Successful Applicant 52 Fulbright 2016

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• TOEFL Score: 98
• GRE Score (Quant, Verbal, AWA): (162,144,2.5)
• B.E (Industrial Electronics) from Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering Karachi, CGPA 3.94
• Prospective Degree Program: MS Electrical/Electronics Engineering
• Male (22 Years)
• Graduate Teaching Fellow at PAF-KIET (9 months)
• 1 conference publication entitled “Implementation of Industrial Wireless Closed – Loop Control Network Using ZigBee”, International Multi-Topic Conference 2015 MUET Jamshoro, Pakistan.
• 1 System Design Challenge Paper: Fuzzy Adaptive Controller of a Coupled Tank System (CTS) in SISO and MIMO Setting”, GSD Musabaka 2015 (Ranked 15)
• Extra-Cirricular Activities: Reading and Writing Stories, Playing Badminton and Cricket, Doing Gym
• I also completed 2 semesters of MS in Electronics Engineering at PAF-KIET.
• Who wrote your reference letters? 1. Final Year Project Supervisor 2. Chief coordinator and Associate Professor of Control Systems (in this subject I actually want to specialize) 3. Teacher and Supervisor at PAF-KIET, where I was doing Job

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