What is a Good GRE Score for Pakistani Applicants?

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At BrightLink Prep Lahore, all of our students ask us what a good score on the new revised GRE is. A good score depends on a lot of factors like your choice of university, program that you are applying to, whether or not you are asking for financial assistance etc.

Generally, we strongly advice all applicants from Pakistan (irrespective of their credentials) to aim for an above average score on the GRE. Here are some key factors that will help you identify your ‘Good’ score.

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Choose your program

Identifying the program you are applying to is of utmost importance. This is because the GRE score requirements vary significantly by program. For instance, one of our students who was applying to a dual masters program in production and operations at top 10 schools required an average score of 166 (Quant) and 154 (Verbal). Similarly some one applying to the Electrical Engineering school at top 10 schools would need a 169 (Quant) 163 (Verbal).

Choose your University

Are you aiming for a particular school which offers your program? Recently a bunch of our students were applying to MIT and the average score they needed was in the 168 range for math and 164 verbal. Similarly someone applying to Rochester would need 164 on quant and 158 o verbal. It’s obvious that good scores vary from school to school. Therefore chose your universities before embarking on GRE preparation.

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Contact your schools admissions office to find if they have any special needs

Many schools in engineering for instance do not emphasize too much on the verbal or writing scores. However others are more stringent in their demands. Talk to the admissions office and provide some background of yours. Determiner is they have some special needs or “discounts”.

A word of caution: I’ll take engineering as an example here. A lot of engineering students who apply to U.S. are of the impression that all that matters on the GRE is the quant/math score. This is correct. But if your writing or verbal score is too low, this will raise suspicious alarms amongst the admissions committee. Therefore be aware of that. Do not let your self do below the average on the ‘unimportant’ sections.

What credentials do you have?

If you do not have an extraordinary GPA, work experience and research publications, then in this case GRE becomes of utmost importance. Nevertheless even if you have all of these, students from Pakistan must do better than average to improve their chances of success.

Many of us from Pakistan do not have “real solid” publications or work experiences. Above all, only a handful of our universities are recognized in the U.S. – therefore strive hard to do well on the GRE.

So what is a good score in re for a Pakistani applicant?

Well in our experiences all Pakistani applicants must do above the average requirements of the school and program. We say this because many of us are coming from educational backgrounds that are not recognized in the U.S. and on top of that we do not have any solid credentials to boast of.

To further hamper that, a lot of us also do not have research publications. In fact even if we do, not many of us have them published in recognized journals. Therefore for Pakistani students GRE score becomes a major differentiating factor. It provides the admissions committee a standard means for measuring your true potential. Therefore, take your GRE preparation very seriously.

A rule of thumb is: score at least one standard deviation above the mean score – irrespective of your background credentials.


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    hello bro i student of masters , i have done BS(Hons) eith distinction 88.9% and now in master after the completion of 1 year i am having 84% , my major is microbiology , and i want to be full bright scholar . i am having 2 intrnational research papers and 3 internship . sir pls let me know any rough score i should have to expect this scholarhsip pls guide me . and also tell me being student of biological sc which part should be the imp one or having higher weightage in GRE interview (quan or vrbal)

    thanks in advance 🙂

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      Hi Bakar,

      GRE is crucial for FB. Regardless of your academic prowess you must strive to do well on the GRE. Moreover having research publications is extremely beneficial. It will help you a lot. I would suggest you look at the FB requirements and make an application when you area ready. One word of advice though: Fields related to bio and medicine are competitive therefore work hard to compete.

      Good luck!


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        sir any rough score for FB ?

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    Hello Talha,

    i have one very simple question, if i fail to get required score 1st time and reappear and get good score in my 2nd time, which score will be counted in FB Scholarship. either 1st? or 2nd? or average of both?
    i am waiting for your kind information. Thank You!

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      Hello Fayaz,

      Now ETS gives you the otpion of choosing which score you want to send. It is called scoreselect. You don’t need to worry about it now as you are free to send which ever score you want to.

      Apologies for the belated response – lately have been engrossed in the FB flood 🙂



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    sir i am going to apply for fulbright scholarship 2013,i have completed my BCS HONS in computer science and i want to do my specialization in computer networking i have filled the application form and now i want to submit it.so untill i have not apply for GRE i will apply for it and registration form of GRE is submitted with application form.i got 3.14 CGPA and i belong from fata so plz sir tell me that how much chances is for me i am very poor.

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      FAT Students get preference by FB and also applicants in need of financial support…I am full of encouragement for you…give your GRE asap and make an application…do not think about it a second time. Good Luck!

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    when is the next GRE test ?

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      GRE Test is conducted 4 days a week throughout the year. you can register yourself at any time you want.

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    Dear Talha,

    I want to do PHD in consumer behavior (marketing) and would like to know if PHD is being offered in marketing or not and if yes then what should be my ideal score for GRE to get selected.

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      Hello Asma, Yes PhD in marketing is definitely eligible….though tough to get in…but i am sure you would have the proper reasons for your field of study….ideal score would be 320/340 🙂 work hard for it…i love this field of study Good luck

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    I really want to get into Harvard Business School. Yes, I am afflicted by the “Pakistani Dream”. 🙂

    Even though I did pretty well in university (3.7 GPA) and really well in A levels, I dont do so well on standardised tests…I have been scoring an average of 154 in verbal and 159 in quant while attempting practice tests. Does that diminish my chances?

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      Last year the average GRE scores for Harvard were in the 160’s….i would say 154/159 is pretty average for HBS…Aim for something in the 165 range. However there are other factors too that would be decisive into getting to HBS such as your PS and LOR’s. Work on those areas too. Good luck!

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    aslamu alaikum sir,
    i’m doing mphil in Botany and want to do phd as a full bright scholar in one of the top US schools, i,ll come to u for gre preparation InshAllaH. for Phd, which gre i”ll take, means to say gre general or gre subject type?

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      Hello Saima, You must take the GRE general test – it is compulsory. However regarding the GRE subject test i would suggest that you must check with your prospective university, whether or not they require a subject test. Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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    Dear Talha,
    Could you please tell me that If the related field is not mentioned in GRE subject in that case what should i do .I have done petroleum engineering and planning to apply for Master;s .I have checked the GRE subjects list and i was unable to find petroleum engineering.Should i go for general GRE.One of my friends mentioned that i do not need to go for particular subject if my plan is MS .Particular subject is required when some1 is going for PHD or research
    Please guide me on this issue

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      Hi, You do not need a subject GRE test for FB. You must take the GRE general before May 10th. Moreover if you require GRE subject then the FB will let you know once you are shortlisted after the interview. hope this helps!

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    Hi.Sir, I am doing BSCS ( Becholer of Science in Computer Science ) 8th semster ,Degree expected in augest.
    sir i want to do M.S in Software Engineering. Can u plz guid me that i have also needed to GRE test or not?
    if its Cumpulsory for M.S then how much score i needed?
    THanx 🙂

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      GRE is a compulsory requirement that MUST be fulfilled at all cost 🙂 you cannot skip it regardless.

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      Aim for 310 on the GRE….155 on each section at least.

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    salam talha bhai,
    my name is muhammad zeeshan from rislapur. .i did my b.sc electrical enginnering with 3.04/4 gpa. i didnt hav any experience or anything else. .i didnt appear in gre yet, , would you like to guide me little bit on this. .i would pay you sir although i am in financial crises. .but for studies i can manage from anywhere. .i want to apply for this full bright. .i know my chances are nill but i am hopefull and i will got it if someone just help me in right direction . .i request you sir to guide me. .

    • Avatar

      WAS Zeeshan, Thank you for your message. Your message is a bit vague for me…can please be more specific about what your needs are and how can i be of help to you? If it is just general advice and guidance you need, I will not be charging you anything. Just let me know more details. Thanks


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    when gre test is conducted every year in pakistan

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      GRE is conducted every day (4-5 days a week) throughout the year in Pakistan.

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    i need application proceedure for applying Ms in in agricultur through fullbright scholership

  13. Avatar

    when gre is conducted how mech score does it need?

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      Hello, GRE is conducted in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. Score requriements depend on the program to which you are applying so you can check with the respective uni’s. Good Luck!

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    hi sir!can you please tell me the universities which are affiliated to fulbright scholarship?

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      All credited US universities fall under the Fulbright program.

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    what is a good gre score for applying for biotechnology or biochemistry for phd program?

    • Avatar

      Hi Sana, best way to find is by contacting the respective programs in biotech and biochem….

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    I hav 160 score in qualitative, 146 in verbal and am a grad from NUST with a 3 gpa. Moreover I hav been extensively involved with co-cirricular , multi-cultiural activities ( That i mentioned in my SOP). What do you think are my chances?

    And how much do LOR contribute towards the selection? My advisor is out of contry so I hav a year old reference , which now I think is not very impressive 🙁

    • Avatar

      I meant quantative. This greyed out text is actually very hard to read 😛

    • Avatar

      Your verbal score is below par – Please do note that GRE is just one of the factors in determining your chances for FB – it is not the only factor. Other factors include your personal statement, the field in which you are applying, your GPA, work experience and nature alongwith your letters of recommendations and study objectives. in short you will have to really make sure that you polish all aspects of your application.

      LOR’s are very important. They corroborate your intent and qualifications. Get hold of the most up-to-date LOR somehow 🙂
      Good luck!


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    Hi Talha,

    I have a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southampton and a Masters in Aeronautics from Imperial College London. Ive been working in the Energy Sector in Pakistan since 2010 and am interested in pursuing a PhD in Renewable Energy which is why I want to apply for a Fulbright Scholarship. As the deadline for the application is just around the corner Ive taken the GRE in a frenzy and scored 150 in the Verbal and 156 in Quant. Is there any point in applying this year or should I take the GRE again and apply next year? Thanks.

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      Hi Hassan, I think you are a pretty competitive candidate for FB program and you must not worry about your GRE scores too much. They are above par for FB and moreover you have other good credentials to help you get in….please be cautious too since in my experience FB is a bit reluctant in giving out scholarships to candidates who have already graduated or studies abroad. Note that this is in my experience and FB does not say any such thing so I may be wrong but regardless you must apply this year…..plus energy sector is one area where FB does offer better chances.



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        Thank you for your advice Talha. Ill start my application then.

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    I am Areej from Hyderabad-Pakistan. I have done ACCA, B.com and BSC HONS in Applied Accounting. I have got 22 months of work experience.
    I wanted to ask, am i too late for applying in fullbright scholarship program for 2014 masters degree? As deadline for application submission is 22nd may, can i just take registration date for gre before 22nd may of mid or end of june and give it by then besides I will be mentioning that date in my application.
    Kindly respons quickly, I have no idea about gre, never gace it! But I am intereste din doing masters from abroad on 100 % scholarship.

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      Hi Areej you must take your GRE before 22nd May…

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        Dear sir,
        I have done MS in finance with CGPA of 3.48.. is there any chance of getting scholarship or not as my friends said that it is almost impossible to get scholarship in business administration (Management sciences). If u think that it is possible then at-least what should be the required score in GRE?? please reply

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          Hello Inayat. Well although chances are low to get a scholarship for business related programs, however it is not impossible. I would recommend you to apply for it and try to get a GRE of 325+ due to the competition while applying for funding. Moreover make sure you have solid work experience of 3-4 years to make a strong application. Good Luck

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    Hi Talha. I have just graduated with Bachelors of Honors in Finance on dean’s honor list. I have been on the dean’s honors list throughout my 4 years and have outperformed my peers. My CGPA is 3.95. I have 3 TA-ship experiences (4 months each) and an internship of 40 days at an NGO but my GRE score is pretty average. I have 154 in Verbal and 158 in Quant. I want to apply to full bright for masters in Finance. Do I have any scope in FB?

    • Avatar

      Hi, Yes you can apply with these scores….I dont know what fields you are applying into but your scores are ok and rather than retaking the GRE i would suggest that you focus on other parts of your application such as LOR’s, SOP etc.

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    as i am late for the GRE test. and i want to apply for the scholarship..
    i m confusee.. vat step to do. plz help me out.

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      The last date to take the GRE test is 20th May 2013.

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    Asalam U Alikum Talha Bro!
    Mine BS is still in the process, i will just want some useful information about the requirement for GRE test & What about the CGPA,,,,,,,,, 3.2/4????????????

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      WAS! GPA is good enough. Minimum that you must aim for on the GRE is 300.

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    Dear Sir,
    I am intending to apply for FB in 2015 but my undergrad percentage is not that high , it is around 71%. What you think do I have a chance if I score good in GRE around 160 in both sections. So what are my chances getting FB scholarship. Please reply

    • Avatar

      If you score 160 in both sections then your chances are very high. Good luck!

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        Please also tell me about chances of getting admission in good US University like UT Austin with this percentage and very good GRE score?? My undergrad percentage is 71% & I am aiming at 160 in both sections of GRE??

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    i am a student of agriculture with 3.97/4 cgpa.i want to apply for public health ..am i eligible?
    and kindly differentiate between gre organized by hec and international gre? i am confused between these

  24. Avatar

    and sir my percentage is 85%..

  25. Avatar

    Dear Sir,

    I want to get admission in Texas A&M in Masters petroleum but my bachelors percentage is 70% and my GRE scores are verbal 155 Quant 159. so What you think my chances are for admission and also FB? Please reply.

    • Avatar

      GRE is just one criterion for FB scholarship. Your Quant score is average though and you may have issues getting in but i do not know about your overall application therefore can’t say.

      • Avatar


        What about my percentage, will I be able to get in Texas A&M with 70% marks in undergrad?

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    Dear sir,

    I am student of economics. My Gre scores are verbal 145 and quantitative 148. Want to apply for Master in Economics. Please evaluate my chances regarding Gre score for getting FB scholarship. Have an idea about the least Gre score of an applicant overall or in economics that got selected for Fb.

    Fahad israr

    • Avatar

      Hello Fahad. You GRE scored are very low 🙁 Econ programs require a quant score of atleast 160 and 150 verbal. Still your other parts of the application may get you a good chance of qualifying. Good luck and hope for the best

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    sir i want to give GRE…plz i want to how to prepare is there any online class……i have started my preparation last 10 days and got a lot of koawleddge…….plz guide me.

    • Avatar

      As i replied in my email to you. 🙂

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    talha omer i need to talk in detail about it , so if u can help me kindly mail me on my saadjaleel1990@yahoo.com.

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    assalamo alaikum..sir have u any training centre for GRE?? also want to know whar score required if u want to study without any scholorship in USA..ENGINEERING..MS

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    I want to apply for Fulbright Scholarship. My credentials are as under;

    Associate Chartered Certified Accountant {ACCA} (2008)
    BSc Hons in Applied Accounting Second Class (2008)
    M.A Economics 2nd Division (2008)
    8 Years Experience (2.5 Years in Audit firm, 1.5 years in Asset Management and 4 years in govt project funded by World Bank.

    I will be very much thankful if you could kindly guide me for the following observations:

    1- Please guide me whether I am eligible for MBA program offered by Fulbright and what is the procedure to apply?
    2- What is the difference between GRE & GMAT and which one is acceptable by Fulbright?
    3- Is there any age factor counted towards the program?

    Best Regards

    • Avatar

      Hello Wali,

      Please refer to your email for my response. Best, Talha

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    Salam Sir.im a student of LLB. n i want to do my LLM from abroad through fullbright scholarship.kindly guide me about gre test,it is required for llm or not.

    • Avatar

      Hello, GRE is required for LLM through FB. And you need to get a really good GRE score if you want to convince the panel of your worth. Do well on the GRE 🙂 Best, Talha

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    My husband is applying for FB, if he gets through, may I apply for spouse visa or I have to get a one FB for me as well.

    • Avatar

      yes you can apply for spouse visa. you don’t need to get FB to get spouse visa.

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    Dear sir,
    i am doing bsc computer science. can i apply for information technology management after b.s? i f yes , then can i apply as a fresh candidate,without work experience? And what should be the minimum gre score for this field?

    • Avatar

      And also the GMAT…. is it required for this field or depends on university?

      • Avatar

        GMAT is only required by business schools and programs.

    • Avatar

      Yes you can apply for this program without any prior experience. Min scores for GRE is 310….GMAT will not be needed i guess. In case it is then 650 min on the GMAT

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    Respected T. Omer,

    I am doing PhD in Physics at BZU. I want to do another PhD from a well reputed university. I have two questions.

    1. Is it possible to another PhD from US top-ranked university or they will not allow me for 2nd PhD

    2. I have 3.6 CGPA in MS but in M.Sc I only made 2.53 and also 2nd divisions throughout from matric. Did the US universities only look at last degree of my previous low marks can harm my admission or scholarship. Supposing that if I can make good in GRE subject + General

    • Avatar

      They will not allow another PhD.
      GPA does not matter. GRE subject and general are v. important for you.

  35. Avatar

    Aim for 310 on the GRE….155 on each section at least.
    sir i want to know how much questions i have to attempt right. A little bit confused that how much marks carry a single question. will you help please? 🙂 thanx

    • Avatar

      Adeel. GRE is an adaptive test and each question has different weightage. Someone who gets 10/20 questions right can also get 155 and someone who scores 15/20 can also get 155. It all depends what difficulty level questions you got right and which ones wrong. Difficult questions carry more weight compared to rest. But usually you will have to get anywhere from 28-34 Q’s on the math section out of 40 to get 155 in quant and 22-26 in verbal

      • Avatar

        ok thank you so much. if you have facbook id please share link. if any quarry will contact you. 🙂

  36. Avatar

    sir i want to give GRE…plz i want to how to prepare is there any online class……i have started my preparation last 10 days and got a lot of knowledge…….plz guide me.

    • Avatar

      Hi Fahad, We do not offer online classes. You have to come to Lahore for your preparation

  37. Avatar

    hello!!! I am student of Bs-Economics 7th semester at Quaid i Azam University and my GPA is 3.73…. I want to get FB scholarship for MS leading to PHD… what score is better for me and also tell something about relative importance of quantitative and verbal sections for my subject…….

    • Avatar

      For you quant is very important – strive for a minimum of 160 in quant and 155 in verbal

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    Hi! I am applying for admission in the United States. My field is Electrical Engineering. My GRE score is 157(Verbal) and 162(quant). How good are these scores? Are the scores satisfactory or do I need to retake the test?
    Thank You

    • Avatar

      Depends on what schools you are applying to. If its the top 10 then you need to improve on them, else they are good enough

  39. Avatar

    I like to visit you personally for advice. can i visit you and take half hour or 20 minutes from you. if yes please tell me where i can meet you in Lahore to have a discussion

    • Avatar

      My visiting has a fee associated with it – depends on how much time you take. If you still want to visit drop me an email and someone from my team will let you know of the charges and details

  40. Avatar

    I am mechanical engineer with 14 years experience. I have IELTS score of 6.5 years
    Suggest. if GRE is necessary and what more to do.

    • Avatar

      GRE is required if your prospective university needs it. Please contact the university you want to apply to and ask them if they need one 🙂

  41. Avatar

    AOA, Sir, I am a Intermediate, can I apply for FB?

    • Avatar

      Yes you can apply for the FB UG program

  42. Avatar

    I am master of chemistry and looking for some foreign scholarships for my mphil. In fact I know nothing in this regard. If you can guide me the exact procedure of application please. thanks

  43. Avatar

    First of all i must say that you have been doing a great job helping students interested in FB….i have done my M.phill in finance and i want to apply for PHD through Fb….i have no published research…do i need to take IELTS along with GRE? Can u provide me with a list of US colleges offering PHD in finance?

    • Avatar

      Thanks Noureen for the appreciation! You need to take TOEFL with GRE. Well a list of colleges offering PhD in finance is available on google. You can search them – my hunch is almost all top schools offer a PhD in finance!

  44. Avatar

    I am an electrical engineer and want to apply fort PhD in USA in any university through FB. I got 163 in Quant but 139 in Verbal. Is it possible i win FB?

    • Avatar

      Verbal is very low. Please improve your verbal scores!

  45. Avatar

    Hello.. I wanted to ask that I did my bachelors(hons) in mass communication in 2009.. I’m a mother of two.. Can I apply for masters in full bright program?? If yes, do I need to choose a university myself which offers masters in my field of study? And when r the GRE tests conducted in Islamabad??


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    I want to do PhD in public policy. I have one publication in inter national magzine. My quant. 160 and verbal 149. Already master degree from Warwick university with 3.90 GPA. Highest honor award. Public service 8 years experience being CSS officer. What are my chances

    • Avatar

      I already replied to you in the other post 🙂

  47. Avatar

    Hey! I am a student of Chemical engineering and I am in 2nd year. I want to know when can I apply for this scholarship? And what is a reasonable GPA that one must have to be considered?

    • Avatar

      You can apply after you graduate!

  48. Avatar

    I want to know about essay writing in GRE test, and how its score matters in GRE result and FB Scholarship.

    • Avatar

      For essay writing i would suggest that you contact the university directly and ask them if they need your essay scores.

  49. Avatar

    I’m applying for MS in USA, can you please guide me which university suits me.
    I’ve done BE in Mechatronics Engineering.
    My CGPA 2.94/4 or 73.5%
    My GRE score is Qua=161, Ver=143
    Kindly tell me which university is suitable for me.


    • Avatar

      Look at Uni of texas at A&M College station and UT Houston and Arlington.

  50. Avatar

    Hello, I’m from Pakistan. I have done BS in Electrical Engineering, currently I’m enrolled in MSc Electrical Engineering in UET lahore. My CGPA in bachelors was 3.62/4.00. And my GRE score is 308 (v=145, q=163). I have no work experience, no research publications. I have applied in Fulbright for Masters. What are my chances ? Should i keep my hope alive ?

    • Avatar

      Hi Salman, Well unless I don’t see your complete application I won’t be able to tell your chances. The SO and PS really matter a lot as well as the LOR’s. So without those I have no idea.

  51. Avatar

    Hello,I am a fresh Computer Science graduate from FAST,Islamabad.My CGPA is 2.06 and I want to do MBA from US.Can I get a scholarship or financial aid,If I score well in GRE test score? Also Please Suggest me some business schools in US,where CGPA does not matter a lot.

    • Avatar

      CGPA is just one factor – however your CGPA is too low. GRE is very important for you since you have a low GPA – unless you don’t do well on your GRE and other application parts your chances of getting anything are bleak.

  52. Avatar

    Hi I am an electronic engineer from GIK with cgpa of 3.45……………. My gre is 162 Q 155V and 3 Analytical……….. the analytical part is worrying me ………… What are my chances for getting shortlisted?

    • Avatar

      Hi Sara, where do you intend to apply with these scores?

  53. Avatar

    I have applied for fullbright …………… I am talking about that………. Thanx for your response……….

    • Avatar

      Well if you have applied for Eng then i think you quant scores on the GRE are average. However FB makes their decisions on the whole application and the personal statements and study objectives are very important. Without knowing anything about those I can’t say anything your chances. Good Luck

  54. Avatar

    Hi i have done mphil in chemistry . i am interested to do phd in chemistry so kindly tell me should i have to give general GRE or i have to appear in subject GRE chemistry. thx

  55. Avatar

    I have done M.Phil in Political science with 3.25/4 and want to get admitted under FB in Ph.D. please tell me potential score of GRE to be successful for FB, looking for reply.Thanks in advance

    • Avatar

      Please mention GRE potential score for Ph.D Political Science or International Relations disciplines

      • Avatar

        For PhD in political science i would suggest 155 on quant and 155 on verbal at least.

    • Avatar

      Hi Adeel, you need to score at least 310 on GRE with 155 each section.

  56. Avatar

    If I get enrolled in Ph.D here in Pakistan then can i get admission in USA under FB before my completion of Ph.D in Pakistan.

    • Avatar

      Hi Adeel, nope that is not possible 🙁

  57. Avatar


  58. Avatar

    salam sir.

    sir my cgpa is 3.2 in msc chemistry with no research but have a special practical am i asking or th fb schlorship depends on research or not i mean that without research would i m able to apply for fb scholarship?

  59. Avatar

    Assalam u alaikum

    I want to know that can we apply for both Undergraduate(Exchange program) and also for Graduate studies in Future through Fullbright?

    • Avatar

      WAS – Only one program at a time 🙂

  60. Avatar


    I just gave today the GRE general test and scored 308 (149 verbal and 159 quant). I have done B.S in Telecom from SSUET Karachi and want to pursue Masters in Communication Networks through FB. Is my score enough to get a chance in FB?

    • Avatar

      WAS – Ali for telecom I would advise you to re-take your test and try to get your score above 163 on quant. Thanks

  61. Avatar

    i have a GRE score of 299 which, to be honest, is pretty pathetic. am currently working as a plant engineer at a leading generation company and have no time to retake GRE. Do i stand any chance of competing for this scholarship program? I was aghast at myself for scoring low but the circumstances were too tight for me to prep well. i was emotionally unfocused and mentally exhausted. I’d be immensely thankful if you could guide me on this

    • Avatar

      Chances are extremely LOW – you have to retake it else no point in applying

  62. Avatar

    Hi sir
    I have master’s degree in computer software engineering but with low GPA and my GRE test will be on 18-may-2016. Sir i am interested in Fullbright Master degree program, in order to apply what should be my minimum score.

    • Avatar

      Hello – 310+ will be a good score to apply

  63. Avatar

    what is a good gre score for scholarship in Turkey ?

  64. Avatar

    Dear sir
    How minimum score is required in gre for financially weak students which want graduation from USA or Europe?? Are Fb give this opportunity
    Thanks in advance

  65. Avatar

    Dear SIr AOA.
    I belong to FATA and done M.Phil in Management Science (Finance) with 3.7/4 CGPA. is any preference given to FATA students in FB Scholarships? I mean minimum score for FATA Students?

    • Avatar

      W.A.S Yes FATA students are given preference but the minimum score remains same for all students i.e. 138 quant and 136 verbal

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