US Scholarship in Religious Studies for Pakistani Students 2014

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The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) in association with The Robert H.N. Ho Family foundation has announced a $1.9 million grant to support research and teaching in Religious studies especially in the area of Buddhist studies. For nurturing the program, the council is offering four different types of fellowships. They are Dissertation fellowship with $30,000 grant, Postdoctoral fellowship with $55,000, Collaborative Research grant with $200,000 and visiting professorship with $200,000 grant. All citizens can apply for the fellowship irrespective of the location of work proposed. The last date of submission is November 5, 2013 for the fellowships except for visiting professorship which accepts applications till January 15, 2014.

Eligible Subjects: The fellowship is awarded to all applicants who choose religious studies from Pakistan.

Degree Level: The program is for research and teaching in religious studies especially Buddhist studies.

Scholarship Provider: Scholarship is provided by Robert H.N. Ho Family

Scholarship is availed at: Overseas

Eligibility Criteria:

• ACLS/ Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Dissertation Fellowship in religious Studies – Applicant should pursue Ph.D. Degree at accredited college or university.
• All requirements for the Ph.D. Degree excluding research and writing should have been completed before application deadline.
• The application must be duly filled in English by the applicant.
• The fellowship doesn’t require mandatory residence or citizenship.
• The topic should be significant and contribute to the growth of religious studies.
• A pratical plan of work.
• Coherent, interlinked presentation.
• Application should be a potential candidate for academic career in religious Studies.

ACLS Postdoctoral International Fellowship – Applicants must possess a Ph.D. Degree from an accredited college/university granted after Jan 1, 2010. It must be completed by November 5, 2013 and conferred by May 31, 2014. If revisions exceed deadline, a formal statement from the university is required and proof of conferral should be submitted on acceptance. Material collection and database are not accepted. A completed book or digital source in any language should be submitted for acceptance. Application should be written in English. In-residence fellowship can be proposed in any university except for the one where Ph.D. was completed. No residence/citizenship required.

ACLS Collaborative Research Grants – Requires teams with two or more members coming from different institutions. Every member should have a Ph.D. from a reputed university. A scholar can show an equivalent of the same with publications or journals, besides professional experience. There are no citizenship requirements. Application should be filled in English. Members are required to be released from their position for three months up to two years to complete the project. Consecutive three months should be spent together by all three members to discuss, analyze on the subject. Team should submit a scholarly product in any language at the end of the program.

ACLS Visting Professorships – Professor must hold Ph.D. from an accredited university or can show an equivalent in publication, professional experience. There are no residence or citizenship requirements. Professorship can range between one to two semesters. Courses should be on Buddhist Studies and it should be elaborated in the statement submitted with the application.

Scholarship is open for: Pakistani applicants.

Scholarship Description: The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) in association with Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation offers $1.9 million grants to encourage erudites to do research on Buddhist Studies. It will lead to better understanding and interpretation of Buddhist while strengthening international networks, besides gaining visibility.

Number of Scholarships: Not Specified

Duration of Scholarship:

• ACLS Dissertation fellowship – 10 consecutive months alloted for dissertation to commence by September 30, 2014. No other form of employment permitted.
• ACLS Postdoctoral fellowship – $55,000 granted as annual stipend with additional $5,000 for relocation, if required.
• ACLS Collaborative Research Grants – The dates will fall between June 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015. Grant period may vary as needed but should be completed within one to two years. All team members must spend three consecutive months together.
• ACLS Visiting Professorship – Teaching should end before June 30, 2016.

Award of the Scholarship: Stipend of $30,000 for Dissertation Fellowship, $55,000 with additional $5,000 for relocation for Postdoctoral Fellowship, $200,000 for Collaborative Research grants including project costs and $200,000 for visiting professorship. Professors will be required to teach for one or two semesters. Grant covers all basic expenses including salary, relocation, accommodation and research.

Selection Criteria:

• The topic should be significant and contribute to the growth of Buddhist studies.
• A pratical plan of work.
• Coherent, interlinked presentation.
• The study should promote Buddhist Studies internationally.
• Team members record of achievement and individual contribution will be considered.
• For professorship, academic quality of course proposed and professor’s capability with potential contribution to Buddhist Studies will be considered.

Notification: Not Disclosed

How to Apply: The application can be sent through the online application form.

Scholarship Deadline: The last date is November 5, 2013 for the fellowships while visiting professorship applications are accepted till January 15, 2014.

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