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Looking at the 2015 Fulbright class profiles over the years, I have always noticed that percentages shift from one area to the other. With an admitted size of around 150 for Masters students and 30-50 for PhD students, even two students can create variations in percentages. Since Fulbright’s funding and candidate pool is changing each year, the proportions in the entering class change too.

These variations also tell a lot about the admission process of Fulbright – they don’t admit similar type of people to their pool; moreover they do not have any quotas either. Fulbright assesses every applicant based on her or his own merit. The Fulbright Class of 2015 is no exception. Fulbright welcomed over 180 students this year with greater diversity of experience and background.

A few months ago I conducted a survey of 86 students who got successfully selected for the Fulbright program this year. The class comprises a record number of engineers from top institutes in Pakistan. Representation of women also increased slightly with almost 27% of the sample size being females. Students represented institutes such as LUMS, NUST, LSE, UET, GIKI and may other universities. Admitted applicants with work experience came from both the public and private sectors – moreover private school teachers and administrators also got selected. As always, there was fluctuation in industry representation, biotech/health care, entertainment/media, and government/non-profit sectors.

Undergraduate Institutes Whose Students Got the Fulbright Scholarship 2015 (% of total selected candidates)
• LUMS (25%)
• NUST (20%)
• UET (15%)
• IBA (10%)
• GIKI (10%)
• others (20%)

Other institutes include University of Arid Agriculture Rawalpindi, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, UCL, SZABIST, Sukkur IBA, Quest Nawabshah, Punjab Unviersity, PIEAS, NED, LSE, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute, GC UNiversity Lahore, FJWU, FC College, Dawood University of Engineering & Technology, COMSATS Islamabad, Beaconhouse National University , Army Medical College NUST.

GPA’s of selected students (% of total selected candidates)
• 3.5 to 4 (40%)
• 3 to 3.5 (35%)
• less than 3 (25%)

Prior Work Experience of principal candidates (% of total selected candidates)
• No Experience (20%)
• 1 year (25%)
• 1-2 years (15%)
• 2-3 years (20%)
• More than 3 years (20%)

Undergraduate Majors of Principal Candidates (% of total selected candidates)
• Public Affairs (25%)
• Engineering (20%)
• Business (15%)
• Sciences (15%)
• Social Sciences and Humanities (15%)
• Health (5%)
• Fine Arts (3%)
• Education Specialties (2%)

Fulbright Majors (% of total selected candidates)
• Public Affairs (25%)
• Engineering (22%)
• Social Sciences and Humanities (20%)
• Sciences (15%)
• Business (10%)
• Health (3%)
• Education Specialties (2%)
• Fine Arts (2%)
• Law Specialties (1%)

Average GRE Scores (Quant)(Verbal)(AWA) (% of total selected candidates)
• Business (160)(155)(5)
• Education Specialties (153)(154)(4.5)
• Engineering (163)(151)(5)
• Fine Arts (155)(147)(3)
• Health (155)(152)(4)
• Public Affairs (157)(155)(5)
• Sciences (163)(152)(5)
• Social Sciences and Humanities (153)(151)(5)


  1. Avatar

    Sir it seems that work experience is an important factor.That means that students with no experience has to be best in all other categories…….

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    Very good article….excellent work…
    i have a question.. if u can help
    i am a final year engineering student and i want to start my GRE preparation now, can u kindly guide me about some good books for GRE preparation specially for verbal section..Thanks in advance…

  3. Avatar

    Dear Omer,
    I wonder if married candidates can get their partner accompanied to US when going for FulBright Scholarship. Can you please guide?

    • Avatar

      Hi Saeed, Married candidates can take their partners along as well but only after 6 months. Plus you will have to bear the expenses on your own.

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    Sir Talha, I am Talha Kamal from Pakistan. I need your guidance regarding the program. My CGPA is 3.5 in Bachelors of Civil Engineering from SSUET , Karachi. I have taken the IELTS test with a band score of 6.5. I am a fresh graduate with no experience except for the internships during my studies.
    Please comment about how do you see my academic profile for the scholarship program?
    Is IELTS accepted in place of TOEFL?
    Thank you

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    dear sir!
    it seems that there is no any candidate for masters selected under the field of AGRICULTURE. is this mean that fulbright does not prefer the field of agriculture ?

    • Avatar

      Hey Qamar, Agriculture falls under Sciences 🙂 and 15% of admitted belong to Sciences. So you have high chances if you are from agri. plus agri gets special attention because it is a high priority field for FB.

      • Avatar

        Sir, how did you approach this sample?
        Second. if you fail first in the first attempt for full bright, can you apply next year ?

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    Thanks for the valuable analysis Talha.

    Since you have been helping students for a number of years, could you tell if you are applying for an engineering discipline, which course of study is of greater interest to USEF:

    1. Research oriented engineering programs- graduates most likely end up as university prof.
    2. OR professional programs combined with management and entrepreneurship- graduates most likely to start their own venture after graduation that would generate business and create jobs.

    I know exceptions do exists, but just wanted to know based on what you have observed over number of years.

    • Avatar

      FB does not prefer any particular engineering discipline – as long as you are good at what you do, FB will value your application.

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    One of the other universities is Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi 🙂 Bio medical Engineering.

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    sir..i am a pharmacy student…i have recently graduated from university of veterinary and animal, i want to continue my studies abroad..i wanna avail this fullbright scholarship..can u plzz guide me regarding GRE prepaprtion..

  9. Avatar

    Hi. Any seats? Can you put me down?

  10. Avatar

    sir if im from comsats attock could this effect my overall standing actually i have several offers from other universities like nust etc but i got ict scholarship in this campus of comsats.

    • Avatar

      No it does not affect – FB looks at your overall profile.

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    Hi Talha,
    My quantitative score in GRE is 161 and verbal score is 150. Still waiting for analytical writing score. I am applying for fulbright scholarship for masters in Chemical engineering. Can you please give candid feedback regarding my chances of selection. I have 1.5 years of experience in major fertilizer industry in pakistan and my cgpa is 3.767 from UET.


  12. Avatar

    Well I’m quite surprised as per your survey there were no students from Mehran UET and that seems to be true as most of the student’s don’t go for GRE and go all the way with their professional career.

  13. Avatar


    If you could tell me how can I go to Fulbright scholarship. I am a govt servant with 8 years experience and am holding Master in Economics.plz guide me.Thanks.

  14. Avatar

    I m mbbs dr..just done with degree can i apply for it,,whr have they mentioned eligibility criteria

  15. Avatar

    Hi Sir,

    Firstly, appreciating all your efforts towards helping out students with GRE in every way possible, it is commendable sir.
    I am interested in pursuing MBA via Fulbright Scholarship, I meet the three year threshold set for this scholarship, however, I have a 1.5 years of undergrad work experience and the rest of it is after graduation. Do you think this could be a perfect fit? My after grad work experience will reach a 3 year total by January next year.

    • Avatar

      thanks you 🙂 No it is not a good fit – they need proper 3 years of experience at the time of application 🙂

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    Sir My cgpa is 2.4 is there any chance of me getting fullbright?


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