Brightlink Student Gets Perfect GRE Verbal Score (170)

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Brightlink Prep student, Sayaf Iqbal, has achieved the nearly impossible feat of securing a perfect score of 170 on the verbal section of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), a key exam to securing a graduate admission in any US university.

Very few students around the world get a perfect verbal score and it is an incredibly difficult thing to do especially if you are not a native English speaker. Sayaf is presently pursuing his undergraduate studies in Economics in a university in Lahore. He plans to apply for the Fulbright program this year in political science and policy. “I still can’t believe I got this score on the verbal section since I scored a maximum of 161 on the several mock exams I took during the Brightlink prep course” he said.

Sayaf had given his GRE this past Thursday on 14th April 2016. With perfect scores of 170 out of 170 in the section on verbal and a 160 on the quantitative reasoning, adding his total to 330, it is extremely likely that he will reach one of the top five programs in the US on funding.

“The section on verbal reasoning was quite difficult at first. However, it became easy as I progressed. The quantitative section was quite hard for me since I struggled with Math and my score fluctuated between 149 and 156 on the mock exams for quant” he added. Sayaf is now focusing on top institutions such as Harvard University to fulfill his dream of pursuing research.


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    Sir how we can acces you at Islamabad or Rawalpindi.Please sir guide us or are you tauht full fee waive or you have to pay some fee.

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      Hello – we are only based in Lahore and not in Islamabad

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    I want to join from Rawalpindi, how can i?


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      Hello – you will have to come to Lahore!

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    I have no information about GRE and my math is not up to the mark. how much time I need to pass this exam.

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    Dear Talha,

    If one opt to prepare for GRE in this academy, does he enjoy other benefits like- SOP review, help in admission process etc all in 25k fee? Also, does this institute guarantees anything like Min marks in GRE ?


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      Hello Rehan – 25K is just the cost of the GRE prep course. There are no guarantees but definitely one has to clear our evaluation test before joining classes. Thanks

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    Does anyone receive any notification email or text for Fulbright Authorities once the application is received by them?

    My application reached at 1700 hrs sharp at Fulbright office islamabad and I am afraid that whether the application would be accepted by the authorities or not

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    How difficult is the GRE maths? I am an MBA student and want to know the time needed to get grip on it. Plus do you offer one to one student teaching program?

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      It is the level of Math that you study in O LEVELS. yes we do offer one to one teaching programs. Generally it takes 2-3 months to master the GRE Math.

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    I hope everything is going well for you. I have some questions about revised GRE exam. I took the GRE exam a month ago but I got an abysmal score of 153 in the verbal section. I found the reading comprehension section as the most challenging one and I think this section is my foible. I had practiced from a variety of books like Official Guide, Manhattan’s 7 and 8 series books, and Manhattan’s 5lb books. In addition, I had also practiced all reading comprehension form big book. I also studied all essential words for the test (including 800 essential words for the GRE exam (barrons), Manhattan’s 500 essential words, Manhattan’s 500 advanced words, Magoosh 1000 words, Manhattan’s Idioms, and over 700 words from big books. However, during the test though I knew almost every word in the answer choices, I could still not put my finger on the words that would fit the blank spaces in sentence completion or sentence equivalence questions. I think there is a problem with my study plan especially for reading comprehensions. I would be grateful if you can make me a favor and advise me.
    Thank you so much.

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      Hello – yes that is expected because the structure that the GRE uses is very complex and hard to comprehend – Manhattan unfortunately doesn’t have that structure and probably no book does. However I saw a few questions by Magoosh GRE and they were pretty close to the actual GRE verbal structure 🙂

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    Hi, thank you for your massage. I completely agree with you. I’m reading magazines of New York Times and I easily understand them but, the passages in the actual GRE exam are so different. Do you have any material which helps me to improve my reading comprehension? I really appreciate if you can introduce some helpful resources to me. thank you.

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      Hello – yes we do have created some customized material for GRE passages but it is only for our own students. However you can get good prep for passages from the ETS official guides. Thanks

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    Hi! I want to ask that I intend to apply for Fullbright next year, so will it be good if I take the GRE test now?

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      Test is to be taken in islamabad – USEFP center

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    Hi, which source would you suggest for the vocabulary prep. Usually how many words do 165+ test takers learn on average?

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    Hi. These 500 words are enough to get such a good score in GRE

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      Yes! You can do other word lists such as Barrons 1100 words to perfect your vocab!

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