Here is some great news for Fulbright applicants 2016! Those of you who are currently attending a public sector university in Pakistan or are currently teaching there, can get their GRE test fee reimbursed by the USEFP at the time of applying for the Fulbright scholarship 2017.

You must send your official GRE scores with your complete Fulbright application and request a refund. Please note that you must have the following scores on your GRE test if you want to avail this.

For Engineering and Science subjects: 300
For Humanities and Social Science subjects: 290

If you are not applying for the Fulbright program then you CANNOT avail this opportunity. Simply attach a cover letter with your application requesting a reimbursement of your GRE test fee. Requests will not be considered unless they are received along with the complete application. USEFP has the funds to approve up to 50 such reimbursements available for 2017 therefore earlier requests will be given preference.

Good Luck!