Fulbright Degree Attestation Requirements

Written by Talha Omer

June 10, 2018

Do you need to attest your degrees and transcripts in order to apply for the Fulbright program? Learn if you need to.

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  1. Avatar

    How to submit transcripts after the admission in a US University? The institute where I am selected requires to submit transcripts officially. How to go about that?
    (It’s not Fulbright)

    • Talha Omer

      You will have to contact the uni and ask them how they need it. Generally they require it to be sent directly by the university registrar office.

  2. Avatar

    Dear Talha,

    I hope your are fine. I actually completed my MSc from UK. Is it necessary to have foreign degree attested by HEC for the Fulbright Scholarship?


    • Talha Omer

      Hello – nope not at the time of applying. But once shortlisted for Interview, you need to have them attested by HEC.

  3. Avatar

    Do we MOFA attestation too at the time of interview?


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