Profile of Pakistani MS Student – Stanford University Fall 2014 [Economics]

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Stanford University is one of the top global universities and is ranked 5th in the US for economics. Recently one of my GRE students from Pakistan got admission to the Masters program at Stanford University on graduate research assistantship – which is paying all of his expenses. He has decided to share with us his professional profile so that other students in Pakistan may benefit from it.

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Please note that this profile will only help you gauge where you stand but is by no means a confirmation of getting in Stanford University.

Admitted To

  • Stanford University (100% Tuition Waiver + Monthly Stipend)
  • Boston University (100% Tuition Waiver + Monthly Stipend)
  • Cornell University (100% Tuition Waiver + Monthly Stipend)

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Rejected From

  • Harvard University
  • Yale University
  • Princeton University
  • New York University
  • Columbia University
  • Brown University

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Professional Profile

Graduated From NUST

CGPA 3.90/4.0

Scores GRE Scores: 334 (Quantitative: 170; Verbal: 164) & TOEFL: 119

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Work Experience With regards to work experience having to do with economics, not very much—helped with a business plan in Nicaragua but that’s about it (had other jobs besides). Oh, and I also TA’d an econ class my senior year.

Research Papers None

Letter of Recommendation 3. Professors at my school (one who had a personal contact here at Stanford), including the one who taught a macro graduate level class that I took.

Extracurricular activities Club Tennis Team

Test Preparation Do some tests and see where you’re at. I know for Economics that they mainly look at the Math Score so I would primarily focus on that. I spent 2 months on my GRE preparation.

Personal Statement I focused on what I really like about economics—the intuition, the search for underlying basic principles that guide the economy. I really focused on my intuition, as I think that is my strong point.

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Any tips for prospective Pakistani applicants? I guess the only thing to say is try your best in all above. I didn’t have any research which I think hurt me. But also be aware that this is extremely competitive, and don’t overthink things if you get rejected from places — I was rejected to 2/3 of the places I applied to. I think there are a lot of worthy candidates out there, many of whom you could make a very legitimate case for getting into Stanford (or another institution) even when they didn’t. But go for it — I didn’t even really want to apply here, but my advisor convinced me to, and 1 year later I’m out here living on the West Coast. Good luck!


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    I have a question in mind that if someone has done BS in engineering and he/she wanted to go for MBA afterwards will this create some problems or not. Consider applying in USA schools

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      Hi Ahmad, It won’t. Many engineers do an MBA after a few years of work experience!

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    AoA! can you please guide me how to apply for the foreign scholarship in Stanford. i had done my masters in Coal Technology and want to study abroad but i don’t know the process how to apply. kindly guide me, i will be greatful to you. Regards.

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      Hi Aanza, You can either apply through Fulbright Pakistan or you can contact Stanford and check if they have any funding available for international students in Pakistan. TA/RSship may help only if you have some publications or teaching experience.

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        thanks a lot talha 🙂

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    AOA Talha! I am currently doing BS-CS and I want to join Stanford for my MS. My question is that what is the GPA requirement (on average)? With a very good GRE Score but 3.2 GPA, can I avail full bright scholarship or the high GPA is required for scholarship?

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      WAS Atif – well for places like Stanford nothing is good enough – it is highly competitive and they need strong applicants. For instance this year I know 2 students who got into Stanford and both of them had a GRE score of 337 and 334 respectively. Almost 3-4 publications in international high impact factor journals and GPA of 3.93 and 3.87. So what i am saying is that you need to work on every aspect of your app to get into such programs.

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        OMG! 😀 Thanks 🙂

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    Hi.. i’m in inter and right after this i’d like to continue my studies in STANFORD. I’ve been searching for the scholarship at stanford for a long time but failed to find any! plz plz help me abt this

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      Emaan, There are no specific scholarships for Stanford – you can apply and try your luck after giving the SAT.

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    Hi TALHA

    I did my BS mathematics with 3.97/4 CGPA. I also have 3 ISI standard research papers from BS thesis. Kindly guide me what type of tests should I qualify to get into stanford. Thanks in advance.

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      Hello Shah – GRE general is a must and TOEFL too 🙂

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        Thank you sir, one more question sir , What if I do IELTS instead of TOEFL?

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    Hello sir i am a fresh graduate i have got 87% overall in my hons degree, i dont know what would be my gpa bcoz we have the percentage system here, i am the gold medalist stuent of my batch and i am from agricultural sector, so can u plzz tell me what is my gpa and how much should i score at least in gre to get fullbright scholarship??

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      GPA will be around 3.5 – GRE you should try to get above 315.

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    Assallam o Alyikum Talha

    I am completing MBA 3 years program from CBM before this completed my b-com and now want to get admission in Stanford MBA . Am I eligible ?

    PLease guide me

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      WAS Aaqib, Yes you are eligible.

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    Hey! Thank you for responding to these comments. I am studying BSc Social sciences from Habib University. Though my average GPA here is 3.85 and I am doing research works, some in collaboration with Harvard but my A’ levels grades were really bad. God straight As in O’ Levels and A levels part 1. Sad story for the other part. So for applications in such universities for grad schools, do they see your A’ level grades? And if they do, have my chances cut down by a good margin?

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      Hello – A levels do not matter.

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    Hello Talha
    I have done my Medicine from Pakistan (Not prestigious medical college) but with high destination. So how it is difficult to get into any of the world top 100 university? Is it is easy to get into world 30-100 ranking university?
    As i know that going into places like Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, MIT etc is extremely difficult but what about other high ranking universities?

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      Hello Numan, I have no idea about medicine requirements. Thanks

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    hi , im bba student want to get admission in standford school of business pls guide me . all process what kindof test i have to do .i think i should repeat my bba i mean i cant do mba hain naaa?? pls guide me

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      GMAT 700+ and 5-7 years of Work experience for Stanford!

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    i have 2.8 CGPA, am i eligible for GRE, Fulbright

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    AoA! Hope you are fine! I have a question. My CGPA is 3.6 in BSc Computer Engineering from UET Taxila. How much GRE scores I need to go for Stanford, MIT, University of Pennsylvania and Yale? Any Idea? Moreover, I am Bronze medalist.

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      W.A.S Qasim, Generally average quant score is 168 and verbal is 159.

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    hello sir i am shahryar from UET Peshawar i am in final semester and hoping to graduate with 3.3 CGPA i am an aspirant for admission in Cornell can you guide me how much score do i need.May be i willl have one publication and do final year project matter at cornell ?

    If i join your academy can ni get 3 30 plus?

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      Well for Cornell you will need 325+ on GRE. Our content does prepare students for a very high score but getting 330+ depends mostly on the amount of effort that individual students put in.

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      Check the requirements of the program on Stanford’s website.!

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    I am in the second last semester of Bs and keenly interested to do my Mphill in Astronomy or Astrophysics from either of the following universities
    5. Oxford
    Kindly guide me about how much percentage or marks would be required by me for IElTs TOEFL and GRE to get admission in the above mentioned Universities.

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      W/S – At least a 3.5 GPA will be required and TOEFL 110+ and GRE 325+ will be needed to target these universities!

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    hi can i go for mba after my bachelors in comp sci

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    Hi Talha,
    I have graduated from Namal College, an Associate College of University of Bradford in computer Science. During my fyp I came to know about the natural language processing group in Stanford, since then it is my dream to be in Stanford and be a part of this group. Currently I am working in a software house as a front end developer. Beside this I am also extending my fyp research and working on my research paper. I want your suggestion. Should first complete my research paper and get it publish and then apply for further studies in Stanford or should start applying now? Also how difficult it is to be a RA here?

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      Hello Naira, Well Stanford is super super super competitive. If you want to get in you must have at least 2-3 int’l publications or a major major project under your resume. RAship are easier to get once you have an admission.

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