Sample Professional Letter of Recommendation of a Pakistani Applicant

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For prospective graduate applicants from Pakistan who have professional working experience, a letter of recommendation from your employer is extremely crucial. It allows the graduate admissions committee to get tips about you from someone who has directly worked with you in a professional setting for at least 4-6 months.

I always emphasize on how important it is for your referees to illustrate your strengths by giving specific examples and stories about you – rather than just listing them. By giving examples, your recommenders can tell the admissions committee about how you have solved a professional problem rather than just saying that you are a “hard worker”.

Before you go on to read the sample letter of recommendation written for a Pakistani graduate applicant from his manager, I wanted to discuss a couple of common misconceptions when it comes to professional recommendations.

Title of your referee does not matter

Many applicants from Pakistan are under the misconception that a reference letter from the CEO or someone at a higher job title is more important than from someone who has the directly supervised them over a period of time. There is no harm in getting a letter from someone who is highly ranked or regarded; it’s just that it only makes sense if you have directly worked with them. If you haven’t at all then getting a general reference will not help at all.

Commenting on your weaknesses

Everybody has weaknesses and we all know that. However applicants tend to persuade their referees not to quote on their shortcomings, which is not a good idea. If you have a certain weakness that your referee thinks can limit your functionality, then it must be mentioned along with what you are doing to eradicate it. It simply tells the admissions committee that you are human and are liable to err – but at the same time gives a positive impression about you that you are making an effort to improve on it.

The following letter of recommendation from a Pakistani employer follows these tips to perfection and is a great example of how a professional reference letter should be. The applicant who got this reference was admitted to a graduate program at MIT in Risk Management. Read on.

Click here to read this Sample Letter of Recommendation from Work


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    i Talha .

    I have taken my Gre exam and have got 153 in verbal and 155 in Quantitative while I am expecting a 4.5 in AWA. My ndergrad cGPA is 2.85 out of 4. I am a Pharmacy graduate and .I have relevant work experience of 3 years. planning to pursue my Masters. Can you please tell me do I need to retake the test for securing admission in to USA universities or Full bright scholarshi

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      Hi Mehwish, I replied to you on the other forum

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    Hi Talha

    My GRE score is verbal 153 and Quant 155. I want to pursue masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Do I need to retake my GRE?

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      Hi Mehwish, Not at all. For your field of study this is a pretty decent GRE score.

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    Hi Sir, i am also a pharmacy graduate having masters degree in Pharmacology. I want to complete my PhD in Pharmaceutics in USA. I have secured 143 in verbal reasoning and 151 in quantitative reasoning. Should I apply for fulbright scholarship ..?? I am very much confused about my score ?? Please guide me as soon as possible ..

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