New GRE Online Course Starts 11th February

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BrightLink Prep’s comprehensive ONLINE GRE Preparation Course is intended to help prospective students outside of Lahore to prepare for the GRE Exam via LIVE ONLINE Instruction.

*Note: We only have 25 spots on this course hence we advise to register early. All registrations can be made by calling at 0331-4513196. First 2 classes will be offered as trial.

Course Details

Date: February 11th 2017 – April 16th 2017
Time: Saturday & Sunday (2:30 pm to 5:30 pm)
Optional Class for Discussions – Thursday (6:00 pm to 9:00 pm)
*Note: There will be no classes from 10th of March to 24th of March on account of preparation break during which vocabulary learning and mocks are to be taken.

Location: Online LIVE
Instructor: Moeez Ali
Price: Rs. 25,000
Registration: To register please call us at 0331-4513196

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  1. I am from faisalabad. I cannot come lahore . bright link have any other branch in fsd?

    • Hello – nope only in Lahore

  2. Hello Talha,
    Actually i’ve some query if you could help me out. I’ve prepared for the Gre on my own & it was quite difficult for me to join your session cause of my tough work schedule at office. Now that I’ve prepared on my own, i want to do some mock practice tests before i can plan my actual exam. So is it possible if you could provide me with some access to practice exams & charge something for it?!
    Waiting for your reply.


    • Hello Arslan – thanks for reaching out – are you based in Lahore? If yes you can come on our premises to take the GRE tests 🙂 if not then we will not be able to sell the tests as we provide those in our premises.

  3. Hello Talha bhai.

    How much time commitment is expected purely for the course + action steps excluding GRE prep?

    • Hello Safi – well it doesnt take more than 6 weeks to get done 🙂 can you call us at 0323-4096656 and we can discuss in detail. Thanks

  4. Hello Talha,
    Is online course cover all topics as you teach in class?

  5. Hello ,
    Is the course taught online is same as in class?
    & why the optional class is not included in package, i mean if a person want to discuss problem , then how can we do that without an optional class?
    Waiting for your response.thanks

    • Hello Erum – the optional class will be on monday from 5.30 to 8.30

  6. Hello Sir,
    How we will attend this class ?
    Do we need to install any software for it?

    • Hello Sameena – no need for installing software – we will be sending you a link online that you will have to join to attend the classes.

  7. Hello Umar,
    How we can attend this optional class?

    • Hello Mahnoor – this is an online session so you will be sent an online link to join the session.

  8. Talha , is this included in Online course too?
    12 Full length GRE Practice Test, 30 mini GRE quizzes, 1500+ Practice Problems, 6 hours of private tutoring option and 96 hours of lectures!

    • Yes ali – the 12 mocks, 30 quizzes, 1500+ questions and 72 hours of lectures for GRE are included.

  9. Assalamualikum Talha bro.
    I have came to know now that online GRE classes has been started from 14jan. Which is very late for me. Is it now possible for me to register for GRE online coarse. Please help me.beacause i lives in peshawar so difficult to come to lahore.

    • WAS Ubaid – we are in the process of finalizing the schedule for the next online sessions 🙂 InshAllah we will do that by next week.

  10. Sir Talha! Is there any session instructed by you?

    • Hello Huma, I will be starting an online prep session inshAllah next month which will be taught by me.

  11. Can you please update me when you start next session for online course I am very late and due to some problems I can’t join now

    • inshAllah first week of March!

  12. Hi dear. Do you still have any seats available for this online course?

    • Hello – nope its already full.

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