How to Send Reference Letters to Fulbright Pakistan?

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For the Fulbright scholarship program in Pakistan, you must send three letters of recommendation. These letters should not come from personal acquaintances, but from your teachers, professors, research advisors, project supervisors, managers or employers etc. You must send at least one academic and one professional or work related letter (i.e. 2 academic and 1 professional or 2 professional and 1 academic). If you do not have any work experience then you can get all three academic letters. In case you do have more than a year of full-time working experience it is highly recommended that you get a professional reference letter from your job.

There are three ways in which you can send your recommendations to USEFP.

1) You can print out the Letter of Reference form and forward to your recommenders who will then complete the forms and mail to USEFP. Forms can be see here.

2) Get the forms filled by your referees and have them signed and sealed in an official envelope – make sure the envelopes are properly signed and stamped across the seal. You can then send these letters along with your application yourself.

3) If you referees can only send the letters through email or online, please contact the USEFP and ask them the procedure for that. Usually they provide an email address at which your referees can email their letters for you.

Do not submit more than three references since the extra letters will have no effect on your application.


  1. Can we follow a combination of the above mentioned steps or do we need to follow one method of sending the reference letters?

    • You may use a combination of methods

  2. For second method,which official envelope & stamp should be used if the professional is from a different organisation that I am currently working in?

    • It doesn’t matter – whichever is available

    • Should the referee fill the LOR by hand on PC and then take the print and then sign & stamp

  3. Sir is there any issue of plagiarism in case of reference letters,as most of teachers have a format of letter and they mostly edit the information only..

    • Nope.

      • Sir so can we take a took sample of LOR and edit it for ourselves and get it signed and stamped from teacher?

        • Yes you can. However if stuff is copied then it would be plagiarised, hence calling for your disqualification.

          • What should be the ideal number of words in reference letter and professional as well as academic referees will have to provide directly to USEFP? if yes, then what is deadline for 2016 application?

          • At least 250 words in my view. May 13

  4. Sir does Fubright commitee checks our LOR and personal statement for plagiarism?

  5. Sir. .i have asked my refrees ti write me letters one of them has sent it directly to fullbright ooffice.hw shud i follow my letter.and kindly can u tell me an email address whr my referres can send the letter directly

    • I would advise you to call FB and check your status of the letters – also ask them for the email address to which they can send the letters.

      • I am calling them since last 7 to 8 days, they are not responding. Two of my referee are in USA and they want to send the letters electronically. any idea what should I do? or any chance you know the email id to forward those letters?

  6. `i want to apply for scholarship please tell me the whole procedure to apply.

  7. hi,
    thanks 4 all the info u’ve put up its gr8 help. I wanted to know if they r still accepting reference letters (sealed nd stamped) along with application bcoz the 2017 aplication form doesnt mention any such method.

  8. I am EMPLOYED as Mechanical Engineer. I can arrange two Academic and Also Two Professional letters. Please tell, which will be better.

    • Depends on which ones are stronger references. Put the ones which are strong

  9. sir wats the GRE requiremnt for masters in engineering?

  10. Dear Concerned,

    I need to know if I can submit my Fulbright scholarship application today and is it possible that 2 recommendations will be send out to your office before 17th may.

    or is it necessary to send all of them together.

    Additionally i want to know if i have to submit my Fulbright application directly without the recommendations attached? because the referees will send the recommendation forms directly to your office. so i don’t need to attach a copy?

    Also, I have attached the registration for GRE exam. how will the score sheet be send to your office. my exam is on the 31st may which is the deadline for taking GRE. do i need to inform ETS that they need to send the score sheet to your office directly or i need to send it to your office?

    • Hello Hamnda – You need to contact USEFP regarding this at 051-8431300. We are not USEFP.

      But to answer your queries, all LORs must reach USEFP by 17th May even if they are sent out separately. On the GRE exam day, add 9388 code to your score recipient page and the scores will reach them – you don’t need to contact USEFP separately for it.

  11. Hi, thank you for the great information. I wanted to ask if the professional reference letter can be from your colleagues you have worked with and trained?

    • Nope – it has to come from a superior!

  12. Sir, I wish to apply for the Fullbright Scholarship next year (2019). If I ask for recommendation letters now, only the second option will be applicable for me? or can they be sent online this early?

    • Hello – they can be sent online as well!

  13. Dear Sir,
    I wanted to know from when can the reference letters be sent online (by the teacher) and if i’m to osk for the reference letters now the only applicable option is the third one?
    Thank you!

    • Hello Taha – yes you can send the references online. Yes the applicable option is the third one

      • Hello Talha..In letter of reference for FLTA program 2019 which is for teachers.i there is a chart which the referee needs to fill . The heading is Top and Bottom with different percentages. Can you tell how this column is filled?

        • Yes your referee needs to select the percentages and grade you.

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