5 Hardest GRE Questions

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Since GRE test takers in Pakistan are always asking me for hard GRE questions, I have selected some of my favourite questions. All of these questions are 165+ level questions and similar questions have shown up on the GRE exam to high scorers. Answers to these questions will be available next week – meanwhile you can start solving these and you may put your answers in the comment box below. Good Luck!












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    1. D

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      That’s what I got

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    5) tumult , relegate, vindictive
    Please anyone shed some light on Verbal. Have my exam on 30th march :p

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    Tumult relegate vindictive
    Please shed some light on verbal. I have my exam on monday:p

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    1) x=180-y ===> x=180-5x
    simplifying results x=30
    sum of exterior angles always equal to 360 degree. Also number of exterior angles equal to number of sides. Hence, 360/30=12 sides, option D

    2) Sum of numbers from 1-100=5050
    Sum of even numbers b/w 25-63=836
    Hence, 5050-836=4,214, Option D

    3) 5C2 *4= 40 triangles, Option C

    4) Just a fluke,.. may be option E
    5) Idiosyncrasy, discern, vindictive

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      3) (5C2*4C1)+(4C2*5C1)=70

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        Yea. Abdullah, you’re only looking at an option where you take 2 points from the 5-point line and 1 point from the other line. But, you can also take 2 points out of the 4 points and the 3rd one from 5 points.

        So, that’s what YASH does, he adds up the total count from both of the options.

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    1. 12
    2. 4214
    3. 70
    4. C
    5. Idiosyncrasy, discern, vindictive

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    The sum of interior angles of a regular polygon=(n-2)*180.
    So the measure of each angle=(1/n)(n-2)*180.
    In this problem, we have find n.
    Since x+y=180
    or x+5x=180
    or 6x=180
    or x=180/5=30
    Therefore, y=5x=5*30=150.
    Now (1/n)(n-2)*180=150
    or (n-2)*180=150n
    or 180n-360=150n
    or 180n-150n=360
    or 30n=360
    Therefore n=360/30=12
    Answer to Q.1: (D) 12.

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      Can we assume x+y=180? that its a straight line?

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    Answer to Q2: Even integers between 25 and 63 have to be omitted.
    The number of integers between 25 and 63 =(1/2)(63-25)=(1/2)*38=19.
    Sum of the omitted even omitted integers=(19/2)(2*26+(19-1)*2)=(19/2)2(26+18)=19*44
    Sum of all numbers from 1 to 100=(100/2)(2*1+(100-1)1)=(50)(101)=5050.
    Therefore, the sum of the integers from 1 and 100 inclusive, with the even integers between 25 and 63 omitted=5050-836=4214.

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    Answer to Q3: In order to form a triangle we have to take three points. We may either take any 2 points from 5-point line and the remaining 1 point from 4-p0int line, OR, we may take 1 point from the 5-point line and 2 points from the 4-point line.
    Therefore, using combination formula we have 5C2*4C1+5C1*4C2=40+30=70.
    Answer: (D) 70.

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    for question 5: B, E, I

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    Question 4 is almost certainly D, correct? There is no reference to another industry besides the Machine-Tool industry and the passage states that the author “Examines the transformation of the Machine Tool industry” (history) and that he approaches the topic “From a Marxist perspective” (Ideological). I can’t find any evidence of a comparison or that this shows the origin of some industrial phenomenon, and choice C is a better description of the commentary that we are reading than it is “Forces of Nature” itself.

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    Are we to take from the answer choices in Question 3 that the GRE does not consider flat triangles to be triangles? 70 is only correct if we cannot take 3 points from the same line.

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      Yes GRE does not consider flat or straight lines to be triangles

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    For question 5 BDH

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    What is the combination formula for #3? I understand the concept I just don’t have the formula.

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    what is the correct answers of question 5?

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      Idiosyncrasy, relegate, vindictive

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