Top 25 Cheapest US Engineering Universities for Pakistani Students

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For decades, those in Pakistan who wanted to get their education from any respectable university in the U.S. had only one choice – pay hundreds and thousands of dollars from their own pocket to get a decent degree and education. However, in recent years, the Fulbright scholarship program and other scholarships for the U.S. has made it possible for students from Pakistan to pursue their higher education from good universities abroad. However despite such a huge number of scholarships available to Pakistani students for the U.S. there is still a large number of students who are unable to study on any form of financial aid. For such students it is always favorable to get a top-rated education without spending loads of cash on expensive institutes.


This post is exactly for such students who are unable to study on a scholarship but can spend relatively lesser sums of money to get a decent level of education from the U.S. Therefore, I have compiled a list of top 25 engineering universities in the U.S. that are the cheapest but the best to study at for students from Pakistan.

University Rank Fee Application Fee
University of Texas–Austin (Cockrell) 11 $18,000 $90
North Carolina State University 29 $19,000 $75
University of Utah 51 $16,000 $10
University of Massachusetts–Amherst 57 $10,000 $75
University at Buffalo–SUNY 61 $17,000 $75
Stony Brook University–SUNY 64 $17,000 $100
University of California–Riverside (Bourns) 67 $15,000 $100
Clemson University 79 $17,000 $80
Missouri University of Science & Technology 81 $16,000 $50
Mississippi State University (Bagley) 85 $16,000 $60
University of Missouri 87 $15,000 $60
Michigan Technological University 89 $13,000 $-
University of Texas–Arlington 102 $15,000 $70
University of South Florida 105 $19,000 $30
University of Akron 119 $12,000 $60
Utah State University 120 $17,000 $55
Brigham Young University (Fulton) 124 $18,000 $50
Binghamton University–SUNY (Watson) 126 $17,000 $60
Louisiana Tech University 127 $13,000 $40
California State University–Long Beach 132 $14,000 $55
Ohio University (Russ) 133 $16,000 $55
University of Alabama–Birmingham 134 $15,000 $60
New Mexico State University 143 $13,000 $50
University of Colorado–Colorado Springs 144 $13,000 $75
University of North Carolina–Charlotte (Lee) 145 $18,000 $75


While applying at these programs, the admissions committees will consider many factors during your evaluation: the GRE score, past academic performance, and letters of recommendation from faculty and bosses. All of these factors weigh a lot during the application process and you must make sure you spend a lot of time and effort on each one of these.

Note that graduate studies at any US institution requires immense dedication and hard work. The duration of graduate studies (MA & MS) requires one to spend any where from one to three years at school. Whereas a PhD. will require a lot longer – from 4 to 8 years of education depending on your field of study. This is a one time big investment not only of money but of time as well. Therefore you must do a lot of research before you land into a school which is most suited to your needs and wants. Good luck!


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    Would really appreciate if you could write a similar piece on business schools 🙂

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    In your list ” Michigan Technological University ” has no application fee for applying to admission,Could you please do an article on universities with no application fee for applying 🙂

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      Thanks for suggestions 🙂 sure will

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        dear sir/madam
        sir im inntrest i have complete mba and want apply at abroad can u help me plz

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    Can you please help students with cgpa as lower as 2.3. Any way they can set hopes for higher education from abroad in computer or software engineering. Or any relavant field.


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      Hello – yes only if they cover up their low GPA through a high GRE score

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    If I don’t have attempted the GRE test then ? Any relative test or some thing else ?

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      Hello – GRE is mandatory 🙂

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    North Carolins State University has ranking 29 but its fee is US$ =19000/per semestr??

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    my GRE score is 318 , quantitative=165, and GPA= 2.67 bsc civil engineering, can i get full bright scholarship.

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      Yes, your GRE score is good. Based on the score you have a chance but a lot depends on the quality of your application as well.

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