5 Students Score 330+ on GRE at Brightlink Prep

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330 plus on the GRE


Every month, Brightlink Prep has scores of students crossing the 320/340 barrier with many students crossing the 330/340 mark. This is not only an incredible feat on part of these hardworking students but also a matter of great pride for us. 


Below are the prep tips and responses that we got from some of our students who recently scored 330 and more on the GRE this month.


Suleiman Sadiq: Quant 165, Verbal 166, AWA (not yet received)


When I decided to take the GRE I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of material that was available everywhere. I was pretty confused about how I could work out a preparation plan that would be comprehensive but at the same time be efficient and manageable with a 9-6 job. Round about this time I was told about BrightLink Prep by a friend who added me to their Facebook page. I read a lot of the articles on the associated blog and it was pretty obvious that they knew their stuff. I registered for the course about a month before it started and it proved to be a prudent decision. It was exactly what I was looking for. Talha bhai had compiled all the best resources that were available as notes, assignments, and quizzes which were given every week and were extremely comprehensive. Sifting through all the available material and preparing all of it alone would have taken me considerably longer than the 2 months for which I attended the course. Another crucial resource provided, the importance of which I was oblivious to, was the 12 online and 4 paper tests. I did them in the last 3 weeks leading up to the exam and they were extremely important as they helped build stamina and gave diagnostics for targeted practice. Talha bhai is a great teacher who caters to his students individually. I remember having some problems with probability for which he separately gave me some material to study and practice which helped my preparation a lot. With BrightLink you ll have access to the best study material and plan. All you have to do is diligently execute the plan and the results will follow. Continue reading……


Mustafa Kahloon: Quant 167, Verbal 167, AWA (not yet received)


I’ll be honest. I was not a mediocre student when I joined these classes. I had already prepared for almost a month on my own before joining and had taken the GRE once and score 316 on it (159 quant and 157 verbal). I had learned all the Magoosh words (Basic, common and advanced) before coming to classes. My real trouble was quant. I couldn’t apply the techniques I learned in Barron’s or Manhattan on actual GRE questions. Even after joining the classes, I was having a hard time with it and then I went and spoke to Talha who helped me by assigning to me one of his teaching associates, Shahan. Shahan gave me individual time every week where I could come and ask my queries. This was very helpful since I was able to specifically work on my individual issues and get personalized attention. Talha was also always available by email and provided highly focused and specific methods on how I could improve my quantitative score. With this course, I did improve a lot on my Math. I scored 167 on my quant and verbal. 


Shafaq Tariq: Quant 168, Verbal 167, AWA 5.5


Brightlink Prep provides an unparalleled GRE prep experience. I enrolled in the Lahore prep session and after giving the entrance diagnostic test that was conducted by Brightlink, I got a bit intimidated. The course was taught by Sir Talha and I worked through every assignment and quiz that was given to us through an online portal. I must emphasize that the practice banks for Math and English provided at the end of the course really helped me practice and polish what I learned during the course. The question banks had over 600 questions and they reaffirmed several concepts. I did cover all of the Math guides by Manhattan since I was coming back to classroom environment after nearly 6 years. So my basic Math was very rusty. Before every lecture, I reviewed the Manhattan chapters and that really helped me in understanding Sir Talha’s lectures. My first full-length mock test score was 309 and that was very less than my target score of 325. But by the time I got done with all of the mocks, I was able to touch 330 a couple of time. 335 was a few more points than what I was actually expecting.


Ahsan Sami: Quant 170, Verbal 160, AWA (not yet received)


I just want to say, Thank you Sir Talha. He is a gem of a person and trust me when I say that I could not have had done it without his support and guidance. Thank you very much.

P.S. I never scored beyond 166 on quant on my mock tests but was able to do 170 on the actual test day. For reading passages I will strongly urge future students to do LSAT reading comprehensions as they really helped me improve my verbal score. Don’t spend all your time just learning words. Do as much reading as you can.


Humeira Aftab: Quant 170, Verbal 162, AWA 6


Sir Talha throws a lot of work at you and it gets very difficult to balance it with a job. The evaluation test at the start of the course is really helpful and it brings you to focus right from the beginning. During the course, I made sure that I do all the homework in time and was barely able to do that. In the end, I did nearly 16 mock tests and my score kept fluctuating between 315 and 328 during the mocks. I never got a 330 on any mocks so I was pleasantly surprised to see that perfect quant score on my exam day. Word of advice – please make sure that you do every homework on time and to the pen. The questions in my actual test were very similar to what we did in class or in Homework. Also please please please do not learn too many words, it is useless. Just do the 500 words given by Talha and also publicly available on the quizlet app. Nevertheless, I read a lot of passages and I remember doing like 100+ reading comp’s from the passages that Sir Talha and his team shared with us.









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    Aoa.sir I’m mohammad muneeb siddiqui, a student of M.Phil inorganic/analytical chemistry last semester in quaid-i-azam university Islamabad. As my M.Phil is going to complete in month july-august of 2018,i have a strong wish to do my doctoral degree in well reputed university in USA. I have readed about your sincere effort that you show to your student,while they come to wish their dreams like me. So i also want your help to achieve my goal. My brief academic record is

    Intermediate (pre medical),secured marks 772/1100
    BS (Hons)-chemistry,cgpa 3.67/4.00
    M.Phil inorganic/analytical chemistry last semester is continue, but current score is cgpa >3.

    I wish extremely good and charming response from your side thanx

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      W.A.S What assistance do you need from my end? Let me know and I ll guide. But you should first explore this: https://brightlinkprep.com/steps-to-apply-for-the-2018-fulbright-program/

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        Thanx for good response .Sir i need your assistance regarding my preparation for gre, okay i want to join your gre preparation session so kindly send me schedule of all your gre preparation session of current year and also guide me ,which session i have to join, as i have already mentioned that is my last semester that is hopefully going to end in july–august of this year. Also tell me in which month full bright scholorship is offer every year

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          You should join the September session after your semester ends. We have class in July, September, November. Yes FB is offered every year

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            thanx sir, i contact you soon in shaa allah

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    Can you give me thr link of 500 GRE wordlist, mentioned by Humeira Aftab?

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