Do Non-US Universities Require GRE?

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Among students in Pakistan, there is a very common misconception that GRE is only required by universities in the U.S. This was true to some extent in the past when very few universities outside of US wanted the GRE score but now this trend is reversing. In fact, in recent years GRE is not only accepted by many non-US universities but also by many universities in Pakistan as well. For example LUMS require GRE scores for admissions to its graduate programs. It also requires GMAT, a test very similar to the GRE, for admissions to its MBA programs.

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Surprisingly many companies have also started asking for GRE scores while hiring employees. In fact many companies have hiring exams that are solely bases on the GRE test pattern. Recently, many business schools have also started accepting GRE scores for admissions in lieu of the GMAT scores.

Reasons for such a trend are obvious; GRE is a standardized test that evaluates all the applicants on the same grounds regardless of their fields of study or educational backgrounds. The level of emphasis placed upon GRE scores varies widely between schools and between departments within schools. There are many non-US schools that do not require GRE but recommend their applicants to take GRE. This means that if applications of two candidates stand at same level, then the one with a good GRE score will be preferred.

So to cut it short, you no longer require the GRE scores for admissions to US universities but also need it for many universities, companies outside of U.S. including Pakistan. The following list shows some of the Non-US countries and universities where one or more departments require GRE for admission.

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• Thunderbird University, Buenos Aires

• Deakin University

• Webster University Vienna

• ADA University

• Independent University Bangladesh

• Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

• Hult International Business School – São Paulo

• Concordia University
• University of Alberta
• University of Toronto
• University of Western Ontario

• Shanghai International Studies University
• Tsinghua University
• Webster University Shanghai

• Thunderbird University Bogota

• University of Cyprus

• Aalto University

• ESCP Europe
• HEC Paris
• IAE Aix-en-Provence Graduate School of Management

• Caucasus University

• Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Berlin
• RWTH Aachen University
• TU Munich
• TU Bergakademie Freiberg

• Amrita School of Business Kochi
• JECRC University

• Bocconi University
• Fondazione CUOA
• University of Trento

• Doshisha University
• International University of Japan
• Sophia University

• Seoul National University

• Nyenrode Business University
• Tilburg University (EMBA Program)
• U Amsterdam, Amsterdam Business School
• Webster University Leiden

Saudi Arabia
• King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

• Nanyang Technological University
• National University of Singapore

• University of Geneva

United Kingdom
• Leeds University
• London Business School (EMBA)
• University of Cambridge
• University of Kent
• University of Manchester


Please note that if you know of any other Non US university that requires the GRE score, please share that with us so that we can update this list for the benefit of other students.


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    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology also uses GRE scores.

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    Middle Eastern Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey also requires GRE scores. Among many others Turkish universities.

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