What is a Good GRE score for Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan?

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Every Fulbright applicant asks me this question; “What is a good score on the GRE to get a Fulbright Scholarship?”

A lot of students are not aware of the fact that just how intricate it is to answer this question. Ofcourse I can go on and tell everyone “You know, you really want to aim for a 165 or higher on both sections of the GRE.” Now there is nothing wrong with my answer except that we all know that anything above 165 is an exceptional score. However Fulbright is an entirely different ball game. GRE scores though a very important criterion in getting you in, relies on a multitude of other factors as well.

For starters you must know how the GRE is scored.

The GRE is scored on a scale from 130-170 for each of the verbal and quant sections. This means that you can significantly improve your score as well as your percentile with slight improvements in your performance. You will be amazed to know that by just a 1-point increase in your score you can raise your score by over 5 percentile.

Your percentile tells the friendly Fulbright admissions panel about how well you did in comparison to students around the globe. So for instance your raw score may not be that high but if you scored, let’s say 80 percentile that means you are pretty competitive globally.

Moreover your GRE scores are not the only criterion on which the Fulbright committee is going to make the decisions. Portray yourself in the best possible manner and write a spectacular personal statement that elaborates your long term goals and how would they help Pakistan. Get hold of flattering recommendation letters from PhD. professors and accomplished professionals.

Moreover remember that GRE is not only used by the Fulbright panel in determining your intellectual prowess but also by the universities and programs in the U.S. So do your research – look at the average GRE score of accepted students at your prospective programs and the schools you’re interested in and what do they have to say about minimum GRE scores? So for instance Harvard needs above 85 percentile for nearly all of their programs. Using these numbers set goals for yourself and try to aim as much above the average score as possible.

USEFP stance on GRE score

The USEFP clearly says that although GRE is an important indicator that allows them to benchmark applicants from different academic backgrounds and professions however different disciplines have different GRE score requirements. So for that matter engineers would be expected to score well on the quant section whereas applicants from the Arts background will require a high verbal. Economics would require good scores in both sections.

The minimum benchmark that USEFP sets is a 135 (300 on the old version) for each GRE section. However don’t be duped by the simplicity of these scores – it is very unlikely that such scores would get you anywhere, however this is the minimum that you need to have.

Unfortunately unlike ETS, USEFP does not share the average GRE scores of Pakistani Fulbright applicants from previous years. However in my own personal experience I have seen my students with an overall score of more than 310 get the Fulbright with ease. Here is an important post on the average scores that Pakistani students got on the GRE last year.

In summary I would just say that above all, study hard for the GRE and spend a lot of time on your personal statements. Learn the GRE test strategies that save time and become a voracious reader of arcane comprehensions. Above all walk out of the test knowing that there was no way you could have done any better!

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    I jus gave my gre without studyin much since i had my final semester of engineering goin in full swing!..i scored 155v n 154q..knowin that they arent that great..want to knw if thats competitive for fb?..n sendin in my application this week for fb!

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      Since you are an engineering major a 154 on quant is a pretty low score. 160 plus is what engineers typically get on the quant section – verbal is fine for me….however now you don’t have any time to retake the GRE since the deadline is approaching. just work on your personal statement and apply for the FB. Good luck!

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        How can i apply for the GRE test?

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        sir tell me about personal statement how we can write it properly…

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        When will gre test will conducted??? When its registration will start

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        helo sir i am last year student of mechanical engineering in pak . my cgpa is 3.66. i have done 3 internships in three different comapinies . how much score do i get for ms in us full scholarship?

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          Hello Muneeb, Well for funding, usually above 320 is a very good score.

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        Hi Talha am from Kenya and my name has been recommended to the Fulbright committee in washington. I am among 3 people who were recommended. i still have to do my TOEFL and GRE. What are my chances of being selected to the program and whats a good GRE score. Thanks

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          A good GRE score is 320+. Yes chances will be high

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      sir definitely i want to be the part of you. but, perhaps it is my bad luck to see you very late. i have applied for this test and there is no vision of preparation. And finally i want to contact you via cell phone to have some basics….

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        Hello Sajid you can definitely contact me 🙂

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      Sir, what is average GRE score for Fulbright scholarship in the field of law.

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    I gave my GRE recently but I wasn’t 100% confident about my prep. I ended up with a 161 Verbal, 159 Quantitative. I was aiming for 160+ on both. I want to apply to a Psychology Graduate program via Fulbright. Do you think this score is acceptable for my needs (will it give me a fair chance of being considered?). Thanks.

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      Hi Saira, Your GRE score is very competitive and you shouldn’t worry about your scores – they are very good.

      However regarding getting the FB, please do note that GRE is just one of the factors in determining your chances for FB – it is not the only factor. Other factors include your personal statement, the field in which you are applying, your GPA, work experience and nature alongwith your letters of recommendations and study objectives.

      Also the interview is a key part of the process and you must do well in it. In short you will have to really make sure that you polish all aspects of your application. Good luck!


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    i got 154 in verbal and 151 in quantitative in gre general. i am a business professional with work experience. any chance for me to win FB scholarship?

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      Hi Rehman, Please do note that GRE is just one of the factors in determining your chances for FB – it is not the only factor. Other factors include your personal statement, the field in which you are applying, your GPA, work experience and nature alongwith your letters of recommendations and study objectives. in short you will have to really make sure that you polish all aspects of your application.

      That said your GRE score is pretty decent and you must feel confident about it. Good luck!


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        Great work Talha,
        Really appreciable. I would suggest if u could put some good personal statements and research objectives examples specifically for Fulbright. The personal statement for FB is different from PS required by Universities and totally different than Statement of Purpose.
        I believe for any of the scholarships including fullbright PS and Research Objectives are extremely important, may be more important than the GRE Score and TOEFL score provided both of these are above the minimum required. One purpose of most scholarships is diversity, what value u can bring in. So PS is a good place to write about them.
        I would suggest that u provide a sketch or an outline for FB PS and Objectives.
        Keep up the good work

        Jawwad Hafeez

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          Hello Jawwad, Thank you for your valuable feedback. I will definitely look into it 🙂 Thanks


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    Hello Sir,
    I am applying for a masters degree in Electrical Engineering. I have got 160, 156, and 4 in Quantitative, Verbal, Analytical writing respectively. My CGPA is 3.84/4. I have no work experience and hove not published any research papers yet, although I am working on one right now. However, I have tried my best in Personal Statement and Research Plan essays. What do you think are my odds of qualifying for Fulbright Scholarship.

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      Your odds are high but remember FB depends on a lot of factors. Interview is very crucial and prepare well for it. Good Luck!


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        Thanks Mr. Omer

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          You are WC 🙂

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            Sir I have another little question. In your experience, do they really give priority to those belonging to rural areas? I am asking this question because I belong to a rural area of Badin District in Sindh. Will I count as one of those that are given priority?

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      Hi I want to ask what practice material you used for Verbal section? Your score is pretty high

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    i am 2013 passed out i dnt take any GRE exam till now but now decided to pursue MS in US .my B.tech percentage is 83% ECE stream with no backlogs .i wanted to pursue MS with full bright scholarship what should i do now? shall i write GRE and get into the spring or else wait apply for fall 2014.

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      Take your GRE at the earliest and then work on your application before FB opens again next year in Feb

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    My BE score is around 67%
    is there any possibility to get admission for MS in US
    please advice me, what can i do ,can i take GRE exam or forget about MS in US .
    what score should i secure to get any partial or full scholarship ???

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      BE %age does not matter at all. You must do well on the GRE to get admission and any chance of scholarship.

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        thanks alot for quick reply

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    I wanted to ask ,is a cgpa of 3.2/4 inadequate inorder to get fullbright or a good scholarship considering the fact that gre score is great and letters ,statements and volunteer work is reasonably good.?

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    Do you have any idea that what should be the minimum GRE score for applying in the arts feild? Plus the FB scholarship procedure ends in May and ill be done with my degree in June 2014 can I still apply for the scholarship? Thanks in advance.

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      Yes you can still apply….min score would be 158 on quant and 155 on verbal… thats a safe score in my experience…

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    The student of management science (M.COM /MBA /MPA etc) falls in GAT A Catogoriey. but i listen the student of management science can also apply in social sciences. please sir tell me……………it valid or not . and it is valid for admissions in any university or HEC local and foreign scholarship.

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      They can only apply in category A

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    Approximately how much score do I need in GRE to get a full fee waiver for MS in an engineering field in US? I am an engineering graduate from a top engineering university in Pak but with a relatively low GPA (3.3), high English proficiency test score but no prior work experience and publication.

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    Salam, I am a Civil Judge and my qualification is LLM. I also wana compete for Fulbright. Plz tell me how much GRE score is required for me and also plz share some strategies for achieving high score in GRE. My proposed research area is “Human Rights with respect to litigation in developing countries”. Plz tell me whether it is good topic or not?

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      Zubair, About your research I don’t know because it is not my field of expertise…However I do have specialists working under me who can probably give you professinal consulting on that…if you are interested you can send us an email to enquire further…for GRE you must score beyond 320 to feel safe…please follow this for useful tips on GRE….


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    Hi, I have a question that I am also interested in applying for FB and need to know that how much GRE score will you think would be competitive enough to get a chance of FB. My field of specialization is related to Earth Sciences and the sector in which I have worked is Oil and Gas exploration. So how much score I required in Quantitative section of GRE?


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      I would say 310 minimum is required to do well for FB 🙂

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    For MS Textile in NCSU, USA, how many score is required?
    Please reply referring to Fullbright Scholarship?

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    Hi ,can u please tell me about the GRE test bcz I’m doing MCS and how I can apply for FB ? And wat field I choose in future

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    Hi Talha,
    Great Work!
    I am a banker having 8 years of experience. How can I better prepare for PS and GRE. Give me some tips on PS.


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    Assalam o Alaikum,
    I am a Veterinary Student of Final year. My cgpa is extremely low i.e. 2.84/4. I recently passed GAT- General Test with relatively better score of 84 having 99.91 percentile. I am also planning to take GRE test. Do I have a fair chance to get FB or other Foreign Scholarship offered by HEC?? Am I eligible?? Do reply.

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      Replied in your other comment

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        any age limit for applying to masters program for masters in chemical engineering?

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    i am the student of Pharm-D and going to be done with it by january 2014.then i am willing to persue my MS in US via FB.I haven’t gone through GRE so far due to heavy load of studies in the final year.When shoulg i give my GRE and when should i apply for FB?Kindly guide me.

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      Hello Sameen. FB application deadline will be May 2014. You must take your GRE before May in order to apply in time.

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    i am a skilled worker in a steel industry , i have done f.sc (pree engeenring) with 54% , i want to study further i have an expereience of 2 years in mechanicall field is there any way i could get sny scholership , i am finiencially weak please reply me thanks

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    Hi Talha,

    I have been selected as Principal Candidate for Fulbright 2014. I am a petroleum engineer with B.Sc Petroleum & Gas Engineering from UET Lahore and now working as Reservoir Engineer with eni Pakistan (part of eni E & P). My CGPA is 3.646 on a scale of 4.0 and I have two research papers in my name that have been presented in a national conference and one was accepted for presentation in Carbon Management Technology Conference, Florida. Issue is that I’ve a very low GRE score (150 in Verbal and 155 in Quantitative). I am looking forward to MS Petroleum Engineering at Texas A & M, University of Texas at Austin and Colorado School of Mines. My statement of purpose is perfect (at least I believe so), only issue is low GRE score. In your view, should I take GRE again or is there any chance of getting into my wish-list universities with current GRE scores.


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      Hey Dawood, First of all congratulations. Secondly, has the FB asked you to retake GRE? If they have then you must do it. If they haven’t then i must say there is no point in retaking it. Generally for PhD. applicants GRE is not a very high indicator so don’t fret about it. Good luck!

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    Talha I’m an ACCA student and based on my passing three more papers which I’m giving in December, I will be eligible for the Oxford Brookes BSc (hons) in Applied Accounting after the submission and acceptance of a thesis. It will normally take a month or two for the thesis to be graded.
    Essentially my receiving the degree is contingent upon the grading of the Thesis. Can i still apply to Fullbright around March if i expect the Degree on April?

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    hey ,
    Actually i am doing intermediate with pre.engineering and it is near to end subjects i want to study abroad at full bright scholarship . GRE is also required for B.S as well ?

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      No GRE is not required. But you do require SAT for that.

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    dear I am B.E (textile Engineering) and I got Gre score 286 have 5 year work experience adn 3.13/4 Gpa,
    it is not a good enough to get a scholarship ther for I attemp one more time to improve it.
    kindly give me some suggestion to get scholarship in minimum scor of gre.

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    I am much older than the average applicant to Graduate School in the US. I am actually trying to re-enter , since I already have an MA in Economics from a top thirty program in the US. But that was more than ten years ago. Back then I had a 780(95th percentile ) score on the GRE.
    In 2011, when I took the GRE , it was the revised test ofcourse, in my first attempt a got a 156V and a 152Q. Two months later I scored a 154V and a 159Q. Based on these scores I did get a scholarship to two out of ten programs for PhD Economics in the US. The ones I have an offer from are 40+.
    I retook the GRE this year, nad got a 157V and 160Q. I have used all possible resouces out there including Manattan, Kaplan, Princeton, Barrons. I am even using Magoosh this time to get atleast a 164-165 on the quantitative section, but I am not getting past 161 on the practice tests, including the official powerprep. Where am I going wrong? Please help me!

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      Hello Fatima, Thank you for your message. After using sources like Mannhattan and Magoosh (which I believe are the two best in the market right now) it is hard to gauge what is going wrong. Is it a certain topic or question type that is causing trouble? Or do you just get random questions wrong? Or is it the timed pressure that takes the best out of you? How many mocks have you taken and what is your diagnosis?

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    Does Gpa matter for full bright scholarship? I have a gpa of 2.94…

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      No not really. A lot of factors matter such as GPA, LOR’s, SOP, GRE etc!

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    I scored 161 Quant, 151 Verbal, 3.5 AW, I have done my B.E Civil Engineering with a cgpa 3.07, do I have any chance?

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      Your GRE scores are pretty decent and I would recommend that you must apply for the FB scholarship. Plus you must focus on your personal statement a lot! PS is very important part of the Fulbright application!

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    I wanted to take the Gre test but i dont know how can i take it.Can anyone please guide me on it? Where can i take a gre test in Khi? And do i have to do Ielts / Toefl if i want to apply for a fulbright scholarship?

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      Have you prepared for the GRE exam? You can take the GRE test at the prometric testing center in Karachi! You have to take TOEFL and GRE only for FB!

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    Hello Talha,
    I will be graduating this year with a degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Hong Kong. I would like to apply for a Fulbright Masters Scholarship for Fall 2015. According to USEFP website, an applicant requires 4 years of bachelors education to satisfy application criteria. However, I am currently following a 3 year Bachelor’s degree curriculum and so would like to know whether I can still be considered for application to Fulbright Masters program. Also, are my chances of getting a scholarship hindered by the fact that I do not hold a degree from a Pakistani university?

    • Avatar

      Yes you will still be considered as long as its a HEC recognized/attested degree. But let me warn you that students who have already studied abroad before are a little less preferred than those who have not. Good luck!

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    Hi Talha,

    Firstly, it’s great to see people like you giving so much back to the FB community. I am applying either for a Masters either in art criticism and conservation or MFA in creative writing. Though these are not competitive fields for the FB (at least I don’t think so). Have a couple of queries. 1) Do you think I’d have a good chance with these subjects as they are not related to engineering and other predominnant fields that most people opt for. 2) What would be a decent score in the GRE sections (rough approximate of course)? 3) When is the last possible time I have to get the GRE done? I was thinking, mid April, or is that too late? And lastly 4) I have done an external LLB degree from the University of London in Karachi – how do I work around getting my transcripts attested from HEC etc? Thanks so much!

    • Avatar

      Shanal, Thank you for your appreciation 🙂

      1) You are mistaken but there is a lot of competition in the Arts & Humanities category. So you should strive to make a great application.
      2) 310 + for you would be awesome.
      3) May 14
      4) You will have to ask the HEC about it. But i am sure there is a separate process for attesting international degrees 🙂
      GOOD LUCK!

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    Hi, I got 156 V , 155Q and 3.5 AW in my first attempt at GRE exam. I would be applying for PhD in Economics. I would be finishing my Masters in Economics (by research) in June this year, in a foreign country. Do you think my GRE score is adequate or do I need to retake the exam? I don’t have significant professional experience but have substantial research experience with published research papers and participation in international conferences. I also have strong recommendation from foreign professors I am currently working under. Is it likely that my foreign degree and foreign recommendations would be a problem for my application (is FB only for those Pakistani students who have completed their studies in Pakistan)? would really appreciate any guidance in this regard…

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      For econ they are looking at 160+ quant. I would say verbal is ok but quant is a concern but it depends on how competitive the program is in which you are applying. Yes FB doesnot “like” people who have already been abroad so it will definitely work against you. But still if you are a super candidate (which i can see you are) then that will make up for those aspects. FB is for Pakistani citizens anywhere in the world. You should apply for sure because i know a few people with your situation who made it – so worth a shot!

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    I am a Computer Engineering graduate just completed my degree but my CGPA is quite low 2.42 (67%) on the whole. Should i try for my (MS) scholarship am i eligible ? if yes then what GRE scores i should be aiming for as mentioned my CGPA is low ? Thankyou

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      You can apply for sure – i would say a minimum of 310 on the GRE would be good enough!

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    I am biotechnology student and in the last semester of my BS degree program. I want to apply in US university for MS in my field but i am pretty much confused when to apply for scholarship other than FB?
    Ofcourse GRE would be my priority but when should i apply. NOw? as most of the universities admissions are open and will be close till april, but if i apply now, i will not have my 8th semester result. So, i should wait till July to have all my transcripts and then apply?
    Kindly suggest. Thank you

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    Dear Talha

    First of all I’d like to thank you for your service to FB Pursuers. Though your reiterated comments already answered my question, I would like to have your valuable response specifically on my application strengths. I’m Petroleum Engineer from NED and target MS from Texas A & M, University of Texas at Austin, Stanford University.

    1. GRE – V150, Q161, AW (to be received). TOEFL to be taken.
    2. GPA – 3.7/4
    3. Two years of relevant experience.
    4. Few curricular achievements worth mentioning.

    • Avatar

      Hi Muhammad, Thanks a lot for the appreciation!
      1) Quant is low for an engineer 🙁
      2) Ok. But GPA does not matter a lot
      3) That depends on where you worked and how relevant it is to your goals.
      4) Not applicable for grad students

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    Hi Talha

    I have recently completed my MS in Electrical Engineering from NUST with CGPA 3.55/4.00 and now applying for PhD.

    I have five journal publications with cumulative impact factor of 8.74 and four conference publications in which two of them got the best research paper awards at national and international levels.

    What do you think, what will be the good score of GRE to have a confirm scholarship?

    • Avatar

      Hi, Engineering under FB is competitive. I would say 320+ with a 165+ on quant.

  34. Avatar

    and 1 thing more, does the score of Analytical Writing matters?

    • Avatar

      You will have to ask your program directly if it matters or not!

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    Dear Talha, I have done graduation in civil engineering and now working in the department of Auditor Generla of Pkakistan. I want to do master in accounting from USA through fulbright program. My GRE is Verbal 147 and Quanit 160. TOEFL ibt 92. GPA 3.98/4. Please guide me

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      I think you have a really nice profile. Just work hard on your personal statement and study objectives and you will do fine inshAllah!

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    hi, everybody. i want to apply for Fulbright . My GRE Score is Quant 156, Verbal 156, i am a doctor and i want to go for Joint MBA & Master in Public Health degree. Kindly guide me if it is a good score or i need to improve.? plz guide

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      This GRE score is good enough for applying to Fulbright Scholarship.

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    I wanted to ask if i take GRE around 1st May and then send my score and application, will it be considered for fb?

    • Avatar

      I just wanted to clarify that you can take your GRE Test by 14th May 2014 in order to complete the FB application requirements. You do not need your official results by the 14th May. You can simply write your unofficial scores (that you get immediately after the GRE exam) on our FB application and send it to FB.
      For those of you who want to send their applications first and then take the GRE (this happens when you are registered for some time between the 10th and 14th of May for the GRE) – you guys can just attach the proof of your GRE registration with your FB application.
      It is NOT mandatory to have your GRE official scores or even your GRE scores for that matter at the time you apply. However you MUST register and take your GRE by 14th May at the latest.
      If you want an official statement on this you may contact USEFP as well. I hope this clarifies.

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    I am a 4th year engineering (ECE) undergraduate at LNMIIT,Jaipur. My profile is as below:
    Xth – 84%
    XIIth – 91%
    B. Tech cgpa – 7.6 till 4th year
    I am preparing for GMAT and am about to appear for it. I am confident of a 710+ score.
    My concern is that I have had a history of backlogs which precisely numbers to 6 ( all of which i will have cleared in time). I wish to apply to ISB and the top 30 B-schools across the world and I fear that these backlogs will hinder my chances. I wish to know if my worries are justified or not? Moreover, what should I do to compensate for it?
    Please answer asap or this anxiety will kill me..

    • Avatar

      A high GRE score will compensate for any academic shortcomings. So apply with confidence. Backlogs don’t matter at all as long as you have been awarded the degree. What matters is your OVERALL application including personal statements, reference letters, GRE, GPA, and work experience. Good Luck Applying.

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    I scored 130 in verbal and 144 in maths.Am I eligible to apply for the FB ? I am a pharmacist.

    • Avatar

      Hi Sameen, you are not eligible for fb. you need a min of 136 on verbal to be eligible.

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    Iam an engineer with 6 years expwrience. I have got 166 (93 perc) in quant and 163 (91 perc) in verbal but I have got a low 3.5 (35 perc) in writing. I still have no idea why I scored so low in it because I had thought that I had done well in it as well. I cannot retake before fb deadline because no slot is available. Should I go ahead with the application or not?

    • Avatar

      Hi Omar, yes you should go ahead with your FB application – does your program require a high AWA?

      • Avatar

        AOA Talha,
        The target programs don’t generally require it but is normally helpful to have a high score in all sections as per my understanding.
        I want to study in the field of renewable energy engineering and management. As per your knowledge, is it helpful to apply for FB with present score and register for next available date of GRE test, and improve the score in case I get shortlisted. This would make it easier to get into a program of my choice.
        If I wont get shortlisted then improved score would be helpful for next year.

      • Avatar

        Also I wanted your opinion about my chances of getting shortlisted if you discount SOP and recommendations for now. I graduated from a public university (UET) and got 80% (I think it equates to somewhere around 3.4/4) . I am working for the last 6 years in a large petrochemical company.

        Your help would be appreciated. I have already found your opinions blunt and helpful for other people. I expect the same.

        • Avatar

          You cannot discount SOP and LOR’s Omar. They are one of the most important part of the application. Plus there are so many people in pakistan who get more than 80% marks and UET produces the cream – how do you expect to compete with them just on the basis of grades????? Whats your GRE score?

          • Avatar

            Dear Talha I know that you cannot discount anything I just wanted an opinion on my uet scores ( I think they are on the lower side) and gre score (166,163, 3.5, as stated in my first post which you answered) . I just wanted an opunion on these irrespective of my applucation and recommendations (I know they are very important)

          • Avatar

            I am sorry Omar. But I can’t help you here. In my opinion its the whole app that is important not just the scores. Maybe I am not the right person to ask this as I am not in favour of looking at the scores in silo. Maybe someone else can better help you out 🙂

            Many of my students have been to top uni’s with scores lower than your’s while many have been rejected with scores better than your’s. It just that the admission process is a complex system – scores (good or bad) cannot determine anything. Regardless of scores I always suggest that people should apply to their ideal programs by focusing on other parts of apps. I apologize i I couldn’t answer what you are looking for but I don’t want to tell you something which i don’t know. Good luck

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    Dear Mr. Talha,
    We are all very grateful for your help and guidance. Its really a noble task. I am an English teacher, 8 years experience, currently doing my M.Phil. My GRE score is not good. Verbal 160, Quantitative 144 and AW 3.5. Should I apply for Fulbright Phd?

    • Avatar

      Hi Shehryar, Thank you for the message and appreciation. GRE is just one part of the application. The study objective and personal statement really matter a lot as well as the letters of references. Plus you have a great verbal score which is what your field is – so i think you must apply and inshAllah you stand a really high chance of making it to the FB program 🙂 Good Luck!

  42. Avatar

    Dear Talha, Iam awaiting your response regrading my queries. Thanks in advance

  43. Avatar

    Hi Talha, I have got your point. Anyways thanks for taking the time out. 🙂
    Also is it possible to meet up with you or talk on phone if I want some guidance reagarding higher education abroad?

    • Avatar

      yes definitely. Just call me up and set up a time. Preferably next week.

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    Hey Talha,
    I have an international publication , a GRE score of Verbal 147 and Quantative 155 and a 3.94 cgpa .
    What are my chances ? I am apply for computer sciences

    • Avatar

      Are you applying for PhD?

      • Avatar

        No for Masters

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    HI Talha
    Great work first of all ,keep it up.
    I’m an Engineer by profession and degree with 3.2 cgpa. Can I go for MBA supply chain and logistic?
    If yes, please advise average marks I need to score in GRE to win a scholarship.

    • Avatar

      Hi Ali. thanks 🙂 yes you can. Well you must aim for a 325+ on the GRE.

  46. Avatar

    dear Talha can i appear in GRE, if i appear how to preparartion for GRE and which book is bets for my preparation

    • Avatar

      Hi Wazir, Any one who wants to go for graduate studies can apply and take the GRE exam. GRE is a difficult test and requires 2-3 months of intensive preparation – there are many books out there for GRE preparation and each book has its own strengths and weaknesses. I would advice you to read my reviews on GRE books over here and see which ones suit you the best 🙂 http://www.brightlinkprep.com/all-posts/gre/gre-book-reviews/

  47. Avatar

    sir my English is very weak , can i appear in GRE examination and get score

    • Avatar

      Hi Niaz, You will have to spend 3-4 months in order to improve your verbal section on the GRE. 🙂

  48. Avatar

    Great work Talha
    Really appreciate you in this regard. please help me also i have completed my veterinary medicine from Faisalabad.
    i am doing my job in poultry for 2 years. how much marks i have to score in GRE and also what are the sources for preparation…

  49. Avatar

    Salam sir Omer!
    I have an 18 years degree and now willing to apply for FB for a PhD (Economics) in US , Right now i am working on my research proposal and have a plan to take GRE next month ( which I am really anxious about! )
    Kindly tell me what is it that really matters to get a FB scholarship (for a PhD candidate)? What are the suitable GRE scores and what should i do to make my application stronger?

    Best regards!

    • Avatar

      WAS Maham, Well PhD decisions are purely based on your research focus and intent – if you are a candidate who has a potential to do research in your chosen area then your chances are high. That means that you need to have research publications, research experience, an area of research that has an impact factor towards Pakistan etc. For econ GRE quant must be at least 162+. I would suggest to make sure that you have the meat (research) to back up your app. Good Luck

  50. Avatar

    Dear Sir,
    your are doing well to educated students and that is really appreciable. Dear sir i belong to Balochistan and i have done my BS in Information Technlogy ,secured 74% with 3.23 CGPA. My Question is that i want to appear in FB GRE test and in this regard can you recommend me any book to do prepartion.
    I have other Question that Does any Priority to students of Balochistan.

  51. Avatar

    I have done Bsc Textile Engineering. but now for Masters i want to apply in Ms industrial Engineering..can we apply in FB in such a case…
    Or we can apply only in that specific discipline of our first degree.
    As these both degrees are related.

    • Avatar

      Hi Ahmad, Yes you can apply of course – you just need to make a cogent case for it 🙂 Let me know if you have any further questions – thanks

  52. Avatar

    Helo Talha.. I have recently done DVM( DOCTOR OF VETERINARY MEDICINE) with cgpa 3.07. can I have any chance to get FB scholership.. What should be my GRE score to get FB scholership with cgpa 3.07????

    • Avatar

      Hi Ashiq, Yes you do have a strong chance – i know a few ppl in your area who went on FB and each had a GRE score of more than 310 with 155 at least on quant.

  53. Avatar

    hello talha
    firstly hats off to u for guiding people in such a decent and great way , talha i want to ask you about applying in FB , i m a final year student of BSCS and my degree will b completed in 2015 December, can i apply in 2015 for FB ??

    • Avatar

      Hi Arooj, You are welcome 🙂 Yes you can as long as you get your degree by December 2015.

  54. Avatar

    i am very much intrested for ms in us
    my profile is secondary school 82%
    high school 89%
    graduation 78%
    please guide me in this direction

  55. Avatar

    Hello Talha,

    I am a final year student at National University of Sciences and Technology. I pursuing my degree in Mass Communication. Since I am a final year student, I want know when is the best time o give GRE and how to prepare to attain a good score since I plan to apply for a full bright scholarship.

    • Avatar

      Hi Farheen, Best time to take the GRE is when you have time and lesser work load – For FB you must take your GRE before April next year. Moreover you need 2-3 months to prepare well for it so do keep the timelines in mind 🙂

  56. Avatar

    i want to know that .can we change the major for MS. i had done BSc Textile engineering, and now i want to pursue MS in Industrial ( Operations Management)…

    Talah bhai please need ur worthy words on it,…..

    • Avatar

      Hi Ahmad, Of course you can 🙂 you just need to justify your choice and that is it. Write a convincing personal statement to do that. 🙂

  57. Avatar

    I am a Civil Engineer. I am already enrolled in a Msc program in Pakistan. But now i want to leave it and pursue fulbright scholarship for masters in USA. I have reasonably good CGPA in undergrad (3.5/4.00) more than 3 years of relevant work experience and i am confident i will get a good GRE score. But my performance in Msc has been less than satisfactory up till now. What are the chances of me getting the scholarship.? Should i just leave the incomplete Msc off my application or mention it and explain the reasons for not being able to complete it.

    • Avatar

      Hi Abid, Thanks for the email – Yes you can do that but i would suggest you to not mention your MS in your application because that will weaken it. 🙂

  58. Avatar

    this is my question as well as my complain. i am selected for undergraduate scholarship for 2015 spring. i almost complete my process submitted my visa form.but now i received a call that i am dropped just because my degree will be complete at the time of my departure. if the reason was this than why was not informed in the month of may? even it was cleared in my NOC that student will hopefully complete her honrs degree. and why my selection was in fall season instead of spring?? i even not missed any deadline , i suffered aloot. even my studies suffered in 2 semesters. and you people are easily saying that SAIMA YOU ARE DROPPED.whyyyy???

    • Avatar

      Hey Saima, This is really unfortunate – i would advise you to take it up with the head of the concerned authority because this is not fair. Which program is this?

  59. Avatar

    does GPA matters alot in the consideration of FB ?

    • Avatar

      Hi Sammar, GPA is one of the requirements but not the only requirement to get FB – they look at other factors such as GRE, Work experience, publications, reference letters etc.

  60. Avatar

    I am in grade 10 from Pakistan.i got 477/550 in 9th .now i want to study abroad.is there any scholarship abroad.

    • Avatar

      Hi Tayyab – yes there is. You can check the USEFP UGRAD program along with Noon scholarship for Pakistani students.

  61. Avatar

    Hi, Talha. I am a student of University of London LLB hons External program and am currently in my last year. In order to apply for a FB scholarship for LLM in Berkeley, what are the requirements. Is there still time to apply for 2015-2016 session? thank you!

    • Avatar

      Hi Ayesha, I would advise you to look at Berkeley website and program requirements for this query – plus you will also find the deadlines there. Thanks

  62. Avatar

    sir talha, my cgpa is 3.97/4.00 in aerospace engg. i want to apply for FB year 2015-16. for MS in aerospace propulsion. what shud my minimum score in GRE be? and doest good cgpa matter in FB selection?

    • Avatar

      Hi Zahid, For engineering it must be above 320. GPA does not matter much as long as it is above 3.2.

  63. Avatar

    Dear Sir,

    I simply wants to know that I’m going to apply for Fullbright Scholarship for Ph.D in Economics, there is no one to describe that which gre i need to pass. Either GRE General or GRE Subject, however, GRE Subject doesn’t contain my subject on it.

  64. Avatar

    Hello Talha!

    First of all, that was really descriptive so thank you so much for such valuable info! I have done BE with a distinction and 3.9/4.00 GPA. I have a university lectureship experience and for oil industry too. I have a research paper and publication related to the field I am applying for. I have been mentally preparing myself to go for GRE since 2014. But the Verbal part is really haunting me. Being an engineer and as I have taken so many knock up tests. I am sure I can score 160+ in quantitative. For the universities I am aiming for 315 Scores are must. So in case if I cumulatively score 315 or above and my score in verbal is equal to or below 150. Will it work for me or not?

    • Avatar

      Thanks Samra 🙂 If you score anything around 150-155 it would be great 🙂

  65. Avatar

    My major is biotech and genetic engineering, i left university this year in January and aiming to apply for MS through FB program. I want to ask two questions. First, i was an exchange student for one semester in USA in 2013 under Global Ugrad cultural exchange program sponsored by USEFP and Dept of State USA. Do you think it will be problematic for me to apply for FB? Secondly, please refer me some books for preparing GRE because i was only relying on Barrons before.

  66. Avatar

    Hello Talha i would request your guidance on the issue of application. I could not perform well in GRE i have Verbal 143 and Quantitative 147 with analytical section 3.5. However i have 3.5 GPA in my mphill Economics and i posses 1 year experience for working as reaserch Associate, my master gpa is 3.65/4 . Do i have any chance beacouse i cannot retake the GRE test due to time constraint for applying in full bright

  67. Avatar

    Hello Talha i would request your guidance on the issue of application. I could not perform well in GRE i have Verbal 143 and Quantitative 147 with analytical section 3.5. However i have 3.5 GPA in my mphill Economics and i posses 1 year experience for working as reaserch Associate, my master gpa is 3.65/4 . Do i have any chance beacouse i cannot retake the GRE test due to time constraint for applying in full bright I am applying for pHD scholarship in fullbright

    • Avatar

      Hi Omer, Well you can apply for now but aim to improve the GRE because it is really low 🙁

      • Avatar

        Can i retake GRE test after 15th may and after applying for full bright programm.

  68. Avatar

    Verbal 160,
    Quantitative 160
    An Electrical Engineering graduate , what are my prospects for Fullbright?

  69. Avatar

    Dear Talha bhai, I want to ask you really important question regarding my GRE preparation as I never liked math since my school and I am 110% sure I can’t score good in Quantitative but I am all in to work hard so please can you suggest me some nice and good tips?

    Kind regards

    • Avatar

      Hello, I would advise you to first get hold of basic books for Math O-Levels such as syllabus D and work through it. Once you do that in about a month or two then proceed to GRE math.

  70. Avatar

    Salam Talha. I got 310 in gre general and I have also 93 percentile in gre subject test? Do I have to report the official subject test scores likewise to usefp or will it suffice to just write the subject score percentile in the FB application?

    • Avatar

      WAS Rida – FB does not need subject test results. Only General.

  71. Avatar

    Hello, I am currently an Economics teacher in public sector. I completed my masters in economics in 2011. Now I am planning to do MS in economics from US via FB. Please guide me that how can I apply for this and how much marks do I need to get for economics.

  72. Avatar

    Hi talha, i want to apply for the finance program. My GRE Score 152 V 161 Q and 3 AWA. Is it good enough for a finance program

    • Avatar

      Hi Zee, Yup this is a good enough score for Finance 🙂

  73. Avatar

    PhD in Social sciences. How important is gre score for getting full bright PhD scholarship in humanities. GPA is 3.8 plus teaching and research experience of more than five years. Specially if your preferred universities do not require gre scores as well or very low gre scores. What about 290 for the PhD application.
    Please advise

    • Avatar

      Hello Tasleem, GRE though being important is not the only factor but for phd i think 290 would be enough in your field. I would advise you to retake the exam and try to score above 300 but inshAllah 290 will also get you through.

  74. Avatar

    dear sir i holds an M.Phil in political science from government college university, Lahore with a cgpa of 3.2. My thesis was in public policy which falls in the domain of Social Sciences. My query is that how much score is needed in GRE to get admission in good universities of USA for Phd in public policy.

  75. Avatar

    Hello sir I am student of Engineering and I want to ask about how much minimum GPA is required along with DRE score to get the Fullbright Scholarship

    • Avatar

      There is no minimum required GPA for FB but generally it should be around 3.5 and a GRE score of above 310 would be competitive. But it depends on the field as well!

  76. Avatar

    I want to pass GRE subject(int), in environmental sciences. Kindly guide …… about a book to read, fee and ..

    • Avatar

      Hello Amir, Unfortunately we are not apt at GRE subject tests. You can check the ETS website for some help!

  77. Avatar

    Asalam o alikum

    Dear Sir,

    i have some questions regarding requirement for FB. do i need to have some publications for PhD admission in Management sciences and what is competitive GRE score for it.

    • Avatar

      WAS – publication is not required but is a BIG PLUS. 310+ is competitive.

  78. Avatar

    Hi Talha Sir, I wanted to know that what’s a good GRE Score for a medical student?

  79. Avatar

    Sir, I am a graduate in Business studies (BBA Hons) and got my graduation from a university in kpk which is not that much reputable albeit public. Also, I was not a bright student and secured A grade in my graduation. I would like to ask, is there any chance for me to get admission abroad via FB? Thanks

    • Avatar

      yes definitely 🙂 you must apply

  80. Avatar

    Hi Talha,

    I must appreciate your are doing a wonderful job of guiding us. I just have a question regarding FB. I have a TOEFL score of 102, CGPA of 3.14, two years of work experience and a GRE score of 155Q 155V 5.0AWA. I am targeting an MS engineering program at UT Knoxville which requires 155Q. Given these facts, will the fulbright selectors still consider my Quant score to be low ? Kindly give me a candid response what my odds of getting the FB award are ?

    Thank you.

    • Avatar

      Hello Mustafa – thank you 🙂
      Well the quant in my view is too low for Engineering programs in US – A min of 160 is required to stand a good chance.

    • Avatar

      Hello Mustafa – thank you 🙂

      Well the quant in my view is too low for Engineering programs in US – A min of 160 is required to stand a good chance.

      • Avatar

        Thank you for your prompt response. Just one more thing, can I apply for FB with my current scores of 155Q and 155V, as the deadline is near, and then retake GRE in mid July ?

        • Avatar

          Well retaking will not be beneficial now because you can retake till 30th May.

  81. Avatar

    Hi i want to apply for MBA . I have professional work experience of 8 years in telecom sector in both commercial and technology . Does any preference is given to females . I want to target top business schools like stanford , harvard, Booth etc .
    So how much GRE GMAT score is required .What things should i focus on .
    IS MBA fully paid scholarship from full bright?

    • Avatar

      Hello – definitely preference is given to females especially those from countries such as Pakistan – GMAT should be 700+ for such schools and MBA is fully paid by Fulbright but Fulbright does not fund MBA from schools such as HBS etc.

  82. Avatar

    Assalam-o-Alaikum Talha!
    You are doing a great service here.
    I scored 146 in verbal, 164 in quant and 4 in analytical. I have 3.91 CGPA with one publication in local conference and 1 year work experience. I have applied for MS in EE in full bright 2017 program. I am a little worried about my verbal score? What are my chances in fulbright?

    And should I retake GRE (to improve verbal) for applying on open merit?

    • Avatar

      WAS Thank you 🙂 Verbal is not an issue since you are applying for a quant program. So don’t worry much about it!

  83. Avatar

    Hi I want to do PHD in Economics with FB scholarship in U.S. what should be my GRE score for getting this opportunity.

    • Avatar

      Hello – for economics you must score above 160 on quant and 150 on verbal

  84. Avatar

    aslam u alikum
    i want to take this scholarship ,what should i do?

  85. Avatar

    First of all Thanks for the great help.


    Bachelors of Computer Science Pakistan : 3.7 /4.0
    Masters of Computer Science from Queen Mary University of London: according to US 3.0 /4.0

    I am not interested in FB bu direct scholarships, I want to do MS Leading to PhD how much GRE I require please make a suggestion Thank You

    • Avatar

      Hello – For direct funding you can contact us at 0331-4513196. Thanks

  86. Avatar

    Hi Talha
    It really takes me to feel great for people like you, helping others by providing them honest advices.
    Help build Pakistan even more.
    I have no queries, and if I have I’ll directly contact you for which I’m pretty you wouldn’t mind.
    Stay blessed and happy.

  87. Avatar

    I am Sadia. I did my M.SC Applied Psychology in 2009. No others courses or GRE OR IELTS TOFEL etc. I want to apply for fullbright. Can I??

  88. Avatar

    hello sir I am student of BS economics and aim to apply for FB but I get very low score in GRE verbal 137 and quant 149…………………is there any chance to apply for FB..

    • Avatar

      Nope with these scores there is no point in applying – retake GRE first

  89. Avatar

    Sir i have scored 133 and 139. Can i apply for fulbright? I want to retake, in casue can they give me more time?

    • Avatar

      Nope. You cannot apply and if you want to retake, you will have to before 31st May

  90. Avatar

    AOA Talha,
    The information shared by yourself are really helpful. I have secured 141 in verbal and 146 in quantitative. I plan to pursue gender studies for PhD. I have a distinction in my MS. I couldn’t perform well in GRE because of health issues. I wanted to know if there is any chance of submitting improved scores once the application has been submitted.

    • Avatar

      WAS Nitasha – yes please submit improved scores asap.

      • Avatar

        Great. Just one more help please. I know I can submit the scores while taking the exam but how do I update the scores in the application, as it is not accessible anymore ? Or do I really need to update the scores in the application?

        • Avatar

          You don’t need to update the scores at all. FB will get them in a couple of weeks time.

  91. Avatar

    I want to apply MS CS via FB how much gre required and is subject test mandatory or it will work without it.

    • Avatar

      GRE general test is needed and 310+ is a good score with a 160+ on quant.

  92. Avatar

    Dear talha,

    I have my GRE exam tomorrow. I’m concerned about my preparation since I had only 20 days to prepare.

    Firstly , I need to know what’s the current score chart like for 2017. For quantitative and verbal how many questions I need to do correct to get a decent score for my fullbright application.?

  93. Avatar

    For pursuing PhD in law how much score is considered decent to apply for fullbright. Both in verbal and quantitative ?

  94. Avatar

    When I get one blank correct in verbal and the other incorrect ? Does that count as the whole question to be incorrect or I get atleast one mark for each correct answer?

    • Avatar

      Whole question is incorrect – there is no partial scoring.

  95. Avatar

    Dear Talha,
    What is the best score or competitive score for PhD in Gender Studies for fb?

    • Avatar

      Hi Bilal – anything above 300.

  96. Avatar

    I want to ask do i have a good chance of getting into ivy league graduate programs for Msc civil engineering, i have a gre score of 157 verbal 164 quantitative. i am a graduate of NUST with a GPA 3.19/4.

    • Avatar

      Hello Ahmed, Yes this is a decent score to get into an iVY league program – however applications matter a lot so focus on them

  97. Avatar

    Sir i want to go abroad for higher educatuon.. will this test helps me in getting scolarship ? and i know nothing about this test plz guide me how can i apply for the test

  98. Avatar

    Hlo sir i want to do MS in chemistry under full nright scholarschip progrmme.how i can get further details about GRE?

  99. Avatar

    I just gave my gre today received Q 161V 145, My bachelor Cgpa 3.66, Master 3.9. is there any hope majoring in engineering. I studied high school from a village. thats why Level of English is very low. I tried hard for verbal but that all I got.

    • Avatar

      Your quant score is low for engineering – verbal is fine. 165+ on quant at least.

  100. Avatar

    sir, i have done BS electrical telecom and got low gpa . i want to do change my field for MS , i want to do MS in mathematics.
    is this possible that i can get scholorship for MS in mathematics based on gre test score.
    and if possible what should i aim for?
    i want to knnow if i can change fields ?

    • Avatar

      Yes it is possible. for Math GRE quant 167+ and verbal 152+

  101. Avatar

    Sir .!
    Sir how can I prepare for my GRE test ?

    • Avatar

      W.S. You can start with the Manhattan GRE 8 guides for GRE prep. Also before starting your prep you must take 1 GRE diagnostic test to see where you stand and which areas are the weakest.

  102. Avatar

    I have been interviewed for fulbright PhD last month. my Toefl score is 95. In the interview they told me that my personal statement was very good and they are impressed of my credentials. I am lecturer in Public sector university, running a project and have five years of Professional experience. Can i hope for Fulbright PhD with 95 Toefl score?

    • Avatar

      90+ is an acceptable TOEFL Score for Fulbright. So don’t worry about it unless you are applying to very top programs that require a 100+ TOEFL – but those programs are mostly top 5 programs in US!

  103. Avatar

    Hi Talha!

    My greetings. Just a quick question. Will it be possible to get into top phd programs in Political Science with a GRE Score of 158 Verbal and 155 Quant plus strong recommendations, SOP, and Writing Samples, and study abraod experience (French)?

    • Avatar

      Hello Mensah, Thanks for writing. Yes definitely it will be. For Pol Sci these scores are fine. Let me know what happens 🙂

  104. Avatar

    A.A sir. I am mechanical engineer with cgpa of 3.43. I have taken gre today. My quant is 162 but verb is very low 148. Should I improve this score?

    • Avatar

      W.S. Ahmad, Well for mechanical engineering definitely you should improve – 165+ quant and 154+ verbal is the ideal range.

      • Avatar

        A.o.a Sir!I need some help i am a mircobiologist i want to apply FB and giving GRE soon so tell me how much i am requiring fo FB?And other factors also pleaase.

        • Avatar

          W.S. you will need around 305+ for competitive FB chance in your field!

  105. Avatar

    Hello Talha,
    I did my M.Phil in Risk Management and now I want to pursue for PhD in management. How many scores of GRE are competitive in my field?

    • Avatar

      Hello Rabbia, Around 310 will be competitive.

  106. Avatar

    hello Talha omer. i am a medical graduate and i want to applyfor master in Human physiology. can you guide me what is GRE subject test and GRE general test and for which one i should go?

    • Avatar

      Hello – well GRE subject test is not required. You only need to take the GRE general test. You can get all GRE general test info from here: http://www.ets.org/gre

  107. Avatar

    Hi. I am a biotecnology student and want to apply for Ph.D. I have good research experience and recommendations. I gave gre recently and scored 154 Q and 149V. I dont have time to retake. Should I go for fulbright?

    • Avatar

      Hello – for biotech, you have an acceptable score so you should definitely apply

  108. Avatar

    i have verbal 153 and quant 152 on GRE. i’m MBBS doctor and i intend to apply for masters in public health. can my application stand any chance for fulbright?

    • Avatar

      Hello Ali,
      Yup the GRE score is fine for an MPH program!

  109. Avatar

    Hey Sir
    I am doing M.Sc (Hons) Agriculture and will get my degree in June 2018 inshaAllah. My BS Hons CGPA is 3.67 and MS Hons GPA is 3.5.
    I want to apply for a Ph.D scholarship this year but have not registered yet for GRE and last date to apply for Fb is May while GRE test date is extended till 31st May. Should i get register for GRE and apply for Fb scholarship?

    • Avatar

      Hello Dua, Yes definitely you should apply. You can always retake the GRE if you don’t get a good score and apply next year again. But you should definitely apply this year.

  110. Avatar

    Hello sir,
    I have done M.phil in Agriculture. What is minimum Gre Score for Fb.

    • Avatar

      Hello Zunaira – minimum score is 138 quant and 136 verbal to be eligible to apply. However a competitive score is 155 quant and 150 verbal

      • Avatar

        Hi Sir, suppose if verbal score is 130 than FB will give relief to retake GRE exam or they will reject Fulbright Application.

        • Avatar

          Fulbright’s eligibility criteria is 136 verbal…..you will not get any call from Fulbright with this score.

  111. Avatar

    H Talha Sir, I have completed BS Software Engineering in 2017 with CGPA 3.6. I have a strong desire to peruse Master’s degree from USA. I would like to take some suggestion from you that what is the best way to prepare GRE verbal section, because we all have a lot of materials. I want to grip on verbal section smartly.

    • Avatar

      Hello Dawood, Just follow the Manhattan Verbal guides, Magoosh vocabulary and the ETS official guides for the verbal prep. You will not need anything else.

  112. Avatar

    Sir I want to apply for the Fulbright scholarship, and want to know that what is the minimum percentage to be eligible for the scholarship? Whether a student with 50% academic record in the master level can apply for Fulbirght scholarship?

    • Avatar

      There is no min % for Fulbright eligibility….you can apply with 50%

  113. Avatar

    When will Fulbright 2019 results come out? Please share info when applicants start receiving interview calls

    • Avatar

      Interview calls have started. They will end this week!

  114. Avatar

    Dear Sir,
    I am a geologist, have been serving Geological Survey of Pakistan (an R&D federal govt organization) for last 5 years. Scored 3.64 in BS, 3.89 in MS (highest score in both), 302 in GRE and 8 in IELTS, secured admission in University of Houston, Texas, searching for funding. Trying to make Personal statement as strong as possible, desiring to learn a scientific technique during my PhD in UoH that is being successfully used globally to explore natural resources but not yet in our organization or even in Pakistan.
    Any hope for Fullbright funding?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Avatar

      Hello Ali, Yes you should definitely apply for Fulbright – Geology applicants are rare on FB and FB would definitely love to give funding in this important area to strong applicants. I really think you can get into FB program inshAllah!

  115. Avatar

    Hello sir, I regave my GRE in hopes of improving my quant score but sadly i got 1 less mark than my last attempt. My previous score was 315 (159 quant, 156 verbal) & my recent score is 314(159 quant, 155 verbal). At the end of the test i had to option to send either the recent test score or all test scores, so i decided to send all test scores, but considering how my recent test was not as good as the last one i’m afraid that it will leave a bad impression on the fullbright scholarship people, so should i be worried about that? or will it not have a negative impact. I have a few plus points to improve my chances which i think i should also mention. I’ve done my Bs in physics from Nust and i got a gold medal in my final year project. (my CGPA is 3.43 incase you need to know)

    • Avatar

      FB considers the best score for GRE!

  116. Avatar

    Sir my gre sccire is 300. 150 each . Cgoa 3.74 .is there any chance in full bright

  117. Avatar

    I have done my BS CS from FAST with 2.61 GPA and MSCS from NUST SEECS with 3 GPA. I have 5 years of good experience in a government organization with quite a number of projects under my belt, but I have low scores in GRE : 152 in each section i.e. 304 and 3.5 in AWA. Do i stand a chance for Fulbright scholarship for PHD in CS?

    • Avatar

      W/S Umair, Nope your GRE is too low for a chance on the FB CS program.

      • Avatar

        Can i improve my gre now and resend scores or that ships has sailed and i might as well apply next year?

        • Avatar

          You could have improved till 15th June and sent the updated scores.

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