Successful Applicant 2 Fulbright 2016

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• 307 GRE
• 2.97 CGPA
• 24 year old female
• Undergraduate degree from FC College in Political science
• Prospective Degree in Education Policy
• 1 reference letter from her manager at the NGO, 1 academic letter from the head of the department at FC College and 1 letter from a community head of a minority group
• One year of work experience working full-time for a renowned NGO in Lahore. Mostly worked on minority issues such as social and economic discrimination.
• Extracurricular involvement representing her NGO at conferences, member of the local swimming team, independent project for a political party evaluating the election campaigns
• Goal: To get the policy savvy to create a new kind of innovation consultancy capable of delivering a full range of education policy solutions – as a stand alone unit or which in a consultancy

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