avatar

      Well having no work experience is not an issue but having a gap of 2 years is a BIG issue. I think this might hurt your chances.

  120. Avatar

    P.hD in Fisheries

  121. Avatar

    I am an architect and Urban Planner. I have multiple publications with CGPA 3.4. I am rite now stuck with GRE. From where i can get the help for GRE its schedule and centers etc. Kindly help…

  122. Avatar

    For Matric and FSc. issued from BISE Lahore Board, the documents will be attested from BISE lahore?

  123. Avatar

    I’m applying for Fullbright and for Supply Chain Management Masters. In university selection there are few universities offering MSc in the subject and other few MBAs in the same subject. How should I proceed? MSc or MBA?. I have a feeling that MBA will not get funded or not selected by Fulbright. Please clear

    • Avatar

      MBA requires 3 years of work experience and I personally think MBA is better than MS in similar fields. So if you have a good profile then I will advise you to go for an MBA degree.

  124. Avatar

    Salam Talha bhai.

    I want to ask about documents. What kind of documents attestation is required for FB. They have mentioned that no need of HEC attestation. “You do not need to get your documents attested from HEC at the time of your application to the Fulbright. However, all of your academic documents from Matriculation/O-levels, Intermediate/A-levels/High School, Bachelors, Masters (if applicable), MPhil (if applicable) must be attested by the “issuing authority” at the time of your application to the Fulbright. For university degrees and transcripts the university authority would be the university registrar, for Matriculation it would be FBISE, for Intermediate it would be IBCC.”

    I have HEC attestation for university degrees. IBCC attestion of intermediate degrees. Board attestation of matriculation degrees. what should i do for documents for FB application? Because university registrar is not willing to attest the degree and now i have no time to request IBCC or board to send documents directly. I have aall degree attestation but you know they are original, i can not send original documents. What should i do to documents photocopies for successful application? Thanks bro

    • Avatar

      WAS – Salman just send photocopies of O/A levels or Matriculation and Intermediate along with copies of your university degree and transcripts attested by the uni it self. In your case just send photocopies of HEC and IBCC attested documents.

  125. Avatar

    Hello sir i am doing MPhil chemistry and my degree will end in 2017.. sir i am a disable student and i want to do Ph.D. sir please tell me how do i apply for FB and how i take addmision in Gree and please inform me is toffel or ittes is neceesory for aaplying and any favour for disables i FB thanks

    • Avatar

      GRE and TOEFL are required by all.

  126. Avatar

    HI! I wish to apply for the fullbright scholarship but i have not graduated yet. Im in the last semester of my study and will graduate by june 2016. Can i still apply?

  127. Avatar

    AOA sir, i am currently in final year MBBS n will complete it uptill february 2017. can i apply for MPH or M PHIL.

    • Avatar

      WAS – Yes you can apply next year

  128. Avatar

    i am doing BS honors in chemistry and it will complete in 2017. can i apply?

  129. Avatar

    MBA 2 yrs ( march 2014-2016)
    work experience ( 2005 -2014)
    BCS Honrs ( 4 yrs – 2000-2004 )

    Any chances of getting shcolarship?

  130. Avatar


    Sir i want to ask what is the last date to apply for fb ? And can we submit gre score after deadline of application ? I mean that for now i send you filled application form along with all documents except the gre ; so you may proceed with it. And when i appear for gre i will submit the gre score for fb . Is that possible ?

    Kindly reply

    • Avatar

      WAS 11th May. GRE deadline is 30th May.

  131. Avatar

    Can I mail my application through TCS and not Pakistan Mail ?

  132. Avatar

    If I send application on 9th May by Post Office from Lahore. It should reach Islamabad PO Box adress by 11th May, I hope.?

    • Avatar

      Apps should be dispatched by 11th May

  133. Avatar

    Can the application be handwritten instead of typed ?

  134. Avatar

    I have given the GRE, i didnot send scores to usefp at the test day. How do isend the scores now?

    • Avatar

      Go to ets website and enter the code for USEFP – you have to pay 27 USD

  135. Avatar

    i’m 14 .. can i apply for this application ..
    recently i given s.s.c part 2 .. from science

  136. Avatar


  137. Avatar

    respected sir my mphil optometry will be completed this year aug 2016. how can i apply phd scholarship?

  138. Avatar

    Do I have to take admission in PHD before hand to apply for fulbright scholarship

    • Avatar

      No – Just apply to Fulbright directly.

  139. Avatar


  140. Avatar

    its my final year of political sc from big recognized university affiliated with HEC can i apply for this best chance to bright my future ,M i eligible ???….
    i will be grateful to to for ever

  141. Avatar

    Assalam-o-Alaikum Sir, i have just given 2nd year exams and i hope to get good grades. At present, I’m also preparing for Entry tests to appear in tests at various universities including Pakistan and Abroad. I want to ask about the full bright scholarships all across the world for Pakistan and for needy. Because i belong to both the categories. Kindly inform me about this all. I shall be Grateley thankful to you.And my priorities are Engineering in any field and IT and Computer Sciences field……….. Regards ?

  142. Avatar

    Hi, I just noticed a small mistake that I made in my Fulbright application. While filling out the Biographic Information Sheet at the end, I somehow missed the “total years of work experience”. Do you think it will affect my selection? The rest of the application is complete and I’ also attached my CV.

    • Avatar

      Don’t worry Fulbright will get that info from the CV.

  143. Avatar

    If someone has already completed their Bachelors from a USA university with a scholarship, does this make them eligible or ineligible to apply for a Fulbright Scholarship now?

    • Avatar

      WAS – No – they can apply for FB

  144. Avatar

    Salam. I am a dentist doing postgraduate training. Is it applicable for me to apply for scholarship in the field of clinical dentistry or any other module of dentistry ?

    • Avatar

      WAS – You can apply in programs such as public health etc. or module of chemistry

  145. Avatar

    Is there any oppertunity available for intermediate students to study abroad?

  146. Avatar

    A.O.A Sir, I’m in the final semester of B.S (food technology ). I’ll probably end my degree with 3.60 CGPA . How bright iare my chances to get a FB scholarships and what steps should i need to take to get one \? Are there specific number of seats for this specific field ?
    Thanks in advance.

  147. Avatar

    i have recently completed my DPT doctor of physiotherapy…
    can i apply for full bright and do i need to take GRE general or subject based??

    • Avatar

      You can apply – you need to take GRE general

  148. Avatar


    Thanks for all the information you are sharing here. Incredible job, much appreciated. I was reviewing the profiles of successful applicants, and noticed that few applicants mentioned “improving” against their current GRE scores. Need to ask if USEFP allows/recommends improvement in GRE scores during interviews/selection process? Would be helpful if you can comment/elaborate on the issue.

    Thanks again,

    • Avatar

      WAS – well sometimes they do ask candidates to improve but that is only after the final selection. Not during the interview.

  149. Avatar

    Is Yemeni students eligible to apply ?

    • Avatar

      No idea – you will have to check with Fulbright in Yemen

  150. Avatar

    Can I apply now?
    What is the last date?

    • Avatar

      WAS – you can apply in May next year

  151. Avatar

    Assalam.o.alaikum sir my name is shumaila bibi i have done M.A. ENGLISH Literature and Linguistics from NUML ISLAMABAD. Insha Allah i will be able to get my degree in august.i got 3.76 CGPA IN Masters can i apply for Full Bright SCholarship.kindly give me guide line regarding to this scholarship.

  152. Avatar

    Hello, Is there any such condition in FB that you ll hv to do job in Paksitan for some period of time after completion of studies?

    • Avatar

      Yes 2 years after MS and 5 years after PHD

  153. Avatar

    Secondly, can u plz guide that if an applicant is engg graduate and has 4 years of experience in MNC and has no social work experience, what would be the probability of getting scholarship? Can u recommend any institute for preparation of GRE or any books?

    • Avatar

      Yes yes of course – social work is not mandatory but always recommended 🙂 Well GRE prep you can consult Manhattan guides and ETS OFFICIAL guides!

  154. Avatar

    I just ask that the decline date of this scholarship….

  155. Avatar

    sir! i m graduate 0f 14 years of education can i apply for this program………….?
    means on full bright scholarship programmer

  156. Avatar

    hello sir i will complete my m.sc botany in december 2016 can i apply for scholarship for year 2017 in mphil abroad ?

    • Avatar


      • Avatar


      • Avatar

        I am an ex army officer, I want to do CPP or masters in criminology have done bachelor’s from Pakistan Military Academy. Can.I apply for this program?

      • Avatar

        Dear sir

        I am a sociologist and doing my final year project. can i apply for scholarship for year 2017?

  157. Avatar

    Is there any option to apply after due date with late fee submission?

  158. Avatar

    Sir As i Know Its late. but can i now apply for the scholarship For MCS? .. As last date is Over . i wanT to appLy for the Upcoming Session FAll 16

    • Avatar

      You can apply next year in May now

  159. Avatar

    Is there is one semester programme during BS in Full Bright Scholarship..?

    • Avatar

      WAS Yes there is a UGRAD program by USEFP.

  160. Avatar

    I will complete MSCS degree by june 2017, and struggling to find some good PHD scholarship in Computer sciences for next year, do i have to wait for next year to qualify for fully bright scholarship or am i eligible to submit application in this batch?

    • Avatar

      You will have to wait and apply next year. You need 18 years of education, a few publications and GRE score to apply.

  161. Avatar

    Sir I passed Matric in IN 2007 with second division and Pass F.A 2009 with second division and B.A in 2015 with Second division now m.A politocal science am elgible for the fb

  162. Avatar

    Is there any age limit for applying in Full Bright?

  163. Avatar

    I want to know about the list of fields in which Fulbright offers it’s Master program. I tried finding it in its official website.

    • Avatar

      All fields are eligible except clinical medicine!

  164. Avatar

    I have done Bachelors of Information Technology from NUST SEECS in 2013 with a cgpa of 3.37/4 (gold medalist). I have over 2 years of professional experience (over 3 years if internship and TAships are counted as well). I have a decent SOP & SO focusing on my journey, hardships & overcoming them, accomplishments and future goals etc. I think my LORs are also decent as they showcase my strengths, my passion for problem solving and alignment of my experience with my goals in future. I gave GRE in late April and scored 307 (160 Q, 147 V). Can you honestly tell my chances for this scholarship?

    • Avatar

      Sorry CGPA is 3.73/4

    • Avatar

      Hello – well given your profile the chances are pretty strong although i’d say that your quant score should be above 164 given your background! But the rest of the profile is pretty competitive.

  165. Avatar

    I have done my B.COM (2 years) and currently i am working on my 2 years B.B.S degree. it will be completed in may 2017. what would be the right time to apply for this scholarship and for the GRE test also.
    Secondly i don’t have any work experience so, can i apply for this scholarship?

    • Avatar

      You can apply next apply next year – experience is not required

  166. Avatar

    Hello. I have a bachelors degree in marketing and I want to apply for MBA. Does FullBright Scholarship offer in MBA?

    • Avatar

      Hello – yes FB offers MBA for applicants with 3+ years of work experience!

  167. Avatar

    Hi, i am graduating in feb 2017, Can i apply for the scholarship now but due date has passed in may.
    and if apply now my application will be considered or not?

    • Avatar

      You can apply next year now in May 2017

      • Avatar

        Sir can I apply for fb for undergraduate degree

  168. Avatar

    Hi , i want to apply im masters in business administration.and have 16 years of education. i have passed GAT general. Is GRE necessary for me to apply for this program ?

  169. Avatar

    Hay. I have completed my F.SC and want to apply for fulbright scholarship for my undergraduate degree in US how will I do it.
    I can or not?

  170. Avatar

    I have done B.Pharmacy but did not pursue it as a career. Instead I did CSS and now I am in government service for the last seven years. Recently I also did M.Sc. Economics (private) for professional capacity building. Presently, i am preparing for GRE and hoping to get enrolled in Economics program on the basis of it. Can you tell me my overall chances of getting admission, and more specifically, in one of the top of American Universities (provided, of course, if I score very well on the GRE test)?

    • Avatar

      Hello – well without a GRE score it is hard to give any chance estimate 🙁 Plus I will advice you to give us a call at +92 300 9448672 and discuss your case in detail so that we can give you a rough idea.

  171. Avatar

    hi i am doing bachelor in media science so can i apply? and send me plz media programs which is in fb…

    • Avatar

      Yes you can apply in any program except medicine!

  172. Avatar

    Aoa , sir , i want to ask that if someone has done simple BA englush and they want to study further through fb , is it possible for them to give GRE and apply for fb ? on the basis of simple BA degree ? also please tell me fb is only for going to america ? i mean what about asian countries like malaysia korea etc ? cant we go on fb to those coutries ? HEC fb is only for america australia ?

    • Avatar

      WAS yes after GRE you can apply. FB is only for US.

  173. Avatar

    Hi , I have done my BBA from AIOU and in professional field from last 9 years. Can I apply for it

  174. Avatar

    Respected Sir i have completed Mphil(CS). now i want to get scholarship in PhD (CS) full free or funded its possible for me kindly tell me.

  175. Avatar

    Hi I have done Intermediate, can I apply for MBBS for American scholarships?

  176. Avatar

    I did MA English literature in 2013 can I apply for FB?

  177. Avatar

    Please tell me that if GRE is compulsory for FB?

  178. Avatar

    how to apply ?

  179. Avatar

    I have done Acs with 70% marks. can i apply for scholarship of masters?

  180. Avatar

    I had done Pharm-D, can i apply for this program. ,if yes then how?

  181. Avatar

    Salam. Sir which is the best field for thesis in msc.physics. ?
    For this scholarship which fields are more considerable.
    I want to avail this scholarship opprtunity after msc physics.

    • Avatar

      WAS – any field is equally good for this scholarship – you just need to have a good GRE score and profile

  182. Avatar

    Assalam o laikum sir but I am complet 3rd year an bsc level studend but me how scholarship to aply but you send me completly detail to gemail ok thank u sir

  183. Avatar

    I am a doctor, MBBS, and I am about to complete my residency from Aga Khan Hospital. I have had excellent grades throughout my educational career. Am I eligible to apply for scholarship to go for one year medical fellowship to Singapore?

    Please enlighten on the subject as I do not see much opportunities for medical doctors for their fellowship scholarships.

    • Avatar

      Hello – nope this is not for medicine – only non medicine can apply 🙂

  184. Avatar


    I am almost done with my 1st year of 4 year BS(Hons.) in English Literature. Please tell me if I can apply after the completion of my 2 years for 3rd and 4th year. If I can apply, please guide me when will come the next dates and how do I apply? Also, tell me about tests which I should take before applying for the scholarship.
    Thank you.

    Student in need,
    Aruha Arif

    • Avatar

      Hello – You can apply in 4th year. GRE general test is required.

  185. Avatar

    sir im doing my PhD in physical chemistry n want to do my research in usa through fullbright scholarship .am i eligible?if yes then how can i proceed

  186. Avatar

    hello R/Sir,
    currently i m a biochemistry mphil student at QAU islamabad and my degree will be completed till august next year, should i follow the same procedure of taking GRE general and TOEFL to get the FB scholarship or there is any distinct way for getting PhD FB scholarship especially for being a biochemist.
    2ndly plz suggest some best books/guides for international GRE preparation to get overwhelming score.
    Your guidance can change my luck!

    • Avatar

      Hello – Yes you have to take the same procedure – manhattan GRE and ETS GRE books are the best prep source

  187. Avatar

    I am student of BS Eng in BZU.I m in 5th semester now and can I apply for Fulbright exchange program scholarship?

  188. Avatar

    i qualifed bacholar. i apply for this scholarship???

  189. Avatar

    Aoa, sir talha i must appreciate you’re doing a great job here. Sir my sister did her MPhil in Agricultural economics from Peshawar university back in the year 1999. She had a gpa of 3.97. Is she eligible to apply for FB to do phd in economics after such a long gap? She is 44 years old. Would she be requiring GRE Gen also?
    Your guidance would be highly appreciated. Thanks

    • Avatar

      WAS Zubair – Thank you 🙂 Yes she can apply – age is not an issue at all

  190. Avatar

    is there is scholarship for masters in pharmacy ?

  191. Avatar

    Sir i am student of first year LL.B i want to scholarship to forien country

  192. Avatar

    sir i have 3 second divions
    matirc first div
    f.sc 2nd div
    b.a 2nd div
    m.a annual system 2nd div with D grade
    can i avial this fullbright schoarship ????
    if yes what will be the procedure of it
    also guide me tht how and when i can aply for this scholarship
    kindly male me at rtanveer464@gmail.com

  193. Avatar


  194. Avatar

    salam sir i have done my BSc ( hons ) AUDIOLOGY can i apply for GRE.

  195. Avatar

    sir iam an agriculture 2nd year student i can apply to fb for one semister at america

    • Avatar

      Yes you can apply for UGRAD program

  196. Avatar

    how can i apply for LLM

  197. Avatar

    hello sir

    i complete my M.PHIL ZOOLOGY IN OCTOBER 2016 . CAN I APPLY FOR PhD?

  198. Avatar

    currently i am m.phil student of biological sciences and its my last year, doing my research sir i want to know can i apply for FB for my PhD and what will be the requirements for this. As i have not appeared in GRE test. is it possible i applied for FB for my Phd and after i appeared in GRE test is it possible and kindly reply me very soon. thanks and please reply me on my mail. it will be more feasible for me

    • Avatar

      Hello – yes you can apply – GRE is required for this. GRE has to be given before applying. If you don’t want to waste one year then you can apply now directly to US by december 2016

  199. Avatar

    Aoa sir i am a btech (hon) mechanical student and i want to know what is my field of study as the option of btech mechanical is not list in the application. I shall be very thankful.

    • Avatar

      WAS – doesn’t matter at all 🙂 chose the closest field.

  200. Avatar

    I have BS hons in physics . can i apply ? In which university GRE test applicable for MS phycsis.

    • Avatar

      Yes you can apply. for all programs GRE is required by FB

  201. Avatar

    Can Doctors from pakistan apply for fullbright scholarship? to programs like MASTERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH?

  202. Avatar

    salam. i want to ask about the facilities that will be provided when someone awarded by this scholarship. and do we need to show financial status ?

  203. Avatar

    Scholarships are still open for year 2017?

    • Avatar

      nope – now they will open in Feb 2017

  204. Avatar

    my CGPA is 2.00/4.oo can I will be apply for MS ,and if yes how can I applying for Ms

  205. Avatar

    what are the pre-requisite for full bright scholarship as a MPHIL scholar and applying for Masters program or direct PhD?

  206. Avatar

    Sir ,I have completed BDS on August 2014 and then Huose job completed in 2015. Can I apply for Masters in Public Health? Currently I’m preparing for post graduation but till now didn’t get any enrolment, means that there is a gap of 1 year from now till I completed by house job. Does this gap effects my chances?

    • Avatar

      Yes you can apply 🙂 Gaps dont affect unless you can defend them

  207. Avatar

    asslamo alaikum sir.
    recently i have completed my law degree
    ll.b from pakistan college of law
    i want to apply for ll.m
    so i want to ask how can i apply for ll.m scholarship under full bright scholarship
    please tell me
    i will wait for your reply

    • Avatar

      WAS Amna – yes you can apply

  208. Avatar

    full free scholarship for Ph.d .please inform me

  209. Avatar

    sir is there any fees for toefl for fb program

  210. Avatar

    Any idea about dates for outcome of Fulbright Post-doc fellowship program?

    • Avatar

      You can check with usef Pakistan.

  211. Avatar

    fullbright scholarship 2017. pls inform me. i am a nigerian student on Ph.D in a federal university of agriculture, abeokuta, Ogun stste

    • Avatar

      Hello we only deal with Pakistan Fulbright program!

  212. Avatar

    Sir, I am student of Psychology last semester . i am willing to apply for m.Phil. . Can you please guide me?

  213. Avatar

    please inform me i have done BS Computer System Engineering in October 2016. i have not done GRE before is there any chance to get this scholarship right now after doing the GRE in coming badge. please mention the dates also in which duration if i will complete the GRE i will be able to apply? Is there any local person in Islamabad who can give assistance to get this?

    • Avatar

      WAS – You can only get the scholarship after you have taken the GRE exam. GRE prep can be done in 2-3 months.

  214. Avatar

    food technology

  215. Avatar

    Hello sir
    My self Syed Muhammad from orakzai agency i was the part of pakista usaed student exchange program in 2010. i benn to america in 2010 i want to go again can you help me

    • Avatar

      You can check the 2018 Fulbright scholarships program

  216. Avatar

    i want to ask that when applications would be open for full bright this year and Chemistry students can apply for PHD

    • Avatar

      WAS – They are open now – yes you can apply for PHD

  217. Avatar

    I made an application for master degree for fulbright eventhough I had a master degree in molecular biology with a great GPA
    and actually in Institute of Public Health My GRE score are 140 in Verbal and 150 in Quantitative. Is there any chance to gain the scholarship?

    • Avatar

      Your GRE score is very low on the verbal end – even in your field the avg scores are around 150 for verbal – quant score is fine for your field.

  218. Avatar

    I am currently enrolled in an M.Phil. degree. I will complete this degree by August 2017. Am I eligible to apply to Fulbright for a PhD program.

  219. Avatar

    I have done bs ( hons) in chemistry. I want to study mphil in foregin country for better and bright future.

  220. Avatar

    Can there be an issue in obtaining for fulbright for PhD if you do not have any publication?

    • Avatar

      chance without publications are low!

  221. Avatar

    salam sir.can i apply now for this scholarship in 2017 in ms.and what about GRE result submitting date.

  222. Avatar

    Talaha AOA,
    I am in pubic service for last 14 years and having three publications in international as as well national journals.
    i want MS/Ph. D in law having basic education LL. B. What is cope and chance.

    • Avatar

      WAS – Chances are high – work experience like yours is sought by FB

  223. Avatar

    I am sadia. You are doing a very good job 🙂

  224. Avatar

    i got 56 marks in gat general. is Gre still required to pass?

  225. Avatar

    I’ve 16 years academic background. Bachelor degree in English Literature and Linguistic CGPA 2.78 out of 4.00. I’m a wheelchair user. Have 4 years work experience in a non profitable organization. Any chance to get any Scholarship?

  226. Avatar

    Slam to all, Is there any one who can tell that if any FB scholarship applicant have some publications at international journals must require GRE test to achieve it ??

  227. Avatar

    i completed my MBBS last year and currently doing house job.
    what programs can we enroll in as a doctor and do w have to pay for GRE ourselves before applying? and what do i do to start my application process?and will i need to attest my university documents ?

  228. Avatar

    Asslamo Alaikum Sir,
    i want to ask about LL.M scholarship . As i have recently completed my law degree in 2016. kindly, tell me about llm scholarship anywhere in America. i deserve this. please reply me positively.

  229. Avatar

    I have done Master in Islamic Studies. Now I want FB Scholarship for MPhil in Islamic Studies.Is GRE mandatory for MPhil in Islamic Studies?

  230. Avatar

    hy sir salaam! I am goiing to done my graduatyion so can i apply????

  231. Avatar

    Can i eligible for ME at fb schlrship now iam studding 7th semmester BE in electrical with cgpa (3.46).

  232. Avatar

    I passed the matric now i apply for Ist year premedical in Fb

  233. Avatar

    I have registered for gre , is it necessary to register to USEFP for the Fb before gre or I can register after submitting my gre score?

    • Avatar

      You have to register for GRE before 17 May.

  234. Avatar

    I can’t find any seat till 17th of May, the only date available is 18th of May. Should I register to take the GRE and just upload the registration without any scores when submitting the application?

    • Avatar

      USEFP has extended the GRE deadline to May 31st

  235. Avatar

    Can someone successfully enrolled in Masters/MS Program as Fulbright Scholar have the option of extending the program/converting it into Ph.D. (like in case of AusAid Scholarhip)?

  236. Avatar

    I Want to take Admission in EM (Educational Leadership and Management) through Fulbright Scholarship. i am from Gilgit-Baltistan.

  237. Avatar

    An amazing program because of your this great program so many students are able to continue their studies thanxx .
    Salute you.

  238. Avatar

    I am a student of Bs in Computer engineering in 8th semester in august my semester will end can i apply for this scholarship for mphil if yes kindly guide me how?

    • Avatar

      Yes you can apply if you get degree by december 2017

  239. Avatar

    helow sir
    em student of biology (plant sciences) semester 5th at karakurum international university gilgit-baltistan i am also want to apply any type of fullbright scholarship related to my subject. can u guide me.

  240. Avatar

    Sir our exam will start in the first week of July when I should take GRE preparation classes?

    • Avatar

      Our next GRE session starts on 8th July and you can start taking classes from then onwards. Or you can join in week 2

  241. Avatar

    Sir when we should apply to Fulbright scholarship? Sir our exam of B. A part2 Will start in the first week of July?

  242. Avatar

    Hi I was completed mphil degree in home science from berhampur university but I am not clear the net or other exam so can I eligible for apply fullbbright fellowship

    • Avatar

      Yes you can apply but after giving GRE exam

  243. Avatar

    i passed my master last year in geography can i apply?
    if yes then reply in my inbox… thank you..

  244. Avatar

    I am currently in second semester of MS. I will be tentatively graduating in May/June 2018. Am I eligible to apply for Fulbright 2017 PhD program? (because the whole selection process takes almost a whole year)

  245. Avatar

    Aoa brother !
    My causin has completed two years out of three years of DAE in Electrical engineering with 86%…My question is ,either he can apply on the basis of hope cirteficate in place of third year mark sheet as the result is not yet out !

    • Avatar

      WAS – Diploma holders cannot apply

  246. Avatar

    My brothers are us citizens but I am not, can I apply?

  247. Avatar

    thanks for sharing

  248. Avatar

    Salam Talha Omer Bhai
    I have done M.Sc(Hons) in Environmental Science from UAF. Now I want to do Ph.d in this field kindly guide me what type of GRE wil;l be good for me Subject type of General. Because I could not see Environmental Science in Subject type menu on ETS website
    Thankss in advance

    • Avatar

      WAS Aleem. GRE general test is needed.

  249. Avatar

    SALAM Talha Umar bhai.
    I have done my Bs Biotechnology Hons (16years). Now I want to do M.phil in Biotechnology from any suitable university abroad. Plz help me in this regard. fully funded scholarship if there. thanx in advance

  250. Avatar

    sir I hear that new scholarship is announced for engineering course and tell how I can apply in engineering scholarship of japan.

  251. Avatar

    would like to apply for bachelors any link to that

  252. Avatar

    Dear Omer, I have two questions: first, I’ve seen somewhere that under the new arrangements, for Pakistanis applying for PhD, age limit is 33. Is it true? Second, I’ve done Masters from UK, do I need to do GRE to apply for FB?

    • Avatar

      Hello – nope there is no age limit. Yes GRE is still required

  253. Avatar


  254. Avatar

    Sir, my name is Muhammad Arif. can i apply? Will they reject by my name?

    • Avatar

      FB never rejects on the basis of name.

  255. Avatar

    Full bright teaching Assistant scholarship

  256. Avatar


  257. Avatar

    AoA sir i,ve completed my m.com hons 6 semesters, theses are remaining, so am i eligible for scholarship?

    • Avatar

      WS Khurram, Yes you are after you are done with GRE

  258. Avatar

    wrong information, you can submit online application

    • Avatar

      This is for last year when paper apps were available only. They changed it this year. Thanks

  259. Avatar

    i have done my master un physical edu know i want to apply for mphill as overseas …whats last date to apply …Plzz guide me

  260. Avatar

    How can I apply for gre test..???

  261. Avatar

    how i can apply please tell me complete procedure for application

  262. Avatar

    i am masters student in gcwu skt , master in applied psychology my last semester’s exam start from 28 July

  263. Avatar

    Hi, Talha, you’ve been an extraordinary help to students all over pakistan. I am so amazed to get help from you.
    I’ll be graduating in may’2018. Until I get my degree, it’ll be atleast 6 months. November will be very late for applying at Full Bright. What should I do? Should I wait another year?

    • Avatar

      Thank you Ammar!
      Yes you have no choice but to wait for 1 year if your degree is not received by December

  264. Avatar

    Hi Talha, BS(CS) with CGPA 3.1 from FAST-NU.
    Applying for MS(CS).
    What are my chances?

    • Avatar

      Hi Ali

      If your quant is above 165 then chances will be good.

  265. Avatar

    ASALAM-O-AALAIKUM SIR! i’m doing my BS(hons) in computer science from balochistan And it will be completed in march 2018 i want scholarship for M-phil in computer science is it available or can i apply..??

    • Avatar

      WS – Only MS and PHD scholarships are available not for MPHIL.

      • Avatar

        OK THANK U SIR..

  266. Avatar

    Is Fulbright available for Pakistani law students?

  267. Avatar

    sir i pased bsc computerscince 2 year can i aply fb

    • Avatar

      Nope – 16 years education must be complete

  268. Avatar


    I will complete my PhD by ending 2017. Is there any opportunity in Population Genetics

  269. Avatar

    i have completed my o/level this year. can i apply for scholarship to do my A/levels?

    • Avatar

      Nope – this scholarship is only for students who want to apply for MS/PHD/MBA

  270. Avatar

    can i apply for scholarship? i just completed my o/levels

    • Avatar

      Nope – only for MS and PHDs

  271. Avatar

    i have completed my bs.hon in english language and literature with 3.50 cgpa.. can i apply for FB scholarship? please guide me how can i apply.

  272. Avatar

    i am graduate student and i done my graduatioin in 2015 is there any scholarship in fb tht i can do my master program in us?

    • Avatar

      Yes you can apply in any non-clinical field for FB in US!

  273. Avatar

    I completed BBA (Hons) Finance in 2017. My CGPA is 2.74 .can I apply for fb scholarship in UK or Japan?

  274. Avatar

    AOA sir i did bsc civil engineering got my degree in Dec 2016 and my CGPA is 3.37/4.00. . .an i eligible to apply for FB 2018 , i haven’t appeared in GRE yet , so sir how much marks would be enough for me in gre to make my spot somehow strong??and i heard that engineering student should go through gre subject test after gre general and TOEFL , so if someone failed that test so they will be rejected or what???Thanks in advance ,Looking for a positive response

    • Avatar

      W.S. Shahzad, Yes you are eligible – try to keep your GRE above 315. GRE subject might be needed for PHD but not for MS. If Subject test is required then it is mandatory to pass it.

  275. Avatar

    What is the minimum age to apply for FB Scholarship

    • Avatar

      No age limit. Minimum requirement is 16 years of education

  276. Avatar

    can you please post a link of the website from where aplication is sent

  277. Avatar

    sir i did Bs in environmental sciemnce. have any scolarship for further study..///

  278. Avatar

    I want to get higher education .It is my dream.I like to get foreign education because I get more knowledge and information about my favourite subject.thanks for this opportunity.

  279. Avatar

    i have done my msc physics. i am eligible or not for MS ?

  280. Avatar

    is there ay way to to get scholarships without GRE?

  281. Avatar

    hello, i am taking ilets classes and im planning to give the test next month, can i apply full bright scholarship with my ilets score instead of toefl ?

    • Avatar

      For Fulbright you need to take GRE. TOEFL has to be given when called for interview. IELTS not accepted

  282. Avatar

    Dear Talha
    I am around 50 and working in central bank. can I select any subject of study for FB. what are the chances for persons over the age of 50..any examples.
    M Ali

    • Avatar

      Hello Ali – yes there have been around 1-2 people in that age bracket get the FB each year. Yes you can select any subject of study.

  283. Avatar

    AOA i am graduate from GCU Lahore hons program i want to get information about full scholarship program kindly guide me

  284. Avatar

    Hi talha,
    Does usefp has some age limit?
    I am 27, can i apply?

    • Avatar

      Hello – nope – USEFP does not have any age limit.

  285. Avatar

    i want to apply for PhD Chemistry program, how much publications are compulsory for Fulbright, and GRE, TOFEL both are compulsory or only one?

    • Avatar

      Hello – Publications are always a HUGE plus. GRE and TOEFL are both mandatory.

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