HEC Attestation Process for Fulbright Scholarship Pakistan

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Every year Fulbright applicants from all over Pakistan are in a quandary regarding the Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) degree attestation process. Some ask whether HEC attests diplomas while others ask whether they attest incomplete transcripts. In this post I am going to answer all of these questions – in case I leave something unanswered, please ask in the comment box below.

We all know that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is the highest education authority in Pakistan. Its responsibility is to keep a check on the level of education imparted by the universities in our country. It’s other function is the attestation of degrees or diplomas issued by the HEC recognized institutions which can be either public or private. HEC degree attestation is required to apply for Fulbright Scholarship for the US – so you must get all of your degrees and transcripts attested from HEC.

Note: HEC does not attest your O-Levels or SSC (Matriculation) and A-Levels or HSSC (Intermediate) degrees, certificates or transcripts.

  1. HEC does not attest incomplete transcripts. So, in case you don’t have the final degree or the complete transcripts, then send what ever you have up till then to the USEFP, unattested. Once selected for the interview, USEFP will then ask you to submit your attested documents.
  2. HEC does not attest photocopies of transcripts or degrees without first attesting the originals. USEFP requires photocopies of your transcripts and degrees that have been attested by the HEC. USEFP does not accept photocopies of attested documents. Therefore you must get photocopies attested by HEC while applying for Fulbright Pakistan.
  3. HEC does attest diplomas issued by HEC recognized universities, however USEFP does not want you to submit any diplomas. Therefore there is no need to get your diplomas attested by HEC as USEFP will not give those any weightage or preference.
  4. HEC attestations are not valid for more than 6 months

You can get your Degree and transcript attested from

  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Through OCS

Required documents for attestation

There is a slight difference in the procedure for attestation in these cities. However for all of them you need to make an account in the online portal of HEC and complete steps 1 and 2 by filling in your details. The fee for the attestation is Rs. 800 per original document and Rs. 500 for each page of the photocopies. The list of documents required is given below.

  • Original Matriculation certificate/degree and transcripts. In case of O-Levels you need to first get an equivalence from IBCC and submit the originals along with your original equivalence certificate.
  • Original Intermediate certificate/degree and transcripts. In case of A-Levels you need to first get an equivalence from IBCC and submit the originals along with your original equivalence certificate.
  • Original University Degree that you want attested
  • Original University transcripts that you want attested
  • Copy of Computerized Identity Card
  • An authority letter attested by a Grade 17 officer in case someone else is going to get your documents attested on your behalf.
  • 1 set of photocopies of all the above mentioned documents.

Very Important: Your name, father’s name and date of birth should be same on all the documents and the ID card. Moreover all the information on your degree must match the information on your transcript.

Attestation from Islamabad

HEC is located in Sector H-9 in Islamabad. The official timing is from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and a total of 240 tokens are issued during this time. You should be there before 7:00 a.m. since there are many applicants and the tokens are limited. Guards reach the office at around 7:45 a.m. and they will ask you to make a line outside the gate of HEC. You should try to be as far ahead in that line as possible. After the formation of line, they let 40 students to enter the lab at a time so that they can print their online application. If you are in those 40, you will be free before 1:00 p.m. The web server assigns the token number related to their time of printing. Print quickly, get a lower token number and after that things go smoothly. You have to go to different windows according to your token number for different tasks such as checking of documents and payment of fee. After getting your documents, they will ask you to come back at 2:00 p.m. but usually you can have your documents back at around 12:00 p.m.

Attestation from Lahore

In Lahore, HEC is located in Gulberg III, behind Pizza Hut on M.M. Alam road. The process of attestation is the same as that in Islamabad except that in Lahore only 50 tokens will be issued – therefore you need to be a little earlier than you normally would in Islamabad. In Lahore you will get your attested documents after 2 days.

Attestation by Courier (OCS)

For courier you have to pay an extra fee of Rs. 155 if you are in Islamabad and Rs. 240 for any other area in Pakistan. It takes 15 to 30 days till you get your documents back. So if you are running out of time, this may not the right option for you. As usual, you will first to create the online account and fill in your details. Once you get the print outs of the completed online forms you then need to go to OCS with all the required documents and they will handle everything from there onwards.

Do note however that OCS does not ensure that your documents are consistent and per the HEC requirements. Therefore the worst thing is that once you send the documents through OCS, there is a possibility that HEC returns your documents unattested; citing objections. So you may end up wasting a lot of time if you are applying through OCS.

HEC degree attestation can be a very hectic process and you should plan it properly. Choose the option that suits you the best. People who don’t know the procedure and don’t plan before time can find this to be a very irritable process.

In case it is taking a long time to get your degrees attested by HEC and you are afraid that you will run out of time due to approaching Fulbright deadline, then simply call USEFP and explain them the whole situation. In all likelihood they will ask you to send your unattested documents before the application deadline and the attested documents as soon as possible after the Fulbright application deadline. Also when you send unattested documents to USEFP, attach a cover letter explaining the situation.


  1. AOA, Sir degree sirf ek baar hi attest karwani hu gi ya iski koi expiry date b hu gi…

    • Ibcc ya Hec Degree ki expiry date nahin hoti ha. Expiry date sirf police verification our medical certificate hoti 6 month me expire ho jata ha.

  2. Sir degree varification ki validity b hu gi ya ye forever k liye varified hu jay gi…

  3. Realy degree attestation from HEC is night mare,

  4. At the start of the article it says, “Note: HEC does not attest your O-Levels or SSC (Matriculation) and A-Levels or HSSC (Intermediate) degrees, certificates or transcripts.”
    But under the heading of Required Documents for Attestation it says, “Original Matriculation certificate/degree and transcripts. In case of O-Levels you need to first get an equivalence from IBCC and submit the originals along with your original equivalence certificate.
    Original Intermediate certificate/degree and transcripts. In case of A-Levels you need to first get an equivalence from IBCC and submit the originals along with your original equivalence certificate.”

    Which one applies?

    • HEC does not attest O/A levels. you will have to go to IBCC – it says incorrectly on the FB form.

  5. Is there any criteria or process of verifying your copy of CNIC attached with application ?

    • Hi Kashif, can you please elaborate what do you mean by attesting CNIC?

      • Sir can i get my degree attested in case of my father name is written Munawar hasan in all documents and syed munawar hasan is written on CNIC and Passport…

        • No – first have it rectified.

  6. It has been over 30 days now, but HEC has not send my documents back through OCS, now I am worried, HEC personel donot answer the phone, being in Karachi how can I reach them to inquire about my degree attestation status.

    or if I want to go there and retrieve the docs and than bymy self go in person to get attestd! would it be possible?

    plz suggest.

    • Hey, Contact OCS now. they usually take 45 days to deliver the docs back but check with them

    • Dear Yaseen,

      Have you received your documents from OCS??

  7. Hi,

    I have submitted my degree for attestation on 23 May 2014 to OCS still no reply can I take back my document from OCS and do myself in ISB.


    • Well Arsalan, Contact OCS asap and ask them to give an update. It has been too long – they usually return the documents in 1 month.

  8. As Salam U Alaikum Sir.

    My name is Rana Shahroz Jabbar. I am from Rahim Yar Khan City.

    I want to verify my Documents from HEC and i will go to HEC office Lahore next week.
    iahce 2 Questions

    1: On my Documents from Matric and InterMediate
    My name on my Documents is “Shahroz Jabbar S/O Abdul Jabbar”.
    On my Graduation Degree “Shahroz Jabbar S/O Rana Abdul Jabbar”
    On my Masterws Transcript “Shahroz Jabbar S/O Abdul Jabbar”

    On my ID Card it is “Rana Shahroz Jabbar S/O Rana Abdul Jabbar”

    All spellings are correct
    so i want to confirm that will HEC verify it ? I made a contact with HEC oficials they replied it is OK bcoz Rana is a Cast so HEC will wave off this issue.
    What do you say ?

    Secondly will my Documents be verified on the same day or it will take 2 days?

    waiting for your reply.

    • WAS yes they will definitely do it. It will be done the same day if you are based in either Lahore or Islamabad. in Karachi it takes a couple of days.

  9. Do we have to submit the fee before and take the receipt along or they will take the fee when we go for attestation?

  10. want to know the condition. is it you have to return pakistan for 2 years or you have to leave US for two years. both are diff. later one means that m not necessarily coming to pak post my grad. will some one guide me on that?

    • Saad, You have to leave US not the other case.

  11. Hi Talha,

    Talha you wrote “HEC attestations are not valid for more than 6 months”. Does that mean it is valid for complete 6 months or even less?

    • one more thing…What is the purpsoe of HEC online portal account? I am a karachi resident. Am I supposed to take printout of account credentials to OCS?

      • Yes Tooba you need to take out the prints.

    • Yes Tooba, It is valid for full 6 months but not after that.

  12. Assalam o alikum Sir,

    I am an engineering graduate. I wish to know that
    . In the process of attested documents submission with the application, do we have to submit the original HEC attested transcript and degree and the HEC attested photocopies of these documents too?
    .I necessarily need my original degree and transcript. Does it mean I need to apply for a dupliacte of degree and transcript to my university and then get it attested by HEC?
    .the HEC attestation needs to be at the front or back?

    • WAS Aabia, You need to submit the attested photocopies only 🙂 It has to be front only.

  13. i have not attempted pakstudies in my o level, would i be able to get equivalence for matric, i gave stats instead so have 8 subjects

    • Hi Saad, I have no idea about it – maybe someone from HEC can help you with this.

  14. HI

    My question is, my name is Kanza Ajmal and My father name is “Ajmal Pervaiz” on my all Documents/degrees. But on my NIC, my father name is Ajmal Pervaiz butt.

    WIll it create any issue for my degree attestation?

    • Hi Kanza, No it won’t

  15. Why doees HEC need original matriculation and inter certificates if it doesn’t attest them?Also let me know if we need to get these certificates attested from their respective boards like federal board.

    • Faiza, I think you should about this directly from HEC. You need to get them attested from the respective boards.

      • hy sir i want to know hec procedure for btech pass dmc attestation(pimsat university)

        • You can check the HEC website

  16. Aoa.I need to get attested my degrees from hec and i have a very common question that My name in all my degrees from matric to masters is muhammad noman sharif s/o muhammad sharif but in my id card it is muhammad noman sharif s/o sheikh muhammad sharif.doses this name difference matter in verification as per instructions of hec there should be no name difference.thankx

    • WAS Noman, Replied to your query on the other forum!

  17. hi.aoa.
    I have also very common question .I need to get attested my documents and my name in card is muhammad noman sharif s/o sheikh Muhammad Sharif but in all my degrees from matric to masters it is Muhammad noman sharif s/o muhammad Sharif.does this difference matter as per hec instructions there should be no name difference.thnx

    • WAS Yes that makes a difference – please get the names fixed on all documents. Make sure they are consistent.

  18. AOA Sir i m a FSc student. how can i apply for this scholarship

    • WAS – only after your Bachelors degree.

  19. Does USEFP accept photocopies that are notarized and sealed by a notary public or any authority sworn by Govt. ?

    • Nope they don’t

  20. DearTalha,
    I have a very common question. My father name on my degrees is Muhammad Mushtaq but on my CNIC it is Muhammad Mushtaq Ahmad. My nme is consistent everywhere. I got a job offer from sharjah and need attestation from hec, MOFA and Uae embassy urgently. Pls tell me is it ok and will hec attest my degrees?

  21. Hi,
    I am really short on time and i have two concerns:
    1. On all my documents my name is muhammad ahsan ali but on my O and A level documents its Mohammad Ahsan Ali (Mohammad with an O)
    Will that be an issue?
    2. If i go to Islamabad HEC with all my required docs will they attest my degree or do I have to go to IBCC for equivalence first; i have a bsc from LUMS.
    Please help!

    • 1) Yes this will be an issue
      2) you need to go to IBCC first.

  22. Hi sir.
    My self syed waseem abbas bokhari s/o Altaf hussain as per my cnic card.
    But on my educational certificates SCC. DAE my father name syed altaf Hussain shah. Does hec attest my documents or any issue?

    • No. make the name amendments.

  23. AOA Talha Omer. I am getting confused by your two comments. On one reply you are saying “WAS Yes that makes a difference – please get the names fixed on all documents. Make sure they are consistent” and on some comments you are saying that Father Name is not an issue. please clarify me about this as I also have the same issue.

    My Father’s Name is Abdul Khaliq Khattak on my CNIC and on all my Degrees from Matric to Bachelor its Abdul Khaliq. Will it be an issue for me or not.

    Waiting for your reply

    Thank you

    • WAS Shafqat – well Names must match – now HEC is very harsh on the matching of names.

  24. AOA,Talha Omer plz tell me why photocopies of degrees are attested by HEC,Why IBCC attested photocopies of matric and inter certificates?attestation of photocopies is necessary or not.benefits and purpose of photocopies attestation….

    • WAS – IBCC attestations are not required. Just the originals

      • why hec attested photocopies?

        • FB can better answer that 🙂

  25. sir i want to ask a question but its not regarding HEC attestation . my name is ali husnain and my father name is wrriten ch zafar ullah on all my documents but on my cnic my father name is zafar ullah . so will this cause an issue for me for study in abroad ? i have done BSCS and now looking forward to do MS from austrailia .

    • Get it amended else it will cause issues!

  26. now i am studying in food science and nutrition bs(honour) in 3rd semester from GCWUF. i have no money to pay my fee .i am very worry about my study . i wants to continuous my study .my father is farmer and we are 5 sisters ond 1 brother .plz help me .

  27. Hi,

    I had some queries regarding degree attestation:

    1) My last name on my O & A Level certificates is different from my name on my degree. Due to a change in my marital status I got it changed in my university records, along with all other documents including my CNIC, Passport etc. Would this be a problem? Will IBCC give me equivalence/HEC attest the degree if I provide the copy of my marriage certificate?

    2) Should I get my O & A Level certificates attested from British Council as well? Is attestation from British Council, of the O & A Level certificates, required by IBCC and U.S. based universities?

    3) What are the timings are requirements for HEC office in Karachi?

    • Hello Sameen,

      1) This will not be a problem at all. Just take your marriage certificate with you and you will be fine 🙂
      2) No need for BC attestations.
      3) 8 am till 10 am.

  28. Hi talha,
    Please respond to my situation.

    I filled out my application form on 30th July, 2015 and it gave me a date and token # 204 for 11th August , 2015. All well and good , until I checked my application form, where I had applied for attestation of 3 documents. I require the attestation of 2 documents, as I neither know what the provisional certificate is , nor need it for my process.

    I tried excessively to change my application, but I was not successful. I need you to please answer the following questions.

    1) Can I go to HEC Islamabad, stand in the line, and get started with the attestation process ? When I would be filling my form in their labs, wouldn’t I be stuck at the same application step ? And even if I am filling the application form, it would give me a new date that is much farther in the future. Can i visit HEC before that date ?

    2) Can I just go there ,and start with a new application ?

    • Hi,

      1) no problem, just go there and everything will be handled by them at HEC office
      2) Yes you can.

  29. Hy Talha! Will you please tell the procedure for fixing father name for attestation if there is a difference on Matric/Inte/BSC degree & on Id card.

    • Hello, You will have to go to the respective boards and NADRA. It is a long and hectic process so start early.

  30. Assalamualikum,

    name upon my all documents is malik abdul qadeer but only on my b.com degree its abdul qadeer( malik is missing). will HEC attest my documents ?

    • WAS Abdul, You must rectify the spellings at the earliest. HEC will not attest otherwise.

  31. salaam bro. i want to get my docs attested from hec. my MBA transcript + degree and my b.com transcript and degree (both originals). so what other docs i needed along with them? iam from karachi so suggest some cautions to me so i can go there to hec karachi reg office once and submit my docs without any problem.

  32. I have a problem where I did my High School in USA and my B.Sc from LUMS. My LUMS documents have my name as Muhammad Ali Abbas (as per my NIC) but my high school (USA) documents have my name as Ali Abbas. I gather that HEC will not attest the document but my high school is not issuing new transcripts because they are more than 15 years old.

    Is there any affidavit I can get made from a Pakistani court that will allow me to get my documents attested by HEC?

    • You will have to get this name thing fixed first Ali – the affidavit won’t work

  33. Sir plzzzz help me sir main sargodha university say bscs kar raha hon and mery matric main 73% marks hain and fsc(pre.eng.) main 43 percent marks hain kya hec waly attestationk waqt eligibilty craitairia check karty hain k bas wo decoments ko verified karty hain

    • They only verify docs.

  34. Aoa

    I have a question regarding the name on my degrees. My official name is “Nayyar Minhaj Asif” but on all my certificates, its written “Nayyar ASIF”. i sent my engineering degree to HEC in 2011 for attestation by post to Islamabad and they attested by Nayyar ASIF degree.

    However, today i went to HEC office to get my detail marksheet attested but they put an objection on my degree since the name was not matching my id card name i.e. Nayyar Minhaj Asif.

    I showed them the old attestation that HEC did on my degree but they dont agree to that and told me that its a mistake done by Islamabad Office? They asked me to get my name change so technically i have to change my name on my Matric, FSc degree and get my engineering degree ammended from UET Lahore, get my old attestations cancelled and then reapply for attestation!!!!

    Is there anything else that can be done to avoid all this hassle?

    THanking in advance.

    Nayyar Minhaj ASIF

    • Well no other way – now HEC is very strict 🙁

  35. Hey Talha! I have a question, if you can be of help.

    I graduated last October. But I will get my official degree in by September or October 2016(cos of delay in convocation). However, I have my complete and official transcript(attested by the Registrar).

    Am I eligible to apply for Fulbright this year if I don’t have a degree but official transcript? Please let me know.

    • Yes you can apply 🙂 with your unofficial documents

  36. Hey!

    1. I need to know if I must retain a duplicate of my Matric and Intermediate certificate before sending my original certificates along with the transcript that needs to be attested or if HEC would return the original certificates along with the attested document/certificate.

    2. I am a recent graduate and I have my provisional certificate of BS but I’ll get my degree in December. Can I send HEC my provisional certificate for the attestation?

    • Keeping duplicates is a good measure. HEC does not accept provisional documents

  37. Also, If I must get my matric and intermediate certificates attested before sending them to HEC?

    • No need for attestation of Matric Inter docs

      • aoa.. sir u have mentioned on ur post in culumn of required documents that matric n intermediate documents with trascripts r required for attestation in hec. sorry,,i m confused over ur this statement.

        • WAS – HEC attestation Not required – just send photocopies of documents by 11th – if you get selected then you can send the attested documents

  38. Assalamualikum, my name in olevel and alevel documents is Muhammad Hassaan Naveed (Naveed is my father’s name) whereas in my CNIC it’s Muhammad Hassaan (without the addition of my father’s name) will IBCC create the equivalency of my document.Moreover,I have also arranged for an affidavit to factory this discrepancy.please answer about the equivalency and will HEC attest my degree(I will be enrolling into university this year) irrespective of the us full bright scholarship

    • WAS – Name should be the same – have it corrected.

  39. AOS,my name is Mah Zaiba in my school documents . In O level and A level results it is Mahzaiba Sheikh .I change my name in nadra from Mah Zaiba to Mahzaiba Sheikh as per my school council and headmaster suggestion. For clarification I need advice will this be an issue in my further studies in university.Moreover I will have to change my name in school documents too? For applying in university and further education.

    • WAS – Yes you will have to have the name corrected and make sure it is the same on your documents plus passport.

      • hi talha i want to attest my bachelors degree from hec but my date of birth is change in nic and in metric certificate is different.. but as my entire documents have same name everything correct from metric to bachelors all same same..
        as u mention that hec not attest metric or inter.. they only attest bachelors degree.. so is there any issue?

        • This will cause issues so please make sure you get it corrected before moving further.

  40. affidavit will work? because i have my father name on my documents as Alwon Gill but on my cnic it is Alwon khurshid Gill,, i want to know if affidavit will work for this purpose. nadra refused to change my father’s name,, it will be long process if i will go for name change on my documents from matric to masters.

    • Yes it will work

  41. Aoa
    My ssc certificate has father name ‘s muhammad as “muhamamd”. Remainig all my documents has “muhammad” is this create issue in hec attestation.

    • WAS no it will not

  42. Asslam o alikum

    On my ssc certificate father name has a spelling error instead of writing “Muhammad” they wrote “Muhamamd”. Core is correctly spelled and has no error through out my documents. Is HEC can create issue in attestation.

    • WAS Not an issue!

      • Talha sir can I get my degree verified from HEC ,while my father name in all documents is AASAN UD DIN and in ID card name is
        AHSAN UD DIN.only one spelling mistake can create a problem for me. ?

        • Hello – no you can’t – you will first have to rectify this issue

  43. Hi Talha,

    Hope you are doing good. My issue is that my name on o level and A level certificates and there respective interboard issued certificates is written as “Abbass” , whereas my name is spelled as “Abbas” on my bachelors degree and other documents.. I did my o levels in 2002 and it will be a huge mess to get rid of the spelling mistake now. Do you think it will be a problem for me ? if yes can you guide me how to solve this one . Please help !

    • Hello Abbas – Yes this can be a problem for you. You will have to go to either the university or the board to get it corrected.

  44. Assalam o alaikum,

    I tried calling IBCC several times but no one picked the phone.

    I would like to apply for an equivalency certificate (Intermediate level) from IBCC and have below query:

    SSC, Federal board Pakistan, cleared in 2014 (name on result card & certificate: Zulfiqar)
    HSSC equivalent US GED, cleared in 2016 (name on diploma & transcript: Zulfiqar Mehmood)

    Please if you can confirm if there will not be an issue while getting the equivalency certificate as other information such as date of birth, father’s name, etc. is same.

    Moreover on SSC, photo is also present which verifies the identity. Kindly advise.


    Zulfiqar Mehmood

    • WAS – There will be an issue – all names should match on all documents 🙁

  45. Hi,
    I’ve got an acceptance from an Italian university, paid my fees, booked my flight for next week, paid for the accommodation and everything is finalise. Got my certificates attested from IBCC, but once went to HEC they rejected to attest my degree stating that my fathers middle name is missing on my educational documents. I’m really worried as I’ve transferred the fees and hostel money, even booked my flight and I’m afraid what to do. The name change process takes time and my term is starting next week, please help!

    • Hello – you must contact the Italian University asap and discuss it with them – If they agree its not an issue

      • Thanks for replying, I’ve contacted the Italian Embassy but they need the attested degree to issue a document called Declaration of Value which is required by the Italian University. Is there any way HEC can help me if I provide them with the my fees transactions acceptance letter and other admission documents.

        • Nope HEC will not assist you in this regard. 🙁

  46. Hi
    Name of My father is Mushtaq Ahmad on all of my documents except in ssc certificate.
    In ssc certificate a minor change is there.
    On certificate its written MUHSTAQ instead of MUSHTAQ.
    Will hec attest my degree with that change?

    • Yes this will create issue – please get it corrected.

  47. Can we get attested from karachi HEC office ..??

  48. I know Talha bhai you have been getting alot of these questions. My name on all the degrees, transcripts is consistent. But my father’s name on CNIC is ‘ Muhammad Asad’ , while on degrees/transcript it is ‘ M. Asad’. Will HEC create an issue out of it?

    • Oh yes this is an issue – you have to have it fixed first Usama

  49. I would like to apply for an equivalency certificate (Intermediate level) from IBCC for HSSC equivalent US GED

    • Have you got your ged converted?

  50. There are too many questions in which a person has issue regarding his father’s name like his father name on all certificates is manzoor ahmad but on his Cnic it is manzoor ahmad dar. Note dar is a caste
    And I have saw sometimes you replied it will not have a issue and sometimes you said opposite
    Can you reply me with a correct answer

    • Well nowadays HEC is very strict on the name correction – earlier they uses to accept slight errors but not anymore