New GRE Course Starts 7th January

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BrightLink Prep’s comprehensive GRE Course is based on content-based learning where the classes are interactive as well as extremely challenging. My entire course is aimed towards building proficiency and confidence for every question type on the exam.

The Results:

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Course Details

Date: January 7th 2017 – February 26th 2017
Time: Friday (6:00 pm to 9:00 pm) – Optional Class
Saturday (11.30 am to 2:30 pm) – Compulsory Class
Sunday (11:30 am to 2:30 pm) – Compulsory Class
Location: 190-C Model town, Lahore
Price: Rs. 25,000
Registration: We offer the first two classes of a new course as a trial for free. Once the trial classes are over and if you decide to continue the course, you must make a complete payment for your course to enroll in the session.

Trial Class Registration:

To register for two trial classes, please fill this form – GRE Registration Form for Trial Class

To Pre-register:

If you want to register before the classes begin, please contact us at 0331-4513196.

Early registrations are highly encouraged since the seats for the course are capped at 45.

*Compulsory Class A compulsory class covers new topics and new GRE Questions from all 3 sections of the test; quantitative, verbal and analytical writing.

*Optional Class An optional class does not cover any new topics or GRE questions. In fact it is more like a private tutoring session and is perfect for students who seek individual attention on their GRE studies. If you have trouble with any material, topic or concept taught during the compulsory classes or if you want to discuss your weekly assignments or quizzes, you can come in on any time during the optional class hours and meet in person to resolve any queries you have.

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What’s Included?

  • 12 Section Adaptive Practice Tests
  • Over 2500 online practice questions
  • Reading material for references to class lectures
  • 6 hours per week of extra support and private tutoring for assignments and quizzes


  1. Is the course.conducted in lahore only?

    • Hi Faiza. Yes the GRE course is only based in Lahore.

      • Sir , can you share videos of your lectures ?

        • Hello, Unfortunately we do not have any video lectures 🙁

          • why don’t you have any video of lectures for demo ??

          • We do not deal in any video lectures at the moment.

      • what is the test date afyter this course

        • InshAllah after Ramzan! Probably mid July

      • is there any 4 weeks course you offer?

        • We only offer individual sessions which are less than 4 weeks in duration – for that you need to contact us at 0331-4513196. Thanks

      • is there any other institute who conduct this course in Islamabad?

        • USEFP does.

          • sir , can you tell me any center in islamabad for the preparation of GRE

          • You can check prometric testing center.

      • Sir when the new session of gre will be start i m faisal imran i m doing my bsc hons in agriculture extension and it will be complted in august so when i start this…kindly tell me about this

        • hello – inshAllah we start on 16th July and after that in September – but September sessions dates will be finalized next month inshAllah. Thanks

      • Hello Talha Omer what about students residing in Islamabad, who cant go to Lahore?

        • Hello Shagufta – Thanks for the email and concern – I really am sorry that at this point in time we are unable to cater to Islamabad – but we are trying to put up an online solution to this problem and inshAllah by Jan we will have something for you all.

      • Sir if i miss 1 or 2 weeks then after that I will be able to join that January intake if yes then how I overcome that missed course I’m waiting for your response tanks

        • Yes you can join the Jan intake within 2 weeks of the sessions start. In that case we will have extra classes to help you cover the missed topics.

  2. I am residing in Karachi and not able attend new GRE course at Lahore. Could you suggest or advise me that where I get admission for the preparation of New GRE Test in Karachi?

    • Hi Saleem, Unfortunately I am not aware of any good Prep places in Karachi for GRE 🙁 Moreover we are only based in Lahore

      • Can’t you guys offer online of easy-paisa payment, anything like that, and offer your classes on Skype or WizIQ?

        • Hello Amna, Unfortunately we are not offering any online courses at the moment.

  3. Hi Talha, I am residing of Sukkur, I want preparation in GRE.

    • Hi Nadeem, Our classes are only held in Lahore. If you want to join the classes you will have to travel all the way.

      • Sir for how many years,a person has to serve in pakistan,after attaining the full bright scholorship…

        Second query:Sir I have done Mechanical engineering fron U.E.T.Lahore and currently doing job in atomic energy,sir my aggregate in engineering was 67%,do I have any chance of getting the full bright scholorship?????

  4. Hi!
    can you send me schedule of regular sessions.

    • Hi Imtiaz, Above you can find the schedule. 🙂 This is a regular session!

  5. Aoa Talha. Can you please tell me if there will be another batch after this one ends on June 23rd?

    • WAS Mehak, Yes inshAllah there will be another batch in July start! I will post the schedule of that batch in June start.

      • Next session will start in July 2015? right? and also tell me 22000 is the total fee for 8 months course?

        • Hi, Next session will start in January 2015 – 22,000 is the fee for the full 8 week course. 🙂

          • 8 “Months” course?

          • Its 8 week – where does it say 8 months?

  6. hi…i am from lahore i want to take GRE classes is their any timing available in morning timing?

  7. please tell me how i can registration of GRE?

  8. I appreciate your efforts. This website of urs have been really helpful for me.
    I have a confusion though hope u can help me out. the last date for Fulbright 2015 is 14th may 2014, what is the deadline for registering in GRE so that it can be used for Fulbright 2015.

    • Hi Adeel, Thanks for the appreciation. Really means a lot 🙂 Let me give you the official verdict on this.

      I just wanted to clarify that you can take your GRE Test by 14th May 2014 in order to complete the FB application requirements. You do not need your official results by the 14th May. You can simply write your unofficial scores (that you get immediately after the GRE exam) on our FB application and send it to FB.
      For those of you who want to send their applications first and then take the GRE (this happens when you are registered for sometime between the 10th and 14th of May for the GRE) – you guys can just attach the proof of your GRE registration with your FB application.
      It is NOT mandatory to have your GRE official scores or even your GRE scores for that matter at the time you apply. However you MUST register and take your GRE by 14th May at the latest.
      If you want an official statement on this you may contact USEFP as well. I hope this clarifies.

  9. Can you suggest or advise me that where I get admission for the preparation of New GRE Test in Islamabad?

    • Hi Umar, Unfortunately I am not aware of any good prep places for GRE in Islamabad. Maybe you can ask around to see 🙂

  10. when this session start next time?i m from rawalpindi so in summer i will join

    • Hi Sadia, Next session will start in June end or July start.

  11. if someone is very poor in maths would your course be helpful for him as well. would you be teaching the very basics as well?

    • Hi Shazia, Yes this course will cater to those students as well who are bad in math. Plus you can avail the 2 optional classes to sharpen your math skills. Thank you.

  12. I think its best opportunity to attend the GRE classes for youngsters, but unfortunately I’m not affording to join there, so wish you best of luck to dear Pakistanis, i hope you will also remember me in your prays

  13. dont u think so 22,000 too much fee for gre preparation

    • There is no binding on you to take this course 🙂 If you think 22K is too much you can always self prep or go to some other affordable place 🙂 Good Luck with your prep and let me know if i can help you with your GRE prep!

  14. A.A sir i m poor in english subject. can i clear gre if i take your classes…
    especially essay writing and argument task is very diificult for me. how can i grip on this section.

    • Hi Shumaila, How bad are you in these sections? Have you taken any diagnostic test to check your current level?

  15. when does your next GRE course start? can I join this one but how do I make up for what I have missed!

    • Hi Atiqa, you may join this one and attend the cover up classes for what you missed. However, you can also join the next course which starts on the 15th August inshAllah

  16. sir, Some students do not attend the class due to far away. Please guide me how to prepare the GRE test. I hope you will better guide me. Thanks

  17. Whats the last date of registration to GRE/GMAT course, which is starting from 15th August, 2014?

    • Hi Awais, although there is no last date to register for the course since it depends on how quickly seats fill up (40 seats for this course) I would recommend that you register latest by 10th August. Thanks

  18. Kindly send me detail of session that will start at the start of july………

  19. sir i hve dne msc maths .is GRE is needful for ms or only for phd

    • Hi Mehran, GRE is mandatory for all PhD programs in US, Canada and top places around the world. 🙂

      • GRE isn,t mandatory for M.phill programs?

  20. Kindly plz tell me that if any one want to do preparation in the month of july and august what you can do for it

    • Hi uzair, we already have a course that started this week and will run through the month of July and August. If you are interested you can join this session.

  21. What are Prerequisite for the course so that we can get the max benefit???

    • Hi, Well one can’t say there are any such pre-requisites but you must have taken math at O-levels/Matric. Thats pretty much it. You will learn and develop the rest during the course 🙂

  22. Assalamualikum, Sir, I hope you are fine. I have many questions and issues. How can i meet you in person to discuss them?

    • Hi Usman, Give me a call at 0331-4513196 and lets schedule something 🙂

  23. Can you please share soft copy of preparatory material if you have some?

  24. Do you have any session after October?

    • Hey Hamza, InshAllah the next session starts around the middle of October. You can check back in September to get the schedule

  25. Aoa, I wanted to know that if someone wants to attend only the AWA classes, is there any such facility available in Lahore?
    I mean if you do not offer this facility than any other institute??

    • WAS Arslan, Yes i do that. If you want to attend only AWA classes then you can reach out to me. Thanks

  26. A.A how are you sir? please tel me the schedule of next classes. I want to join GRE classes as son as possible. thanx

  27. How many days earlier I have to register for GRE course starting from 15 August? Or I can register on very first day?

    • Hi Mehran, I have 40 seats for the course and 36 have been taken already – if we run out of seats by 15th August then I will have to ask you to join the next course starting in October. In order to start on the 15th i would advise you to register before the course begins to avoid any undue problems.

  28. Hi sir !
    I want to join the session starting on 15th Aug but I’ve not registered yet 🙁 Now the problem is that how to visit your office nowadays in such a tense situation in model town ?

    • Hi Amad, Well my academy is located on the main model town entrance (behind shell pump) on feroz pur road. The situation is normal around here and i am also having my regular classes. So in case you want to come in to register you can 🙂 Just call me at 03314513196 before you come and i will help you with the directions.

  29. Hey, i want to the process of FB if i haven’t received my degree yet but iv cleared my BS. should i apply or wait till my degree is given ? and if i wait, then when do i apply, next year?
    p.s: My uni takes a bit longer to process the degree.

    • Hi Fatima, You don’t need the degree while applying – you can even send it later 🙂

  30. Respected Sir, I wanted to ask how long has it been since you have started teaching gre? And do you alone teach all three subjects? Also have any of your students also achieved such good marks as you have?

    • Hi Shahroz, I have been teaching GRE since over 5 years now – in every batch 2-3 of my students get perfect scores and majority above 90 percentile 🙂 Yes I teach all subjects myself.

  31. GRE, a nightmare, and maths is the boogeyman. :/
    Btw letx c how trial classes go…:P

    • LOL Fari, InshAllah things will improve. Don’t worry

  32. Hello Talha! Is there vacancy in your current Batch as of now for GRE, starting tomorrow?

    • Yes Jawad, There are a couple of spots. You can come in at 7 pm tomorrow.

  33. Hello Talha,
    Can you please guide me some preparing material/helping books available in market for the preparation of GRE.

    • Hi Waseem, I would advise you to look at Manhattan and the GRE official guides – these are available online 🙂

  34. HI Talha ,
    When does your next GRE PREP session start? Looks like i missed augast 15th deadline. is there any chance i can join in now?


  35. Hey Talha Sir, I am currently studying in NUST so it is impossible for me to join your tuition right now. Is there any chance you have online tuition as well since i have to apply this year for my Fullbright

    • Hi Rida, Well yes we do offer online lessons too but they are generally very expensive. Contact us at and we will give you a detailed plan on it. Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

  36. Hello Sir I planned to get admission in next winter sessions supposed to start by the start of nexy year 2015, My question is how much time will it take result to come after GRE test plus do you have any ongoing classes of GRE right now. I seems GRE in october are bit late for me.. Please suggest me what i do now??

    • Hi Fahad, GRE takes 15 days to send the official result – our next session starts on the 24th of October 🙂

  37. sir im interested to register for the course which will start on 24 October . problem is that that im a student of MS and on Friday dere is important class of MS. Is it possible that class of Friday in your academy shoud be changed to Tuesday.

    • Hi Zeeshan, Thanks for the message – not an issue at all. If Friday is not convenient for you we can have to adjust on some other day of your choice. 🙂

  38. please tell me about your fees of coaching and the total fees to appear in the GRE Exam individually ?

    • Hi Sufian, The GRE test cost around 21000 and our prep fee is 22000. Total cost for the exam + prep would be around 45000.

  39. Hi Talha

    GRE or GMAT, which one is better for PHD in Management
    Secondly, do you have any course for Islamabad


    • Hi Ali, Thanks for the message – GMAT ofcourse – for any management and business related program always go for only GMAT even if GRE is accepted. GMAT is still preferred over GRE!

  40. Aoa.i am wondering that you have any kind of hostel arrangement ?

    • WAS Hamza, Thanks for the message – there are many hostels nearby and many of our students reside there during the duration of the prep course 🙂 If you are interested let me know and i will help

  41. A.A Sir i am a student of Engineering and i want to qualify GRE (local) so fees structure?

    • WAS Aamir, Unfortunately we are not aware of the local GRE stuff since we only deal with international GRE 🙁

  42. Hey, Is it possible to sum up all the compulsory classes within two days i.e. on Saturday and Sunday. I am from Peshawar and it will be easy for me to attend it on weekends and at morning to evening time.

    • Hi Zia, Yes that is a possibility – most likely i will be starting a morning session on the 25th of October at 11.30 am. But it depends if the class size exceeds 40 students. Do stay in touch with me and i will let you know.

  43. In what cities this course is organized.

  44. From where you did preparation of GRE test? self study or some academy

    • I prepared it on my own 🙂

  45. I want to join this coarse and want to register for this.what steps should I adapt or follow??

    • Hi Mudassir – fill up the form given above and come in on the day of the commencement of the session.

  46. Hi Talha,
    If I apply for MS in Banking/Economics or Development studies, should I do GRE or GMAT?

    Pl reply also on my e-mail

    • Hi Ali, I would advise you to check with the individual programs that what they need – because some require GRE while others GMAT.

  47. Hi Talha, i want to do Mphil in Education. Which university is best in lahore. i find that “The university of Lahore” and University of management and technology” are offering this. Which test i need to preapare.?

    • Hi Zohaib, We only specialise in US and Canada and are unaware of the local programs and their requirements. You can check with them directly. Thanks

  48. Dear Omer

    I wanna ask , is there any institute for GRE preparation in southern punjab?And if it is only in Lahore then please let me know by when i can join the course and what is offered preparation duration ?

  49. A.O.A Sir i want to be part of Gre pre starting from 15 jan 2015 but fee is too much. can u give some concession to deserving students. waiting for your response.

    • Hi Farah, For concessions you can contact our office at 03314513196. Thanks

  50. Salam.a

    Do you provide any guaranteed score? if i take your course.

    • WAS Zakir, We do not provide any score guarantees 🙂 however we do provide a guarantee on the quality of content and instruction.

  51. hello talha ….22000 fee is for one session that starts from 16th hanuary 2015 and end to 3rd march 2015. will this period be enough to get good grip on GRE preparation and appear soon in the test

    • Hi Kapeel, I guess we met the other day 🙂 Yes 22000 is for the complete session – yes the period is enough to complete your GRE prep thoroughly and you can take your GRE immediately after it 🙂

  52. Tell me how I can pay for early registration. Do I have to come at your place or I can just pay thorugh online transictions?

    • Hi Tahir, It is up to your own convenience. If you want to come you may else you can do it online as well 🙂 You can contact us at 0331-4513196 for further details about payment options.

  53. I want to pre-register for the January GRE course in a couple of days. Are there seats available?

    • Hi Hina, Yes there are seats available. You can pre-register by Saturday since we will close pre-registrations this week. Thanks

  54. Im from sukkur can not attend clasz at lhr plz suggest me book for GRE & some guideline

  55. A.o.A,
    Plz tell me that when is starting next means second session of GRE?

    • WAS Sana, Next session inshAllah in March!

  56. Can you teach me online
    Can you teach me online

    • Hi Ali, We don’t have any online courses yet!

  57. salaam curious for o ereason … you help people to prepare GRE only when thy have applied for exam or to anyone? and one more thingdo you suggest books for this exam??

  58. hello sir

    I want to know all the test dates of GRE in lahore and islamabad.

    kindly help me.

    • Hello, GRE is conducted every weekday throughout the year.

  59. Sir, why not you start online GRE preparation classes for karachi and other part of cities?
    It will be very beneficial for us , because may be you know that in karachi there are many test Preparation institutes but unfortunately all of them are make only money , Its my personal experience.

    • Hi Jazib, Thanks for raising this and pointing it out – unfortunately for other cities Lahore is keeping us very busy 🙁

  60. will you conduct GRE courses in summer vacations?

  61. Thanks for sharing important info. Can I attend classes on Skype
    from Islamabad?

    • Hey Maha – unfortunately we don’t offer skype classes 🙁

  62. Can you tell me when will new course will be started??

  63. Hi sir..I m residing on peshawer …I m not able to join ur clases in Lahore so plz tell me about GRE coaching in pesh ???

    • Hi Afaq, Unfortunately don’t know any good places for prep in pershawar

  64. Hi talha i have done from ucp which test should i go for and may be my next questn is silly but what are the benefits of these nest internationally

    • Hi Zuni, Well they are mandatory exams for graduate studies in US or canada – for MBA you need to take the GMAT for all other fields take the GRE

  65. Hi!

    Do you have a schedule in evenings? I am willing to join the upcoming GRE session, however, it’s not possible for me to join on Sat afternoon due to job..

    • Hi Salman – well not at the moment – this June session is in afternoon but inshAllah the August session will be in evening and that will suit you 🙂

  66. AOA Talha – I am doing job in Rawalpindi and I want to attend the session for GMAT, I will suggest you offer a special program on weekends I hope it will suit to a number of participants.

    • WAS Adeel, My GMAT program is for the weekend only 🙂

  67. Mr. talha would you please indicate the best time to appear for GRE if one has to apply for the september semesters of Engineering universities in USA & Canada

    • Before the End of this year for next fall session

  68. Mr. Talha i’ve read at certain university’s websites that we must submit the GRE scores and the application forms at least 10 months before for admissions.
    What is the possible way to appear in september 2015 semester in USA & CANADA?
    If i appear for the GRE preparation at brightlink in the current session of may and lets say appear for my exam in mid of august would it be possible that i could then apply for the september session at USA or canadian universities

    • Hello Muneeb, You can now only apply for September 2016 session no matter what. The deadlines for this year have passed away so if you want to apply for next year September, so you will have to take the GRE by the end of this year.

  69. Hi i need the preparation for both GRE and IELTS can u tell me the details of both the courses with fee and total time period of both????

    • Hello Faizan, GRE will start tomorrow inshAllah and IELTS after Ramazan. The fee for GRE is 25,000 and for IELTS it is 15,000. The duration for both is 2 months.

  70. helo Em 4m sindh cnt come lahore 4 GRE preparation plz can u suggest me some buks 🙁

  71. A.O.A
    i am student of the EE in fast university of sixth samester. and i want to take the classes for gre tast. please guide about the test pattren and the boks for the preparation. thnks

  72. I am working for Punjab Agricultural Deptt at Cotton Research station Multan. My work is to conduct and analyze scientific experiments to develop the new breeds of cotton crop. I want to know the best institute you think working in Multan. As it will be so costly to be on leave from job and prepare myself for GRE international.

    • Hello Abdul – unfortunately I am not aware of any good places in Multan.

  73. Hello Talha Omer Bhai, I want to ask that Is there any institute in Rwp/Islamabad offering GRE.

  74. i m currently in my last year of pharm.d … wanted to ask if i do GRE this year whcich year would i be able to complete all this process…and the second thing i wanted to ask is that are there any courses for pharmacists…

    • Yes there are course in your area – you can check programs in USA for that. If you give the GRE this year or next year before May, the whole process will complete by October 2016.

  75. Hi Talha, I am a business graduate with average ability to cope with arithmetic inquiries. I have gained very little knowledge about the nature of what exactly a GRE or GMAT courses are. I intend to prepare for the upcoming Fulbright exam. I am quite confident on my ability to tackle with the TOEFL examination, yet when it comes to GRE/GMAT i wonder how would i get done with this challenge, for me it’s like climbing the mighty Everest. Friends says! I would need manipulative skills to overcome this obstacle. I also want to get to know if i would need to pass a GRE or GMAT being a business/Finance or Accounts student.

    I want to join your academy for the mentioned courses. Please guide! Cheers!

    • Hi Irshad, Thanks for the comment and I can understand your problem. Can you meet me in person sometime in first week of August? My contact is 0331-4513196 and we can discuss further when we meet.

  76. salam
    i am fsc student will be giving my second year papers this year . i want to know what are the benefits of GRE .will i get a chance to study my mbbs in foreign country ?? when is the test held??

    • WAS – GRE is only for graduate studies and not for UG.

  77. salam
    i am an fsc student . i will be giving my second year paper this year . i want to become a doctor ……how will GRE test help me?? what will be the benefits?? when is the test held? can i apply in foreign country ?? will i get schlorships??

    • WAS – GRE is only for graduate students and not for undergraduates.

  78. Hi Talha, I have completed Electronics Engineering in 2012. I have not get job regarding my field so, I have spend 2 and half year in teaching metric and intermediate students . Currently I am doing SQA Engineer job in Lahore. I have just 7 month experience. I want to pursue MBA from USA but Buiness Schools require 3 year experience. kindly suggest me how should I describe 2.5 year gap in SOP. In addition, I want to join your GMAT classes, kindly tell me when next batch for GMAT will start. Thanks

    • Hi Ashok, Teaching experience is also counted towards your MBA pre-experience so I think you should not take it as a GAP at all 🙂 Make sure you apply with the kind of experience you have. Next GMAT session inshAllah on 7th August.

  79. let me know if u can arrange classes in Karachi as well……

    • Hi Waqas, Not planning to anytime soon 🙁

  80. are there only 3 classes in this August session, Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

  81. Sir, can you please share with me, that i think 22000 is the fee for GRE. Is there any discount package ? because it is lot more for me. Thanks

    • Hello Maisam – unfortunately none at the moment.

  82. Sir, I want to know when next batch of GRE will start after October 2015 batch. I have to appear in Feb 2016 GRE test and before that I have to prepare myself in any case. I am very interested to go for MS in US. thanks

  83. hi sir any discount available for lahore student i cannot afford that . 25 k amount.

    • Hi Umer – we are not offering any at the moment though.

  84. Can you please suggest a good time to take the GRE? i am currently in my third year of college. Also what is usually the schedule for ur summer classes? since i am off from school and would like to take the course then?

    • Anytime when you are relatively free for 2-3 months. We start a batch every month but we only run weekend classes.

  85. Asalam o Alaikum Sir. I am resident of Quetta, will it be possible for me to joint the new GRE class that has already started? as I have missed to register on time

    • Hey Arifa – nope 🙁 but you can join the next one’s starting on 26th December inshALLAH

  86. Hello
    I have to give my gre test in March 2016.
    When is the gre course starting ?

    • InshAllah on 26th December

  87. In addition to your regular classes, how much study time do you recommend per week in order to score in range of 330s ?

    • Hi Shoaib – around 15-20 hours a week

  88. Hi! Isn’t there any classes of GRE scheduled in Karachi?

    • Hello Mavra – not at this point of time.

  89. hello talha ,
    kindly tell me if i want to join ur session now ? can i do so or i have to wait for feb session

    • Hi Huma – you should now wait for the next session which starts on Feb 13th,

  90. Hi, Is their seats available for a late registration into the GRE program? if Not, when is the next GRE program going to begin?

    • Hi – no more seats available – next session starts 13th Feb

  91. Sallams, I wanted to know if I can join the 26th December session? If not, when would be the next session? and If I can join the on-going one… what I have missed in first four classes? regards

    • WAS Nusrat – you cannot join now. The next session will start on 13th Feb. Thanks

  92. Hi , Talha,

    I am planning to take GRE before the FB Application deadline i.e 14th May. If i start your next GRE session on 13 Feb 2016 , the 2 months would be sufficient for preparation and to appear for the exam? Moreover, although i am an Engineer by profession but my Math skills are below average! is there any special techniques to enhance and sharpen my math skills ?

    • Hi Fawad – Yes 2 month will be sufficient – i would advise you to follow a basic math book from O levels (Syllabus D) will be good enough before joining our session.

  93. Dear sir I need in Islamabad plz If you have anyone here

  94. sir, can a medical student apply for fullbright ,, becz i m just near to completing my BS(optometry) degree

    • WAS yes you can if you are not applying in a clinical medicine field

  95. Sir, I am a recent MBBS graduate.. Applying for Masters in Public Health. I am joining you on 13th February at your academy… But I have a got query. Are 2.5 Months sufficient to score good in GRE.

    • Hello Tarik, Honestly it varies – for some 2 months is enough for others it requires more time. But on 13th we will be assessing all of you to determine if this can be done in 2.5 months in your case 🙂

  96. I am from sialkot .its hard to have accomodation there.can u manage girls hostel for me if I participate in this session.

    • There is a girls hostel nearby – you can contact them at Tayyab Girls Hostel: 03006886974

  97. AoA…i want to join ur session…but i have timing issue….there are chance of morning timeclasssess…??????

    • WAS – unfortunately we are only offering evening classes at the moment 🙁

      • assalam-0-alaikum talha….me mona
        when your next session of gre preparation will be started after 16 april?

        • WAS – InshAllah after Ramzan

  98. sir i m studing in bs maths 6th semester currently .am i eligble to apply for fulbright scholarship programe 2017

    • you can only apply in your 7th or last semester. You will have to apply next year

  99. Hello Mr Talha, Sara here… I have done Master in Biochemisrty from QAU islamabad. I am seeking admission in any foreign university for Mphil leading to PhD. I just need your kind help in this regard . Thankyou !

    • Hello Sara – we only focus on USA actually – for US all programs require either the GRE or the GMAT – We can help you with their prep and then applying to US for admissions

  100. Sir is there any session of GRE from june 2016?

    • There will be a session in Mid July after EID inshAllah

  101. What will next after the course ?

  102. Hi. I did contact at the number but to no avail.
    I am based in Lahore and I am looking for a 4 week session but I can’t find it on the website. The number you have left in the comments isn’t active either (or not replying). Could I get more information on that particular track?

    • Hello – We are open during Ramzan from 11 am till 3 pm only from Monday to Friday which are our working days. If you called over the weekend or on Sunday it is very likely that you will not get a response. Anyways we do offer an individual session which lasts 4 weeks and we can discuss in detail over the coming week. Or drop you number and i will have someone contact you. Thank you

  103. well bro,
    i want to enroll myself in GRE to prepare for the test.

    • Hello Moin, you can do that by filling the form above.

  104. when does the next Fullbright course start?

  105. when will the prep. session for fullbright start? i have 3.0 CGPA and i want to apply for M.S. will my CGPA be a major hindrance?

  106. When you will start the next session for GRE ? Is it in September or October?

    • Hello – On 1st October INSHALLAH!

  107. Any fee concessions available? based on academic credentials

    • unfortunately not at this point in time.

  108. I tried the Powerprep test no. 1 to check my current level and it seems i suck @ general math. My scores were 148 in Quant and 164 in verbal (I attribute this to my intense reading habit). My poor quant score comes as a shock to me considering that iam a mechanical engineer, can this course enable me to reach atleast 160-165 in quant?. I am almost willing to join the next session.

    • Hello Jawad – 148 to 160+ is not an issue in 2 months time. Don’t worry the session will help you get there.

  109. where GRE can help me other than Fulbright ?

    • Germany and Canada – also direct funding and admissions to US programs

  110. Dear Sir,

    Can I take GRE test instead of GMAT to pursue my MBA? Can you suggest me which one is easier.


    • Hello Waqas – Definitely you can give GRE to pursue MBA but do note that GMAT is the preferred test for MBA admissions. Thanks

  111. is there an online class for GRE?

    • Hello Yes Milad – for details on online classes please contact moeez at 0336-8484000

  112. Hello here is Dr Imtiaz! I need to know about any other prime institution like you in Multan. I am very unable to attend Lahore due to job restrictions. Is there any short comprehensive course of one week at your spot

    • Hello Imtiaz Sb – unfortunately we are only based in Lahore but yes we do offer one to one comprehensive courses here in Lahore. For details you can contact us at 0331-4513196

  113. sir i go for petroleum engineering in kaust so waht the requirements?

    • Hello – GRE general score 158+ quant

  114. Sir kia brightlink me admit hone k lye b ap log koi entry test lete hain….??
    I mean for classes is there any prior admission criteria for ur platform itself

    • Hello – yup 🙂 you can take in the test anytime from Monday to Friday 2 pm and 6 pm

  115. Hi I just want to know that recently I completed my M.A in English Literature so should I take GRE for my further studies in my field?

    • Yes definitely GRE will be a requirement for top graduate courses.

  116. Sir My GPA very less .
    if this is possible i got Admission in any University.

    • Yes definitely – focus on other aspects of your application and apply.

  117. When next session of GRE will be start?

  118. hello Sir,
    Sir are you going to start any online classes for the students who are not residing in Lahore?

    • Hello Deepak – we are starting classes soon in Islamabad inshAllah!

  119. For an MBA, is GMAT better or GRE?
    And what is the cost of the test for both in Pakistan?

    If you’re latest session is starting in 7th Jan and I can’t join by that time, when will the next session start? Kindly guide me well.

    • GMAT is preferable for MBA. 250 USD for GMAT and 205 USD for GRE
      Next session for GRE will start on 25th Feb and for GMAT it will start by the end of March

  120. Next GRE course kab se start ho ga ?

    • InshAllah first week of march

  121. sir is there any session starting from feburary

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