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BrightLink Prep’s comprehensive ONLINE GRE & GMAT Preparation Course is intended to help prospective students outside of Lahore to prepare for the GRE & GMAT Exam via LIVE ONLINE Instruction.


GRE Course Details  
Date: July 1st, 2018 – August 19th, 2018
Time: Compulsory Class: Saturday & Sunday (6 pm – 9 pm) + Optional Class Friday (6 pm – 9 pm)
Location: Online LIVE
Price: Rs. 20,000
Instructor: Moeez Ali
Registration: To register please call us at 0331-4513196 or please fill this GRE Registration Form. Once you register with us, you will receive an online link via email along with your username and password 30 minutes before the session that you can use to access the LIVE classroom. 


GMAT Course Details  
Date: July 1st, 2018 – August 19th, 2018
Time: Compulsory Class: Saturday & Sunday (6 pm – 9 pm) + Optional Class Friday (6 pm – 9 pm)
Location: Online LIVE
Price: Rs. 22,500
Instructor: Moeez Ali
Registration: To register please call us at 0331-4513196 or please fill this GMAT Registration Form. Once you register with us, you will receive an online link via email along with your username and password 30 minutes before the session that you can use to access the LIVE classroom. 


JOIN FROM ANYWHERE WITH CONVENIENCE. You need a simple Internet connection.


Sample Quant Demo Class and Demo of Online Tool


Sample Verbal Demo Class and Demo of Online Tool

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  1. I am from faisalabad. I cannot come lahore . bright link have any other branch in fsd?

    • Hello – nope only in Lahore

  2. Hello Talha,
    Actually i’ve some query if you could help me out. I’ve prepared for the Gre on my own & it was quite difficult for me to join your session cause of my tough work schedule at office. Now that I’ve prepared on my own, i want to do some mock practice tests before i can plan my actual exam. So is it possible if you could provide me with some access to practice exams & charge something for it?!
    Waiting for your reply.


    • Hello Arslan – thanks for reaching out – are you based in Lahore? If yes you can come on our premises to take the GRE tests 🙂 if not then we will not be able to sell the tests as we provide those in our premises.

  3. Hello Talha bhai.

    How much time commitment is expected purely for the course + action steps excluding GRE prep?

    • Hello Safi – well it doesnt take more than 6 weeks to get done 🙂 can you call us at 0331-4513196 and we can discuss in detail. Thanks

  4. Hello Talha,
    Is online course cover all topics as you teach in class?

    • Hello Marvi – Yup

      • helo bro what is the eligibility criteria for gre ..
        when we can apply aftr mastr or aftr m.phill

        • There is no eligibility criteria for GRE – anyone can take it.

  5. Hello ,
    Is the course taught online is same as in class?
    & why the optional class is not included in package, i mean if a person want to discuss problem , then how can we do that without an optional class?
    Waiting for your response.thanks

    • Hello Erum – the optional class will be on monday from 5.30 to 8.30

  6. Hello Sir,
    How we will attend this class ?
    Do we need to install any software for it?

    • Hello Sameena – no need for installing software – we will be sending you a link online that you will have to join to attend the classes.

  7. Hello Umar,
    How we can attend this optional class?

    • Hello Mahnoor – this is an online session so you will be sent an online link to join the session.

  8. Talha , is this included in Online course too?
    12 Full length GRE Practice Test, 30 mini GRE quizzes, 1500+ Practice Problems, 6 hours of private tutoring option and 96 hours of lectures!

    • Yes ali – the 12 mocks, 30 quizzes, 1500+ questions and 72 hours of lectures for GRE are included.

  9. Assalamualikum Talha bro.
    I have came to know now that online GRE classes has been started from 14jan. Which is very late for me. Is it now possible for me to register for GRE online coarse. Please help me.beacause i lives in peshawar so difficult to come to lahore.

    • WAS Ubaid – we are in the process of finalizing the schedule for the next online sessions 🙂 InshAllah we will do that by next week.

  10. Sir Talha! Is there any session instructed by you?

    • Hello Huma, I will be starting an online prep session inshAllah next month which will be taught by me.

  11. Can you please update me when you start next session for online course I am very late and due to some problems I can’t join now

    • inshAllah first week of March!

  12. Hi dear. Do you still have any seats available for this online course?

    • Hello – nope its already full.

  13. Hey talha, how are you ! I have prepared for the GRE from Brightlink. ( Session oct ) but due to some medical problems i didn’t go for the test. Neither i have given mock tests. Can i have a refresher course or something like that ?
    Or may be an online course option.
    Hoping for a positive response !

    • Hello Saad – well there is no refresher as such but you can join an existing session 🙂

  14. aslamalikum very honorableing in gulshan ravi, sir
    i want to go USA or UK for higher education also tough for me to join college but i can try sir can u come home for tution of GRe waiting for a fruitful reply. i m living in gulshan ravi, lahore

    • WAS- Our online session starts tomorrow at 6 pm – you can join that.

  15. heloo.. i want to apply in fullbright scholatship program.. for that GRE is required… i dont know how to prepare and from where i can get prepqrqtion… can you help me please

    • Manhattan and ETS guides are a good GRE prep source

  16. sir would u please tell that which book is the best for preparation for GRE…and when will be the start of new session for preparation of GRE

    • manhattan guides – inshAllah in July

  17. Sir Can you please tell me when the next online session for GRE starts? As I’m late for this one.

  18. Salam Talha bhai. can u please tell me when will GRE course start in islamabad

    • WAS Asjad – most likely end of July/early August 🙂

  19. Assalam u Ali\aikum sir,
    can you please tell me the fee structure for online GRE prep?

  20. Sir Talha, can you please change the timing of this session since most of the students will be fasting during this time? Thank you!

    • Hello Moiz, We can do that – take a class on Saturday and we can discuss.

  21. Hi
    Will the online section be like Skype or will you provide videos for it?

    • Hello – nope we will provide you access to adobe connect software via email and you will attend classes there.

  22. dear sir Talha when you are going to conduct online classes i am interesting in online classes but of yours

    • Hello Bilal – Unfortunately I do not conduct online classes and do not plan to in the future. GRE classes that i take are the ones in Lahore.

      • Hi Talha!

        Can you please confirm whether you take GRE classes in Islamabad or not?

        • Hello Zeenat – I have been taking GRE classes for almost over a year now in Islamabad but I will not be taking any further classes this year due to unavailability in Islamabad after May. The sessions will be conducted by my team in Islamabad!

  23. Hello. I am from Turkey. 1. Can i enroll at your class?
    I want to take the test on AUgust 18 so that I can get my score report before the end of August.
    2. For this reason, can you provide intensive tutorial? Or this tutorial schedule you have provided is a set programme.
    3. My toefl ibt score is 108. I want to get at least 160 on Gre. In 2012, i took this test, my score was 145/146; however, i think I am improved in terms of qual now; however, quant remains a myth still.

    • Hello Aynur – thanks for the message. Yes you can join classes starting on 15th July. For quant it is better to go with basics prep first. You can go through the Manhattan GRE guides for that.

  24. Assalam o Laiakum Talha Bahi I am from dGwadar and i am living in Karachi. If there is any Gre Course starting in Karachi. Kindly tell me the time and place of location as well

  25. Talha why aren’t you teaching online course?

    • Due to clash of schedule with my other classes!

  26. Sir I wanted to ask why there is no diagnostic test for online class whereas for physical classes there is?

    • Hello Maria – there is a diagnostic test for online classes too but we tend to take it on first day of the online session. 🙂

  27. asalam o alaikum,

    1. all materials which are provided in the class session, exactly the same materials are also provided in the online session? the notes, tests, assignments etc? and this material is provided in some soft copy or we need to collect it from your office?

    2. the online session is also recorded in case during the live session if the electricity goes or there is any disruption in the internet connectivity ?

    Kindly reply soon.

    • WS Musa

      1) yes they are the same and absolutely no difference All the material is shared with you online through a portal.
      2) yes it is.

  28. How often do you offer the online course?

    • Hello Atif – we offer an online course after every 3 months. Thanks

  29. Hi Talha,

    Actually I am in UAE nowadays and your website is not working there. Kindly tell me am I able to take your online classes in UAE.


  30. Sir I am interested in learning verbal reasoning section. Can I only register myself for that section. What will be the charges than?

    • Yes sure – charges will be 9000

  31. Dear Sir,

    I registered few days back for the online course but have yet to receive a confirmation email. Secondly how much effort will be required from the students in the online course. How many hours per day or per week will we have to put on our own?

    Thirdly how will your provide us with the preparation materials?

    • Hello Osama – thanks for registering today. Well honestly you need 15-20 hours per week to finish all assignments, mocks and quizzes that come with the course. We will be providing you with all the prep material online via an online portal. Let me know if you have queries. Thanks

  32. Hello Talha

    I have filled online registration form for upcoming session. Do we have to submit fee as well in advance ?

    • Hello Abid, You can pay upfront if you want, we give a 10% off in that case. However you can also take a trial class and then pay if you like.


      • Is this discount also valid for non-online courses ?

  33. Hello Talha,

    I want to register my self in your online course but it is already started on 15th june, can I join now and can you help me cover my seven days working in remaining days.


    • Hello Nadia – I would advise you to join our next online prep session since we will not be able to cover up on the missed classes (as 4-5 classes have gone by). We will start the new session inshAllah in end of August. Thanks

  34. when GRE classes will be started in Islamabad?

  35. Hello Talha, I have done M.Phil in Social Sciences and I want to do PhD on a scholarship from a foreign university. I am not privy with such procedures and from the little knowledge I have, I most likely will have to clear Gre, especially for Fulbright. Can you please guide me that how long will it take to prepare for Gre and are all the classes conducted online in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

    • Hello Zahid, Generally it takes around 3 months to prepare well for the GRE. Classes are conducted online as well as in Isb/Rwp. Online sessions begin every month but the classes in Isb/Rwp have a fixed schedule and we run them only in Feb and Aug only each year.

  36. How can I improve the vocabulary? Is there any technique to memorize the vocabulary list easily? How many words do I have to memorize for the GRE test? Please guide me.

    • In short-term (like 1-2 months), the only way to build vocab is by memorizing the words. However, if you have time (more than 4 months) then I will strongly recommend that you regularly start reading from LongReads or from Monthly Atlantic. They use a lot of GRE vocab in their articles and that can help you understand the context of most of these GRE words.

  37. AOA,I want to Join your online Session of GRE ,Kindly tell me when it is going to start.Thankyou.

    • W.S. Tehreem – it will begin on 21st October. Schedule is given above.

  38. Hello Sir,

    I wanted to register for the online gre session. Please guide me the method to register myself and the payment method .

    • Hello Hassan, You can enroll by calling us at 0331-4513196. Thanks

  39. Assalam Alaikum! when will you instruct the next online course as instructor?

    • W.S. Shiraz – I don’t teach online sessions and won’t be teaching them anytime soon. However, you can take a trial class to see how it goes with Moeez Ali who currently teaches the online sessions!

  40. I yet not register for GRE i want help in this regard…

  41. Salam Talha Sir,
    When are you starting next session for GRE prep coaching in Islamabad? AS I am from Peshawar, it will be convenient for me and others to have the opportunity here in Islamabad as soon as possible.

    • Another question is when next online session, that will be taught by you, starts?

      • I won’t be teaching any online sessions anytime soon! 🙂

    • W.S. Sadiq, InshAllah early Feb for sure!

  42. Salam
    Can you plwase update me about dates of next GRE PREP session in Islamabad?

    • W.S. Sadiq – inshAllah early Feb.

  43. Hi, Talha,
    I am Umaimah from Karachi. I have done Masters in English Literature from Karachi University with first division. I want to apply for Fulbright but I don’t have 1.5 years of work experience. I started working this July only. So, can I apply for Fulbright Scholarship?
    Furthermore, what if I get married before May of next year? Would that be an issue?

    • Hello Umaimah, There is no requirement of work experience for FB unless you are applying for MBA or Public Policy. Moreover marriage will not be an issue at all. You can get a visa for your spouse as well to travel with you!

  44. hELLO SIR ,Want to ask that how a starter can prepare him/her self for GRE?

    • Hello – Manhattan GRE 8 guides are a great starting point for GRE prep. One must spend 1-1.5 months covering those guides.

  45. SAMINA SABIR August 28, 2017 at 10:42 am
    when GRE classes will be started in Islamabad?

    TALHA OMER August 31, 2017 at 11:56 am
    End of October/early nov.

    Dear Talha Sir,
    As per your reply to Samina Sabir that I have copied here, I want to once again make sure if you start the next session in Islamabad at End of October/early nov. If not, can I book my seat now for the one in February.

    • Hello Sadiq, InshAllah we start the session on 21st November. You can book a spot for that one by calling us at 0331-4513196. If you have any queries please do let me know. Thanks!

  46. Hi Talha,
    My Query on GMAT 700+ SCORE
    How much time required to get 700+ score for a student like me who is enriched in work experience but haven’t touch in studies for years,
    What’s timing of classes and how many days a week and when a new session starting,
    If join model town campus,

  47. Can you please briefly explain the difference between GMAT and GRE. I also want to know when is the next session going to be held in Islamabad , please mention the location as well?

    • Hi Sara – so difference between GRE and GMAT can be read in detail over here:

      For Islamabad, we will be inshAllah starting a new session in 3rd week of Feb

      • thank you for your response. this link is useful. can you please mention the location where in Islamabad or Rawalpindi?

        • Most welcome Sara – we conduct classes at EME College NUST, Peshawar Road (next to Daeweoo Station)

          • thank you so much!

  48. Are mock tests included in online session or not?

  49. How much will be the charges if i Come to your premises to take the GMAT tests only as i am not in a position to attend the full preparatory classes

    • Hello Ayesha, We do not offer GMAT tests sessions. Thank you!

  50. AOA sir plz confirm me one more thing that can we take the GRE test without attending the classes

    • W.S. Yes definitely one can take the GRE test without taking any classes!

  51. Aoa, Will the online classes, cover the same material as the on campus preparation?

    • W.S. Dawood – yes those classes will cover all the stuff we do in regular classes

      • Thanks for the response.
        Also the GRE and GMAT are starting side by side with similar timings. Does that mean the classes will be pre-recorded?

        • Nope they are live classes. GRE & GMAT have the same course so the classes run in parallel for 6 weeks and then GMAT has separate classes after that.

  52. Dear Talha Ali

    I am in U.S..A. Can I register myself in online prep? Due to time difference I can not call then what would be the procedure to get registered?

    • Hello Asma, Sure no problem. Attend a class on 25th and then you can enroll online!

  53. AoA Talha bro,
    Is there any online course taught by you?

    • W.A.S Osama – nope – i dont teach online!

  54. Does your online course provide all questions solutions of both vocab and quant as you have mentioned in your portal ?

    • Yes it provides everything mentioned on the website

  55. What is profile of the person who teaches online?

    • Teaching since 3 years. GRE score 331 (Quant 170, Verbal 161)

  56. AOA, what are the course contents of online live GRE course ?

    • W.A.S – We cover the entire GRE prep course in the online session!

  57. hi
    this question seems silly but kindly tell me can i get admission with 3.0 GPA in Bachelor(Pak) and 82% in Master(China).

    • Hello – yes definitely – GPA is just one part of the application!

  58. @Talha when you will teach GMAT?

    • For the online course, I don’t plan to teach!

  59. Any bright link center at Karachi.

    • Nope – only Lahore and Islamabad

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