I have not graduated yet, can I still apply for Fulbright?

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A very frequently asked question from me is that can one apply for Fulbright if one is still studying (undergraduate or a graduate degree) or if one has graduated but not yet received the official degree or the final transcripts. The answer is, it depends. If you are able to get your official degree and complete transcript from your university before December 31st of the same year as the Fulbright application deadline, then you may apply for Fulbright in the said year. So for example, the deadline for this year’s Fulbright is May 13th 2015, then you may apply this year only if you get your official final degree and transcript from your university and get it attested from HEC before December 31st 2015.

In this case just send your partial or unofficial documents (transcripts etc.) with your application and attach a cover letter with your application telling the USEFP that you will be able to send the official documents attested by HEC before December 31st.

If you will receive your documents later than December 31st then you will have to apply next year when the Fulbright reopens.


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    I have graduate in 2014 but haven’t received my degree as 8th semester’s results are not announced. I will be awarded degree by January 2016. Although I will get my final transcripts once results are announced i.e. hopefully before dec 2015. SO can I apply?

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    My graduation will complete in June 2015 means at the time of application submission, only result of 8th semester will be awaiting and as you mentioned that degree will be attested before 31st December, this is ok and will be achieved before 31st December in my case. But little confusion about awaiting results of 8th semester before application deadline.In this case am I applicable for scholarship?

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    I m in 6 semester. My degree will be completed by June 2016. I want to secure admission in session that will start from fall 2016. When should I apply for full – bright scholarship.

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    Hello ! I am done My MBA and also graduation in Computer science. I have 10 years of work experience in IT and Project management.I want to apply for PhD in project management.As I also have PMI certification in Project management. I also want to do MS in computer Sciences.May you please guide in which filed there are chances for Scholarship, MS in computer Sciences or PhD in project Management.

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      Hi Sumaira, Field depends on your relevant background, expertise and experience, and not on what area has higher chances.

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    I have submitted my Mphill Thesis but cannot defend this thesis and complete my Mphill by june 2015. After june 2015 i will have my Mphill degree what docoments do i need to attach with application. Hope certificate by concerned university officials is valud or i need transcripts of Mphill course work semesters?

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      Hi Omer, Attach whatever you can get your hands on from the university. That includes transcripts and any other certificates, complete or incomplete.

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    Salam i am bit confuse ‘ i am doing hons (three year) i had complete my two year of that and now am in 3rd year 1st semester am i eligible for full bright under graduation program and my field is health and physical education(sports science ) plz reply

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      WAS – you can only apply if HEC accredits your degree to a 4 year equivalent.

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    SIR !

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    hi sir
    me asif i belong to balochistan and i am doing my masters in governance and public policy i am in last semester my degree will be complete in june 2015. can i apply and what document i send ti USEFP please guide me.

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    Hi sir i want to ask about gre as i got appointment of 19 may and deadline for fulbright is 13 may.now what should i do?can i submit gre scores at later stage?or wait for next year

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    form is unable to b downloaded 🙁

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    aoa…currently i m in my last year of d.pharm …and it would end on june 2016 …. if i start tis whole procedure next year then would i be able to take admision the same year???

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      WAS – You will be going in 2017 if you start the process next year.

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    AOA….sir i have complete bachelors in Software engineering(B.E Software) in 2nd Division 2014 now kindly guide for this scholar ship i want to doing masters which documents are required and which courses are required for that please tell me.

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    AOA, bro can i appear for GRE test 1 year or 6 months before completion of my degree and then apply for full-bright after my degree completion.

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      WAS Mehmood – yes of course you can 🙂

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    Aoa, I have graduated in 2015. This year I did not apply for full bright considering that if i apply next year then i would be going for my master in the same year i.e 2016. If I apply for full bright in 2016 then when will I be going for my Masters? Please can you specify the exact year,month and date.

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      WAS Barkat. You will be going in September 2017.

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    hi talha! i am in the last semester of my masters degree in economics .i will be done by dec 2015. i heard from a source that i can apply with a hope certificate, perhaps you could guide me properly about it. can i apply for 2016 fullbright program?

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      Hi Tehmina, As long as you graduate before December 2016, you can apply with a hope certificate else not.

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    Hello !

    I need to ask if I am completing my BBA degree in May 2016 and my graduation will take place in December 2016. when shall I apply for this and is it possible to Apply for Masters program through this platform.

    Thank you
    Aimen Ilyas

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      You can apply in May 2016 Aimen as long as you are graduating by Dec 2016 🙂

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    Hi i want to know about the upcoming deadline for the fullbright scholarship? And how important is GRE? IELTS will be fine if not GRE?

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      Well May 2016 – GRE is mandatory and IELTS is not needed.

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    hello sir i did graduation of 2 years and completed 4 semesters of ICMAP examinations can i apply ???

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      Nope – you need 4 years graduation.

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    sir there is no scholarships for under graduate students?tell me please
    now i am doing BSSE in 2nd semester

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    I wanted to know when is the deadline for 2016?

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    A person has second division in intermediate but 3.73 GPA in BS-Engineering, 3.29 GPA in MBA, 1.5 years field experience and 4 years teaching experience of different field. Will that person be eligible for MS in Management? I mean keeping in view of 1 second division?

    Do reply will be grateful,Thanks.

    Mohammad Talha

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      Yes definitely eligible – second division will not have much -ve affect.

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    I have read the article, however, one question remains unanswered.

    I’m currently enrolled in a 3 years Bachelor’s program(will be graduating by the end of December 2015) followed immediately by a 1 year Master’s program(will be graduating by the end of December 2016).

    Can I apply for FB if I get the official B.Sc. degree & transcripts but NOT the official M.Sc. degree & transcripts by the end of the year(2016) in which my application is to be processed?

    Awaiting your response.
    Thank you.

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      WAS Ahmed yes you definitely can 🙂

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    is there any course related to civil engg in full bright.

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      Yes MS in civil engineering.

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    Hi sir i was working in dubai as a designer now i come back to pakistan can i apply now for full bright

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    Pl Answer my query as can any scholarship is available phd. information management in any country. i m very thanful to u pl. reply

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    Do fulbright provide scholarships in MS in Petroleum Engineering?

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      yes FB is provided in this area.

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    My brother is a full bright scholar. Can i apply for the full bright scholarship or are sibblings of full bright scholars not allowed?

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    Hi, I want to apply for fulbright this year (my third year in university), my 16th year of education. Can I apply this year or do I have to wait till after the 16th year is over?

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      You can not apply this year – next year you can.

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    i had completed my bachleor programme in b.arch suggest me some schloarship in AU

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    AOA if I graduate in june 2016 when do I have to apply in order to study masters in 2016?

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      AOA I am currently in 6th semester and will graduate in june 2017. Should I apply this year if I want to get admission in masters in Sep 2017?

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        You cannot apply this year under FB – apply next year.

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      May 2016 you can apply for this years FB

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    i have a formal 16 years of education and additional 1 year of M.A in policy economics from USA. In short i have total 17 years of education. Please tell, am i eligible to apply for Ph.D program in USA through full bright scholarship?

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      Hi Annie – Yes you can apply for PHD.

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    I m currently doing my MS in elect engg. Course work is complete. I hope that my thesis will be complete by sep 2016. I assume that provisional certificate will be awarded to me by the end of dec 2016. But degree will be awarded in march 2017 at university convocation. Can i apply for fulbright this year or have to wait for next year fulbright award. Thanks

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      WAS – You will have to wait till next year.

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    I was shocked as was going to register tomorrow but all the available dates vanished(18,19,20 April) . 11 may is available which is the deadline of full bright application..should I apply with registration slip or take 6th April test…6 days Im under prepared

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      Apply with 11th april test date and send your slip

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    I am applying for this year’s Fulbright FLTA, meanwhile i will be 21 by this June, can i continue my application? Moreover statement of result will be given befor december

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    I will be 21 by June,can i continue with my application,i am.a little bit concerned about the age though am almost through with the application

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    AoA.. I have completed my 6th semester.. When should I apply for masters and should I give ielts in this summer break?

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      WAS – You should apply later this year. IELTS is valid for two years so i ll say if you are applying this year then take IELTS this summer.

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