Successful Applicant 8 Fulbright 2016

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• 3.90 CGPA
• 332 GRE
• 23 year old male
• Bachelors in Business Administration from IBA Karachi
• Prospective degree in MS Data Science
• 1 professional letter of recommendation from director of company, 2 academic references: 1 from a PhD in Math and 1 from a PhD candidate in Marketing
• One year of work experience at a Business Process Outsourcing company. Plus experience in running own charity venture.
• Extracurricular: Running a charity to fund children’s education as well as teaching in various programs as a Mathematics mentor.


  1. I have 2.49 CGPA. I have done IELTS and scored 7.0 band. Is it possible that with good GRE score I will be able to get, if got full bright but at least some partial scholarship.

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