MBA Scholarships in USA for Pakistani Students 2014

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Offering an amazing opportunity for Pakistani students, Haas School of Business at University of California invites applications for MBA scholarship programs. The scholarship which is a two year award and is open for Pakistani students and will be disbursed when the semester begins. An MBA scholarship applicant from Pakistan must successfully complete the Haas Business school’s online scholarship application. However this can only be done once the applicant has been admitted to the Haas school of business. A selected student can submit scholarship application during any chosen review dates irrespective of the round during which they got admitted.

Eligible Subjects: All full time Pakistani students admitted for MBA program are eligible.

Degree Level: This scholarship is open for students pursuing MBA Degree at Haas School.

Scholarship Provider: Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkley

Scholarship is availed at: USA

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Should be a full time MBA student
  • Open for Pakistani students

Scholarship is open for: Both domestic and Pakistani students can apply for the scholarship program.

Scholarship Description:

The Haas School awarded scholarships worth $5.5 million in 2013-2014, to both domestic, international & Pakistani students. All Haas scholarships require students to duly complete the online application with the exception of Consortium Fellowship. Based on the scholarship requested, a supporting personal statement should be submitted. All scholarships listed here for full time MBA students are all two year awards unless there is a notified change. The available scholarships for MBA for students from Pakistan are: the Consortium Fellowship for Graduate Study in Management, Dean’s Fellowships, The David S. Ng Fellowship, Diversity Scholarships, Haas Achievement Awards, Marketing Scholarships, Berkeley MBA Grants, CJ White Fellowships (Finance), Dr. Tahir Fellowships, Mike and Carol Meyer Fellowships (Entrepreneurship and Engineering/Science interests), The Coan Torres Family Fellowship, The Blue Duck Scholarship and The Ulatowski Fellowship.

Number of Scholarships: 13

Duration of Scholarship: All full time MBA scholarships are two year awards.

Award of the Scholarship:

  • The Consortium Fellowship for Graduate Study in Management – Accepted candidates are awarded full tuition and fellowship fees.
  • Dean’s Fellowships – Students are awarded $110,000 based on their individual skill and career potential.
  • The David S. Ng Fellowship – Based on potential leadership, economic or business contribution to home country, student will be award $110,000.
  • Diversity Scholarships – Students who have proven their skills to diversify will be awarded $50,000.
  • Haas Achievement Awards – The award honors individuals with $50,000 for their significant achievement and growth irrespective of economic, physical or educational hurdles.
  • Marketing Scholarships – An award of $50,000 is granted for MBA students with Marketing major.
  • Berkeley MBA Grants – Students with a financial setback will be awarded anywhere between $20,000 to $60, 000.
  • CJ White Fellowships (Finance) – Awards $50, 000 to MBA students in Finance stream.
  • Dr. Tahir Fellowships – Students who have completed their undergraduate degree in Asia and pursue MBA as international students will be awarded with $40,000 under this program.
  • Mike and Carol Meyer Fellowships (Entrepreneurship and Engineering/Science interests) – Program offers $20,000 to support students who have completed their undergraduate degree.
  • The Coan Torres Family Fellowship – MBA Students who promote diversity in university and business with commitment is honored with $10,000 for a year.
  • The Blue Duck Scholarship and The Ulatowski Fellowship – Students who completed their UG in Poland are eligible for $20,000 scholarship under this program.

Selection Criteria:

The selection panel will base their decisions on –

  • Strong potential with personal statement and presentation
  • Academic caliber
  • Excellence in challenge tests

Notification: The final results will be announced on – Review Date 1 – 2/13/2014, Date 2 – 4/8/2014, Date 3 – 4/28/2014, Date 4 – 6/6/2014 and Date 5 – 6/26/2014.

How to Apply: Students are requested to apply using the online application form.

Scholarship Deadline: The application review dates are: Review Date 1 – 1/30/2014, Date 2 – 3/25/2014, Date 3 – 4/10/2014, Date 4 – 5/23/2014, Date 5 – 6/12/2014


  1. Hey Talha!

    Thanks for the great amount of information you’ve provided, this makes the research much easier. Could you please tell me if these scholarships are for the year 2015 and later too? As in do these renew each year like the Full Bright scholarships?

    • Hi Amal, FB takes applications each year. So this year they took applications for 2015 🙂 Next year again they will take applications for 2016. Hope it clears up.

      • Hi Talha!

        I am going to give GRE test in August 2014.Are there any MBA scholarships available to Pakistani students in US from august onward?

        • Not specifically. but each business school does offer scholarships to international applicants. i would suggest that you check with your prospective programs if they have anything to offer you in particular 🙂

  2. nice

  3. Where I cud get my self admitted by taking the Sat tests ??
    Could you plz notify me??

  4. i wanna know what is required to get scholarships in such universities ?? i mean what kind of GPA is required and what else is needed for admissions ?? can anybody explain this whole process

    • Hi Adnan, Top programs require 3.5+ GPA and 650+ on GMAT. You also need 3-5 yrs of work experience along with 3 reference letters from top faculty and professionals. Plus you must have a high future objective.

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