Fulbright Interview Experience 2016 #2

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Degree: B.E. Avionics Engineering
Institution: NUST – CAE
CGPA: 3.91/4 (Roll of honour)
GRE: Q 164, V 146, A 4
Resarch Paper: 1
Experience: 1 year as Embedded Systems Engineer at a local software company

• NUST Entrance Test Scholarship – waiver of tution fee by NUST for 1 st semester. Amount: Rs. 60,000
• Nishat Merit Scholarship – waiver of tution fee by Nishat college for complete two years. Amount: 24 * Rs./2000 = Rs. 48,000
• Rector’s Gold medal (Roll of Honour) in B. E. Avionics – October, 2015
• 2 nd position in National Engineering and Robotics Contest (NERC) – September 2015
• Commandant Distinction Badge (golden pointer) – 2 nd semester & 6 th semester
• Commandant Honour Badge (silver pointer) – 1 st , 3 rd , 4 th , 5 th and 7 th semester
• 1 st position in chief minister essay writing competition (urdu), both at tehsil level & district level – 2010

Having said all that, now I want to narrate my interview experience.

I was called in for the interview on 29 August, 2016 at 12:00 noon. I remember I reached there 20 minutes before time. A number of other guys were also sitting there (mostly in suits). I wore only a decent pent and shirt. One by one we were sent into the waiting hall. First of all, all of us were asked to fill out a basic form and write an essay on a very stupid topic. My topic was: which internet sites would you recommend others to visit daily. There were around 50 of us (more than half were females) and we were divided into three lists. My personal speculation is that one list was for engineering students, other two lists were for some other fields.

Having called at 12:00 noon, my turn came on 3:45 pm. I was also supposed to sit alone while my predecessor was taking the interview. As expected, there were two Pakistanis (one man and one women) and two Americans (one man and one woman). The American man welcomed me and made the starting question. They started by asking me to explain more about my field of interest i.e. Artificial Intelligence (AI). As I talked with them, it became very clear to me that they had no idea what so ever about the AI. During the whole interview, I wasn’t asked any specific technical question. During the whole interview, they just asked one question from my research objective statement.

I was under some pressure when I entered the room but as I talked with them the pressure just evaporated. I personally found Americans to be more decent and easy to talk to. All of us even laughed once or twice during the interview. In short, I was mentally satisfied when I got out of the room.

Following are some of their questions that I remember

• Please tell us about your field of interest
• What do you like to do on weekends?
• You took 1st position in essay writing competition, can you share the topics of the essay?
• Why do you want to go to US?
• How can Fulbright help you in achieving your goals?
• How is your study going to help the industry?
• Can you give us any specific example of the use of AI in real life?
• Is there any question that you would like to ask?

Having said all that, I feel confident about my interview.

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