When Should I Take the GRE for the Fulbright Scholarship?

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The short answer is anytime before the Fulbright deadline i.e. May 11th 2016. It is not mandatory to send or attach the official GRE scores before the application deadline. You can even take the GRE test one day before the Fulbright deadline and send your unofficial scores to the Fulbright program. Unofficial scores can be entered in the test scores section of the application form.

Do note that once you take the GRE, you have to send the scores from the ETS directly to the USEFP and you can do that by entering the code 9388 while sending your official scores to USEFP. If you plan to do this on your GRE test day, you can do that for free after you have taken the exam and seen your scores. If you plan to do it after your GRE test day, then you will have to enter the same code but pay an additional 27 USD to send the official score card to USEFP.

In case you cannot get a test date before the Fulbright deadline, then you can also attach the GRE registration slip (the one that you would get through email after you register for the GRE) with your application form and send it to USEFP. Fulbright does allow candidates to take the GRE after the Fulbright deadline only if test dates before the deadline are not available.

Your application to Fulbright will be discarded if you do not take the GRE before the Fulbright deadline or if you do not register for the test before the Fulbright deadline (this is only in case you cannot find seats).

Some students take their GRE exam well before they submit there application. In that case, they can send their GRE scores before sending their applications to USEFP. USEFP will retain your GRE scores with them even if your application is not received.


  1. Sir Talha,
    I am jam-packed busy till may and can only take and prepare for GRE in June. I am very much interested in applying for Fulbright this year. Is it possible that I apply for Fulbright and take GRE in somewhat by the end of June or I would have to wait till the next year?
    I really appreciate your response to my thread.
    Best Regards

    • You cannot do that πŸ™‚ take the GRE before or take it later but only if you don’t get a seat else you cannot apply.

      • Hello sir, im graduating next year and im doing graduation in agri biotechnology.i want to ask when should i apply for fullbright scholarship
        16 may was closing date this year.am i late or i have to apply bext year after degree completion and when should i give GRE test

        • Yes you are late now. You will have to apply next year

  2. Sir can we send the test scores before sending the rest of the application?

  3. I have done bachelors 4 years and then a one years masters from a renowned university of Pakistan. So that makes 17 years of education, I have 6 years of academic experience and am working on my phd research proposal as well. Technically I have a masters degree but with 17 years education can I apply for fulbright phd program?

  4. Can u suggest me a tuition for GRE in Karachi? Urgent bases.. Any good center or person you know

    • Hi Umair, Sorry not aware of Karachi πŸ™

      • Really Is tutions are required for GRE test prep??

        • Nope – one can do well with self prep!

  5. hi, i want to ask , do you provide help in filling the entire application form , do you work as a consultant?

  6. Salam Talha,

    I have a GRE score of 314. (Q 162, V 152, AW 4.5)
    I plan to apply for MS in Computer science.

    Do you think these scores are decent enough?
    Or shall I try to improve more as I have sometime?

    Does your company offer consultancy for Fullbright? If yes, how could I get in touch as I am based in Karachi.


    • WAS – I think it is a good score for Fb – however if you can take your quant to around 167 it will be great. πŸ™‚ Yes we do. You can offer my team for FB consultancy at tim.cleary@brightlinkprep.com. They will then detail you on the way forward!

      • AOA,Sir I belong from quetta .I graduated in 2012 wanted to apply for scholarship but not having job wasn’t able to apply now I secured lecturer job and financially set want to apply for gre.but due to tough timing of my job ,I am not able to prepare for gre and currently i hve enrolled myself into masters in quetta but I am not satisfied with it .Kindly guide me should I complete my ms from quetta and then proceed for fulbright or should I go for masters ?Secondly If there are exact materials that guarantees gre test clearance do provide me and for personal statement .Its a risk for me if I fail in start or in the middle of the whole Fulbright scholarship.
        Waiting for positive response

  7. being a student of bachelors with no internship or research publications with a CGPA of 3.4 do i still have a chance of getting the scholarship or not?

  8. As you said, one can submit gre score by the deadline. What I have understood from this we can send our application form before appearing in GRE. In this case, what would we write in our application form ? or do we need attach something with application related GRE?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Ali, Did you read this article closely enough? http://www.brightlinkprep.com/take-gre-fulbright-scholarship/

      • Sir,
        I done with MBE (Masters in Business Education) in 2007. currently am working with Mines & Minerals Department, Punjab. I want to apply for Full bright Scholarship. But issue is, I have baby boy of 2.8 years. I want to take him with me. please guide am accordingly, if there is possibility of taking dependants?


        • Hi Noor. Yes that is definitely a possibility πŸ™‚

  9. hi sir…i have done BS Hons. in mathematics…but i have not given GRE..can I appear in GRE before the deadlinr?and sir plz guide me how to appear in GRE nd when it will be conducted?

  10. Aoa
    Sir is there any online GRE practice site on which we can evaluate ourselves ??

    • WAS Adeel, You can check power prep software on ETS site.

  11. Aoa
    sir is there any course available in MSc Computer Networks in fulbright program ??

  12. Hi Omer,

    Currently I have a seat available for GRE on 12th may 2015. If i register for this date and write my verbal and qunatitative scores on the application, What about the essay marks as they are not available to me on the same day.

    • Nope you will get the awa scores after 10 days.

  13. AOA Talha,
    I want to apply for FB. I need 2 full months for gre preparation? Will they accept my application without gre result? 2ndly what is the deadline of GRE result submission?
    I am very worry, kindly advise me.

    • WAS Jamal – no man they won’t – must take the GRE before 13th May!

  14. AoA,
    I a want to apply for Fulbright Scholarship but due to some reasons couldn’t register for GRE earlier and now there is seat availability on only 8th April and 13th May. Iam not prepared for the test so can’t apply for 8th April but if iregister for 13th May will Fulbright accept my application?

    • WAS Contact USEFP asap.

      • I have emailed ’em twice but they aren’t responding. Now even there aren’t any seats available on 8th April or 13th May but 14th May and on wards. I am literally clueless about whether to register for a test date after deadline or not and i need to decide wasting no further time. What do you suggest? I seriously need help.
        Also i wanted to know if Fulbright Graduate scholarship is offered twice a year or just once?

        • Hi Nida, Well I think Faisalabad has dates available. FB is only offered once.

  15. The only date available right now is 14TH May. Is it safe to apply and attach the receipt, instead of the scores?

    Need confirmation urgently.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello, I would advise you to contact USEFP on this matter.

  16. our comment is awaiting moderation.
    AOA Talha sir,
    I am a student of BS Computer Science in FAST-NUCES KHI, having a CGPA of 2.78 and an avg guy in extracurricular activities. I am yet to apply for GRE test. I always have a very busy schedule and can’t take preparation classes for GRE. Please tell me how can I prepare at home? What will be a suitable score for a guy like me? plus its 10th April today. Which date would you prefer me to take GRE test considering 13th May deadline. Thanks a lot.

  17. our comment is awaiting moderation.
    AOA Talha sir,

    I applied for FB last year and got rejected, can I apply again?

  18. If I apply for MBA without 3 years of experience but with BBA Honours degree from NUST and GPA of 3.5, will I be considered for the scholarship or not?
    Please help me.

    • 3 years experience is mandatory!

  19. Salaam Sir Talha… I hope you are doing good.

    I have a score of 314 (154 verbal and 160 quant)… I am planning to apply for Masters in Public policy… Do you think I stand a chance?


    • WAS – Well chances are good from the GRE front – can’t tell about the rest πŸ™‚

  20. sir : I want to take GRE and there are no seats available in MAY 2015 in Islamabad. So as you mentioned i can register for june 2015, I have my finals in june and there are seats available in whole months, can i register for GRE test that is going to be held at the end of the month or I should have to take earliest possible test date for GRE?

    • If applying for FB then you must take the GRE before 2nd June.

  21. AOA SIr,

    Best hopes for your health…
    Sir I am student of M.Phil in Linguistics,From Bahawalpur. I have done my thesis work still viva has not been done. I want to do PhD through FB. Even I have not yet applied for GRE Can I apply now for GRE?
    I want to avail FB and can’t wait for next year as the sad fact that FB is offered only once a year. So I need your guidance ASAP. I wish personally to apprise your remarkable response.
    I have plan to do job in KSA after couple of month, before going KSA I want to enrolled for FB Scholarship. Kindly give me any other resource through I can get true guideline because i need to discuss things about it.
    Jazak Allah Belkhair.

    • WAS Uzma, Thanks for the message. The deadline for the FB was June 1st – now you will have to apply next year. You can definitely apply for GRE but then apply next year in Feb inshAllah for Fall 2017. Thanks

  22. I recently gave GRE and scored 320/340 (Q 170, V 150) and AW 3.5. Initially I was happy with my score but after watching the percentile score (Q 98%, V 48%, and AW 38%), I am not that impressed. Actually, I had only 7-8 days for preparation and, as quant score is more important for engineering studies, I focused on quant’s prep and just gave one day to verbal. Is this a good score for a PhD in Electrical Engineering?
    I also have two publications at the best conference in my field (ACM e-Energy), 3.3 CGPA in BS and 3.7 in MS with 2 years of research experience at a world-class research lab (SysNet, Islamabad)

    • I guess I answered this query before as well.

  23. I recently took GRE and scored 320/340 (Q 170, V 150) and AW 3.5. Initially I was happy with my score but after watching the percentile score (Q 98%, V 48%, and AW 38%), I am not that impressed. Actually, I had only 7-8 days for preparation and, as quant score is more important for engineering studies, I focused on quant’s prep and just gave one day to verbal. Is this a good score for a PhD in Electrical Engineering?
    I also have two publications at the best conference in my field (ACM e-Energy), 3.3 CGPA in BS and 3.7 in MS with 2 years of research experience at a world-class research lab (SysNet, Islamabad)

    • I think it would be enough to get you in for a PhD given that your overall profile is good. So I wouldn’t advise you to retake the exam!

  24. Hi Mr.Omer ! Is GRE test and Gat general test sam
    ?kindly tell me

  25. Can i apply now for GRE?? I have not given GRE but have aplied for fulbright scholarship

  26. Sir I want to apply for full Bright scholarship of Undergraduate degree I had Passed Enter This year How i can apply for full bright scholarship of Engineering

    • There is no fixed number (official)

  27. Dear Talha Bhai
    I am resident of Gilgit-Baltistan. I appeared in the GRE Subject(Physics) Test on 25/10/2015 and I am confident to get over 75 percentile. I am 35 now, can the age factor reduce the chances of getting a FB-Scholarship for PhD (physics)? My second question is: is GRE Gen/TOEFL score(s) the deciding factor in getting the FB-scholarship? Isn’t the GRE subject percentile not important in this regard?

    Please help.

    Muhammad Sharif

    • WAS – Age factor does not matter. GRE is one of the factors but not the deciding factor πŸ™‚ GRE subject test is not required for FB

  28. Dear Sri, I have done O, A levels and doing Electrical engineering from NUST. I want to ask how much GPA matters in the FB application. Can i do with a 2.8? Do i stand any chance?

    • Hi Ali, GPA does matter – generally people with a 3+ get the FB but then there are some exceptions too who get the FB with a lesser GPA than that. It just depends on your overall profile.

  29. asalam o alaikum,Sir ! can you please recommend me various systematic steps one should take for the fulbright phd scholarship.

  30. Salam
    Sir , is work experience necessary for availing this scholarship.I am just about to graduate from my university.
    Can i apply for FB without any work experience?

    • WAS – Work experience is not mandatory πŸ™‚

  31. Hello!
    I have completed my 3 years Hons. in Public Administration and I have just started my 1 year Masters. My degree will complete at the end of year 2016. I want to apply for Masters in Marketing or Supply Chain. As I will already have a Masters degree when applying for Fulbright, Am I applicable for it?
    What do you suggest? Should I go for Masters?

    • Yes you are applicable. For PHD actually you need 18 years of education so you can only apply for MS

  32. Assalamualaikum Sir,

    I have done my bachelors in 2003 it was a 3 years honours degree in Information Technology. I finished my MBA (Banking & Finance, 2 years programme) with a CGPA of 3.94/4.00 in 2009 and now have experience in non-governmental, financial and education industries of over 7 years. My education is 17 years. My question is that shall I apply for MS leading to PhD or directly to PhD? Secondly is there any age limit for applying for Fulbright scholarship?

    • WAS Salman – for FB you cannot apply for MS leading to PHD actually – either MS or PHD but since you have 17 years of education you can only apply for MS. There is no age limit

  33. Hi! I’m planning to sit for the GRE in the next week. I’ve checked the USEFP website, but it’s not updated and shows only 2015 related news and application.

    Any idea where I can find the application form for Fulbright 2016 applications and deadline date as well?

  34. Salam, I would like to know how do we send in our GRE

  35. Salam Sir, I would like to know that if we don’t do well on the first attempt in GRE and want to replace the score that we have already sent in to FB, how do we do that?

    • WAS – You can just send the new updated scores and email Fulbright and let them know about it πŸ™‚

  36. Sir!
    I am currently pursuing my BS in electrical engineering from NUST and will graduate next year in June 2017 so in what year should I be applying for the full bright scholarship?

    • You can apply next year πŸ™‚

  37. Hi sir, Sir can I say that, applying for FB, the first step is GRE? Second i have MBA 3.5 years degree but equivalence of !8 years MS from HEC, am I eligible for Phd? third, I am fresh graduate, experience is mandatory or just desirable? and how many chances for inexperienced student?

    • Yes first step is GRE – Yes you are eligible for PHD. Experience is desirable and not mandatory

  38. Asslamualikum sir, hope you are fine. I am a student of masters in English and will complete it with by April 2016. I want to know that in which program I should apply and one thing I am not interested in business and technical studies.

    Second, Is gre test is compulsory to apply for scholarship ?
    how many students are awarded with scholarships every year ?

    What should I do now to get scholarship 2017 as my masters is not complete yet ?

    • WAS – Well FB gives funding in all areas except clinical medicine so follow your interests and pursue that field in which you are interested. GRE is mandatory – around 200 are awarded. You can apply this year.

  39. aa i ve done bsc forestry 2 years in 2003 and MA Economics in 2008 currently working in forest department can i again do MS in forestry in fulbright

    • Nope – doing another MS in the same field is not possible – apply for PHD

  40. AOA,
    Sir i have completed B.Sc electrical engineering in 2015. Now i want to apply for FB scholarship. However i am not appeared in GRE test nor i registered myself for GRE. In simple i don’t even know how to apply for GRE test and fill the FB application form(handwritten or to be filled on computer). If you please guide me that what i need to do now. STEP BY STEP. I will be very thankful to you.
    Hope for your reply.

  41. hi
    i need to know that what i should ask my professors to write in my reference letters? and from whom should i ask for? is it a good idea to ask one from my thesis adviser, one from hod of architecture dept and one from my high school and collage teacher?

    also i need help in all my documentation process, so can your team help me in that coz i live in hyderabad

    • Hi, Thesis advisor and HOD is better than school teachers. Yes we do help in documentation. You can contact us at 0331-4513196 regarding that.

  42. sir i have done b-s honors….n i want to achieve fb scholarship..bt i am not geting the point that G.R.E is required before aplying or aftr selection?n scndly i hv no exprnnc n no rsrch wrk…kindly tel me cn i aply fr m.phil?

    • Before applying you have to give GRE. Experience is not required it is only a plus

  43. Hello Sir !
    I want to ask about GRE test. I have not applied for test yet as Fulbright concerned people presented a seminar in my medical university, in which they said that they will conduct a mock test 7 top 5 students will pay nothing for original GRE test. I am waiting for MOCK GRE test.
    Moreover, I am a dentist. I have completed my BDS & have just passed my M.phil annual exam in Dental materials & stood 1st among two govt universities of Lahore. but my research year is going on. it will be completed by end of 2016. should i get equivalence certificate from HEC?
    I got admission in D.pharmacy in PUNJAB UNIVERSITY & cleared its 1st year with distinction
    in Stats. Then, i got admission in BDS IN NISHTAR. so, my D.pharm 1 year will also be considered or not ?
    Thank you

    • Hello – HEC equivalent is not required until the final selection – right now just apply on the basis of partial documents that you have. 1 year will be considered

  44. what is total score in GRE?

  45. Hi, I registered for the GRE and my test date is April 26th. Due to medical reasons I need to postpone it and the next available date is June 1st. Since the Fulbright deadline is May 11th, is it possible to take the test in June or is that too late?

    • You can only take the GRE by 30th May

  46. Asa. I just gave the GRE, got a 309, verbal 154, quant 155. I have done my MPhil in Public Health, now want to apply for a PhD. I have 2 years of experience in a public health organization (NGO), 1.5 years of teaching experience, 1 publication, 2 more in the pipeline. What do you think are my chances of being called for the Fulbright interview this time around? Should I give the GRE again?

    • WAS – I personally think you are a very strong candidate for the Fulbright process πŸ™‚

  47. AoA. I am freshly graduated and I want scholarship for better education in my own field. I did bachelors in media and communication studies. I need your favor, kindly tell me What is GRE and what’s its purpose? Most of all suggest me any good university in this domain for the scholarship. Thankyou.

  48. Aoa
    I am usman from FSD
    i have not applied yet for gre and no preparation for that, if i take gre and secure less score
    then can i improve and send improved result again to the fb

    • WAS – you can only retake the GRE by 30th May!

  49. Hey Talha. I’m in a real fix here. I took the GRE and applied for a Fulbright back in 2013. I’m applying again this year. Completely forgot that ETS takes 5 business days to process the request for scores. Right now the Fulbright deadline is exactly 5 business days away and I don’t think the scores will get there in time.

    Do you think USEFP will have a record of/consider the score report I sent in my 2013 application? I’m hoping they have a policy to do so anyway cuz it does take 27 bucks to order a report every time.

    • Hey – the official score can reach the USEFP by 30th May not an issue. So send them right away

      • Talha, there is no registration available in Lahore Islamabad for rest of May. This is when using online website to register.

        What is the alternate now? 0 seats in rest of the month.

        Karachi has 1 seat on 18th!

        Plenty of seats available May 31 and June 1st. Will they allow May 31/June 01?

        • After 30th May scores will not be accepted.

  50. I didn’t knew the last date to apply for FB scholarship so I missed it. Can you please tell me if the announce it twice a year? Do I have to wait for 6 months or do I need to wait for complete calendar year for full-bright scholarship ?

    • They will now announce it next year IA in Feb

  51. AOA Sir,
    I wanted to ask a question regrading the 3 year mandatory work experience when applying for MBA according to FB. I am currently doing my BBA and will be starting my third year in August. At the same time however I am also working in a company as well. Its been one year now. By the time I graduate it will be total three years. So my question is that can I apply for FB then, i.e. when I am in my final year of Bachelors?

    • WAS – Work experience is counted after graduation πŸ™‚

  52. howmuch does a GRE test cost

  53. Hi, sir
    i did masters in english in annual system nw wana do m.phil this year. bt lacks financial assistance.
    can u guide me wether these scholarships r offered to governement university students r privates uni students can also avail this.
    also guide me wether i hv to aply for scholarship before admision in any uni r after cnfirmation of admision.
    with tht make it clear hw i can apear in GRE bcz my result was anouncedn on 30th june?

    • Hello – it is offered to all types of students. You only apply for scholarship no need to apply for admissions. You can apply next year now.

  54. Sir,i am currently pursuing Btech and i m in 4th year.Most people give gre in june/july after their last semester exams.
    but i wanted to ask you that can we give gre 1 year after my btech completes?
    is it possible.

    can you tell me the full criteria/req to take gre.

    • Yes you can take the GRE anytime before applying.

  55. is the last date of application is 11th may 2016 for PHD Scholarships ??
    and when will be the next date announce ?

    • Next date in Feb 2017 – 11th May for PHD applicants this year.

  56. AoA Sir. I belong to azad jammu and kashmir,i completed my BS geology in 2016 and now wiling to ms through fb. my cgpa is 2.94 how much GRE score i need for Fb?

  57. Aoa.have done Msc in social sciences in 2015. Have no information about GRE! What kind of test?need alot info about GRE.Thanks

  58. Hi Talha,

    So due to unfortunate technical issue, I was getting the wrong (unupdated) schedule for GRE test dates. Today, all of a sudden I found out the right dates and all my desired dates are filled up now. The only dates which are available are the ones after FB application deadline. Will they register me in that? I will surely call them tomorrow. But need your feedback too on that. Also, I need to discuss my possible career options in business and management. Where do I discuss in person?


    • Hello – FB will not accept GRE after 17th May. You can visit our office on Monday between 1 pm and 7 pm

  59. Sir I m doing MPhil in physics.it will complete in February 2018..I want to apply for Fulbright for phd..plz guide me sir what is the criteria..do I have to qualify GRE general??? Or GRE subject??

  60. Hello,
    Hope you’re doing well. I had several inquiries. I am currently in 3rd year of my BBA and I am planning to go abroad next year for masters (2018). Do I have to fill in the application and take GRE this year or next year? If this year then I’m short on time, kindly send some guidelines.
    Secondly, the tuition fee which is around 20,000 Rs is just for taking the test or does it include preparation too?


    • Hello – you can apply for Fulbright next year not this year.

      20,000 is just prep fee


  61. Sir,which gre test do i take if i m switching my field like from engineering to social sciences or business?

  62. Hi , I want to apply for masters in mechanical engineering , Is GPA necessary for this ? Last date to apply for GRE test ?

    • Hello Nabeel – GPA of at least 6 semesters is required. 31 May is GRE deadline

  63. Sir, i Imran Ullah and i completed my B.s Hons in literature and linguistics in 2017. My GPA is 2.9 something. My question is that. How can i apply for GRE?

  64. Dear Mr. Talha Omer,

    I want to ask you one thing if you can please answer, I am an Artist, done my Masters in Multimedia Arts, want to apply for Fulbright Scholarship for this I have to pass GRE Test, I am very poor in Math, is there any GRE test for Arts student?


    • Hello Arshad – everyone has to take the GRE general exam regardless of their background. However you can get a low quant score and still manage to get the Fulbright since you are an artist. I will say 150+ quant will be a fine score.

  65. Can i apply for Fulbright Scholarship Program at the commencement of my final year ? In that case ill get my degree and last transcripts officially in December of that year. If the USEFP asks for the application in May of that year how will that add up if im in my final year with no transcript at that time?

    • Yes you can apply as long as you get transcripts and degree by December of graduation year.

  66. Aoa .respected sir ,
    Sir i m studying BS hon chemistry, my session is from 2014-2018 .my degree will complete in may but result will out in june…
    Can i apply for HEC full bright scholarship????

    • W.A.S Amiza, Yes you can apply

  67. Assalam O Alaikum!
    Sir hopefully you’re wish and fine. Sir let me tell that I need GRE or Gmat for PhD finance at Harvard. Which one give me better support during admission.

    • W.A.S Ibrahim, Both are equally acceptable.

  68. Assalam Alaikum. The deadline for FB is 16th May this year. What is the latest date on which I can take GRE test?

    • W.A.S you can take the GRE by 30th May

  69. A.O.A Sir, Can we apply for fulbright after FSc?

  70. Hi By taking GRE test will provide me scholarships other than fulbright’s?

    • Hello – Nope. Other scholarships like Chevening etc. do not require GRE.

  71. Sir I got 136 in verbal and 139 in quant do I have chances for Fulbright scholarship?

  72. Sir I have scored only 139 in quant and 136 in verbal is there any chances for me to get the Fulbright scholarship as I have 3.64 cgpa out of 4 ?

    • No chance – GRE score is too low

  73. dear Sir,
    I want to now if university is selected by own choice or USEP itself opt uni for the candidate.

    • You can give preference of yours but the final selection of programs rests with USEFP.Generally 50% of candidates do get their first or second preference

  74. HI, I am applying for fulbright scholarship and i want to know that can i show ielts result instaed of toefl if i get short listed? because i have given my ielts and got 7 band in it.. And can i select any date for GRE test after scholarship date have been announced in feb like after feb can i take gre test?

    • Hello – Only TOEFL is accepted. You can take GRE test till the deadline!

  75. hi sir i had done i.com and now i m in 3rd semester doing BS in economics…. sir i submitted my application form… when will the result display and how we will check.
    and also guide…. could i eligible for FB???

    • You can contact USEFP at 051-8431300

  76. AOA Talha!

    What is the criteria for choosing universities like do we have to apply in unversities separate like cheveing or common wealth? and where can I find the list of different fields related to engineering which one can apply?

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