New GMAT Course Starts 24th December

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BrightLink Prep’s comprehensive GMAT Course is based on content-based learning where the classes are interactive as well as extremely challenging. My entire course is aimed towards building proficiency and confidence for every question type on the exam.

The Results:

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Course Details

Date: December 24th 2016 – February 26th 2017
Time: Friday (6:00 pm to 9:00 pm) – Optional Class
Saturday (6:00 pm to 9:00 pm) – Compulsory Class
Sunday (6:00 pm to 9:00 pm) – Compulsory Class
Location: 190-C Model town, Lahore
Price: Rs. 28,000
Registration: We offer the first two classes of a new course as a trial for free. Once the trial classes are over and if you decide to continue the course, you must make a complete payment for your course to enroll in the session.

Trial Class Registration:

To register for two trial classes, please fill this form – GMAT Registration Form for Trial Class

To Pre-register:

If you want to register before the classes begin, please contact us at 0331-4513196.

Early registrations are highly encouraged since the seats for the course are capped at 45.

*Compulsory Class A compulsory class covers new topics and new GMAT Questions from all 4 sections of the test; quantitative, verbal, analytical and integrated reasoning.

*Optional Class An optional class does not cover any new topics or GMAT questions. In fact it is more like a private tutoring session and is perfect for students who seek individual attention on their GMAT studies. If you have trouble with any material, topic or concept taught during the compulsory classes or if you want to discuss your weekly assignments or quizzes, you can come in on any time during the optional class hours and meet in person to resolve any queries you have.

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What’s Included?

  • 12 Section Adaptive Practice Tests
  • Over 2500 online practice questions
  • Reading material for references to class lectures
  • 6 hours per week of extra support and private tutoring for assignments and quizzes

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  1. You mentioned earlier your new gmat/GRE courses will start in end of June or early July. Why the delay?

    • Hi Saad, The delay is due to Ramzan. Initially I did plan to start the course in June mid but then due to Ramzan i had to delay it – it gets very tough for students to study, work and fast at the same time and during previous years i have seen students toll a lot. Let me know if you have any further queries. Thanks

      • How to avail 10% discount?

        • When you join the GMAT course you can give your short code (the one that you saw when you liked our Facebook page) to us and we will give you the discount.

      • Dear Talha,

        Previous reply is accidental.

        It’s all been well noted. thanks a lot for your prompt response. I have registered for the free trial classes for first two days starting from 7th august 2015. hope that i’ll be able to secure a seat.

        thanks & regards
        saad sultan

        • Hello Saad, No worries 🙂 InshAllah

  2. I just wanted to know that if you got a good score in gmat 700+, then how many chances are there that you get a scholarship from a good universities?

    • Chances are high Bilal. Nearly all of my students who got above 700 on the GMAT got at least 75% funding for their MBA programs.

  3. Hi.
    Can I still enroll in your classes?

    • Hi Zaira, You can only enroll in the next batch now which starts on October 24th inshAllah 🙂 Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

      • Hi again.
        So there’re four thubgs i’d like to ask..
        When the prep-course will end?
        And when can I appear in GMAT exam after that?
        Do you guys assist in applying for the exam aswell?
        Any discounts lately? 🙁

        Thanks for replying

        • Hi Zaira, The course ends on the 14th of December – we do offer a 15% discount if you register before 10th October for the upcoming session. You can take the GMAT exam latest by the end of December if you have followed the course to pen 🙂 We also help in applying for the GMAT exam. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  4. Hi,

    I got USAID scholarship this year…..For this purpose it is necessary to pass GRE test.But i have no proper guidance from which institute i take preparatory classes and where to submit its registration fee.So i quit this scholarship. But next i will apply for this scholarship again.kindly tell me will your preparatory classes held next summer vacation because of my job i will free in summer vacation.

    • Hi Shafiq, Next deadline to take the GRE is April 2015 – if you wait till next summers then you will again miss this date. If you want to apply for FB on time start preparing for GRE now and you will have enough time to prepare for it 🙂

  5. Hi. I have a question, if you are teaching both GRE and GMAT and the classes have the same timings and days, are they combined?

    • Hi Gazala – they are combined for the first couple of weeks and then they split 🙂

  6. Hi Talha
    GRE or GMAT, which one is better for PHD in Management
    Secondly, do you have any course for Islamabad

    • Hi Ali, I guess i replied to your query on email 🙂

  7. Hello! Can you please tell me that is it possible for someone to take the second month classes only? I really want to take these classes (GMAT) but I will not be able to take classes till 22nd on November due to some other commitments. If yes, what would be the cost of attending one month’s classes? Also, is the Facebook discount still available? Thank you for your time!

    • WAS Omar, Yes that is possible – FB discount is available to those who take the full course – the cost for 1 month would be 16K including all the mocks and material.

  8. Sir.
    Actually I intend to do MS in Marketing from US, and hopefully a PHD later . Since I already have an MBA, I’m not interested in repeating the degree. Most of the programs I intend to apply to accept both GRE & GMAT. I am weak in maths because the last time I studied the subject was in O Levels. However, I am ready to put in the required effort. Could you please recommend whether I should do GRE or GMAT? I’ve heard that although most US universities accept both these tests, they have a soft corner (bias) for GMAT. Is that true?

  9. Hi Talha, I wanted to know that I am applying for LUMS MBA, so if I join ur session of Nov, 14 when Should I give my GMAT Exam as their deadline is 6th of februaury and ofcourse any discounts available for this session. Thankyou

    • Hi Ahsan, Thanks for the message – Well you will have to join my session on the 25th of November now since the previous session is already midway. yes we are offering a 10% discount. You should give your GMAT by the 30th of January if you join this session.

  10. What is proceture gre test ihave msc organic chemistry

    • Hi Taib, Which procedure do you want to know about?

  11. Hello Talha,
    I hope you’re well. I want to appear for gmat asap. I have prepared for it once on my own but I need help with the verbal section . Do you have an express course or something similar? Secondly I need funding for my mba, would gmat be the right exam to give or shall I go for GRE?
    Hoping to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.

    • WAS Ali, I guess we met the other day and discussed in detail 🙂 let me know if you have any queries.

  12. aoa talha.I am Ahamd I am doing bba(agribsns) its a dual dgree progarm b/w yaf nd iba(aukkar) i want to the scope of this degree nd also tell me whose test i chose to get job in europe???

    • WAS Ahmad, Unfortunately I am not aware of this dual program at all.

  13. Hey Talha! There is some nice and handy work you are doing. Keep it up! I just wanna know how long does this whole process from registering at FP program to the final interview and the departure, in case you make it through, take? And please let me know if you had joined some academy when you applied or did you go for self prep? Regards! Farhan!

    • Hey Farhan, Thanks for the appreciation 🙂 So basically the application deadline is May 2015. Interviews are conducted in September/October and final selections are made by Oct/Nov. Then it take till July/August 2016 before you leave Pakistan. So it is a year+ long process! I didn’t join any academy since back in 2006/07 there was not much awareness about all of this!

      • yet you made it through without any academy! 🙂 Thumbs up! Well thank you for the updates! Much appreciated!

  14. Hi Mr. Talha
    I want to know that when your next session is going to start ? Also i am working with a company, so would you recommend to take GMAT prep with you ? would it be better idea to start this course with job. Although i am dedicated with things which i start but need your advice on this.

    • Hi Naqeeb, InshAllah next session will start on the 28th of February. Well most of my GMAT students are working individuals and the course is designed to keep that in mind 🙂 I guess you will have no issues inshAllah 🙂

  15. AOA, do you intend to start a session in which classes are held in evening i-e for 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

    • WAS Hameer, Yes inshAllah in mid of March.

      • just curious to know whether the session that you mentioned earlier starting from mid march is still on the table or not.

        • Hi Hameer, Unfortunately we started with 3 sessions on Feb 28th due to the number of people coming in and therefore there will be no session in March now. Next session will start inshAllah on 24th April.

          • So can one join your feb 28 session now

          • No Hameer. The session is already full and almost 3 weeks through. You will have to wait for the next now.

  16. i want to know that how many marks are required for lums MBA programme ?

  17. Hi Talha
    GRE or GMAT, which one is better for PHD in Management, especially when preference is US universities?
    same as asked by ALI AURANGZEB October 9, 2014 at 9:02 pm

    • Hello – GMAT better for PhD Managament

  18. What about Karachi?

    • Only in Lahore for the time being!

  19. I have done master in English now an educator can do MBA from lums if leave job and join GMAT class.

    • Hi Zahid, Job is important for lUMS MBA and I would not advise you to leave it – it is better to prepare for the GMAT with a job.

  20. AOA Talha,

    Do you have the same time table for all your sessions i.e fri, sat and sun? Im interested in joining your session starting somewhere in Oct,2015 so how early can i register to confirm my seat? I would be grateful if you also tell me about the version of GMAT to kick start at home.

    Best regards,

    • WAS Haris, Well the Oct session’s schedule is as follows:

      It is better to register a week before the session starts because the seats fill up very quickly. Yes you can review the GMAT official guide or the syllabus D Math for O levels before joining in 🙂

  21. Hello

    Firstly How long GMAT takes to be cleared as i need to apply for LUMS MBA 2016. Since i’m new to this can i clear it in first attempt. for how long this GMAT test is available like IELTS is available for 2 years ?. Secondly when should i register myself before the 3rd October 2015 and if i had liked Facebook page today can i get discount at the time of registration.


    • Hi Ahmad, Good GMAT prep takes 3 months. Generally people do well in first attempt if they have prepared well for it. GMAT is valid for 5 years. You can register anytime before 3rd October. Unfortunately due to limited seats we no longer offer the 10% discount thing any longer.

  22. Assalamualaikum! Dear Sir,
    do you offer classes in Islamabad or peshawar?

  23. respected sir. name is adeel and i am belong from peshawar. sir i want to get admission in MBA LUMS. i have been registered myself through your online registration service for GMAT. i am have done my BBA. so i am little bit worry about accommodation. do you have any hostel facility?

    • Hello Adeel, We do not have a hostel facility but we can help you in finding one – if you want let us know and we will sort something out for you 🙂

  24. hello sir
    what will be good score for me to.get admisdion in mba from lums.Also i can study only if they offer me fully funded scholarships because my financial circumstances are very low.

    • 600+ will be a really good score. LUMS does not give scholarships – only loans

  25. When will you guys start next tutoring session?

  26. What is the registration fee for Gmat? Is Any discount available ???

    • 28,000 – Not at the moment.

  27. Assalmlaikum,
    Sir I intend to apply for LUMS MBA program of 2016. The cut-off date to take GMAT in round 1 is 10 february. Can i prepare for it in one Month or should i go for the second round that starts in March??

    • You need 2-3 months so 1 month is not sufficient.

  28. hello sir,
    Sir I intend to apply for LUMS MBA program. The cutt off date to take GMAT for round 1 is 6 february. Sir can i prepare for GMAT in one month or should i prepare for the round two March test. If i join your 26 december session, will i be able to fetch Good GMAT score by early February??

    • Hey Imran it is very hard to prepare for GMAT in one month – you need at least 2 to 3 months to do it.

  29. Sir i heard lums prefer students those who apply in round 1 and since i just started preparing for gmat and will be applying for round two so what will be any chances for the admission?

    • Yes in first round the chances are higher than second round.

  30. Hello ,
    Since you have been teaching gmat preparation classes , can you help me in connecting with someone who has given test in lahore .

    Firslty what is the test center in lahore , some where it is mentioned UET GT road , some where its LUMS lahore , some where it is near Aitchison college .lahore.

    Secondly is online payment method through visa or master card is safe , like they need our card info , so is it safe ? and is it necessary to have account in Dollars since its mentioned that fees is 250$ , can’t we use the account which has pakistani rupees.
    After the online registration , how long does it take that my appointment has been made.

    my mobile number is 0324-4006874 , any one who has already given GMAT please canotact ASAP.

    • 1) UET GT ROAD is the right address.
      2) It is safe – PKR rupee also works – appointment is made immediately.

  31. Are there any institutes available in Karachi for GMAT preparation?

  32. I want to take GMAT classes starting from 16th of April 2016. Are there any seats available? Also, i have filled the free evaluation form today. I should expect the reply in how many days?

    • Yes there are seats available – you will get a response INSHALLAH by this Thursday!

  33. Salam sir , i want to joint your july session, what are the procedure of it ? Second thing, can i get full scholarship on the behalf of gmate score? Hiw much score is required for it ??

  34. I am doing masters in project management.And its not a Masters program leading to P.H.D.

    I need A suggestion whether this scholarship will be suitable for me or not.Suitable in a sense whether the chance will be bright or less.

    • Yes you can apply for this for a PHD – chances will depend on your profile

  35. Hi Talha,

    I visited your website when my friend told me. I want to GMAT as i am planning for LUMS. Currently I am working in a firm so I can not attend classes during weekdays. If possible, could you tell if there are classes on weekends and also when will the next batch starts. ONe last thing, could please tell me the procedure for registering for GMAT.


    Haseeb Akbar

    • Hello Haseeb, Thanks for the message. Next course starts 1st October and classes are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6 pm to 9 pm. You can register for GMAT by going to MBA.COM and creating your profile – Then you can select a test date and pay the GMAT fee using a credit card.


  36. Hi Talha,
    I hope u will be fine. I was surfing on web in order to find right academy for gmat preparation. Mine case is complicated. Before starting preparation I need some guidance which I won’t be able to take publicly. can u fix a meeting with me?
    your positive feedback can figure out my problems.

    • Hello Hamza, Can you contact me at 0331-4513196 and we can set up a meeting? I am available between 10 am and 6 pm on call!

  37. I want to pursue MBA. Can I give GRE instead of GMAT or it will create some trouble??

    • Hello – Definitely you can give GRE to pursue MBA but do note that GMAT is the preferred test for MBA admissions. Thanks

  38. I want to take GMAT classes. Admissions still open or closed?

    • Hello Sadia – admissions will close tomorrow at 6 pm

  39. salam
    I want to get admission in GMAT next session that will be start in 24 December 2016 . Admission still open or close

    • WAS – Admissions are open now 🙂

  40. Dear Talha
    Nice to see the way you are guiding people. i am also in that Que. Before asking questions i want you to have a look on my profile.
    MBA Executive Bahaudding Zakria University in 2008
    MA in Human Resource Management from UK in 2012
    2 Years in Bank from 2009 to 2010
    2012 to present as University Lecturer in a public sector University

    I want to be prepared for GMAT exam and again want to do MBA from LUMS. Please guide me according to my profile that can i apply for LUMS MBA and what score do i need to get admission? Further, as from last 4 years i have been working as Lecturer and not in a management position so would this University teaching experience be counted to get admission in LUMS MBA? My age is 32 years.
    I will be waiting your reply.

    • Hello Asad 🙂
      Well honestly the profile looks week for LUMS MBA – for 2 reasons, 1) age 2) teaching experience. 90%+ students for LUMS MBA are from professional and corporate backgrounds having experience in the industry. Plus avg age for LUMS MBA is 25. I must say that the only way you can know is by applying and to make a case you will have to get around 650 on the GMAT 🙂 Best of Luck

  41. I would like to kmow if these classes are for those students with no prior practice of GMAT? Will you help such students learn from scratch in one on one tutoring.

    • Hello Usman – this course is not for every one – in fact we evaluate every student first and then enroll them in the session – the course also assumes basic knowledge of mathematics

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