Fulbright extends Deadline to take GRE

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Sigh of relief – those of you applying for the Fulbright program this year and who could not get a seat for the GRE exam may take the GRE test by May 30, 2016 at the latest. Please attach the proof of registration with your application and the application MUST be submitted by May 11, 2016. The Fulbright application deadline remains the same – the only extension given by the USEFP is regarding the GRE general test.

Official notifcation can be viewed here
For all your Fulbright application queries, please send an email to info@usefpakistan.org.


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    I applied for GRE exam and my test was on 30th march but it was stopped/ cancelled due to some security reasons… I was asked to contact regional office, they further asked me to mail to ETS. I sent an email and explained everything in detail, but haven’t received any response yet… so, should I attach all respective emails with my application??

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      Hello Naveeda – yes please do that and also call ETS asap on their Malaysian number

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    Hello I am applying for Fulbright Scholarship 2017. I am an ACCA Member but I have received my membership in April 2016. I have applied for my equivalence from HEC but it takes around 3-4 weeks for the equivalency to come. Can I send my application and a proof that I have applied to for my equivalency and send my equivalency certificate after the deadline date.

    Your quick response will highly be appreciated.

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      Hello Arsh – yes you can send your photocpies as well of your documents.

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    I’m a student of Behavioral Sciences, in sixth semester of the BS program and I have some queries.
    My last semester ends June,2017; however I’m opting for thesis,due to which it might be extended to September .
    If I want to apply for the MS Scholarship, when do I apply?
    How long is the whole process,including all the required tests like the GRE and other formalities ?
    When will the next round of scholarships be announced?
    If selected for the scholarship, what percentage does the candidate still have to pay?

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      You can apply in May next year
      The process takes 6 months to complete
      February 2017
      Candidate pays nothing

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    Hello, the fulbright application asks for proof of GRE registration. I’ve registered for GRE before the deadline of 31 May 2019. Can you let me know what exactly do I need to submit to prove my GRE registration?

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      Hello – Your email that contains the registration confirmation.

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