Another 100% Scholarship for a PhD in US

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Fawad, a graduate of UET Peshawar made it to several US programs for a PhD in Electrical/Computer Engineering for fall 2017. As with most PhD offers, Fawad will be fully covered financially by the university during his entire PhD – another testament that Fulbright is NOT the only means of getting admitted to a US program.

Fawad says “Don’t bombard every professor in the department with emails. Just check out their profiles and see which one is most similar to yours. Also, your previous research is very important so make sure you mention a faculty member in your SoP whose done research in your field to know its significance.” He also adds “GRE is just an indicator I think. As long your research profile is good enough, even a normal score (310+) can get you admission”

He has gladly shared his profile with us below.

Programs applied to: PhD in Electrical Engineering at Ohio State, North Carolina State, Stanford, CMU AND PhD in Computer Science at University of Southern California, UIUC, Princeton, UCLA

Acceptances: University of Southern California (RA), North Carolina State University (Fellowship), Ohio State University

Waitlisted: CMU

Accepting the Offer: University of Southern California (USC)

Previous Education: BSc Electrical Engg UET Peshawar 2014

Profile: CGPA: 3.97 / 4.00

GRE: 313

TOEFL: 113

Research Publications:
4 IEEE Conference Papers
1 IEEE Transactions Papers
1 Top-Tier ACM Conference Papers
A patent with IPO Pakistan

Work Experience:
2 years undergraduate research experience
1 year experience with own startup

Recommendations: 3 academic from UET Peshawar professors.

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