Profiles of Admitted Fulbright Scholars 2016

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Finally the 2016 Fulbright selections for MS and PhD programs have been finally made and every principal and alternate candidate has been informed of the decision. Those who have not yet heard from the Fulbright should certainly be sure that they have not been successful this year and now they must look into alternative options. Unsuccessful candidates can apply next year as well but I generally advise students to first explore other options such as applying directly to graduate schools in US or other possible countries of interest.

As for the successful candidates, surprisingly the number of those admitted from LUMS has fallen significantly. Over these past few days 17 of my students have shared their profiles and the remaining have been shared by other generous Fulbright scholars – I requested some of them to share their profiles with me so that other aspirants can gain some benefit from their data.

Here are some profiles that I have been able to compile so far and I am in the process of compiling a few more that I will be posting to this page over this week. So please keep checking back to see more updates:

In case you have been selected for the Fulbright 2016 cohort and are filling to share your profile for others to benefit, please fill this form. We all will be really obliged.

Successful Applicant 1 (Engineering)
Successful Applicant 2 (Policy)
Successful Applicant 3 (Psychology)
Successful Applicant 4 (Economics)
Successful Applicant 5 (Engineering)
Successful Applicant 6 (PHD)
Successful Applicant 7 (Water)
Successful Applicant 8 (Data Science)
Successful Applicant 9 (Neuroscience)
Successful Applicant 10 (Policy)
Successful Applicant 11 (PHD)
Successful Applicant 12 (Marketing)
Successful Applicant 13 (PHD)
Successful Applicant 14 (PHD)
Successful Applicant 15 (Engineering)
Successful Applicant 16 (Entrepreneurship)
Successful Applicant 17 (Marketing)
Successful Applicant 18 (Urban Planning)
Successful Applicant 19 (Technology Management)
Successful Applicant 20 (PHD)
Successful Applicant 21 (Computer Science)
Successful Applicant 22 (Agribusiness)
Successful Applicant 23 (Energy)
Successful Applicant 24 (Psychology)
Successful Applicant 25 (Marketing)
Successful Applicant 26 (Supply Chain)
Successful Applicant 27 (Applied Mathematics)
Successful Applicant 28 (Marketing)
Successful Applicant 29 (MBA)
Successful Applicant 30 (Finance)
Successful Applicant 31 (Engineering)
Successful Applicant 32 (PHD)
Successful Applicant 33 (Engineering)
Successful Applicant 34 (Counseling)
Successful Applicant 35 (Policy)
Successful Applicant 36 (MPH-HPM)
Successful Applicant 37 (Photography)
Successful Applicant 38 (Marketing)
Successful Applicant 39 (Engineering)
Successful Applicant 40 (Engineering)
Successful Applicant 41 (Engineering)
Successful Applicant 42 (Dentistry)
Successful Applicant 43 (Economics)
Successful Applicant 44 (Psychology)
Successful Applicant 45 (Engineering)
Successful Applicant 46 (Psychology)
Successful Applicant 47 (Policy)
Successful Applicant 48 (History)
Successful Applicant 49 (Public Health)
Successful Applicant 50 (Engineering)
Successful Applicant 51 (Behavioral Sciences)
Successful Applicant 52 (Engineering)

*successful applicants, if there are any discrepancies please do let me know

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  1. Anyone with civil engineering major secured it?

  2. were the trained in brightlink?

    • Maisam, 31 of them were trained at Brightlink

  3. Awesome information

  4. Value able information. Thanks

  5. Mostly from LUMS, NUST and Forman Christian College are making the list. Interesting!

  6. i have done Ph.d in Pashto Language and Literature i want to do Postdoc would there any scholarship for me

    • You can check the Fulbright program for post docs.

  7. Has anyone from English major got the scholarship?

    • Yes Maryam – there are quite a few.

      • Dear Talha,

        I don’t see any profile with English major.

        • Yup no English major in my knowledge.

  8. I am in my 5th semester with average 3.8 GPA but with no publications under my name. When and what shall be the first thing to take up in preparation for Fulbright scholarship?

    • Maryam – take the GRE and do some extra curricular work along with some research work.

  9. can i have a look at a profile of any one selected in agricultural sector, particularly in agricultural economics??

    • Well the shared profiles are all above. If there isn’t one from agri then that means they have not shared it with us to put on the website.

      • i have done in agricultural economics, but i want to do masters in general economics, can i apply for general economics and will they give me the prefference of agricultural sector if i apply for general economics??

        • Does not matter which field you apply in – they will give preference in what you apply but you must be able to defend your decisions

  10. Any of the fulbright 2016 scholar received placement decisions?

    • Hi! We have received admission decisions but no final placements as yet. We’ll probably get them by end of April or somewhere in May Insha’Allah.

  11. I am doing M.Phil. Linguistics and literature. i want to do PHd , is there any relevant scholarship for my field?

  12. Dear Brother Talha AOA,I am from MULTAN and need your help in sorting out good books for prepartion og GRE in contextb of Fulbright Scholarship programme.I can’t afford to be in Lahore for preparation as I am in Govt.job.
    Gul Khan

    • Hi Gul – I would advise you to buy Manhattan GRE guides and the ETS books – If you can’t find them in Multan let me know and I will purchase them and send them to you in Multan

  13. Aslam o alikum

    I have completed my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering and now pursuing masters in nuclear engineering from PIEAS , i need to know that can i apply for full bright scholarship for another masters degree, once i complete my masters degree from PIEAS. i have no work experience but have been teaching from last 6 years ,because teaching is my passion. NOW if somehow i secure good marks in GRE and TOEFL what should i take at then.

    • WAS – If you are doing another MS in the same field then it is not recommended to do another MS else you can do it.

      • Thank you for reply.NOW what if i don’t show my masters degree and apply on the the bases of my undergrad degree?

        • Ideally you should not hide anything from FB

      • hahaha thank you sir you are very supportive

  14. Any one got accepted fro physics as major….???
    and is that can effect if someone having bachelors in Electrical Engineering want to apply for Masters in Physics

    • Yes there are a couple of people who did. EE majors can apply for Physics

  15. When do the final placements for Fulbright come? Anyone have any idea?

  16. Gre 151q, 146v bs with major in cs from fast isb could be selected?

  17. Dear Sir!
    First of thanks for this commendable effort for compiling this data. I want to apply for Full Bright Scholar s (Post Doctorate). Can you please guide me, because I am interested to talk to some one who has availed this opportunity. Can u help me out in finding any link in this regards.

  18. Hi, the Fulbright application has limited space for the study objectives; I’m applying for a PhD and I know that all programs require a proper research proposal. However, the Fulbright application does not instruct or request a proposal. Do I still send one in? What does the Fulbright expect? Will they ask me to submit by proposal after selection?

    • Research proposal is not required. It will be asked after selection

  19. Can a student having graduation in engineering and having pursuit of masters in social sciences be awarded Fulbright?

  20. is there any one who got the scholarship in international relations?

  21. Hey. Can you please guide me regarding GRE. How many times we can take it?
    Such as in SATs we can appear more than one time and submit the highest score to the university.


    • Hello – you can take GRE 5 times year. You can submit your best score in GRE as well.

  22. i am a student of political science. i want to exchange semester. any scholar foe me plz guide me.

  23. Is there any way to contact these fulbright scholars to help us in our application? I plan to apply for Marketing for this year’s Fulbright application and I saw a couple of people here who got it in Marketing.

    • Unfortunately they have chosen to remain anonymous!

  24. Could you please explain me how to take GRE test. Where to apply? And what are ur course fee nd duration.

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